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Full text of "Wells Cathedral: its monumental inscriptions and heraldry : together with the heraldry of the palace, deanery, and vicar's close : with annotations from wills, registers, etc., and illustrations of arms"

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Wells Calhedral 





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Eight Hon. and Eight Eev. Lord AETHUR C. HEEVEY, D.D., 
Lord Bishop op Bath and Wells. 
My Lord, 

It would have been meet and fit that a Work on the Cathedral 
Church should be dedicated to the Bishop of the Diocese, while the 
universal affection and esteem in which you are held by Clergy and People 
make it still more fitting ; to say nothing of the personal obligations I 
am under to your Lordship's kindness and help. 

I am painfully aware of the imperfections of the Work, but can only 
regret that circumstances prevented my making it more worthy of the 
Cathedral and of your Lordship's support, so kindly and readily rendered. 

1 am, 

My Lord Bishop, 

Your very obedient servant, 




TN submitting these pages to the Subscribers it will be well, in order to 
- 1 - mitigate to some degree adverse criticism, to point out the original 
intention and object with which the Work was undertaken. 

These were in the first place to preserve and render more generally 
accessible such memorial inscriptions and heraldry as still remain in the 
Cathedral and the Cloisters, the latter containing a large proportion of 
the inscriptions, for when the Cathedral underwent a general restoration, 
or, more correctly, renovation, the monuments underwent a promiscuous 
removal ; the recumbent effigies were moved into what were considered 
more seemly or convenient positions; the mural tablets, more or less 
bereft of their surrounding ornaments, of pillar and pediment, shields 
and figures, were moved into the cold shelter of the Cloisters, where some 
bear ample testimony to their mutilated condition, while some we know 
have perished altogether. 

Some will perhaps say, This is a small loss ; they were seventeenth, some 
eighteenth century work. Quite true ; but while we preserve with care 
all examples of earlier art, independently of their actual merits, have we 
any right or reason for destroying or neglecting these examples of a later 
age ? We anathematize the iconoclasm of past generations, and develop 
an iconoclastic spirit in our own, with this difference, instead of getting 
rid of all that is old, we select according to an arbitrary rule ; we preserve 
the history in stone of the earlier periods, and destroy the marble records 
of a later one — only, it would seem, because it is nearer to our own time. 

Probably no church is renovated — restored is the common phrase — 
without some memorials being wantonly destroyed or mutilated ; they are 
half covered by a pew or placed high up, so that they cannot be read, 
look as unsightly as may be, and hold the worshippers in fear of being 
crushed by their fall. 

The inscriptions are given as they now stand, without attempting to 
correct inaccuracies or supply what is now illegible, except what had 
been already copied by Mr. Fielder, whose MS. has been freely used. 
At the same time it appeared advisable, as likely to add both to the 


general interest and permanent value of the Work, if some notes were 
added from such original sources as parish registers and wills, and other 
sources not generally accessible, avoiding what has already appeared in 
print, unless for the purpose of clearness or completeness, and then as 
briefly as possible, such being confined almost entirely to a few extracts 
from the volumes of " Somerset Wills " collected by the late Rev. Frederick 
Brown and the Rev. F. W. Weaver's "Somerset Incumbents" — both 
essentially works of reference. In no sense do these notes profess to be 
a history or even a complete genealogical account of the families of all 
those who are in any way commemorated, for such is altogether beyond 
what was intended. These notes are of necessity very irregular, for, 
although it is believed that when descendants of the families could be 
found, and have been applied to for additional information, they have 
often neglected to respond; and. again, it has been found impossible to 
trace the representatives of many of the people commemorated. 

In going over the ground, it became apparent that much of great 
interest would be lost if the Vicar's Close was not included ; but if that 
was included, why should the Bishop's Palace be left out? Finally, it 
seemed to be the most satisfactory course to include what may be rightly 
considered the Cathedral Precincts ; and this has been carried out, 
rendering the Work more complete. Nothing, it is believed, has been 
omitted within the limits laid down, while valuable corroborative evidence 
has been supplied by this extension. 

As regards the monuments of the Bishops, they were all duly inscribed 
with the name of the prelate they were supposed to commemorate at the 
time the Cathedral was renovated, now nearly half a century since ; but 
the value of the authority for the identifications may be judged from 
the remarks on the tombs inscribed to Bishop Bytton II. and Bishop 
Drokensford. There is ample evidence as to the arms and family of 
Bishop William Bytton I. and II. and of Bishop Drokensford to put the 
matter quite beyond a doubt. At the same time, there does not appear 
to be any reason to hope that most of the early effigies can ever be with 
certainty appropriated. Several are of much later date than that at 
which the persons they are supposed to commemorate died ; consequently 
they are only mentioned as displaying certain inscriptions of modern 
date, without any attempt to prove or disprove the statements they set 
forth. To do more would be to trespass on the good work begun by the 
Sub-Dean, Canon Church, who has already given to the world most 
careful and exhaustive histories of Bishops Jocelyn and Severicus, sup- 
ported step by step by reference to indisputable authorities ; histories 
which we have reason to hope he will follow up by others. 

Thanks are due to the Bishop and the late Dean for access to the 
heraldry of the Palace and Deanery ; to the Rev. A. Coode, Chaplain, and 
the Rev. Prebendary Gibson, the President, for access to the Chapel, 


Library over it, and Common Hall of the Vicars, then the home of the 
Theological College, and since to their new Library ; to Canon Church 
for the opportunities of making extracts from the Cathedral manuscripts ; 
to Mr. Fielder for the use of his MS. copy of the inscriptions, which has 
supplied several portions of inscriptions now quite illegible ; to Mr. 
Lowndes Gleaves, Chief Clerk of the Probate Registry, for his courteous 
attention and assistance in the long searches in that office, only a small 
part of the result of which appears here. Finally, but not least, we must 
thank the Dean and Chapter for permission to copy and print the 

Many interesting additions might have been made from the Registers 
of Shepton Mallet and Bridgwater, but although a courteous request for 
permission to make extracts from these Registers, with full explanation of 
the literary purpose for which such were wanted, was made to Rev. Mr. 
Jones of the former and the Rev. Mr. Fitzgerald of the latter place, 
they practically refused to allow this to be done. For the numerous 
extracts from the Registers of St. Cuthbert, Wells, we are indebted to 
the Vicar, the Rev. Prebendary Beresford, who afforded every facility 
for transcribing the entries. 

Messrs. Mitchell and Hughes have executed the printing in their usual 
praiseworthy manner, and by the way they have entered into his design 
for the arrangement of the Work have saved the Author much trouble ; 
while the Photographs in the large-paper copies speak for themselves 
of the skill and care of Mr. Philips, of the Market Place, Wells, 
who has produced exceptionally good results under great difficulties 
regarding light. 


2bth February 1892. 


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For particulars relating to the coloured Frontispiece see p. 40 (Third and 
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iUst xrf i^utemtors- 

The Most Hon. the Marquis of Bute, K.T., Eccleston Square. 

The Right Hon. Viscount Portman, Blandford. 

The Right Rev. and Right Hon. Lord Arthur C. Hervey, D.D., Lord Bishop of 

Bath and Wells, Wells. (2 octavo, 1 quarto.) 
The Right Rev. and Right Hon. Lord Alwyne Compton, Lord Bishop of Ely. 
The Right Hon. Lord Brougham and Vaux, 36 Chesham Place, London. 
The Right Hon. Lord Carlingford, Chewton Priory, Bath. 
The Right Hon. Lord De L'Isle and Dudley, Ingleby Manor. 
The Right Rev. the Hon. W. J. H. Clifford, D.D., Bishop of Clifton. 
The Right Rev. Bishop Hobhonse, D.D., Wells. (3 copies.) 
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The Dean and Chapter Library, Wells. 

Sir Albert W. Woods, Garter King of Arms, College of Arms, London. 
Miss Woods, Wells. 


Jte Monumental Inscriptions anir ©mrtftrg. 


Approaching the Cathedral from the Cathedral Green, we face the grand west 
front, which, though richly encrusted with statues and carving, the only shields of 
arms it displays are two on the north tower ; these are (or) on a chev. (gu.) within 
a lord. eng. (sa.) a bishop's mitre (ppr.) for Bishop John Stafford : the same arms 
appear on the seal of this Bishop. The other shield has a saltire imp. a/ess eng. betw. 
tivelve holly leaves, 4, 4, and 4, in quadrangles, for Bishop Bulworth. Both these 
shields are modern additions, their general style and the fact of the incorrect arms being 
used for the See, leave no doubt of this being the case. By going to the north side 
of the Cathedral we shall be able to see a shield contemporary with the building of 
the tower, viz., a fess eng. betw. tivelve holly leaves, 4, 4, and 4, in quadrangles, 
Bubwith ; it is on the east face of one of the buttresses on the north side of the 
north-west tower high up, and there cannot be the least doubt that it was cut and 
put up at the time the tower was built, and is the oldest piece of heraldry in or about 
the building. Bishop Stafford became Archbishop of Canterbury, and his place in 
the pedigree of his family will be found on pedigree given hereafter. Bishop 
Bubwith has a chantry in the nave which will be noticed in due course. Bishop 
Bubwith's coat is also carved on the outside of the east cloister, above the entrance 
on the south side. 

To the south of the west front of the Cathedral, on the external side of the wall 
of the west cloister, are the following on tilting shields, (az.) a fess letw. three 
Sloans' wings raised (arg.) Swann. Bishop Beckington as given hereafter. Barry 
of four (or two bars) a bend. There being no colours it is difficult to assign this 
coat. Grey, arg., two bars az. and a bend git. These shields are of the shape of the 
tilting shield of the fifteenth century, and are confined to that end of cloister wall, 
the charges being nearly obliterated. 

Entering the Cathedral from the west, we will take the monuments and heraldry 
in order as we come to them, proceeding up the north aisle of the nave into the 
north transept, down the centre aisle, returning up the south aisle, going round the 
south transept ; hence passing through the door to the south of the choir, we will 
proceed round it, taking the chapels in order as they stand, including the Treasure 



House, Chapter House, aud Choir, leaving the cloisters, into which all the mural 
monuments have been moved, until last. This explanation will render needless 
further specifying the position of the monuments beyond naming the several parts 
as they are reached. 

North Aisle of Nave. 

Elizabeth Parfitt 1810. 

Frances Parfitt died 1816. 

(Floorslab nearly obliterated.) 

Catherine Parfitt 1790. 

(Floorslab partly obliterated.) 


Under the north window is a canopied memorial, consisting of five entablatures. 
The centre has David with his sling, and behind him the fallen Goliath. Below is 
cut, " The battle is the Lord's." In the two panels, on either side, are inscribed : 

Raised by Lord Huntingdon, a.d. 1685. 






The Boyne 

S. Michael Venlos 

Gibraltar 1st Siege 

Barcelona Siege 


Gibraltar 2nd Siege 







La Cole Mill 




Capt. J. Feucott James 
Lieut. George Astell Pardoe 
Paym r Serg* James Duncan 
Bugle Major Patrick Cockling 
Colour Serg* John Pegg 
Corp 1 Thomas Farrand 

„ Charles Hine 
Bugler Thomas Burns 

„ Michael Cockling 
Private Thomas Allen 







Indian Mutiny 





S. Africa 1878-9 


Tolyana Stadt 



Private Stephen England 

„ George PowleB 

„ William Grosvenor 

„ Frank Hawkins 

„ John Hayes 

„ William Kearney 

„ John Kennedy 

„ George Masey 

„ William Nulty 

„ Samuel Montgomery 


Private Henry Arthur Private Patrick Mooney 

„ Charles Bennett „ John Pope 

„ Edmund Blakeman „ Samuel Redpath 

„ John Bourne „ Thomas Robinson 

„ William Bradley „ William Sheppard 

„ John Charlton „ John Stephenson 

„ William Clark „ John Venning 

„ Charles Coles „ William Wallis 

„ John Collins „ Alfred Waygood 

„ Job Davis „ Daniel Weightman 

„ James Duncan „ Richard Wheble 

„ Edward Young 

Beneath the arches is a brass plate with the following inscription : — 

" To the glory of God 

and in memory of the officers, non-commissioned officers buglers and 

Private soldiers named above of the 1 st Battalion 13 th 

(1 st Somersetshire) Prince Albert's Light Infantry 

who were killed, or died of wounds received in action, 

or from the fatigues of Service in the South African 

war of 1878-79, and to record the history and 

campaigns of the Regiment from its formation in 

a.d. 1685 up to 1880." 

(Over the monument are two tattered flags, viz., a Union Jack and a blue ensign, 
on which, within the regimental motto, surmounted by the Royal Crown, is their 
number XIII., and on either side of this the names — Ava, Ghuznee, Martinique, 

In loving memory of 
LYNCH. Major General William Wiltshire Lynch, C.B. 

of Pareora near Guildford. 
Born 1 April 1831, died 4 August 1888 
McLEAN. and of Hector M c Lean 

Born 5 November 1864, died 20 January 1888 

Inscribed by Mary Florence Lynch in love and sorrow, 

and trustful hope for her husband and her brother. 

(Mural brass.) 

Underneath this stone 
lieth the Body of Ann the Daughter 
RICH. of George and Mary Rich, 

who died the 20 th August 1814 
aged 21 years. 


Also of Frances the Daughter 
of George & Mary Rich 
COLES. (wife of L* Colonel Coles) 

Who died the 29 th September 1829 
aged 31 years. 
RICH. And also of George Rich who died 

26 th September 1831 

aged 71 years. 


Under this stone 

lieth the Body of Mary the Daughter 

RICH. of George and Mary Rich 

who died the 3 rd October 1798 

aged 7 years. 

Also of Mary the wife 

of George Rich, who died 

the 16 th December 1799 

aged 34 years. 

And also of Elizabeth the Daughter 

of George and Mary Rich 

who died the 7 th July 1812 

aged 17 years. 


Cathedral Register. 

1792 Feb. 17 Mary dau. of George Rich, gent., and Mary his w., bap., born 29 

Jan. 1791. 

1793 Ann dau. of George Rich, gent., and Mary his w., born 2 July 

1793, received into the church 26 Sept. following. 
1795 Aug. 7 Elizabeth dau. of George Rich, gent., and Mary his w., born 28 

July and priv. bapt. 
1798 Frances dau. of George Rich, gent., and Mary his w., born 30 Dec. 

1797 ; priv. bapt., and received 31 Oct. 


1798 Oct. 8 Mary dau. of George and Mary Rich. 

1799 Dec. 24 Mary w. of George Rich, gent. 

1812 July 12 Elizabeth dau. of George and Mary Rich, aged 17, bur. in the 
north transept. 

Marriage Licence Allegations. 
1724 Jan. 4 William Rich, of Croscombe, stocking-maker, and Elizabeth George, 
of Butleigh, spinster. 

H. S. J. 
HEALY. Rad. s. Fil. Ri. Healy 

A. M. et Mariae ux 8 






ob. Inf s semestris 

28 th Novemb. 1687. 

ON $IAEI 0E02 


Richardus fil. dileot. 

Joh. Paine Jun. gen. et 

Franc, ux ob. 18 Jul. 

A.D. 1708 set 3. 


Hie Jacet Johannes Paine, gen. 

Qui annum aetatis 60 agens 

obiit Vicessimo quarto die Decern. 

Here also lies the Body of the Rey d 
John Paine, Sub-Dean and Canon 

of this Cathedral Church, 

Who died the 15 th day of August 

1774 aged 57. 

Here rests also Hester, second 

Wife and Relict of the Rev d 

John Paine late Sub-Dean 

and Canon of this Cathedral. 

She died Feb? 17 th 1806 

aged 87. 



Son of the Rev d John Paine 

a Canon of this church 

died Feb. 25, 1765, 

aged 12. 

Felix qui gnatum habet 

tali ingenio praeditum. 


H. S. E. 

Francisca, Johannis Paine, gen. 

Conjux, Richardi Healy LL. D rls 


Quae forma extitil habitu' 

Concinna suavis moribus et 

Ingenio seccundo paucis 

In Sponsam tandem Matrem'. 

dem transiens suis 

Se totam dedit ut decuit 

Parentem Liberorum novem 


ac Notam in omnes animi 


Qnibus vel sensim Curis exhausta 

vel corporis Imbecillitate 

in paralysim demun delapsa 

aegre per biennium 

Miseram vitam traduxit 

atq. expugnata tandem 


Kal. Aug. 

Anno aetat. 47. 


G. P. ob* 20 August 1743. 



April 4 


Jan. 3 


Aug. 21 


Mar. 1 



Mary dau, 


May 6 

Cathedral Register. 
Frances dau. of M r John Paine and Elizabeth his w. 
Richard s. of M r John Paine younger, of Wells, born 28 Dec. 
Elizabeth dau. of M r John Paine younger, privately bapt., publicly 

admitted to the church 22 Aug. foil. 
Mary dau. of M r John Paine of Wells, born Feb. 16. 
Frances dau. of the Rev. M r John Paine & Frances his w. Re- 
ceived into the church 21 June, having been privately bapt. 
, of the Rev. M r John Paine and Frances his w., born 7 Dec, 

privately bapt. and received into the church 1 Jan. 
Elizabeth Frances dau. of the Rev. M r John Paine and Frances 
his w., born and privately bapt. 6 May; received into the 
church 21 June. 

1703 Mar. 29 William Willmott, of Sherborne, Dorset, and Elizabeth Paine, of 

Weston Bamfield, co. Dorset. 
1705 April 11 John Paine, junior, of S 4 Cuthbert's, Wells, and Frances Healy, of 

this Liberty. By licence. 
1741 Feb. 15 The Rev. M r John Paine, of S* Cuthbert's, and Frances Goldfinch, 
of the same. By licence. 
Francis Paine and Mary Dingley, of Wells. 
Francis Paine, of S e Cuthbert's, and Elizabeth Matthews, of the 
same. By licence. 

Elizabeth dau. of M r John Paine, jun r . 
M r John Paine, sen 1 . 
M r Richard Paine. 
M r John Paine. 

Frances dau. of the Rev. M r John Paine. 
M ra Mary Paine. 












































Frances, dau. of the Rev. John Paine and Frances his w. 
M rs Frances Paine, w. of the Rev. M r . Paine. 
M r John Paine. 
Eev. John Paine, Sub-Dean. 
Rev. M r Thomas Payne, Canon Residentiary. 
M rs Hester Paine, aged 87. Bur. in the cross (namely, where the 
transepts join the nave). 

St. Cuthbeet Paeish Registee. 

1659 April 26 John s. of John Paine and Ann his w. 
1705 Jan. 3 Richard s. of M r John Paine the younger, born Dec. 28 ; bap. at 

the Cathedral, from High Street. 
1707 Aug. 21 Elizabeth dau. of M r John Paine, jun r , born and priv. bap., and 

brought to y e Cathedral Aug. 22. 
1710 May 18 Richard s. of M r John Paine, jun r , born May 6 ; bap. at y e 

1712 Nov. 25 Frances dau. of M r John Paine, born Nov. ; bap. at y e Cathedral. 
1715 Mar. 1 Mary dau. of M r John Paine, of New Street, born Feb. 16 ; bap. 

at y e Cathedral. 
1717 July 30 John s. of M r John Paine, of New S*, born July 15 ; bap. at y e 


1719 May 9 Phillis dau. of M r John Paine, of New S 4 , born and priv. bap., 

brought to y e Cathedral June 11. 

1720 July 24 Francis s. of M r John Pain, jun r , born 9 July and priv. bap. 
1723 June 6 Frances dau. of M r John Pain, born and priv. bap., brought to 

y e Cathedral July 9. 

1736 May 9 Samuel Payne, clerk, a batchelor, and Anna Marks, widow, both 
of Crewkerne. Lie. 

Elizabeth dau. of M r John Paine. 
The wife of M r John Paine, the exciseman. 
Richard s. of M r John Paine, jun r , of High Street, bur. in y e 

M r "William Paine, of Dulcot. 

Elizabeth dau. of M r John Paine, bur. in y e Cathedral. 
Frances dau. of M 1 ' John Paine, bur. in y e Cathedral. 
Mary w. of M r William Pain, brought from Panborough. 
Elizabeth w. of M r John Paine, sen r , of High Street. 
Frances dau. of M r John Paine, sen r , of High Street. 
M r William Paine of Dulcot. 

It appears from the above extracts that there was another family of Paine beside 
that of Canon Paine in this neighbourhood. 


June 13 





























From East to West. 

On the brass lectern are four armorial shields ; on each side of the book rest are, 
Erm., a lion ramp, collared. Crest, a dexter hand grasping a sword erect. Over the 
crest this motto " God grant " for Creyghton. Below the shield this inscription : 

" D r Eobert 
CREYGHTON. Creyghton upon his returne from fifteene years 

Exile w th o r Sovereigne Lord Kinge Charles y e 2 nd 
Made Deane of Wells in y e yeare 1660, gave 

this brazen 
Deske w th Gods holy worde thereon to the saide 
Cathedral Church." 

In an ornamental scroll at the top are the arms of the See, on both sides, viz., 
a plain saltire surmounting a pastoral staff in pale, betw. two keys addorsed the hows 
interlaced on the dexter, and a sivord erect on the sinister. 

A large stone near the entrance to the choir has the matrix only of a brass for a 
lady beneath a canopy, two shields and a label round the edge for the inscription. 
The whole is of large size, and must have been a splendid example of a monumental 
brass of the period. The style of the high mitred headdress points to the date 
being about 1460. 

A little further down is the stone pulpit erected by the direction of Bishop 
Knight, with his arms, now much mutilated, cut on the front, viz., Per fess, in chief 
a demi-eagle with two heads and sans wings issuing from a demi-rose conjoined to a 
demi-sun in splendour in base. This is more fully described where it occurs in 
coloured glass in the north choir aisle. 

Near the pulpit, and on the south side of the nave, is the Chapel of St. Edmund 
the Confessor, erected by Dr. Hugh Sugar, one of the executors of Bishop Beckyng- 
ton ; on the interior are several shields, on which are repeated this coat, three 
sugar loaves, and in chief a doctm^s cap, for Sugar. Collinson gives the coat as 
Sa., three sugar loaves arg., and in chief a doctor's cap of the second. And on his 
authority Papworth gives the coat, but it does not appear what authority Collinson 
had for the colours. It is evident from the examples in the vicar's close, where an 
initial f) takes the place of the cap, that the arms were originally a rebus or canting 
coat on his name. 

On the exterior cornice of this chapel are twelve shields, namely : 

Sugar, as above ; twice. 

A vase from which issue three lilies, all between two wings points downward ; 
repeated twice. 

(Vert), a cross flory (or), in dexter chief a demi-virgin with child ppr., for 
Glastonbury Abbey. 

The initials H. S. ; twice. 

The five wounds ; twice. 

A saltire betw., on the dexter two keys addorsed, the bows interlaced, and on the 
sinister a sword erect ; twice. The deanery. 

A saltire. The vicars. 


Opposite to this chapel, and on the north side of the nave, is the chantry chapel 
of Bishop Bubwith ; against the pillar at the west end is cut in high relief these 
arms, az., a saltire surmounting a pastoral staff in pale or, betw., on the dexter two 
keys addorsed, the lows interlaced, the first arg. the other of the second, and on the 
sinister a sword of the third, hilt and pomel gold, imp. arg., afess eng. sa. betw. twelve 
holly leaves vert, 4, 4, and 4, arranged in quadrangles. Being the arms of the See 
impaling Bubwith. The shield is somewhat damaged, and the colours nearly gone, 
but can be supplied from coloured glass put up by himself in the library he built 
over the east cloister. This coat of Bubwith is not given by Burke or Papworth, 
they call the charges "bubbles." The coat occurs frequently carved and in coloured 
glass, so plainly that there cannot be the slightest doubt as to what the charges 
really are. 

On the floor of this chapel is the matrix of a brass, a demi-figure of a priest issuing 
from an inscription plate ; also four shields, and fillet round the edge of the stone. 

A modern brass is inscribed, "Nic. Bubwith, Ep. 1424." 

Above the arches, about half way down the nave on the south side, is what 
appears like the front of an altar tomb with three blank shields. 

LOVELL. Joseph Lovell Esq. 

July 16, 1784. 

The following are from the Cathedral Register : — 

Joseph Lovell, Esq., buried. 
M rs Arabella Lovell, from Close Hall, bur. 
John Lovell, Esq. In Palm Churchyard. 
Miss Esther Lovell, bur. 

Catherine, w. of M r George Lovell, aged 51, bur. in the Palm 
















Hie Jacet sepulti 
GOULD. Ricardi Gould armiger 

obiit Decembris 1769 

setat. 46. 

Ricardi Gould armiger 

obiit Anno Dom. 1793 

setat. 71. 

Henricus Gould, Can : Resid : obiit 

Anno Dom : 1839 setatis 85. 

(Floorslab. See also a monument in the west cloister.) 

The Cathedral Register supplies the following : — 


1769 June 5 M rs Gould, wife of Richard Gould, Esq. 

1793 Dec. 10 Richard Gould, Esq. 


St. Cuthbert Parish Register. 

1706 Sep. 22 Mary dau. of Richard Gould of Chamberlain St., born Sep. 10. 
1708 Sep. 12 Susannah dau. of Richard Gould of Chamberlain St., born Aug. 26. 

The Rev d 
Charles Henry 
PULSFORD. Pulsford, A.M. 

died on the 15 th day of March 


aged 59. 

(Brass on floor. See also west cloister.) 

Ann Gravill 
wife of 
GRAVILL. Thomas Gravill 

Vicar Choral 

22 June 1722. 

Thomas Gravill 

25 March 1744. 

(From a floorslab.) 

The Cathedral Register gives these additional particulars : — 


1705 Jan. 24 Ann dau. of Thomas Gravill and Ann his w., born 15 Jan. 

1710 Nov. 16 Abigail dau. of M r Thomas Gravill and Ann his w. 

1714 Sep. 28 Frances dau. of M r Thomas Gravill and Ann his w. 

1764 Oct. 16 Peter Gravill s. of John and Mary Lloyd. 


1744 May 27 M r Thomas Gravill. 

1781 Jan. 6 Peter Gravill s. of John Lloyd. 

1788 Mar. 28 Mary w. of John Lloyd, sacrist. 

In memory of 
LAX. George Lax 

of the Liberty of S. Andrew 

in Wells, gentleman, 

who died 26 January 1853, aged 84. 

(Brass on the floor.) 




KINGSTON. Eobertus Kingston gen : qui obiit 

26 die Apr : A.D. 1730, getat. 61. 

Johannes filius Roberti Kingston & Joannae 

Johannis Farr de West Pennard in Com' : 

Som' : gen r , filise, natus 9 Jan. obiit 4 Feb. 1701. 

Sarah, filia diet. Rob* 1 & Johannse natu 

23 Sept : obiit 29 Jan. 1704. 

Johannes, filius Robti : & Johanna natus 

7 May 1707, obiit 7 Ap : 1708. 

Elizabetha filia Robti : & Johannae obitt 

Feb : 4 A.D. 1731, set. 29. 

Sup' dicta Johanna Kingston de Viro et Liberis 

optime merita obiit Oct : 21 A.D. 1737, set. 71. 

From a floorslab, on which the arms are well cut. The registers here and at St. 
Cuthbert supply us with some additional facts, while in the latter church this 
family are commemorated by a mural monument for Robert Kingston, M.A., Vicar 
of St. Cuthbert and of the adjoining parish of Wookey, who died 4 Aug. 1748, 
aged 43. The monument being erected by his daughter Elizabeth the 30th Dec. 1748. 
Arms, Az., a cross betw. four leopards' 1 faces or. Crest, A leopard' 's face as in tiie arms. 

A floorslab in the north transept commemorates Robert Kingston, Esq., son of 
the Rev. Robert Kingston and Mary his wife. He was a native of this city and a 
Major-General in the army, and died 24 Jan. 1819, aged 83. Also his sister Barbara 
Kingston, who died 24 Dec. 1819, aged 75. Arms the same as on the mural, but 
it is cut off from this slab, and is, like the inscription, nearly obliterated. Serel, in 
his history of St. Cuthbert's Church, gives the dates incorrectly, and gives the 
arms coloured as if from a mural monument that does not now exist, viz., Kingston 
(the field sa. and the heads argent), imp. Erm., on a head set. three plates (? bezants, 
for St. Aubyns). 

Margaret Kingston, daughter of the Rev. Robert Kingston, died 7 Nov. 1805, 
aged 67, and is recorded by a floorslab near that of her brother and sister. 

The Robert Kingston commemorated with some of his family by the slab in the 
Cathedral was a lawyer and Diocesan Registrar. 





















Cathedral Register. 

John s. of M r Robert Kingston and Joanna his w., born Jan. 9 ; 

John s. of M r John Kingston, bur. 
M rs Elizabeth Kingston, buried on Wednesday. 
Sarah dau. of M r Robert Kingston, of Wells, Notary Public, bur. 
John Kingston, of Wells, and Sarah Pearse, of Ash week, sp. By Lie. 
M rs Joan Kingston, bur. 

St. Cuthbert Parish Register. 
James s. of Thomas and Ann Kingston, of High St. 
Thomas s. of William Kingston. 
James s. of Francis Kingston. 
Francis s. of Francis Kingston. 
Sarah dau. of M r Robert Kingston, born Sept. 23. 
Robert s. of M r Robert Kingston, of Sadler St., born Nov. 28, 

brought to church Dec. 1. 
John s. of M r Robert Kingston, of Sadler St., born May 7, priv. 

bapt. and brought to church July 9. 
Robert s. of M r Robert Kingston, born 31 May, priv. bapt. and 

brought to church June 29, of Chamberlain St. 
Mary dau. of the Rev. M' Robert Kingston, of Chamberlain St., 

born June 19. 

1702 April 6 James Cary and Jane Kingston, both of this parish. 


1730 April 29 M r Robert Kingston, of Chamberlain St., one of the Proctors 
belonging to y e Bishop's Court, bur in y e Cathedral. 


April 1 


April 29 


May 22. 


Nov. 29 


Oct. 5 



May 8 


June 4 


July 14 



Ann Brent wife of 
Rev d Thomas Brent, 
died 2 nd of Feb? 1813 

aged 53. 

Rev d Thomas Brent 

died y e 21 st April 1813 

aged 55. 


Peter Parfitt 


of Newbury 

19 Feb. 1780. 



Edward Parfitt, gent. 

11 July 1796. 

Anne Parfitt 

(wife of the above 

Edward Parfitt) 

Died Sept. 7 1820. 

Anne Parfitt 

Oct. 2 nd 1839. 

Mary Parfitt 

Feb. 28 1842. 

Mary daughter of 

Edward & Mary Susannah 

Parfitt, born 1 July 1839, 

died 27 March 1842. 

Also of William their son 

who died 4 th Decern 1 1848, • 

aged 5 months. 




Edward Parfitt 

22 Jan 1 ? 1822 

Margaret C. Parfitt 

his wife 

died March 22, 1823. 

John Parfitt 

22 Oct 1 1831. 
William Parfitt 

23 May 1837. 
Ann widow of 

the above named 

William Parfitt 

died 9 th November 1841. 


Cathedral Register. 

1731 July 9 Ann dau. of James and Mary Parfit. 
1769 Ann dau. of Edward and Ann Parfit, priv. bapt. and received at church 

Sept. 29. 
1772 Susannah dau. of Edw. and Ann Parfit, born Oct. 27 and received at church 

March 1773. 
1774 Edward s. of Edw. and Ann Parfit, born 18 Sept. and received at church 25 

May 1775. 
1776 Thomas s. of Edward and Ann Parfit, born 20 May, received at church 

5 Aug. 
1778 Peter s. of Edw. and Ann Parfit, born 25 Ap., rec. 3 July 1779. 


1780 William s. of Edw. and Ann Parfit, born 18 July, rec. 26 Oct. 

1782 Elizabeth Gravil dau. of Edw. and Ann Parfit, born 26 May, rec. 17 June 

1784 Frances dau. of Edw. and Ann Parfit, born 9 Aug. 

1786 Catherine dau. of Edw. and Ann Parfit, born 30 June. 
1788 John s. of Edw. and Ann Parfit, born 18 Aug., rec. 30 Dec. 


1697 June 16 Thomas Brian and Diana Parfit, both of Shepton Mallet. 
173£ Feb. 7 Thomas Parfit, joiner, of Wells, and Sarah Cooper. 


1750 April 15 M r Jonathan Parfit. 

1769 Aug. 22 Thomas Parfit. 

1787 Aug. 22 M r William Parfitt. 

1788 Mar. 26 M rs Sarah Parfitt, relict of M r Thomas Parfit. 
1790 Feb. 23 M r Peter Parfit, late organist, of Newberry, Berks. 

1790 Oct. 22 Miss Catherine Parfitt. 

1791 Aug. 3 M rs Ann Parfit, from Close Hall. 
1793 April 23 Francis s. of M r Edward Parfitt. 
1796 July 15 Edward Parfitt. 

1804 Nov. 16 Miss Elizabeth Parfitt. North aisle. 

St. Cuthbert Parish Register. 


Richard s. of William Parfit. 
Samuel s. of Francis Parfit. 
John s. of John Parfit. 
Nathaniel s. of Samuel Parfit. 
George s. of George and Elizabeth Parfit. 
Peter s. of Thomas Parfit, of Chamberlain St., born Sep. 15. 
Jonathan s. of Jonathan Parfit, of Sadler St., born 26 July, priv. 
bap. and brought to church Aug. 13. 
1711 Oct. 30 Samuel s. of Jonathan Parfit, Sadler St., born Oct. 29, brought to 

church Nov. 18. 
1714 April 4 Owen s. of Owen Parfit, of Grope Lane. 
1717 Jan. 5 Jonathan s. of Jonathan Parfit, of Sadler St., born Dec. 29, priv. 

bap., brought to church Feb. 9. 
1720 Feb. 24 Owen Goodwin s. of Owen Parfit, High St., born Feb. 17, brought 

to church March 19. 
1720 Mar. 23 Joseph s. of M r Jonathan Parfit, Sadler St., born March 16, priv. 

bap., brought to church Ap. 13. 
1723 Aug. 4 Jonathan s. of Owen Parfit, of Chamberlain St., born July 10. 
1731 Dec. 5 Elizabeth dau. of Thomas Parfit, jun r , of Chamberlain St., born 
Nov. 22. 


May 29 


Feb. 1 


Sep. 23 


June 13 


Sep. 24 


Oct. 9 


Aug. 10 


1733 Oct. 25 Catherine dau. of Thomas Parfit, jun r , of Chamberlain St., born 
Oct. 15. 
Frances dau. of M r Thomas Parfit, born Dec. 31. 
Edward s. of M r James Parfitt, of New St., born Ap. 19. 
Peter s. of M r James Parfit, of New St., born March 6. 


John Parfit and Elizabeth Loder. 
Francis Parfit and Joane Vowles. 
Roger Parfit and Margaret Old. Lie. 
Leonard Parfit and Mary Kingsbury. Lie. 
Jonathan Parfitt and Elizabeth Cross, both of St. Cuthbert. 
M r John Long and Alice Parfitt, both of Wells. 
Samuel Parfit, of Wells City, metle man, and Deborah Gray, of 
St. Andrew, Holborn, London. Lie. 


William Parfit. 

Thomas Parfit, a servant of Sir Thomas Webb, Bart. 

Jonathan s. of Jonathan Parfit. 

Jonathan s. of Jonathan Parfit. 

Hannah w. of M r Jonathan Parfit, of Cold Bath. 

Hannah dau. of M r Jonathan Parfit, of Cold Bath. 

Elizabeth w. of M r Thomas Parfit, of Chamberlain St. 

M r Thomas Parfit, sen r , 9 Chamberlain St. 


Jan. 16 


May 31 


April 8 


May 5 


June 20 


July 2 



Jan. 25 


Aug. 25 


Aug. 4 

























DAY. Here lyeth the Body of Susannah Day, 

Wife of John Day gent. 
Also the Body of Joseph Millard son of 

Joseph and Susannah Millard and 

grandson of the above Susannah Day, 

who died the 9 th of October 1768 

in the 24 th year of his age. 

Also the above said Susannah Millard 

who died September 22 d 1777. 


DAY. Mary Day, Relict of 

Francis Day who died 

the 17 th day September 

1766 aged . . 



Cathedral Register. 
Joseph s. of M r John Day and Rachael his w. 
Rachael dau. of M r John Day and Rachael his w., bap. at 

St. Cuthbert. 
Catherine dau. of M r John Day and Rachael his w. 
Mary dau. of M r John Day, in j* new works, and Rachael his w. 

Joseph s. of M r John Day. 
Charles s. of M r John Day. 
Mary dau. of M r John Day. 
M ra Day, widow. 
Rachael dau. of M r John Day. 
M r John Day, of Wells. 
M r John Day. 
Francis Day, gent. 
M r Francis Day, gent. 
M r9 Mary Day. 
M rs Elizabeth Day. 

St. Cuthbert Parish Register. 
Ann dau. of Edw. and Ann Day, of High St. 
Edward s. of Edw. and Margaret (?) Day. 

Joseph s. of Edw. and Ann Day. \ 

John s. of M r John and M ra Rachel Day. 
Francis s. of John Day, gent. 

Mary dau. of M r Francis Day, of Chamberlain St., born 11 May. 
Elizabeth dau. of M r Francis Day, of Chamberlain St., born 30 June. 
Susannah dau. of M r John Day, of High St., born Sept. 8, brought 
to church Sept. 9. 
1708 Oct. 11 Mary dau. of M r Francis Day, born Sept. 28, priv. bap., brought to 

church Oct. 21. 
1713 May 14 Francis s. of M r Francis Day, of High St., born 1 May, bap. at 
the Cathedral. 

John Penny and Joan Day, both of St. John's, Glastonbury. 
John Strowde, of St. Cuthbert par., and Mary Day, of the Liberty 

of St. Andrew. Lie. 
John Day and Mary Poole, of Huntspill. Lie. 
Arthur Day, yeoman, and Jane Loveridge, sp., both of Milton in 
1729 Oct. 30 John Day, of Milton in Kewstoke, yeoman, and Elizabeth Taylor, 

sp., of Banwell. Lie. 
1733 Aug. 20 William Day, yeoman, and Anne Millard, widow, both of 
Bridgewater. Lie. 


















































June 16 




















Dec. 31 


April 7 


June 18 


June 21 



1675 May 3 Ann w. of Edward Day. 

1675 May 3 Edward Day. 

1675 May 3 Mary Day. 

1708 Sep. 19 Susannah w. of M r John Day, in y e Cathedral. 

1714 May 16 M r John Day, of High St., in y e Cathedral. 

Cathedral Register. 
1681 Jan. 20 Thomas Millard and Mary Dursen, both of Murlinch. 
1699 Nov. 2 Stroud Clarke and Martha Millard, both of Crosscombe. 
1777 Sep. 26 M ra Susanna Millard, bur. 
1804 May 9 M rs Catherine Millard. In the south cloister. 

St. Cuthbert Parish Register. 


1706 Oct. 25 Mary dau. of M r Thomas Millard, of Chamberlain St., born 

Sept. 20. 
1730 Feb. 26 Thomas s. of M r Thomas Millard, of Chamberlain St., born and 

priv. bap., brought to church March 26. 
1730 • Jan. 12 John s. of Samuel Millard, of Southover, born Dec. 14. 
1732 Oct. 19 Mary dau. of M r Thomas Millard, of Chamberlain St., born Oct. 
18, priv. bap. and brought to church Nov. 19. 

1729 Mar. 24 M r Thomas Millard, stocking-maker, and M rs Mary Jebo, widow. 

Mary dau. of M r Thomas Millard, of Chamberlain St. 
M r Samuel Millard, of Southover. 
M r Archibald Millard, brought from London. 
Mary w. of M r Thomas Millard, of Chamberlain St. 
Mary Ann dau. of y e widow Millard, of Southover. 
Rebecca dau. of y e widow Millard, of Southover. 

Among the St. Cuthbert parish papers, a document, dated 4 April 1772, is 
signed and sealed by Thomas Millard as Justice of Peace, the arms being (az.),four 
mascles in cross (or). Crest, a demi-lion ivith a mascle betw. his paws. 

St. Cuthbert Parish Register. 

1711 May 21 Elizabeth dau. of M r Charles Penny, born 12 May, bap. at the 


1712 Oct. 30 Charles s. of M r Charles Penny, of High St., born 19 Oct., bap. at 

the Cathedral. 

1715 April 8 Hannah dau. of M r Charles Penny, born 24 March 1714, bap. at 

y e Cathedral. 

1716 Mar. 27 Ann dau. of M r Charles Penny, of High St., born Feb. 29, 1715, 

bap. at the Cathedral. 



Feb. 5 


Mar. 15 


Aug. 9 


Sep. 13 


June 20 


June 30 


1720 April 5 James s. of Charles Penny, born 16 March 1719, bap. at the 


1721 Mar. 15 John s. of M r Charles Penny, born March 2, bap. at the Cathedral. 

1724 Feb. 2 Ann dau. of M r Henry Penny, of Coxley, born Jan. 18. 

1725 May 29 Richard s. of M r Charles Penny, of High St., born 3 May, bap. at 

the Cathedral. 

1725 Jan. 5 John s. of M r Henry Penny, of Coxley, born 19 Dec. 

1726 Mar. 2 Robert s. of M r Henry Penny, of Coxley, born 10 Feb. 
1728 April 20 Henry s. of M r Henry Penny, of Coxley, born 18 Ap. 

1728 Mar. 10 Martha dau. of M r Charles Penny, of High St., born 9 Feb., bap. 

at the Cathedral. 

1732 July 18 Susannah dau. of M r Charles Penny, of High St., born 3 July, 

priv. bap., carried to the Cathedral Aug. 16. 

1733 July 7 James s. of Henry Penny, of Southover, born 26 June, priv. bap., 

brought to church July 11. 


1642 May 16 John Penny and Gertrude White. 

1645 Nov. 27 Thomas Pennii and Ursula Daniell, both of St. Benets, Glaston- 

1645 Dec. 31 John Penny and Joan Day, both of St. John's, Glastonbury. 

1677 June 8 Henry Penny, of Castle Cary, and Joane Jenkins, of Ditcheat. Lie. 

1696 Aug. 27 Charles Penny, of Evercreech, and Katherine James, of Glaston- 
bury. Lie. 

1707 May 3 Hugh Penny, husbandman, and Bridget Day, sp., both of Barton 

David. . Lie. 

1708 Oct. 22 William Burge, clothier, and Jane Penny, sp., both of Castle 

Cary. Lie. 
1719 Aug. 13 John Penny, of Milton Clevedon, stocking-maker, and Ann 
Hannam, of Evercreech, sp. Lie. 

1721 Dec. 4 Edward Penny, of Blackford, yeoman, and Edith Penny, of 

Evercreech, sp. 

1722 July 30 John Wason, yeoman, and Mary Penny, sp., both of Brewham. 

1724 Jan. 22 James Penny, husbandman, and Elizabeth Mayger, both of 
Evercreech. Lie. 

1729 April 12 Samuel Allen, yeoman, and Elizabeth Penny, sp., both of Ever- 

creech. Lie. 
1733 Mar. 25 William Watts and Sarah Penny, both of this parish. 
1735 July 19 James Coles and Mary Penny, both of St. Cuthbert. 


1728 May 1 Henry s. of M r Henry Penny, of Coxley. 

1731 Sep. 28 Christopher Penny, of East Wells. 

1732 May 14 Ann dau. of M r Richard Penny, of Southover. 

1733 July 15 James s. of M r Henry Penny, of Southover. 

1735 Sep. 14 Elizabeth dau. of M r Edward Penny, of Southover. 

















June 16 



































1671 Mar. 26 
1671 May 21 
1686 June 11 

Cathedral Register. 
Ann dau. of John Penny and Ann his w., of Sfc. Cuthbert's. 
James s. of M r John Penny and Ann his w., of St. Cuthbert's. 
Ann dau. of M r John Penny. 
Martha dau. of M 1 ' John Penny and Mary his w., of the Liberty, 

born 5 May and priv. bap. 
Ann dau. of M r Charles Penny, born 27 Feb. 173 5. 

Ann dau. of M r John Penny. 
M 1 ' James Penny. 
M r John Penny. 
James s. of M rs Ann Penny. 
Mary w. of John Penny. 
M rs Penny. 
M r John Penny. 
M r Charles Penny. 
M rs Ann Penny. 
M r8 Penny w. of James Penny. 
M rs Mary Penny. 
Mary Penny. In Palm churchyard. 

Elizabeth the 

daughter of Francis 

Keene gent., deceased 

the 18 of March 1651. 

^Etatis 15. 

William son of William 

& Sarah Westley 

born at Wells the 2 nd 

of March 1679 

dyed at London the 7 th 

of Sept. 1684. 

Resteth here. 


Cathedral Register. 
Arthur s. of Joseph and Kath. Keen, bap. 
Arthur s. of Joseph and Kath. Keen, bur. 
M rs Katherine Keene, wid. In the new works, bur. 

A floorslab, of which only a few letters remain, viz. : 

Honor (?).... Henry .... Jan. 1654, and of 
KEENE. .... his daughter wife of ... . Keen 




Underneath this stone 

was buried Benjamin Andrews 

who died 17 July 18 . . ? 

in the 59 th year of his age. 

A truly honest man. 





Cathedral Register. 

Mary w. of Benjamin Andrews, gent. 

Benjamin Andrews, an Att?, of St. Cuth. par., aged 59, bur. in 
the nave. 

The matrix of a brass consisting of a figure, four shields, and fillet for 
inscription round the edge, with roundels at the corners for the emblems of the 
four evangelists. 

A floorstone on which alone can be read the word " July. 


Beneath this stone are placed 
the Remains 


Mary Tucker 

wife of Richard. Tucker 

and daughter of Thomas 

Born the 4 June 174 . 

Died the 27 of July 17 . 7. 



Maiy Davis 

relict of Francis Davis 

who died September . . 1746. 

aged . . 


Beneath this stone 

are deposited the remains of 

Mary Porch 

died May 22, 1810, 

aged 58 years. 

Also the Remains of John Porch 

husband of the above Mary Porch 

died August 28 th 1825. 


1628 June 10 Thomas s. of Richard Porch, bap. 

1730 Feb. 2 Henry Porch and Martha Watts, both of St. Cuthbert parish, 
mar. Vide St. Cuthbert Parish Register. 


Cathedral Register. 


1788 Jan. 28 Mary Ann dau. of John Porch, gent., and Mary his w., bap. 
1796 Mary Ann dau. of M r John Porch and Mary his w., born 23 Jan. 

1788, received into the church 6 Dec. 1796. 
1812 July 4 John de Courcy s. of Capt. John Elliott Porch and Helen 

Elizabeth his w., born 27 June 1809. 



Walter de Haselshaw Ep : 1308. 

John Andrews 

Died y e 22 nd October 1804 

Aged 25. 


Cathedral Register. 
1804 Oct. 26 M r John Andrews, bur. in the nave. 




Here lies the body of Ann wife 

of Charles Prickman, gent., 

ob l Nov. the 13 th 1686. 

Also Sarah her daughter 

ob l SQp. 2 nd 1720. 

And James Oglethorpe Esq. 

husband of the said Sarah 

ob* June 16 th 1728. 

Here lies the Body of 

George Barton, gent. 

of Barton-Cross in Lancashire 

who died November the 24 th 1749 

aged 63. 


From the Cathedral Register. 

Samuel s. of M r John Prickman and Jane his w. 

Sarah dau. of James Ogellthorpe, gent., and Sarah his w., born 

4 May. 
Sarah dau. of M r John Prickman and Jane his w. 
Benjamin s. of M r John Prickman and Jane his w. 
1695 July 4 Ann dau. of James Ogelthorpe, gent., and Sarah his w. 

1704 May 14 Robert Gutch, of Wells, and Jane Prickman, of this Liberty. 
1735 July 10 John Prickman, of Shipham, widower, and Mary May, of Shipham. 
By Licence. 






































Sarah dau. of M r John Prickman and Jane his w. 
M r John Prickman. 

Ann dau. of James Ogelthorpe, gent., and Sarah his w. 
M r Thomas Prickman. 
Sarah w. of James Ogelthorpe. 
M r George Barton, of S 1 Giles, Middlesex. 
M rs Mary Prickman. 
John Prickman, Esq. 

The Rev. Thomas Holt, D.D., Rector of Wraxall, Somerset, in his will, dated 
13 April 1688 and proved 8 April 1689, names his son-in-law John Prickman, of 
Wells, gent., to be executor, who proved the will. 

Cathedral Register. 

1785 April 6 Mary Ann dau. of Robert Gutch, gent., and Mary his w., born 

Wednesday, April 6, priv. bap, and received at church 
5 March 1786. 

1786 June 3 Frances dau. of M r Robert Gutch, born May 27. 

1788 Mar. 31 John s. of Robert Gutch, gent., and Mary his w., born March 19. 

1789 May 4 Elizabeth dau. of Robert Gutch, gent., and Mary his w., born 

Ap. 29. 
1792 Thomas George s. of Robert Gutch, gent., born 2 Ap., priv. bap. 

and received 21 Nov. 

St. Cuthbert Parish Register. 

1675 Nov. 8 Flora dau. of M r Robert Gutch. 

1679 Jan. 26 Charles s. of M r Robert Gutch. 

1680 Aug. 19 Robert s. of M r Robert Gutch. 

1705 John s. of M r Robert Gutch, in Close Hall, priv. bap., brought to 

church Oct. 14. 
1707 May 20 Flora dau. of M r Robert Gutch, of High St., born May 13, priv. 

bap., brought to church May 23. 
1710 Mar. 3 Barbara dau. of M r Robert Gutch, of High St., born Feb. 16, 

brought to church March 18. 
1712 Dec. 5 Robert s. of M r Robert Gutch, of High St., born and priv. bap., 
brought to church Dec. 11. 
Robert s. of Robert Gutch, of Chamberlain St., born Aug. 24. 
Ann dau. of Joseph Gutch, of Harter's Hill, born Feb. 10. 
Hannah dau. of Robert Gutch, of Chamberlain St., born Jan. 6. 
Mary dau. of Joseph Gutch, jun r , of Coxley, born July 26, priv. 
bap. and brought to church Aug. 9. 
1732 Jan. 21 John s. of Robert Gutch, of Chamberlain St., born Dec. 24. 














1735 Mar. 27 Joseph s. of Robert Gutch, of Chamberlain St., born March 19. 

1737 Aug. 29 Samuel s. of M r Robert Gutch, of Chamberlain St., born Aug. 28. 

1738 Aug. 20 John s. of M r Robert Gutch, of Chamberlain St., born Aug. 8. 


Robert Gutch and Mary Walter, both of this parish. Banns. 
Joseph Gutch and Eleanor Brown, both of this parish. Lie. 

M rs Barbara Gutch. 
Charles s. of M r Robert Gutch. 
M r Robert Gutch. 
M rs Flora Gutch. 

M r Robert Gutch, of Chamberlain St. 
Henry s. of Joseph Gutch, of Coxley. 
Hannah w. of M r Joseph Gutch, of Coxley. 
Hannah dau. of Robert Gutch, of Chamberlain St. 
Joseph s. of Robert Gutch, of Chamberlain St. 
Joseph Gutch, of Coxley. 

Samuel s. of M r Robert Gutch, of Chamberlain St. 
Joseph Gutch. 





























June 18 













Beneath this stone 

was Buryed 

Mary the most tender affectionate 

and beloved wife of 

ANDREWS. Benjamin Andrews who died the 3 rd of April 1789 

in the 44 th year of her age. 

DAVIDGE. Ann wife of Jno. Davidge died 

y e 2 rd Sept. 1677. 
BARON. M rs Jane Baron wife of M r 

T. Baron died y e 20 th Oct. 1740 
aged 81. 
WITHERELL. Sim : Witherell, gent, died y e 30 th 

Jany 1781, aged 49. 

Mary his widow died the 4 th of 

December 1797 aged 70. 


From the Cathedral Register. 


1665 Aug. 18 Sarah dau. of M r John Davidge. 

1666 June 1 Tristram s. of M 1 ' John Davidge. 
1668 Mar. 15 Katherine dau. of M r John Davidge. 


























Mary dan. of M r John Davidge. 

Ann wife of M r John Davidge. 

M r John Davidge, of the parish of S fc Cuthbert. 

John Davidge, of Wells. 

M r Simon Witherell. 

John Witherell. 

John Witherell, Yicar Choral. 

Mary w. of M r Simon Witherell. 

1764 Aug. 7 Simon Davidge s. of Simon and Mary Witherell, born 4 Aug., 

priv. bap. 7 Aug., and received at church 27 Dec. following. 
1794 Aug. 21 Biggs Witherell s. of Simon Davidge and Eleanor Witherell, born 

24 Jan. 1794. 

In Shapwick Church are two floorslabs partly covered by the chancel seats, for 
Catharine, wife of Richard Davidge, Esq., late of Shapwick ; Ann their daughter, died 
1706 ; and a son. The arms are, on a/ess wavy hctiv. three lions pass, as many crosses 
patee. Crest, a demi-lion. This on one slab impaling/owr bars, and on a canton a 
lion pass., Lancaster. The only entries in the Shapwick Parish Register of Davidge 
are : Master Davidge, bur. (no day or month) 1691. M re Ann Davidge, bur. 
30 Nov. 1706. Madam Katherine Davidge, wid., bur. 15 Dec. 1711. The 
signature of John Davidge as a J. P. occurs among the parish papers of St. 
Cuthbert in 1699, and his seal of arms (gu.) on a fess wavy betw. three lions pass, 
(arg.), as many crosses patee (of the first). Crest, a demi-lion. Burke says the crest 
is arg., collared gu., charged with three lions pass, of the first. 

St. Cuthbert Parish Register. 
Mary dau. of M r John Davidge and Ann his w. 
Susan dau. of M r John Davidge and Ann his w. 
Alice dau. of M r Thomas Davidge, of High St., born June 8. 
John s. of M r John Davidge, of the New Works. 
Thomas s. of Thomas Davidge and Alice his w. 
Susan dau. of Thomas Davidge and Alice his w., of the New 

Edmund s. of M r Thomas Davidge. 
John s. of M r Thomas Davidge. 
Ann dau. of M r Thomas Davidge. 
Sarah dau. of John and Ann Davidge. 
Charles s. of M r Thomas Davidge and Alice his w. 
Alice dau. of M r John and M M Alice Davidge. 
Mary dau. of M r Thomas and M M Alice Davidge. 
Adrian s. of M r Thomas Davidge and M rs Alice Davidge. 
Mary dau. of M r Thomas Davidge. 

John Davidge and Alice Southey, of North Petherton. 
Thomas Davidge and Sarah Corham. 





















































AULSEY. Thomas | Aulsey, Vicar Corrall 

died the 22 nd of Jul | ie anno domini 1581 | 

(Note. This is round the edge of the stone, the | mark denotes where the 
corners are ; the first part of the inscription is obliterated. Floorslab.) 

H. S. E. 
BRODERIP. Willi'm" Broderip 

nuper hujus Eccliae Vic : Choral 

organista ac Subthesaur 

morte occupatus ult Jan. Anno Dom'i 1726 


Uxore fsetu grairda' noveing liberis 

perquam defletus. 

On the same stone with this inscription is the matrix of the brass for which it 
was originally used, consisting of a figure and inscription plate ; the date is about 
1500 a.d., and the figure, which is standing sideway, appears to be that of a burgess. 


ERGHUM. Radulphus Erghum Ep : 1401. 


In memory 
of Sarah wife of 
WESTLEY. William Westley, gen*, 

who died y e 4 th of June 1701. 
(Note. The rest of this stone is cut away. Floorslab.) 

H. S. I. 
WESTLEY. Gulielmus Westley de Civitate 

Wellen armiger, 

obiit Sep. 23 Anno 

( Domini 1719 

1 .ZEtatis 84. 


The following extracts from the Registers of the Cathedral and St. Cuthbert will 
be most conveniently arranged if put altogether here. 

Cathedral Register. 


1677 Sep. 24 Ann dau. of M r William Westley and Sarah his w., born in the 

par. of St. Cuthbert. 
1679 Mar. 21 William s. of M r William Westly and Sarah his w. 
1705 June 5 Frediswade dau. of Edmund Brickenden, clerk, and Frediswade 
his w. ; born May 26. 




1688 Oct. 3 M r Thomas Legge, of Lawrence Lydeard, and M" Ann Brickenden, 

of Corton. 
1702 Sep. 24 James "Watts, of Shepton Mallet, and Amicia Westly, of St. 

Cuthbert par. 
1710 April 13 William Westly, Esq., and M rs Frideswid Brickenden, widow, both 

of St. Cuthbert par. 


1671 Nov. 18 Mary and Sarah daus. of M r William Westly, bur. in the body of 

the church. 

1675 Aug. 9 Mary dau. of M r William Westly. 

1679 June 9 Ann dau. of M r William Westly. 

1684 Sep. 25 William s. of M r William Westly. 

1701 June 10 Sarah w. of William Westly, Esq., of Wells. 

1719 Sep. 26 William Westley. 

1731 Mar. 9 William s. of the Rev. Mf Westley. 

1786 Jan. 11 M 1S Mary Westley, of Close Hall. 

1791 May 5 M rs Margaret Westley. 

St. Cuthbert Parish Register. 

1638 May 6 Pierce s. of M r Thomas and Ann Westley. 

1639 April 30 Dorothy dau. of M r Thomas and Ann Westley, Vicar of 

St. Cuthbert. 
1708 July 6 Elizabeth dau. of M rs Frediswade Brickenden, relict of the Rev. 
M r Edmund Brickenden, late dec, of St. Cuthbert Street, born 
30 June. 


1610 Dec. 27 Ann Westley. 

1653 Oct. 8 Ann dau. of M r Thomas Westley and Ann his w., of Chelcott. 

1660 Aug. 1 Elizabeth w. of Thomas Westley. 

1707 Feb. 18 M r Thomas Westley. 

1719 Sep. 26 William Westley, Esq., buried in the Cathedral. 

This William Westley appears to have used two shields of arms, for among the 
parish documents of St. Cuthbert are two with his signature and seal ; in one case 
the seal has a shield charged with three cross-crosslets ; the other document, date 1704, 
has these arms on the seal, viz., Per fess six escallop-shells, three and three, counter- 
changed. Crest, an escallop-shell cJiarged with a cross-crosslet. No colours are on 
the seal, but we find on a monument in the cloister, Lovell impaling for Westley, 
Per fess arg. and gu., six escallop-shells, three and three, counter changed, and this coat 
is also quartered by Salmon (Sa., three salmons hauriant arg.) on a monument in 
the Church of St. Cuthbert, for William Salmon. 


Papworth gives for Wastley, Arg., three rross-crosslets saltire-ways with annulets 
at each end az. (and sometimes gu.) ; which is the coat on one seal slightly altered, 
but the other coat does not appear at all. What authority there is for either coat 
beyond assumption does not appear. The authority is perhaps very much better 
than is often the case, for if not registered in legal form at the College of Heralds, 
it does not appear to have been stolen from its lawful owner, which, alas! is 
frequently done. 

The Rev. Thomas Westley, above, was instituted to St. Cuthbert's Vicarage 
13 November 1634, and died at Butleigh, then being a Canon Residentiary of Wells. 
His will was proved 25 October 1662 by his son Thomas Westley. In it he names 
his son William, dau. Dorothy, and brother Billingsley. 

Here resteth the Body 
PITCHER. of Edward Pitcher 

of this city Mercer and Draper 
who departed this life 
November 15 th 1795 

aged 43 years. 

Also Susan Pitcher 

daughter of the above 

Edward Pitcher 

died January 27 th 1799 

aged 22 years. 

Edward Pitcher 

son of the above 

Edward Pitcher died May 1 st 1805 

aged 24 years. 

Jane wife of 

Edward Pitcher, sen r 

died 21 Dec. 1811 

aged 65 years. 


1710 Nov. 27 John Pitcher, of South Petherton, and Helen Slade, of Barton 

David, by Lie. Vide Cathedral Reg. 
1718 Aug. 12 Sarah dau. of Thomas Pitcher, born Aug. 9, bapt. at St. Cuthbert, 

Wells. Vide Par. Reg. 
1795 Nov. 26 Edward Pitcher, bur. Cath. Reg. 

1799 Feb. 5 Susan dau. of Edward and Jane Pitcher, bur. Cath. Reg. 
1805 May 6 M r Edward Pitcher, bur. in the nave. Cath. Reg. 

WILLMOT. James Willmot 






Cathedral Register. 

1670 Nov. 27 James Wilmot and Sarah Morton, married. 

1671 Oct. 22 Sarah dan. of James and Sarah Willmot, bap. 

1673 Sep. 23 James s. of James Wilmot, clerk and vicar choral, and Sarah his 

w., bap. 
1675 July 25 M r James Willmott, priest vicar, bur. 
1678 Oct. 16 Sarah dau. of M r James Wilmot before deceased and Sarah his 

w., bur. 

In the great west •window are two shields, the one, Erm., a lion ramp, sa., 
collared or. Crest, A cubit arm erect, the hand grasping a sword, all ppr., for 
Creighton. The other being charged with the incorrect arms of the See, Az., a 
saltire per saltire and quarterly counter changed imp., Az., a lion ramp, or, with what 
appears to be a pastoral staff in bend sinister. Over the shield is a bishop's mitre. 
These are not the arms of any Bishop of Bath and Wells. The error seems un- 
accountable ; the window was reglazed by Bishop Creighton when Dean, and the 
glass taken down, cleaned, and refixed in 1813. There are two buckler-shaped 
shields charged with Az., a cross moline or. Probably not intended to be heraldic. 
One is below the figure ascribed to King Ina, the other beneath that of Bishop 

Ralph de Salopia. 

South Aisle of Nave. 
*j« In loving memory of Sarah Elizabeth Harriet, daughter of Lord 
Arthur Charles Hervey. Bishop of this Diocese, wife of William Aysh- 
ford Sanford, born 13 January 1842, married 5 December 1874, died 
26 November 1877. Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be 
called the children of God. 

(Brass below a small window at west end of south aisle.) 

•J* In loving memory of Arthur Henry Wriothesley Hervey, 
Captain in the Rifle Brigade. His parents and brothers and sisters 
have placed this window. He died 20 Aug 84 1889. " Inasmuch as 
ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren ye have 
done it unto me." — Matt. xxv. 40. •%• 

(Brass beneath a window at the west end of the south aisle.) 




The Most Noble Frederick William, Marquis of Bristol, Earl of Bristol,^=Hon. Elizabeth Charlotte 

and Earl Jermyn, and Baron Hervey, etc. See Peerages ; ' An 
Account of the Parish of Ickworth and Family of Hervey ' ; ' Visita- 
tions of Suffolk ' ; and other printed works for Pedigree. 

Upton, second da. of 
Glotworthy, first Lord 

Frederick William 
Hervey, second 
Marquis of Bristol. 

Lord George 
Hervey, died 

Lord William 

The Right Rev. Lord Arthur Charles=pPatience, da. of John 

Hervey, D.D., Bishop of Bath and 
Wells, fourth son, born 20 Aug. 1808; 
Rector of Ickworth with Hornings- 
heath, Suffolk, 1832—1869 ; Arch- 
deacon of Sudbury 1862—1869. 

Singleton, Esq., of 
Mell, co. Louth, and 
Hazeley Hall, Hants, 
by Sarah, da. of James 
Moore, Esq. ; mar. 
30 July 1839. 




1. John Frede-=p Emily, da. of Emma, second da. of the=f=2. George Henry^=Mary Wells Cole, 

rick Arthur 
Hervey, born 
11 Nov. 1840 ; 
Rector of Shot- 
ley, co. Suf- 

Thomas Ely 
of Shotley ; 
mar. March 

late William Arkwright, 
Esq., of Sutton Scars- 
dale, co. Derby ; mar. 
13 July 1876 ; died 29 
April 1877. First wife. 

William Hervey 
of The Old Place, 
Sleaford, co. Lin- 
coln, born 1 7 
Feb. 1843. 

da. of William 
Wells Cole, Esq. ; 
mar. 3 July 1879. 

Arthur Charles Constantine 
Hervey, born Dec. 1886. 

Margaret Caroline Hervey, 
born 1888. 


I I 
Douglas George Hervey, 
born 3 April 1880. 

Gerald Arthur Hervey, 
born 24 Oct. 1881. 

Geraldine Hervey. 
Victoria Hervey. 

3. Sydenham Henry Augustus 
Hervey, born 20 Dec. 1846 ; 
B.A. Trinity College, Cam- 
bridge ; Vicar of Wedmore. 

4. Constantine Rodney Wil-=pMary Frances, da. of William 
liam Hervey, born 6 Dec. I Hanford Flood, Esq., of Flood 
1850 ; Major R.A. Hall, co. Kilkenny, and Wool- 

las Hall, co. Worcester. 

Alice Lucy Patience Hervey, born July 1887. 

5. Arthur Henry Wriothesley Hervey, Capt. 
Rifle Brigade, born 3 Nov. 1851 ; died 20 
Aug. 1889,unmar. ; commemorated by above 

6. James Arthur Hervey ^Margaret, da. of Sir 
Percy Douglas, Bart.; 
mar. 15 July 1886. 

born 26 Sep. 1854 : 
of Alf reton. 


Thomas Percy Arthur Hervey, born July 1887. 

Sarah Elizabeth Harriet Hervey, 
second wife of William Ayshford 
Sandford, Esq., of Nynehead 
Court, near Wellington (his first 
wife being Ellen, da. of Henry 
Seymour, Esq., of Knoyle, co. 
Wilts). She died s.p., and com- 
memorated by the above brass. 

Katherine Patience 
Georgiana Hervey, 
mar. 9 April 1872 
Charles Hoare,Esq., 
third son of Henry 
Hoare of Staple- 
hurst, Kent. 

Patience Mary Hervey, mar. 
17 July 1873 Charles Row- 
land Palmer-Morewood, Esq., 
of A If re ton Hall, co. Derby, 
and Ladbrook Hall, co. War- 
wick, of which county he was 
High Sheriff in 1882. 



Four sons. Three daughters. 

Rowland Palmer-Morewood. Clare Palmer-Morewood. 



In memory of Joseph Oldham Esq 1 

who died at his house at Haydon 

near this city on Tuesday the 

l 8t August 1809 aged 84 years. 

Louisa Mackintosh 

ob. October 22 nd 1864 


Cathedral Register. 
1809 Aug. 9 James Oldham, Esq., bur. in the south aisle. 


To the memory of Anne daughter 

OLDHAM. of Joseph Oldham Esq r late of 

Caynham Court, Salop, she died at 

Milton near "Wells y e 27 th of February 

1800 aged 17 years 


Cathedral Register. 
1800 Mar. 5 Anne dau. of James Oldham, Esq., bur. 

Here resteth the Body of 
WEBB. M r Thomas Webb, Vicar Choral 

of this church who died Feb. 27, 17^| 

aged 62. 

Eleanor the wife 

and Relict of the said M r Thomas 

Webb died Jan. 1, 1727 

aged 78. 










Cathedral Register. 
Elizabeth dau. of Thomas Webb and Elizabeth his w. 
Elizabeth dau. of M r . Thomas Webb and Elizabeth his w. 
Henry Vagg Salmon s. of Samuel and Jane Mary Anne Webb, 
born 22 March 1803, priv. bap., and received 11 Ap. 


1713 April 5 Henry Gapper, clerk, and M rs Mary Webb, of the Liberty. Lie. 

1715 Mar. 2 M r Thomas Webb, vicar choral. 
1802 Nov. 21 George Webb. In Palm churchyard. 

REYNEL. Maria Teresia Reynel 

died July 10 th 1805 
aged 80. 

(Note. — M rs Reynolds buried in the south aisle 17 July 1805, aged 65. 
Cathedral Register. Query, which is correct, the register or the stone ? They must 
both refer to the same person.) 

MOSS. John Moss 

died .... 

aged . . 

(Small oval on the floor.) 


Cathedral Register. 

1722 Oct. 24 Ann dau. of M r John Moss, born 21 Oct., priv. bap., and ad- 
mitted into the church Nov. following. 

1725 Oct. 21 Mary dau. of M r Johu Moss, born 16 Oct., and having been 
priv. bap., was received into the church 11 Nov. following. 


1716 April 12 John Moss, of Wells, gent., and M rs Frances Hughes, of this 

Liberty, spinster. By Licence. 
1720 John Moss, of Wells, gent., and M rs Joan Baron, of Milton in 

S* Cuthbert's parish. (The date is gone, but" it comes 

between 14 th and 27 th of Dec. 1720.) 

The wife of the above John Moss was a daughter of Matthew Baron the elder, 
of Milton in the parish of SP Cuthbert, and he is mentioned in a codicil to the 
will of his father-in-law, dated 13 Nov. 1729, by which he was to have £500. 
Administration of the effects of John Baron Moss of Wells out parish was granted 
in the Dean's Court in 1779. On 24 March 1726 the Register of S* Cuthbert 
records the burial of Mary dau. of M r John Moss. 

M r John Mose, vicar. 
Sarah Moss dau. of the sub- dean. 
The Rev. M r Charles Moss. 

The Rev. M r Precentor Moss, aged 69. In south aisle. 
John Moss, Esq., aged 27. In south aisle. 
















MOSS. Mary Moss 

Relict of 

Charles Moss 

Prebendary & Canon 

of this 

Cathedral church 

died December 8 

1825 aged 76 

(Small oval on floor.) 

MOSS. Charles Moss 


of this 

Cathedral church 

died October 1801 

aged 84 years. 

Sarah Moss 

died June 1796 

aged . . 

(Small oval on floor.) 


MOSS. Charles Moss 

Prebendary and 
Canon of this 
Cathedral church 
died May 31, 18(00 ?) 

aged 68 
(Small oval on floor.) 

WATSON. Here resteth Robert Watson 

Master of Arts 

Canon Residentiary of 

this church 

died the 5 th day of December 1790 

in the . . year of his age. 


WATSON. Ann Watson, died April . . 

1710 aged 32 years. 

FREEMAN. Philippa Freeman wife 

of Thomas Freeman, A.M. 

& Priest Vicar of this 

Cathedral, died the 7 th of Feb. 

1760, aged 35. 


1692 Jan. 13 M r Robert Freeman, an exciseman, bur. St. Cuthbert's Parish 

1760 Feb. 9 Philippa wife of the Rev. Thomas Freeman, bur. Cathedral 


JOHNSON. M r Edward Johnson 

Vicar and Prebendary 

of this church 

November 5 


M rs Barbara Johnson 

his wife 

February 16 


The Cathedral Register records their burial as : 
1732 Feb. 19 Barbara w. of the Rev. M r Johnson. 
1736 Nov. 9 The Rev. M r Johnson, prebendary and vicar. 


St. Cuthbert Parish Eegister. 

1653 Sep. 30 Charles s. of M r Thomas Johnson and Elizabeth his w., of High 

Street, bap. 
1682 Nov. 23 M r Johnson's maid, bur. 

Lyeth the body 
EVANS. of M r William Evans 

Late Organist of this Church 

Who died Sep. 22 nd 1740 

aged 47. 


Cathedral Register. 
1686 Dec. 25 John s. of M r Tristram Evans. 
1688 Feb. 26 Orange s. of M r Tristram Evans and Katherine his w. 
1691 Sep. 1 Susannah dau. of M r Tristram Evans and Katherine his w. 

1706 Feb. 5 Thomas Evans, of West Quantoxhead, and Elizabeth Briant, of 

Cannington, widow. 
1712 Dec. 27 M r Tristram Evans, of Close Hall, in the Liberty of St. Andrew, 

and Mary Brown, of the same. 


1683 Nov. 13 My William Evans. 

1684 Dec. 27 Catherine dau. of M r Tristram Evans and Catherine his w. 
1688 Oct. 12 John s. of M r Tristram Evans. 

1706 Dec. 5 Catherine^, of M r Tristram Evans. 

1733 Feb. 3 M r Evans, M one of y e Proctors of this cort." 

1740 Sep. 24 M r William Evans, vicar and organist. 

St. Cuthbert Parish Eegister. 
1699 Mar. 10 James s. of M r Tristram Evans, born March 4. 
1701 Sep. 17 Elizabeth dau. of M r William Evans and Mary his wife, born 

Aug. 26. 
1704 Nov. 30 William s. of M r William Evans, of Chamberlain Street, born 
Nov. 24. 

1731 April 19 Thomas Evans and Hester Vigors, both of this parish. 

1651 Mar. 10 Joseph s. of M r William Evans and Mary his W., of Burcot. 
1653 June 29 M rs Mary Evans, widow, of Burcot, a " Catholique." 




1700 April 22 Margaret w. of M r William Evans. 

1715 Mar. 27 M r William Evans, one of the sixteen men. 

A large slab with a long cross, the ends terminating in fleur-de-lis, cut on it. 

COOPER. Cooper 

(Floorslab, the rest gone.) 

Cathedral Register. 
1791 April 7 Miss Sarah Cooper, bur. 
1812 July 26 Miss Angelica Cooper, bur. in south aisle. 


Geraldina Eugenia Wallace 

youngest daughter of the late 

John Wallace, F.R.S. 

Member of the Board of Revenue 

at Madras 

Born the 17 th January 1811 

Died the 24 th May 1820. 


* ****** 

Here lyeth the Body 
HEBDEN. of Richard Hebden 

gent, second sonne of 

^ John Hebden knight 

who dyed the 22 day 

of January in the yeare 

of our Lord God 1668 

(Floorslab, with ornamental bordure. See mural monument in the cloisters. 
The Cathedral Register records his burial : 1668 Jan. 28 M r John Hebden, Esq.) 


Here resteth the Body 
WYKES. of Edward Wykes Esquir 

late Recorder of this city 

who deceased the eight 

day of August at the age 

of fifty fowre years 

Anuo Domini 1644. 

(Floorslab. On this stone is the matrix from which a square brass plate has 
been taken. The Cathedral Register records the burial on 8 Aug. 1666 of " Jane 
Wykes, widow of M r Edward Wykes.") 

He was the son of Nicholas Wykes of Wells, by Isabella dau. of Anthony 
Godwyn of Wookey ; and mar. Jane dau. of Gilbert Bourne of Wells, by Eleanor 
dau. of Thomas Smith of Mitcham, Surrey ; and had issue Edward, Philippa, and 
Elizabeth, according to the Visitation of Somerset 1623. But in his will, dated 
14 June 17 K. Ch., prov. 29 May 1647 (P.C.C., Fines 93), he names one son, 
William Wykes, and daus. Jane, Alice, Silvester (mar. Geo. Huntley of Boxwell, 
co. Glouc, Esq. ; he d. 11 July 1670 ; she d. 25 Feb. 1675), and Sarah. Names 
friends, D r Godwyne of Brightwell, Berks, John Bourne of Gothelney, and John 
Bourne of Durleigh, trustees after death of wife Jane. 


Hie jacet corpus Gulielmi Wykes generosi 

qui obiit vicesimo octavo die 

Decembris Anno Domini 1658. 

(Arms, (arg.) a chev. (gu.) oetw. three crosses moline (sa.), Wykes. In the Visitation 
of 1623 these crosses are called "fleurie." This William Wykes is not named in 
the Visitation pedigree. The above is round the edge of the stone, while the shield 
and the following inscription are in the centre. The connection between the two 
families, if any, does not appear.) 


Grace the wife of M r Richard Cupper of 

this city (apothecary) died Dec. 22 

1726 aged 51. 

Here also lieth the Body of the above said M r 

Richard Cupper who died Jan. 21, 1739 

aged 72. 



Cathedral Register. 

1708 Aug. 18 Catherine dau. of Thomas Cupper and Sarah his w. 

1709 Jan. 25 Sarah dau. of Thomas Cupper and Sarah his w. 

1726 April 14 William Cupper, of East Pennard, yeoman, and Mary King- 
ston, sp. Lie. 

17f£ Jan. 24 M r Richard Cupper. 

St. Cuthbert Parish Register. 
1681 April 4 M r Richard Cupper, of St. Cuthbert's, and Eleanor Carleile, of 

the Liberty of St. Andrew. 
1707 May 2 M r Richard Cupper, bur. 


There are no floorslabs in this transept. 

A fine recumbent effigy under an enriched arch, with well-cut heads at each 
end, one with beard the other without, and at the back three figures of a bishop 
between two angels, the heads and hands gone, inscribed " Willelmus de Marchia 
Ep'c: Bathon : et Wellen's : A: D: mcccii." The arms of Bishop William de 
Marchia were, Vert, two lions pass, or, according to Papworth, but there is no trace 
of them on the tomb ; there are remains of gilding and colouring. Along the front 
by the edge of the table are six heads, alternately cleric and lay. 

Adjoining the last is the canopied tomb of Johanna, Viscountess Lisle, for 
whose descent see post. The stonework is painted, but nothing remains to identify 
the monument but a brass plate with the following inscription : 


"fife jaeetJToamta FteeeomttfeBa Be fUsle, una ftltarum 

et jjaereBum &f)omae (KtjeBBer, armiger; quae futt uxor 

JToanmB Fteeeomttts Be Ht»le, filft et fjaereBts JToanttta 

<£omttt8 j&atojnae, et J&argaretae \xx' ejus, untus 

ftltarum et ^aereBum ftiearBt Comttts ©Bartotet, 

et (JHtjauetfjae ujcorts ejus, Sitae et fjaereUts STfjom 

Be Berfceleg, nulftta Bommt Be ISerueleg; ouae 

outtt xb™ Bte mettBts JTuItt, &roV *' 48e©C<£?LXHHF:' 

(See Pedigree, post.) 

In a window above this monument are two shields now coated and black, only 
traceable from below by the leading. They are, Gu., three lions pass. gard. or, within 
a lord, arg., and the same imp. quarterly, 1 and 4, Gu., a lion ramp, or, Fitz Alan ; 
2 and 3, Cheaueg or and az., Warren. 



For Thomas Holland, Earl of Kent, who being the half-brother of King Richard 
II. was authorized to use the royal arms within a bordure argent, in place of his 
own (Az., a lion ramp. gard. within an orle of fleur-de-lis arg.) ; he married Alice dau. 
of Richard Fitz Alan, Earl of Arundell. The pedigree appended to the account of 
the armorial tiles gives the descent. 

Opening from the east side of this transept is the Chapel of St. Martin (now 
the Canons' Vestry), with the recumbent effigy of John Storthwait, Precentor 1426, 
and Chancellor in 1439. On the floor is the following : 


Hie jacet Joh's Grene coda 

Canonic huis eccl' qui obiit 

die m s Janua a d'ni M°cccc m0 . 

From this transept we pass into the cloisters, and will take the monuments there 
in succession, after completing the interior of the Cathedral ; we therefore return 
and enter the aisle on the south side of the Choir, where immediately on the right 
is the Chapel of St. Calixtus. 


Chapel of St. Calixtus. 

HUSSE. In this chapel is the alabaster monument of Henry Husse, Dean of 
Wells 1302—1305. 

On the front of the tomb are four shields, with one at the west end ; these 
were originally painted with the arms, as doubtless was another shield at the east 
end, now gone ; the colours are gone, but sufficient stain remains on all, except the 
one at the west end, to indicate the charges that were on them, viz., Or, fretty and a 
chief gu. 

Now this fretty coat is not that of Hussee or Hussey, a very ancient family in 
Somerset and Dorset, who bore two coats, viz., Or, a cross vert, and, Barry of six erm. 
and gu., but it points conclusively to the Dean's parentage, for we find that William 
Husee who was living in 1314 (7 Edw. II.) married Margery one of the daughters 
and coheirs of Theobald, Lord Verdon (by his first wife Maud, daughter of Edmund 


Mortimer and sister of the first Earl of March), who bore, Or, afretgu.; sometimes 
given as fretty, thus paying a compliment to his mother, whose family was a noble 
one, the rules for quartering being not at that period fixed. 

BECKINGTON. In this chapel are also the remains of a chantry chapel called 
Bishop Beckington's, but strange to say there is no trace of his arms 
or rebus about the remnants, though they so often appear on the archways, cloisters, 
etc., which owe their existence to him. There are two small shields held by angels, 
in the front of the canopy, but they are both charged with the sacred heart, hands, 
and feet, bearing the five wounds. 

In the upper part of the window in this chapel, in very old glass, is a shield, 
Gu., four fusils conjoined in f ess arg., Daubeney. 

DAUBENEY. The ancient family of de Albini or Daubeney held among 
other lands the manor of South Petherton in Somersetshire temp. 
K. Henry I., which they continued to hold for several generations ; indeed the family 
has kept up its connection with this county to the present time. The date of the glass 
is probably the first half of the fifteenth century, and represents William Daubeney, 
Esq., of South Petherton, born 14 June 1424, died 2 Jan. 1460-1 (Esc. June 1461, 
1 Edw. IV., No. 58), having married Alice, dau. and coh. of John Stourton of 
Preston, and was father of Giles, Lord Daubeney, who died in London 28 May 
1508, and was buried in Westminster Abbey. He was Constable of Bristol, Master 
of the Mint, a Knight of the Garter, Governor of Calais, and Lord Chamberlain of 
the Household ; and left by his wife Elizabeth, daughter of Sir John Arundell of 
Lanherne, Henry Daubeney, created Earl of Bridgewater, who married twice but 
died s.p. 8 April 1548 ; Cecily, married to John Bourchier, Earl of Bath ; and Amie, 
married Alexander Buller of Lillisdon, Somerset, Esq. 

BUTTON Leaving this chapel and coming into the aisle on the south side of 
the choir, we find the recumbent effigy of a bishop ; also a raised 
tomb with the figure of a bishop incised on the top, close to which is inscribed 
" Willemus: De : Button Secon'd Epc' Bathon et Wellen's 


BEKYNTON. Beyond the last is the recumbent effigy of a bishop without any 
name or arms. A few steps farther east is the tomb of Thomas de 
Bekynton, who died 14 Jan. 1464 ; it is enclosed by iron rails, and contains 
two stories ; on the top is the Bishop in full canonicals, and below his emaciated 
corpse, but no arms. The tomb is inscribed " Thomas of Beckinton Ep'us Bathon' 
et Wellen's, Anno D'ni m.o.c.c.c.lxiv." 

The arms of Bishop Beckington which occur so often are (arg.) on afess az., 
belw. in chief three bucks' heads caboshed (gu.) and in base as many pheons (sa.), a 
bishop's mitre (or). His rebus or badge, which is also carved in many places, is a fire 
beacon lighted, the part to hold the fire being in the form of a tun or barrel. In 
one of the windows of the south choir aisle his arms are given thus : Arg., on a fess 
az., betw. in chief three bucks' 1 heads caboshed or, and in base as many pheons sa., a 
bishop's mitre, the ribbons extejuled, of the third. The same coat occurs in a window 



in Cheddar Church, with this difference, in the latter the fess is charged with a 
Jleur-de-lys betiv. two lozenges gu. Both these coats are heraldically wrong in 
placing metal on metal and colour on colour. Burke in his ' General Armory ' gives 
the first coat, making the heads gules. Papworth's Ordinary, on the authority of 
Glover's Ordinary, gives for Bekington the first of the above coats, making the 
bucks' heads az., and substituting an annulet or for the mitre, apparently for a 
brother of the Bishop. In Pole's ' Devonshire Collections ' the coat occurs with the 
mitre, but no tinctures, as in the cloisters and elsewhere, and the same is also cut in 
the stonework of the chapel of Wickham's School at Winchester. The shield at 
Cheddar is interesting as giving an example of an unrecorded difference of the 
arms. The origin of the coat is plainly suggested by two shields cut in the roof 
of the cloisters, in the account of the heraldry of which, they are mentioned. 

HAREWELL. Still farther east is the alabaster effigy of Bishop John Harewell, 
who died in July 1386. He chiefly contributed to building the South- 
West Tower, in which he hung two bells, and glazed the Great West Window. He 
has at his feet two hares, as a rebus on his name. There are no arms on the monu- 
ment, but an old Worcestershire family — whose pedigree (Harl. MS. 1566) com- 
mences with a John Harewell who had two sons, John living in 7 K. Henry V. 
(1419-20) and William who married and left issue — bore for arms, Arg., on a fess 
nebulee sa. three hares'' heads couped (sometimes erased) of the first. Crest, a hare's 
head erased or. 

On the north and south sides of the tower of Litton Church is carved a large 
shield, held by an angel, charged with Per fess nebulee, in chief three hares' 1 Mads 
couped. There can be no doubt that this is the coat of Bishop Harewell. On 
1 Oct. 1366 Richard Harewell was installed a Canon of Wells and Prebend of 


Ill one ©f the windows of this aisle are the following shields of arms : — 

(First.) The arms of King James I. impaling those of his Queen, Anne, daugh- 
ter of Frederick II., King of Denmark, viz., quarterly, 1 and 4 quarterly France and 
England, 2 Scotland, 3 Ireland, imp. quarterly, 1, Or, seme'e of hearts gu., three lions 
pass. az. croivned gold, Denmark ; 2 Gu., a lion ramp, crowned or, holding an axe arg., 
Norway ; 3 Az., three coronets or., Sweden or Scandinavia ; 4, Or, a lion pass. az. over 
nine hearts gu.ftve and four. Over all dividing the quarterings, the Cross of Dan- 
neborg, viz., a cross arg. edged gu. On the centre an escutcheon of pretence quar- 
terly, 1, Or, two Uojis pass, az., Schleswig. 2, Gu., an escutcheon per f ess arg. and 
gu., each point thereof approached ~by a passion nail in triangle, betw. as many nettle 
leaves all arg., Schaumberg. 3, Gu., a knight armed or, his scimitar sa., riding 
on a horse arg., Dietmarsen. 4, Gu., a horse's head couped at the neck or, Lauen- 
berg. In the base of the shield, Gu., a wyvern or, The Vandels. A portion of 
this shield appears in another part of the window, as also the arms of King James 
I. without those of his Queen occur in a mutilated state, with supporters, so that it 
is highly probable there were originally three shields, with the arms of the King 
and Queen each separately and also impaled together. The arms of this Queen 
generally have a second inescutcheon on top of the first, namely, Per pale, 1 st , Or, 
two bars gu., Oldenburg ; 2 nd Az., a cross fitchee at the foot arg., Delmanhorst. 

(Second.) Quarterly of four grand quarters, I. quarterly, 1 and 4 France 
modern, 2 and 3 England. II. Scotland. III. Ireland. IV. gone, but was the 
same as No. I. Supporters, dexter, a lion ramp. gard. crowned or ; sinister, a unicorn 
ramp. arg. gorged with a coronet, ivith a chain rejlexed over the back or, horned 
and unguled of the last. Crest, The lion of England. Motto, " Beati pacifici." 

(Third.) Az., a saltire surmounting a pastoral staff in pale or, betw. on the dexter 
two kegs erect and addcrsed, the boivs interlaced, one of the second, the other arg., on the 
sinister a sword erect of the last, hilt and pomel gold. The ancient coat of the 
Bishopric of Bath and Wells. 

(Fourth.) The same as the last omitting the pastoral staff. The united chap- 
ters of Bath and Wells, or the Deanery of Wells. Having now for the first time 
described an early example of the arms of the See, which cannot have been in any 
way altered, it will be appropriate to consider, from the evidences we possess, what 
are really the right arms of the Bishopric of Bath and Wells. The earliest exam- 
ples of the arms of the Bishopric we have are a shield in the library over the east 
cloister, built by Bishop Bubwith, and undoubtedly contemporary with him ; the 
shield in the chantry chapel of that Bishop, the shields in the window just men- 
tioned, a large stone shield in the Palace, and the Vicar's Close, all dating from the 
fifteenth century. The shield in the library has unfortunately been broken, the 
part containing the pastoral staff being gone, and supplied by pieces of glass, one 
red above and one blue below. On Bubwith's tomb the arms for the See are as the 
third shield in the window above ; and the charges are on the shield in the Palace, 
as also in the Vicar's Close, where it occurs frequently alone, and once impaling 
Beckington. It must be specially noted that in all the early glass, the saltire is 
plain gold. The same arms for the See, namely, the saltire with the keys, sword, and 
pastoral staff, are on the lectern given by Bishop Creyghton, on that Bishop's 
tomb, on a boldly carved shield of the arms of Bishop Pierce in the Palace Crypt, 
as also on the monument of Bishop Hooper. This evidence must be admitted to 


be fairly conclusive as to what were the ancient arms of this Diocese ; yet it will 
be well to glance briefly at the origin of the double title, that we may trace the 
origiu of this coat, and fully understand its historical interest and representative 
character, which leaves no doubt of the propriety of its retention. The origin of 
the modern coat will be shewn when treating of the Vicar's Common Hall. 

In early Saxon days a Collegiate Church was established here, which was 
eventually made the head of the Somerset Bishopric, the church being dedicated 
to St. Andrew, and this continued until the time of Bishop John of Tours, 
consecrated in 1088, who obtained a charter from K. William II., dated 27 Jan. 
1090-1, confirming to him the said John, heretofore Bishop of Wells, the Abbey of 
Bath, that he may establish there the seat of the Somersetshire Bishopric ; in 1091 
the same King gives to God, St. Peter in Bath, and John the Bishop, the city of 
Bath and its revenues, in order that the Bishop's seat may be in that city ; and on 
the 5 April 1092 we "find the same John Bishop of Bath assisting at the consecration 
of Salisbury Cathedral. Again a charter of K. Henry I., dated 3 Sept. 1101, confirms 
the gift of the city of Bath made by William II., and appointing that Bath shall 
henceforth be the head of the See of Somerset. The single title of Bath is con- 
tinued until the episcopate of Saverie (or Savery), who, having dispossessed the Abbot 
of Glastonbury, added Glastonbury to his style, which was also used by Jocelyn 
until that Bishop restored the Abbey with most of its possessions to Glastonbury, 
when he returned to the title of Bath alone. Jocelyn then applied to the Pope (Hono- 
rius III.) for permission to use the double title of Bath and Wells, which application 
the Pope referred to his legate Pandulph. Nevertheless we find Jocelyn invariably 
styled Bishop of Bath only up to his death, when Innocent IV. confirmed the elec- 
tion by the monks of Bath of Roger, Precentor of Salisbury. The Pope having 
had the disputes and claims of the chapters of Bath and Wells for supremacy re- 
peatedly before him, by decree dated from Lyons 3 Jan. 1244-5, decided that the 
election should be by both chapters equally, to be celebrated alternately at Bath and 
Wells, that each church should be a Cathedral church, and that the style of the 
Bishop should be ' of Bath and Wells', and that the double title shall be engraved 
on his seal. Nevertheless it would seem that Bishop Roger having been elected by 
the monks of Bath apparently in opposition to the Canons of Wells, was unwilling 
to add Wells to his title, his neglect of which having been notified at Rome by the 
Dean and Chapter, the Pope sent the Bishop a letter dated 14 May 1245 peremp- 
torily commanding him to use the double title and to place it on his seal. From 
that time it has so continued. We see by this evidence that after first Wells and 
then Bath having been the seat of the episcopal dignity, both places were made 
jointly and equally Cathedral, under one Bishop. 

Now let us consider the armorial question ; the arms of the Abbey, or Priory 
of Bath, for at different times it held both positions, were az. two keys addorsed the 
bows interlaced, the upper or, the lower arg., and a sword of the last, hilt and pomel of 
the second, in lend dexter surmounting the lower and passing below the upper key. 
These ensigns were naturally adopted by the monks of Bath, displaying as they do 
the keys of St. Peter with the sword of St. Paul, the patron saints of their house. 
At the same time the chapter of Wells gave az. a saltire or, being the instrument 
of martyrdom of St. Andrew, to whom their church was dedicated. By the papal 
decree of 1244-5 the double title being firmly settled, it became necessary to repre- 



sent the two electoral bodies as a matter of course, for at a time when armorial 
bearings were of such real importance, neither body would have been willing to go 
without heraldic representation, and this was readily done by placing the saltire of 
Wells between the keys and sword of Bath, while the pastoral staff in the centre 
fitly signified the union of the two flocks under one shepherd. Thus it will be seen 
how beautifully the old coat of the See represented the office of the Bishop of Bath 
and Wells ; at the same time simple yet complete. It is true that at the Reform- 
ation the Priory being suppressed, has left the reconstituted Chapter of Wells alone 
surviving, still the double title of the Bishop remains ; while the historic interest 
of the ancient coat must far exceed that of the modern coat, with its saltire of two 
metals, for which there appears to be no reason or object, and which was probably 
originally derived from its being the arms of the Corporation of Vicars Choral, as 
pointed out under the account of their Common Hall. The only examples of the 
modern coat before the present century are the brass of Bishop Lake, 1626, a very 
poor affair, which has the saltire divided by lines, as no colours are indicated ; these 
may only be intended to give the idea of the saltire being raised. The remaining 
example is the monument of Bishop Still, but as the charges on the shields are not 
in relief, and the whole has been repainted in the present century, it is of no value 
for evidence. 

On the monument of Bishop Berkley the saltire has no indication of being 
divided, and the omission of the pastoral staff, keys and sword, are doubtless the 
result of carelessness, the whole tomb being very roughly executed and bare of 
ornament. Bishop Creyghton's tomb exhibits both the plain saltire and the coat 
of the See, as on the tomb of Bishop Bulwith. Ignorance, with a want of due care 
and interest, are the true source to which we can ascribe the modern meaningless 
coat. With all this evidence before us there cannot be the least hesitation in saying 
that the ancient and correct arms of the See of Bath and Wells are, az. a saltire 
surmounting a pastoral staff in pale or, betw. on tlie dexter two keys erect and ad- 
dorsed the bows interlaced, the one of the second the other arg., and on the sinister 
a sword erect of the last, hilt and pomel gold. 

Having gone thus fully into the question of the arms of the Bishopric, it will 
naturally follow here to say something about the arms of the Deanery, more espe- 
cially on account of the arms in the fourth shield in the window mentioned above. 
Strictly speaking, we should expect to find the Dean and Chapter using the simple 
coat of the gold saltire, and such was doubtless sometimes the case, as we have an 
example of the plain saltire in the roof of the south cloister, and also on the shield 
on the seal of Dean Herbert. The tomb of Dean Husee, who died in 1303, has 
several shields charged with the fretty coat of his mother the heiress of Yerdun ; 
these were only painted on, not cut, and from the faint traces of the colouring, and 
the similarity of the form of the lines of the frets and the saltire, it is difficult to say 
if in two cases the plain saltire did not impale the fretty coat. The tomb of Thomas 
Cornish, Canon and Precentor of Wells, who died in 1415, and that of Dean Gun- 
thorpe 1498, are the most direct evidence shewing that the Dean and Chapter did 
use the coat with the keys and sword as their arms, probably from their being 
joined with^Bath Priory in the election of the Bishop, and as they are now the 
representatives of the two Chapters, there appears no reason against their continuing 
to use this ancient coat as their proper arms, especially as it is more distinctive, the 


arms being, Az. a saltire or, betw. on the dexter tivo keys erect and addorsed, one of t/ie 
second, the other arg., and on the sinister a sword erect of the last, hilt and po met of 
gold. The addition of the keys and sword distinguishing more decidedly from the 
coat of the Corporation of Vicars, which was az. a saltire per saltire and quarterly 
counterchanged or and arg., as will be shewn more fully hereafter, and which came 
to be used in place of those of the See. 

(Fifth.) Arg. an afess az. betw. in chief three stags' heads cabossed or ( ? gu. or 
sa., as metal on metal is bad heraldry and against English usage), and in base as 
many pheons sa., a bishop's mitre or, bands arg. — the coat of Bishop Beckington. 
This coat with others is cut in the stonework of the chapel of Wykeham's School 
at Winchester. For notes on the formation of this coat see the heraldry in the 
roof of the cloister. 

(Sixth.) Quarterly of six, 1. Barry of ten arg. and az. six escutcheons sa., each 
charged with a lion ramp, of the first — Cecil. 2. Per pale gu. and az. a tree eradicated 
vert, with a lion ramp, against it arg. — Winstone. 3. Sa. a plate betw. three towers 
arg. — Carlyon. 4. Arg. on a bend cotised gu. three cinquef oil or. — Eckington. 5. 
Arg. a chev. betw. three chessroolcs erms. — Walcot. 6 as the first. Crest gone, motto 
Sero sed serio. Supporters two lions ramp. &rm. This is doubtless for Robert Cecil, 
first Earl of Salisbury, so created 4 th May 1605, and died 24 May 1612, ancestor of 
the present Marquis of Salisbury ; the cause of this coat appearing here being the 
fact that the Earl was at one time High Steward of the Dean and Chapter. 

(Seventh.) Quarterly, 1 and 4, Arg. a chev. betw. three cross-crosslets sa. 
— South worth. 2 and 3, Sa. a chev. betw. three cross-crosslets arg. — Dayes ; 
imp. Gu. a bend regulee betw. two cross-crosslets arg. — Pelsent. Under this 
shield is the date 1607. This coat is evidently that of Henry Southworth 
of Wyke Champflower, living in 1623, who was descended from Sir Gilbert 
Southworth of Southworth Hall, co. Lancaster, and his wife Elizabeth, dau. 
and h. of Nicholas Dayes of Salmsbury, co. Lane, Esq. He married Elizabeth 
dau. of John Pellsant of London, by whom he had two daughters his co-heirs, 
Jane married to William Bull of Shapwick, and Margaret married to Arthur Duck, 
D.C.L. ; and on the monument of Henry Bull in Shapwick church the arms are 
quartered, viz. 1 and 6 — or, three bulls' heads caboshed gu., Bull, 2 Southworth, 3 
Dayes; 4 quarterly gu. and arg., in the first and fourth a fret or, — Dutton. (The 
great grandfather of Henry Southworth, Sir Christopher Southworth of Southworth, 
married Isabel dau. and coh. of Sir Thomas Dutton of Dutton ; vide Visitation 
of Chester, Harl. Soc.) 5, gu. a bend embattled betw. two crosses crosslet arg., 
— Pellsant. 

An abstract of the will of this Henry Southworth is in the collection of Somer- 
setshire wills made by the Rev. F. Brown, and printed as a memorial of him. In 
it he styles himself, of Wells, Esq., but rightly citizen and mercer of London ; it is 
dated 23 May 1625, and was proved 12 Nov. 1625 by his daughters Margaret, wife 
of Arthur Ducke, and Jane, wife of William Bull of Shapwick, Esq. He names 
his ' brother Smith ' and ' brother Fellgate,' and desires to be buried near his late 
wife at Wyke Champflower. This church is really a chapelry in the parish of 
Bruton ; it is very small, consisting of chancel, nave, and north porch, on which is 
the date 1623, and is built on to the old manor house, of which manor he was lord. 

On the south side of the chancel is a mural monument to his memory, the in- 


scription stating that he was Lord of this Manor, and died the 24 May 1625, and 
that the monument was erected to his memory by Arthur Duck, D.C.L., and Wil- 
liam Bull, Esq. There are four shields of arms, first Southworth and Dayes quar- 
terly as above, with a demi-lion for crest ; second, the same arms imp. Pelsent as 
in the glass of the Cathedral window ; third, or, on a /esse ivavy sa. three lozenges 
arg., Duck ; fourth shield, or, three bulls' heads erased gu., Bull ; but the heads 
should be ca boshed, as shewn below. The above Arthur Duck was born 1580 at 
Heavitree near Exeter, Devon (son of Richard Duck of Heavitree and Joan his wife); 
he matriculated at Exeter College, Oxford, 24 th Oct. 1595, as son of a plebeian, 
became a Fellow of All Souls' College, Oxford in 1604, a Doctor of Civil Law in 
1612, admitted to the College of Advocates 25 Jan. 1633-4, was Chancellor of 
Bath and Wells, as also of London, M.P. for Minehead 1640. He lent £6000 to 
King Charles I., and had to compound with Parliament as a Royalist at £2000. 
He died in May 1649, and was buried at Chiswick. He was married at Wells by 
Bishop Lake to Margaret Southworth, as above, by whom he had two daughters his 
coheirs, viz. Martha the eldest, married first to William Duck, secondly to Nicholas 
Duck of Mount Radford, Exeter, her cousin, by whom she left issue a daughter 
Margaret, bapt. 14 Oct. 1654 at Heavitree, and married to Edward Mansell of Swan- 
sea, living 1695 ; and thirdly to Sir Thomas Carew of Haccombe as his second wife, 
and had a daughter unmarried in 1695. Mary, the second daughter, married Wil- 
liam Harbord, Esq., of Grafton Park, co. Northampton. The arms of Duck on the 
monument at Wyke Champflower are those granted by Camden Clarencieux in 1602 
to his brother Nicholas Duck, Recorder of Exeter and Bencher of Lincoln's Inn. 
There is a monument in Shapwick church which the inscription states was erected 
by William Bull to the memory of his wife Jane, eldest daughter and coheir of 
Henry Southworth of Wells, Esq. to whom he had been married 36 years and 3 
months, and who died 30 March 1657. The said William Bull, Esq., J.P., died 22 
Sept. 1676, aged 83. Arms, Or, three bulls' heads caboshed gu. Crest, a buWs head 
as in the arms. This is at the top of the monument ; a shield at the lower part, 
now blank, had formerly no doubt the same coat impaling Southworth and 
Dayes quarterly. 

(Eighth.) 1 and 4, Southworth ; 2 and 3, Dayes as above, imp. quar- 
terly 1 and 4, Sa. an eagle displ. with two heads arg., Lloyd. 2, Per /esse 
sa. and arg. a lion ramp, counterchanged ; the coat of Enion Efell, Lord 
of Cymllaeth, son of Madoc, last Prince of Powys Fadoc, from whom 
these Lloyds were descended. 3, arg. a chev. gu. betiv. three pheons sa., the two in chief 
fessways point to point, Kiffin, of co. Salop. Beneath this shield is also the date 
1607. This is the coat of Edward Southworth of London, merchant, who married 
Jane daughter of Edward Lloyd of Lloyenmayne, co. Salop. Of his children, the 
eldest was the above Henry Southworth, and Thomas was Recorder of Wells, and 
living there in 1623, having married Jane, daughter of Nicholas Mynne of Norfolk. 
He made a nuncupative will dated 8 Sept. 1625 and proved 20 Dec. following, in 
which he is styled ' of Wells '; it states that he left all he possessed to Jane his 
wife, and that he died at Barrow. Jane, the widow of the above Edward South- 
worth, married secondly Francis Gunter, citizen and skinner of London (whose first 
wife was Elizabeth, daughter of John Pelsent, merchant of London.) In Barrow 
Gurney church is a flat stone to the memory of this Thomas Southworth, which has 



the following inscription on it, u Hie jacet Thomaa Southworth armiger legis con- 

siliarius et in societate ora ciator, pacis et quorum justitiarius civitati Wellensi. A 


custos rotulorum depu- 

-tatus in comitate Som. qui 

obiit 8 die Septembris 

anno Dni 1625 

JEtatiB sua? 61." 
This slab is now (1889) on the floor of the chapel on the South side of the 

Thomas Southwortlvs being buried here is accounted for by his relationship to 
the then owner of Barrow Court, Francis James, D.C.L., who had married Blanche 
Gunter, daughter of Francis Gunter, of London, by Jane daughter of Edward Lloyd, 
of Lloyenmayne, and widow of Edward Southworth, father, as named above, of Tho- 
mas and Henry Southworth, who were thus half brothers of Blanche James, 
and are both named in the will of Francis James as his brothers-in-law. The 
mural monument of Francis James in the same chapel of the church of Barrow 
has the arms of James (Sa. a dolphin emboived betw. three cross-cross lets or) impaling 
Gunter, Sa. three gauntlets arg. a crescent or. 

BADGE OF In this window is the badge of Richard II., a white hart lodged, 
RICHARD II. horned, and unguled or, gorged with a coronet and chained of the 
last. The background here being blue sprinkled with small round 
yellow spots, which, except a few solitary spots, are arranged to form a conventional 
style of cinquefoil : the whole enclosed in a bordure of yellow pieces of glass. 


* Shapwick Parish Register. f St. Cuthbert, Wells, Parish Register. 

Richard Bull of Ven Court in the parish of Henstridge ; living=f= 
15 Hen. VIII. (said, in an old family MS., to have come from 
Hull) : lost Ven Court in a law suit with his sister's husband, 
Sir William Carente. Vide Star Chamber Proc, 15 Hen. VIII. 

Sir William: 

:...., sister 
of Richard 

Thomas Bull, who=y= 
was disinherited for 
marrying against his 
father's wish. 

John Bull, Clerk in Holy 
Orders, D.D., and Chap- 
lain to K. Hen. VIII. and 
K. Edw. VI. ; ob. s.p. 

James Bull of=pMargaret, da. of 
Peglinch in 
parish of Wel- 
low, Somerset. 

relict of Bull, 
Thomas Horner ob. s.p. 
of Cloford. 

John Bull of the Middle Temple,=r=Lucy Davies, relict of Randel Davies 

gent. ; Steward 

of the Middle 

of St. Sepulchre, Silkweaver ; mar. 
lie. 24 Oct. 1586. 

Thomas John Bull=F 
Bull, of Peg- 
ob. s.p. linch. 

John Bull, living in 1623 ; ob. s.p. 

Thomas Bull, 
named in the 
will of his 
brother Wil- 
liam Bull. 

John Bull of Wells,=Jane. 
Linendraper ; ob. 
s.p. ; will dated 8 
March 1606 ; proved 
in London 3 April 

Richard Bull of Lon- 
don, Citizen and Fish- 
monger ; named in 
the will of his brothers 
William and John 

Judith Bull, mar.=Henry 
atWellowl8 June Flower. 
1599; named in 
the will of brother 
John Bull. 



William Bull of Peglinch and of Wells, Linendraper, Mayor of=pEleanor, da. of John Hodges of 

that City 1602, 1612, 1620 ; purchased the manor and rectory 
of Shapwick ; bur. at St. Cuthbert, Wells, 2 Jan. 1622-3 ;f will 
dated 23 Dec. 1622 ; proved in London 1 April 1623. 

Dinder ; bur. at 
6 April 1641.f 

St. Cuthbert 

John Clutterbuck,=Eleanor= William Ann=Charles Dun- Sarah Bull. Elizabeth Bull, 

mar. at St. Cuth- Bull. Vaughan. Bull, combe, Coun- — bapt. at St. 

bert 2 Oct. 1627.f 2nd hus- cillor-at- Judith Bull. Cuthbert 20 

1st husband. band. Law. Nov. 1609.f 

Susan=Robert Barber of Weeke, near Headington, Oxon ; 
Bull. mar. at St. Cuthbert 24 July 1615 ; she was bur. 
at Adderbury, Oxon, 15 March 1640. 

Richard Bull. bapt. at St. 
Cuthbert 7 April 1611 ;f 
a Captain in Prince Ru- 
pert's Army ; killed at 
the Seige of Bristol ; ob. 

Henry Bull, bapt. at St. Cuth- 
bert 8 March 1612 ;f of Nor- 
ton Hall in Midsomer Nor- 
ton ; will dated 15 July 1683 ; 
proved in London 5 June 

Mary = Martin Pinder, a Colonel 
Bull, in the Parliamentary 

=Mary, da. of John Still of Durleigh 
Somerset, Esq. (son of Bishop 
Still) ; she died 27 Jan. 166- ; M.I. 
at Midsomer Norton. 

Arms : Bull impaling Still 
(nearly obliterated). 

John Bull, ob. 
s.p. ; named in 
the will of his 
Ann Bourne, 
relict of John 

Henry Bull of Norton Hall, Esq. ; died 20 Feb.: 
1708 ; M.I. ledger stone at Midsomer Norton. 
Arms : Bull impaling Barry wavy on a chevron 
between three sea-horses, five gouttes, TOOKEB. 
Bur. 21 Feb. 1708 (Par. Reg.) ; will dated 19 Feb. 
1708 ; proved at Wells 10 March 1708. 

: Anne, da. of John Tooker 
of Chilcompton, Esq. ; 
died at Midsomer Nor- 
ton 20 March 1719, aged 
59 ; M.I. ; bur. there 1 
April 1719 (Par. Reg.). 


Henry Bull of Timsbury=Mary, da. and co- John Bull. 

House, Somerset, Esq. ; heir of Thomas 

mar. at Timsbury 9 Nov. Samborne, Esq., 

1727 by special he. from of Timsbury ; bur. 

the Archbishop ; bur. at at Timsbury 3 Feb. 

Timsbury 13 March 1734, 1746; will dated 

s.p. ; will dated 30 Sept. 24 Oct. 1745 ; 

1734 ; proved at Wells proved at Wells 

10 March 1735. 19 March 1746. 

Mary Bull. 

Richard Bull. Ann Bull. 
George Bull. 

Eleanor Bull, bapt. 
at Midsomer Nor- 
ton 1698; died 

22 Feb. 1721 ; bur. 
in Bath Abbey ; 
will dated 20 Feb. 
1721 ; proved in 
London 31 March 

Richard Bull of Mid-=Honour, da. 

somer Norton, Esq., 
died 10 Jan. 1692 ; 
bur. there 10 ... . 
(rest gone from M.I.) ; 
will dated 16 Jan. 
1691 ; proved at Wells 
9 July 1692. 

of John 
Esq., of 

Ann Bull, died 
March 1684 ; 
will dated 13 
Feb. 1683-4 ; 
proved at Wells 
6 June 1684. 

Eleanor Bull,: 
mar. at Tims- 
bury 17 April 
1688 by spe- 
cial licence ; 
died 2 Jan. 
1696 ; bur. in 
Bath Abbey. 

^George Tryme of Bath, 
gent. ; bapt. at St. 
Cuthbert 19 Feb. 1658 
(son of Mr. Valentine 
Tryme and Margaret 
his wife) ; died 28 Sept. 
1 722, aged 63 ; bur. in 
Bath Abbey. 

Valentine Tryme, died 1 Jan. 1724, aged 28 ; 
8.p. ; bur. in Bath Abbey. 

Anna Tryme, bapt. and died 9 March 1691 ; 
bur. in Bath Abbey. 

Elizabeth,=f Lawrence Bull of Peglinch ; will dated 28 April 1652 ; proved in^=Mary, da. of 

bur. at 
20 April 
1634. 1st 

London 28 June 1653. He must have married two sisters, for Ed- 
ward Orange names in his will, dated 13 April 1641, his da. Eliza- 
beth Bull and his grandchild William Bull. While his son William 
Orange of Foscute in his will, dated 12 Jan. 1681, names "my 
nephews Edward Bulk Esq., James Bull, and Charles Bull ; neice 
Mary Bull ; and kinswoman Elizabeth Mason, da. of Charles Mason, 
dec., and Elizabeth his late wife." 

Orange of 
Foscott, near 
Bath, Esq. 
2nd wife. 



William Bull, 
Fell, of All 
Souls' Coll., 
Oxon ; ob. 

Edward Bull, a Major in Col. Sydenham's=pElizabeth, 
Regiment ; mar. at Bath Abbey ; died da. of Sam. 
19 May 1685 ; bur. at Stanton Drew, Bave, M.D., 
Somerset ; will dated 27 Feb. 1679-80 ; of Bath, 
proved in London 9 Feb. 1686-7. 

William Bull of Peglinch,=pDorothy, da. of 
living 1714. \ 

Wellow 12 Feb. 1702-3. 

bur. at 


Bull, dec. I Mason, 
before dec. 

1681. before 


Elizabeth Mason, 
living in 1681. 

Edward Bull, bapt. at 
Wellow 18 Oct. 1686 ; 
bur. at Tickenham 
8 May 1719. 

Betty Bull, 
bapt. at 
7 Feb. 1688. 

Ann Bull, 
bapt. at 
25 Nov. 

John Bull, 
bapt. at 
6 Aug. 

George Bull, 
bapt. at 
Wellow 25 
May 1696. 

Dorothy Bull, 
bapt. at Wel- 
low 27 Dec. 


Richard Bull, 
ob. s.p. ; bur. 
at Frome 14 
Feb. 1709. 

Charles Bull of=Fl 
Bolton in York- 
shire ; mar. 1 
July 1669. 

second da. of Sir Robert Mark- 
ham, first Bart., of Sedgebrook, by Re- 
becca, da. of Sir Edward Hussey. 

Charles Bull, living 31 May 1714. 

Fourteen others, all dead before 1714. 

John Bull, bur. at=pMary, da. of ... . Ivyleaf, and relict 


18 April 


Whitchurch of Frome, 

Francis Bull, ob. 
s.p. before 1714. 

Mary Bull, 
unmar. in 

Henry Bull, mar. at Orchardleigh, Somerset, 24 March 1701 ; died^Margaret, da. of William 
3 Aug. 1738 ; bur. at Frome. Will dated 19 Aug. 1732 ; proved in I Whitchurch of Frome ; 
London 16 Dec. 1740. M.I. to him, his wife, and son James, died 20 July 1752 ; bur. 
Arms : Or, three hills' heads caboshed gules. Crest : A bull's head, I at Frome. 
as in the arms. The colours are now reversed on the monuments. 

I I 
Jane Bull 

Anne Bull,=William 
twins, bapt. Forwood 
10 Feb. of Frome. 


John Bull, bur. 27 Aug. 1707. 

George Bull, twins, bur. 9 Jan. 1707 ; 
bapt. 19 Aug. 1706. 

Jane Bull, 
bapt. 23 
Nov. 1708; 
bur. 29 
Nov. 1711. 

Mary Bull, 
bapt. 24 
April 1711; 
bur. 15 
Nov. 1711. 



1 1 
= Mary Bull, bapt 
8 Aug. 1712. 

bapt. 14 

Frances Bull, 


bapt. 9 Oct. 1713 

John Bull, bapt. 15 Feb. 
1714 ; bur. 2 Feb. 1715. 

Edward Bull, bapt. 27 
April 1716. 

I I 

James Bull, bapt. Margaret 
17 Feb. 1717; Bull, 
died 11 Feb., bur. bapt. 
. . Feb. 1747. 10 Dec. 


Thomas Bull, bur. 25 Jan. 1763. 

da. of John Per-=fGeorge Bull of Wells, Mercer, Mayor of Wells 1635 ; bur.^=Ann. 2nd 

kins. 1st wife. 

at St. Cuthbert 28 Nov. 1637 ;f will dated 24 Dec. 1635 ; 
proved in London 16 June 1655. 


Anne Bull, bapt, 23 Feb. 1632-3.f 



16 Aug. 

Grace= William 
Bull, Davis, 
4 April 

I I 

Elizabeth Bull, bur. at St. Cuth- Mary 

bert as " Mrs. Elizabeth Bull, Bull, 

virgin, of High Street,'' 14 Nov. bapt. 

1655 ;f will dated 10 Oct. 1655 ; 12 Feb. 

proved 8 May 1657 in London. 1632.f 

Bull. Davis. 


21 Dec. 
1628 ;f 

George Bull, born 35 March, bapt. 31 March 1634 ;■}• mar. at Ciren- 
cester 20 May, 1658 ; died 17 Feb. 1710 ; held the living of Sidding- 
ton St. Mary, near Cirencester ; consecrated Bishop of St. David's in 
1705, and died at Brecknock, and was buried in the chapel of Christ's 
College, Brecknock, with a monument which states that he died 
17 Feb. 1709-10, aged 75. On the monument are the arms of the 
See of St. David's impaling Or, three hulls' heads caboshed gules, 
a crescent of the last for difference. 

=Bridget, da. of the 
Rev. Alexander 
Gregory, Vicar of 
Cirencester, co. 
Gloucester ; she 
died 16 Nov. 1712, 
aged 75, and was 
bur. at Brecknock. 

George Bull, 
born 24 
March 1659 ; 
died young. 

I I 

George Bull, George Bull, born 11 Nov. 1669 ; 

born 14 Rector of Tawstock, co. Devon, 

March 1664 ; and Archdeacon of Llandaff ; ob. 

died young. s.p. in 1707. 

Richard Bull, born 18 Jan. 
1672 ; bur. at Siddington, 
co. Gloucester, 27 Nov. 

Robert Bull, born 11 Jan. 1679 ; Vicar of= 
Churcham, Rector of Tortworth, and Pre- 
bendary of Gloucester. 

: Rachel, da. of Edward Stephens of Cherrington, 
by Mary, da. of Sir Matthew Hale. 

Edward Bull.=j= 

Mary Bull. 

Rachel Bull. 

Ill I 

Bridget Bull, born Sarah Bull, born Bridget Bull, born Edward= Bridget Bull, 

3 Jan. 1674 ; died 30 March, died 24 Oct. 1682 ; died Adderley. born 20 May 

young. April 1677. young. 1684. 

I I 

Anne Bull, born^Joseph Stephens, Arch- Dorothea Bull, born 

1662 ; died 1703. deacon of Brecon ; died 3 Aug., died Dec. 

1735. 1666. 


Elizabeth Bull, born 
9 Sept. 1668 ; died 
Dec. 1690. 

Katherine=f=John, son of Walter 


. ,=John Williams, Vicar 

. . . =Joshua 

Chapman of Bristol. Stephens, of Glasbury, co. Bre- Stephens. Wharton 

con ; ob. s.p. of Bristol. 

Thomas Chapman, Vicar of Bathford, Bath ; ob. s.p.=Elizabeth Marshall of Bristol. 

Elizabeth Stephens.=pWilliam, son of Walter Chapman of Bristol. 

Betty Dubber.=pJoseph Chapman, Rector of Duntesbourne, co. Gloucester j^Jane Gastrell. 
| died 1795. I 

James Chapman, D.D., Fellow Richard Chapman, John Chapman.^Joyce Whit- 

of Magdalene College, Oxon. died s.p. 1819. I taker. 

Joseph James Chapman. 

Joanna Baptista Chapman. 



O H 

Joseph Chapman, D.D., of Trinity College. Oxon ;=f=Mary, da. of William Hayward ; 
died 1808. I died 1814. 

Sarah Anne Chapman. Mary Elizabeth Chapman.=Baker Morrell, Esq., of Oxford. 

Sarah Chapman, died Jan. 1821.=^Richard Parker, died 1778. 



Samuel Perrott Charles Lewes Anna Maria=George Richards, Joseph Parker of John 
Parker. Parker. Parker. D.D. Oxford, Book- Parker. 


William Bull of Shapwick, Barrister of the Middle Temple, : 
D.L., and J.P. for Somerset for fifty years; born 1595; 
died 22 Oct. 1676, aged 81 ; M.I. at Shapwick with the 
arms of Bull ; bur. 29 Oct. 1676 ;* he succeeded to his 
father's property at Peglinch, and had a confirmation of 
his family arms, as of that place, which see p. 53. 

: Jane, eldest da. and coheir of Henry 
Southworth, Esq., of Wells and 
Wyke Champflower, by his wife 
Elizabeth, da. of John Pelseut of 
London; she was married in 1620, 
and died 30 March 1657; M.I. at 
Shapwick ; bur. 15 April 1657.* 

Eleanor Bull, bapt. 
29 Nov., bur. 31 
Nov. 1631.* 

Margaret Bull, bapt. 
7 Sept., bur. 9 Sept. 

Jane Bull, bapt. 15 March 1626 ;*=Thomas White 
mar. 4 March 1656 (entered both of Wells, Esq. 
at Shapwick and at St. Cuthbert). 

Elizabeth Bull, proved=pEdward Court of Lillesdon in North Curry ; will dated 1 March 1681 

her husband's will 3 
May 1683. 

bur. at Gregory Stoke Oct. 1 682 ; son of John Court, by Elizabeth, 
da. of Alexander Popham of Huntworth. 

Sarah Court of the Close, Salisbury; 
will dated 23 Nov. 1688 ; proved 
14 Sept. 1689 ; died unmar. 

John Chichester=Elizabeth 
of Widworthy, Court. 

Were, Court, 

Grace Court, died unmar. ; will dated 1 Jan. 1749 ; 
proved 27 Sept. 1750. 

John Court of North Curry, died unmar. 
admon. 14 July 1701 to his mother. 

William Bull, Henry Bull, bapt. 8 Oct. 1630 ;* of Shapwick, Barrister of the= 

bapt. 26, and Middle Temple ; M.P. for Bridgewater ; had a commission, 

bur. 27 Feb. dated at Oxford 27 Jan. 1644, to raise and command a regi- 

1625.* ment of dragoons, signed Charles P. ; also one dated 1675, 

— as captain of a troop of horse, under Lord Fitzharding ; also 

William Bull, another dated 20 July 1683 ; he was appointed a Deputy- 

bapt. 8, and Lieut, of Somerset 25 June 1690. These commissions still exist 

bur. 22 Oct. in possession of the family at Shapwick. Mar. at Compton 

1629.* Pauncef oot 14 April 1658 (entered in Shapwick Register) ; bur. 

1691 ;* M.I. with the arms of Bull, quartering Southworth, 

Dayes, Dutton, and Pelsent impaling Azure, two chevrons, 

between three martlets argent, Hunt. Will dated 19 July 

1687 ; proved in London 10 June 1692. 

Southworth Bull, bapt. 
at Compton Paunce- 
foot 10 May 1659. 
Living 1681. 

: Elizabeth, da. 
of Robert Hunt 
of Compton 
Pauucefoot ; 
bur. 19 June 
1712 ;* will 
dated 20 July 
1711 ; proved 
in London 17 
June 1713. 


William Bull, born 
7 April, bapt. 7 
May 1661 ; died 9 
Sept., bur. 11 Sept. 

Elizabeth Bull, 
born 3 April, 
bapt. 13 April 
1663 ;* deaf 
and dumb. 

Henry Bull of Shap-=Ann 
wick, bapt. 29 March Luff. 
1670; bur. 7 Sept. 
1695 ;* s.p. 



Eleanor Bull, born 14 March 1666-7 ; bapt.=George Dodington of Dodington, Esq., called in 
26 March 1667; mar. lie. Faculty Office, the Lie. ' batchelor, aged 35 ' ; one of the Lords of 
Archbp. Canterbury, dated 12 Feb. 1696-7 ; the Admiralty ; M.P. for Bridgewater ; died 26 
bur. 7 July 1715 ;* will dated 19 Feb. 1700; March 1720; s.p. ; will dated 19 Jan. 1718; 
proved in London 27 July 1715 ; s.p. proved in London 10 June 1720. 

Robert Bull, bapt. 
10 Oct. 1635 ; bur. 
12 Oct. 1636. 

George Bull, bapt. 
23 Nov. 1637 ; bur. 
25 Nov. 1637.* 

Arthur Bull, bapt. 1 July=pMary 
1633 ;* of Sydenham I Hur of 
manor in the parish of Lon- 
Bridgewater. don. 

William Bull. bapt. 
22 Jan. 1640 ;* died 
at Smyrna. 

William Bull, named in the will of his grandfather William Bull of^Joanna Luff ; will dated 
Shapwick ; bur. at Somerton 21 Sept. 1698 ; admon. at Wells 19 Oct. 8 March 1721 ; proved 
1699. 12 Oct. 1721. 

Henry Bull, who inherited Shap- 
wick from Mrs. Dodington ; bur. 
27 June 1751 ;* admon. to Eli- 
zabeth Strangways, only sur- 
viving child, in London 29 July 

^Elizabeth, da. of the Rev. Timothy Redman, 
M.A., Rector of Street with the chapel of 
Walton ; Prebendary of Wells (instituted 
1684 ; died 4 May 1718, aged 66 ; tablet in 
Walton Church) ; died 11 June 1726, aged 
36 ; M.I. at Shapwick ; bur. 18 June 1726* 





Henry Bull, 
hapt.17 May 
1723 ; bur. 
28 March 

Thomas Strangways, 1 
second son of Giles 
Strangways of Charl- 
ton Adam (see 
Strangways of Charl- 
ton Adam) ; died 
3 Oct. 1766, aged 51 ; 
bur. 13 Oct. 1766.* 

Elizabeth Bull, da. and sole heir ; died 3 March 1792, aged 
73 ; M.I. ; will dated 9 June 1789 ; proved at Wells 17 April 
1792 by her son and executor Henry ; names her rectory 
of Shapwick and manor of Week (Wyke Champflower) ; 
bur. 8 March 1792.* She is mentioned in family papers as 
the ' Widow Jefferys ' ; her will makes no allusion to any 
relations of that name, nor is there other evidence of a 
previous marriage. 

I I 

Mary Strang- Elizabeth Strangways,=William 

ways, died bapt. 31 July 1752 ; Gould, 

20 Aug. 1799; mar. 4 Nov. 1784;* Esq. 

bur. 31 Aug. died 7 Feb. 1839, aged 

1799.* 86. 

Margaret Strangways, bapt. T=Peter Sherston, 
21 March 1755 ; mar. 10 Esq., of Wells 
July 1780 ;* died 10 Jan. (see pedigree 
L795, aged 39 ; M.I. Wells of Sherston). 


Henry Strangways of Shapwick, born 18 Feb. 1741 ; died 21 April 1805,^=Sarah. da. of Samuel 

aged 64 ; bur. 26 April 1805 ;* M.I. at Shapwick to him and his wife. 
Arms on it are, (Sable), two lions passant (paly of six argent and gules) 
impaling gules a /esse counter-compony (or and azure) between three 
bezants, Pitt ; commission as Cornet in 3rd Dragoons dated 21, as Lieut, 
of Militia 7 Aug. 1768 ; as Ensign 32nd Foot 24 May 1762. 

Pitt, Esq., of Charl- 
ton Adam ; died 23 
Dec. 1792, aged 42 ; 
bur. 1 Jan. 1793.* 

Thomas Strangways, 
named in remainder 
by his grandmother's 
will 1789; ob. s.p. 

John Strangways, William Strangways, born 17 March=. . . . da. of 

named in re- 1786 ; privately bapt. at Charlton .... Tyr- 

mainder by his Adam ; publicly bapt. at Shapwick rell, Esq. 

grandmother's 27 Jan. 1795 ;* named in remainder by 

will 1789 ; ob. s.p. the will of his grandmother 1789. 

Henry Bull Strangways, born 3 Dec. 1778 ; : 
died 22 May 1829 ; named as heir intail in 
the will of his grandmother ; appointed, 
16 Jan. 1805, Lieut.-Colonel-Commandant 
of the Polden Hill Regt. of Volunteer In- 
fantry, on and from the 28th Aug. 1803 ; 
commission as Lieut, (promoted from En- 
sign) of 40th Regt. 

: Elishaba, da. of Harry Bewes, Esq., by Sarah da. of 
Peter Tonkin, Esq., of Pamphlete, Plymouth, and 
grandda. of Thomas Bewes and Catherine, da. of 
John Anstis, Garter King of Arms ; she was sister 
of Thomas Bewes, Esq., M.P. for Plymouth. 

Arms : Argent, a lion rampant gules, tail named, 
gorged with an ancient coronet or, in chief three 
falcons closed and belled proper. 



Sophia Jane, da. and heir of the Rev. George Henry-p-Henry Bull Strangways, 
Templer, M.A., J.P., of Shapwick, Prebendary of 
Wells and Rural Dean, by his wife Anna Maria, 
eldest da. and coheir of Thomas Graham of Kinross 
House, co. Kinross. 1st wife. 

Arms : Quarterly — 1 and 4, Azure and gules, a 
church with a spire argent, at the top and ends a 
cross or, in the first quarter an eagle displayed, in 
the second a stag trippant-regardant, both of the last, 
Templer ; 2 and 3, Or, a body-heart gules crowned on 

a chiff sable three escallop-shells argent, Graham. Edmund Ludlow Str 

ob. s.p. in 1870, 

born 8 March 1808 . 
publicly bapt. 21 Sept. 
1808 by Charles Puls- 
ford, officiating minis- 
ter ;* J. P. for Somerset ; 
died 8 April 1884 ; bur. 
at Shapwick. 

Harriet Ann, 
da. of Ed- 
ward Law- 
rence of The 
Esq. 2nd 


Henry Bull Templer Strangways, Esq., of Shapwick; J.P.=pMaria Cordelia, youngest da. of 

Somerset ; Barrister of the Middle Temple ; formerly 
Attorney-General ; Premier of South Australia ; retains in 
South Australia by her Majesty's command the title 
" Honourable." 

H. R. Wigley, Esq., of Glenelg, 
South Australia ; descended 
from Wigley of co. Leicester. 

Cordelia Elizabeth Mary Strangways. 

Sophia Georgina Strangways. 

I I 

William Edmund Ludlow 

Strangways, Strangways, died 

died young, young. 

Major Henry Thomas Vialls, 45th^=Helen 
Regt., of Castle Grove, Bampton, 
Devon ; J.P. for Somerset. 

Maria Elizabeth 
Strangs- Strangways 

I I I 

Helen Caroline Henrietta 

Sophia Cordelia Mary 

Vialls. Vialls. Vialls. 




I I 

Charles May 

Edmund Vialls. 


Thomas Bewes Strangways,=Lavina, da. 

born 28 June 1809 ; bapt. of 

6 Jan. 1810 ; ob. s.p. in Fowler. 
1859 in Australia. 

Giles=7=Catherine, da. 


of ... . Kirby, 
of South 

Edmund Ludlow Strang- 
ways, Capt. R.N. ; died 
unmar. 9 July 1890 ; bur. 
at Shapwick. 

Three sons. 

Two daughters. 

George Strangways,: 
born . . . . ; mar. 
. . . ., General in 
H.M. Indian Forces; 
of Dawlish, Devon, 
and St. Helier, 

: Hamilton Dunbar, da. of Alexander Tovey, Esq. (sixth son of John Tovey 
of Woodside, co. Stirling, who mar. 12 March 1778 Hamilton Dunbar, 
da. and coheir of Sir James Dunbar, third Bart., of Mochrum and Wood- 
side, by Jacobina, youngest da. and coheir of John Hamilton, Esq., brother 
of Robert, sixth Lord Belhaven), by Mary Hamilton Irving of Drum, 

Arms: Quarterly. — 1, Azure, an eagle displayed argent, Tovey ; 
2, Gules, a lion rampant within a bordure argent, charged with eight 
roses of the first, Dunbar ; 3, Or, three lozenge-shaped cushions tasselled 
within a double tressure fieury counter-fleury gules ; 4, Gules, a srvord 
erect proper hilt and pomel or, between three cinquefoils ermine, Hamil- 
ton of Belhaven, over a fleur-de-lis for difference. 

Mary Strangsways, 
died 1857, during 
the defence of 

I I 
Rose Cordelia Strangways. 

Elisheba Ludlow Strangways. 

George Strang- 
ways, died in 
Edinburgh in 


I I 

Henry Alexander 

Fawcus Hamilton 

Hamilton Strang- 

Maria=Rev. George Peake, Elizabeth Strang-=Rev. William Margaret Strang-=Capt 

Sophia Vicar of Aston, ways, died in Radcliffe. ways, died in Hennah of 

Strang- Birmingham, who 1878 Issuetwosons. 1843. Madras 

ways. died in 1876. Cavalry. 



Thomas Strangways of Strangways, co. Lane, Esq 


George Strangways of Winterbourne Muston,=pElizabeth, da. and heir of William Birport of 
co. Dorset ; died 27 Feb. 1569, aged 83. I West Holme, co. Dorset. 

Giles Strangways of Muston.=pLucy, da. of Thomas Horsey of Martin. 



Thomas Strangways of Muston,=pAun, da. of John Henry Bonham of Haselbeare, 
living 1623. I co. Wilts, Esq. 


Mabel Strangways. Grace Strangways. Dorothy Strangways. Ursula Strangways. Rebecca 

— — . — — Strang- 

Selina Strangways. Elizabeth Strang- Anne Strangways. Bridget Strang- ways, 

ways. ways. 

I I I 

Giles Strangways.^Margaret, da. of Sir Thomas Strang- George Strang- John Strang- 

son and heir, aged Henry Ludlow of ways, aged 18 ways, aged 12 ways, aged 10 

21 in 1623. Maiden Bradley, in 1623. in 1623. in 1623. 


Bonham Strangways. son and heir,=pJane, da. of Robert Coker, 

of Charlton Adam, aged 27 in 1672 ; 
died in 1719; bur. at Charlton 

Esq., of Mapowder, co. 
Dorset; died in 1741 ; bur. 
at Charlton Adam. 

Henry Edmund Margaret 
Strang- Strang- Strang- 
ways. ways. ways. 

Giles Strangways of Charlton Adani, : 
son and heir ; died 27 Aug. 1 744, 
aged 65 ; M.I. at Chailton. 

: . . . . da. of .... Ceely of Margaret Strang- 
Meare Court, West Hatch, ways, bapt. Oct. 
Somerset. 1675. 




Giles Strang\vays=f=Mary da. of John Ed- 
of Charlton I wards, Esq., co. Dorset. 

Adam. | (A Fleet marriage.) 


Thomas Strangways of Shap-^=Elizabeth, da. and 

wick, second son ; died 3 Oct. 
1766, aged 51. 

heir of Henry Bull 
of Shapwick. 

See Pedigree of Bull, p. 50. 

I I 

William Strangways,=pElizabeth, da. of Bartholomew Christian=Abraham Gapper of Swindon, 

third son. i Trebble of Taunton ; living Strang- co. Wilts, M.D. ; ob. s.p. 

1776. ways. 

William Sealy=p 
Strangways of j 

Thomas Strang-= 
ways of Creech, 
co. Somerset. 

Henry Ludlow Strang-=r= 
ways,Capt. R.N.; killed 
on board the ' Glutton.'* 


:. . . . Burton 
of Bristol. 

A daughter, unmar. in 1805. 

* He commanded the Marines on board the 'Glutton,' 54 guns, Captain Trollope, in the 
celebrated action off Helvoet, 16 July 1796, against eight French ships of war carrying 230 guns, 
when the 'Glutton' beat th"m all off. Captain Strangways was severely wounded, from the 
effects of which he died. M.I. Bristol Cathedral. 



Quarterly of Twelve : 1, Sa., two lions pass, paly of six arg. and gu., Strang- 
ways ; 2, Or, three bulls'' heads caboshed gu., Bull ; 3, Arg., a chev. betw. three 
cross-crosslets sa., Southworth ; 4, 8a., a chev. betw. three cross-crosslets arg., Dayes ; 
5, Quarterly arg. and gu., in the second and third a fret or, Dutton ; 6, Arg., on a 
bend gu. three escarbuncles or, Thornton ; 7, Vert, a cross eng. erm., Kingsley ; 
8, Or, a saltire sa., Helsby ; 9, Az., on a chev. betw. three garbs or a crescent for 
diff., Hatton ; 10, Az., an estoile issuantfrom the horns of a crescent arg., Minshull ; 
11, Quarterly az. and gu., a temple with a spire in the centre arg., on the pinnacle and 
exterior battlements a cross or, in the first quarter an eagle displ., in the second a stag 
trippant regardant, both of the last, Templer ; 12, Or, a body heart crowned ppr., 
on a chief sa. three escallop shells arg., Graham. Crests : 1, A lion pass, paly of six 
arg. and gu., Strangways ; 2, A bull's head caboshed gu. betw. two ivings or, Bull. 
Being the arms of H. B. Templar Strangways, Esq., of Shapwick, in whose posses- 
sion is the following confirmation of arms to his ancestor William Bull of 
Peglinch, Esq. (See p. 49.) 

rpO all and singular persons to whome thes presents shall come Sir Willm Segar 
-*- Knight alias Garter Principall King of Armes sendeth his due Comendacions and 
greeting. Knowe Yee, that whereas anciently from the begyning yt hath byn a 
Oustome in all Cuntryes and Comonwealthes well governed, that the bearing of 
certeyn markes in Sheilds (comonly called Armes) haue byn, and are, the only 
Signes and demonstracions either of prowess and valour atchyued in tymes of 
warre, or of good Lyfe, and cyvill conversation used in tymes of peace ; So among 
the which nomber I fynd Willm. Bull of Peglinch in the Countye of Somersett 
Esquire, and one of the Barresters of the Midle Temple in London, the Sonne of 
Willm Bull late of Wells in the said Countye gent who beareth for his Coate Ar- 
more three Bulls' heads cabashed Gules ; And for his Creast forthe of a wreath of 
his Cullours A Bulls-head cabashed also, between towe winges displayed gould : as 
they are regestred in the Late visitation of ye said Sheire, taken by the Deputyes 
of Willm Camden Clarencieux King of Armes, and testified under their hands. 
All which said Armes and Creast I the said Garter haue taken notice of, and doe 
by these presents ratifye, and confirme ye same, unto the said Willm Bull, and to 
his heires for euer, and that it shal be Lawfull for hym and them to use, beare, and 



shewforthe the said Atohyuement, at all tymes, and in all places withoute Lett or 
molestacion. In witness whereof I the said Garter haue hereunto sett my hand 
and Seale of Office the xxjxth daye of November in the two and twentieth Yeare of 
the Raigne of our Soverain Lord James by the grace of God, King of Geat Brit- 
tayne, France, and Ireland, Defendo of the faith, &c. 

Willm Segar Garter. 
(Seal of ' Garter ' attached.) 

Monuments in South Choir Aisle— continued. 

HUISH. Depositum Jacobi Huish, notarii publici quinque hujus Dioceseos 

episcoporum registrarii qui annum, aetatis quadra jesimum, septimuni 

agens, obiit Decimo die Februarii Anno Domini millisimo sexcen- 

tessimo tricessimo nono. 

(The above is round the edge of a floorslab, in the centre of which is the 

following :) 

Hie etiam sepulta est Sara filiam 
HUISH. primum predicto Dni. Huish Dem* 111 

PRICKMAN. Johis Prickman ge'n uxor quae 

obiit 27 Maii an'o D'ni 1674. 

JEtat. suss 73. 

Hie etiam jacet Sara Huish filia 

deorum Jacobi et Sara, quse obiit 

23 Die Jan'rii Anno D'ni 1694. 

iEtat. suae 66. 

Cathedral Register. 


Jane dau. of John Prickman and Jane his w. 

Abraham s. of M r John Prickman and Jane his w. 

Katherine dau. of M r John Prickman of the Liberty & Jane his w. 

Barbara dau. of M r John Prickman and Joane his w. 

Thomas s. of M r John Prickman and Jane his w. 


M rs Christian Prickman widow. In the new works. 
M rs Sarah Prickman w. of M r John Prickman. 
Mary dau. of M r John Prickman of the Liberty. 
M r Abraham Prickman of the Liberty. 
M rs Ann Prickman widow. 
M" Sarah Huish. 

St. Cuthbert Parish Register. 


1620 Jan. 29 Maud dau. of James Huish. 
1626 June 15 Bridget dau. of M r James Huish. 




































James s. of M r James Huish. 

Frances dau. of M r James Huish. 

Edward s. of M r James and Sarah Huishe. 

Ann dau. of M r Charles Prickman. 

Ann dau. of M r Henry Prickman of the Liberty. 

John Lyne and Mary Prickman, of Shipham. 
John Prickman of Shipham, yeoman, and Sarah Edghill of Wins- 
combe, spinster, by licence. 

M r Edward Huishe. 
Edward Huishe Esquire. 
Adm. of the effects of Jane Prickman, late of the Liberty of S 4 Andrew, Wells, 
granted at Wells 22 Jan. 1723. (Dean and Chapter, 1723, No. 6). 


Nov. 1 


Mar. 20 


Jan. 8 


April 8 


Jan. 29 


June 12 


June 24 


Mar. 25 


Aug. 19 


Here rests the Body of 

William Baron Esq. late of this 

city, son of Mr. William Baron, 

Merchant, late of the city of 

London, who died March 1 

1728 ffitat. 54. 
Here also rests Martha the 
wife of the said William Baron 
Esq. who died March 17 th 1760. 
JStat. 75. 
Anns : Per pale, the dexter, (Arg.) three mullets gu. within a 
on an escutcheon of pretence, (az.) a lion pass. gard. (or), 
Thompson ; sinister, Thompson as on the escutcheon of pretence. Crest : a bird 

(From a floorslab. 
lord. eng. sa., Baron 


Cathedral Register. 

1697 Dec. 1 M r Matthew Baron and Elizabeth Comes, both of Wells. 
\j$% Feb. 4 John Castle and Grace Baron, of S 4 Cuthbert. 

1726 April 6 Catherine dau. of William Baron of Wells, gent. 
1737 Dec. 3 M r Benjamin Barron. 

1739 Ang. 6 M" Turberville. 

1740 Oct. 26 M rs Barron. 

1787 Oct. 22 Ann La Faussaille relict of Major-Gen. John La Faussaille. 

St. Cuthbert Parish Register. 
William s. of Henry Baron. 
Hester dau. of M r Henry Baron. 
Arthur s. of M r Henry Baron. 
Thomas s. of M r William Baron (Mayor). 
William s. of M r William Baron and Dorothy his w. 
William s. of M r William Baron and Alice his w. 
Samuel s. of William Baron and Alice his w. 
Grace dau. of William Baron and Alice his w., of S* John Street. 
Henry s. of William Baron and Alice his w., of S* John Street. 
Matthew s. of M r William Baron and Dorothy his w., of New St. 
James s. of William Baron and Alice his w., of Wet Lane. 
Dorothy dau. of William Baron and Alice his w., of Wet Lane. 
Alice dau. of William Baron and Alice his w., of Wet Lane. 
James s. of M r Thomas Baron and Ann his w. 
Hellen dau. of M r Thomas Baron and M ra Ann his w. 
Charles s. of M r Charles Baron (born Feb. 23). 
Thomas s. of M r Thomas Baron. 

Ann dau. of M r William Baron, of New Street (born Aug. 26). 
Hester dau. of M r William Baron, of New St. (born Oct. 31). 


Francis Barones and Margery Hoskins. 
James Baron and Mary Foster. 


M r Thomas Baron. 

M r Henry Baron. 

Richard s. of M r William Baron. 

William s. of M r William Baron, of New Street. 

M re Helen Baron, of High Street, " a gracie matron " (? gracious 

or bountiful). 
M r James Baron, " one of London." 
M r William Baron, " one of the aldermen." 

















































































































William s. of M r Thomas Baron. 

M r Thomas Baron. 

Thomas s. of M 1 ' Thomas Baron. 

Elizabeth w. of M r Matthew Baron. 

Thomas s. of M r Thomas Baron. 

M r James Baron. 

M r Francis Baron, of Southover. 

Mary w. of M r Charles Baron, of Tucker Street. 

Arthur s. of M r Thomas Baron, of High Street. 

Will of E. Turberville. 

Elizabeth Turberville, widow, of Wells. Will 1 Dec. 1733 ; proved at Wells 2 
May 1740 by her dau. Amy Turberville. Names her Eoyalty in the parish of St. 
Lawrence Lydeard, with quit rents to George Turberville her son and his heirs. 
Grand-dau. Sarah Dennis a pearl necklace. M rs Ann Baron. Dau. M rs Jane 
Baron of Wells. God-dau. Mary Giles. Dau. Amy Turberville, residuary legatee 
and executrix. Witnesses : Jane Baron, Elizabeth Brown, and James York. Seal, 
(Or) on two bars (sa.) three roses (of the first). Crest, A demi- greyhound (sa.) 
— Coward. 

Will of M. Baron. 

The will of Matthew Baron the elder, of Milton in the parish of St. Cuthbert, 
gent., dated 20 Dec. 1720 ; proved 14 Jan. 1739. Names his wife, daughters Sarah 
Baron and Joan Baron. Sister, M 1 ' 8 Ann Baron. Brother, M r Charles Baron. 
Nephews, M r William Baron, M r Thomas Baron, and M r Charles Baron, each a 
ring. 2s. 6d. to forty poor women of St. Cuthbert in and out parish. Lands, etc., 
with residue of property to his son Matthew Baron and his wife, and he to be exe- 
cutor. Codicil dated 13 Nov. 1729: to M r Andrew Crosse and M r Robert Davis, 
Barrister-at-Law, £500 in trust for his son-in-law M r John Mosse and Joane his 
wife, dau. of testator. Seal to the will and also to the codicil. Arms, A griffin se- 
greant. Crest, A griffin as in the arms, being the arms of Davis of Wells. Wit- 
nesses, John Pope, P. Davis, and Mary Lambert. Charles Baron, Mayor of Wells, 
sealed on 6 Sep. 1694 with this coat: Three mullets within a bord. eng., imp. an 
eagle with two heads displ. He used the same seal when witnessing the will of 
James Godwyn of Wells in 1676. 

There were formerly, according to Mr. Serel's History of St. Cuthbert's, 1875, 
memorials in that church for — Alexander Baron, buried with Mary his mother, son 
and wife of Charles Baron, gent., of Wells, 22 May 1719, aged 66 ; Charles Baron, 
gent., Mayor of Wells eight times, died 13 Oct. 1729; Charles Baron s. of the 
above Charles Baron, died 1 Dec. 1750, aged 71 ; Betsy wife of James Baron, died 

16 Sep ; of Matthew Baron and Joan his wife, died 22 June 1740 ; Jane 

widow of Matthew Baron, died 24 Sep. 1763, aged 71. 

The will of William Sparke of Wells, gent., dated 16 April 1645, and proved by 
Helen his relict 7 Nov. 1646, names his brother-in-law Henry Baron of Wells. 




"Will of H. Baron. 

The will of Henry Baron of Wells, linendraper, dated 30 April 1640, and proved 
10 March 1640-1 by his son Henry Baron, Frances the relict being dead. Names 
sons Alexander, James, and Arthur. Daughters Eleanor, Lucy, and Frances. 
Grand-daughter, Sarah Sparke. Sisters, Cox and Home. Cousin, Tristram Towse. 

Here rests the Body of 
BARON. Katharina Baron, Daughter of 

"William Baron Esq. and Martha his 
wife, Daughter of Captain 
THOMPSON. William Thompson, who died 

March 30, 1726, JEtat. 15 years. 

Here also Rests Martha the 

Daughter of W* Baron Esq. 

and Martha his wife, who died 

April 6 th 1746, aetat. 12. 


Here also Rests 

Ann La Faussille, Daughter of W m 

& Martha Baron & Relict of Maj r 

Gen 1 John La Faussille, she died Oct* 

y e 19 th 1787 aged 72. 


Arms in a lozenge, Three mullets within a lord. eng. 

Monumental inscriptions and heraldry. 


Here Rests the Body of 
THOMPSON. Katharina Thompson Relict of 

Captain William Thompson late 

of in Middlesex & 

daughter of Beaumond 

died . . 

Here also Rests the Body of 


and Will 

October 13 th 

176 72 . 

(Floorslab, much defaced.) 

Arms, (Az.) a lion pass. gard. (or), Thompson ; imp. quarterly, 1 and 4, a canton ; 
2 and 3, two bars. It is impossible correctly to identify the impaled coats. Arg., 
a canton sa. is Sutton ; Gu., a canton arg., Blencowe ; Arg., two bars gu., Martyn; 
Arg., two bars sa., Brereton, and there are others ; but neither coat is that of Beau- 
mond. The Cathedral Register gives the burial on 15 October 1761 of Catherine, 
dau. of William and Catherine Thomson. 

HOOPER. Georgius Hooper 

Batho'n et Welle'n 

episcopus 1727. 


(See South Cloister.) 


Abigail the wife 

of D r George Hooper 

Bishop of Bath and Wells 






Here lieth the body 

M rs Rebecca Hooper. 


Here lieth the Body of 
GUILFORD. Charles Guilford of 

Lambeth, Gentleman, 

only brother to the wise 

George, Bishop of this 

Diocese. He departed this 

life on the third day 

of March in the 49 th 

year of his age, and in 

the year of Our Lord 



He was the son of Richard Guilford, who died 16 Nov. 1680, aged 
according to his monument in Old Chelsea Church, which was erected by 
dau. Abigail, w. of Bishop Hooper. 


Will of C. Guilford. 

The above Charles Guilford, in his will dated 29 April 1706, and proved 24 March 
1706-7 (29 Poley), styles himself of Wells, and names his brother and sister, George 
Hooper, Bishop of Bath and Wells, and Abigail his w. Lands in Lambeth, Surrey. 
Nieces, M rs Abigail Hooper and M ra Rebecca Hooper. God-dau., Catherine w. of 
M r Henry Leigh. His burial is recorded in the Cathedral Register as Charles 
Guilford, gent., of the Liberty, buried 4 March 1706-7. 




Here lyeth Arthur Lake D r 

in Divinitie late Bushope of 

Bath and Wells who died 

the 4 th of May A 1626. 

(From floorslab, with three plates of brass, the mitre, shield, and inscription, 
each being separate. They are very poorly executed.) 

Arthur Lake was the son of Almerick Lake, of the parish of St. Michael, South- 
ampton. He was Warden of New College, Oxford, Dean of Worcester, Archdeacon 
of Surrey, Principal Secretary of State to King James I., Bishop of Hereford, and 
consecrated 8 Dec. 1616 Bishop of Bath and Wells, dying unm. in 1626. He was 
a brother of Sir Thomas Lake, of Canons, co. Middlesex ; one of whose daughters 
mar. first William Cecil, Lord Roos, son and heir of Thomas Cecil, Earl of Exeter ; 
and secondly, to George Rodney, Esq., of Rodney Stoke, where she is buried beneath 
a monument with her effigy under an arch, over which is the crest of Lake, The 
head of a sea-horse couped and charged with a mullet, over a shield from which the 
arms are quite gone. 

Arms on Bishop Lake's tomb : The See modern, imp. (Sa.) a bend betiv. six cross- 
crosslets fitchee (arg.), on the bend a mullet (gu.) for diff. These arms are on the 
pulpit in Crosscombe Church, which was reseated, etc., during Bishop Lake's 


ARCHER. Edmund Archer 


Archdeacon of Wells 


Canon Residentiary of this 


October the first 1739. 

M" Elizabeth Archer 
his wife 
November twenty-first 1733. 


The Rev. Edmund Archer was S.T.P., Archdeacon of Taunton 1712, of Wells 
in 1726, and the friend and correspondent of T. Hearne. He was a diligent and 
accurate student of the records of his Cathedral, as shewn by two MSS. now in the 
British Museum, containing a list of Somersetshire incumbents and patrons, which 
has been edited by the Rev. F. W. Weaver, M.A. 

Dr. Archer sealed with these arms, {Az.) three arroivs (or). Crest, From a crest 
coronet, a dragon's head, as appears from the Bubwith Almshouse deeds. 

Both his own and his wife's burial are recorded in the Cathedral Register, as 
also that of a M rs Anne Archer, probably a daughter, also recorded on a floorslab, 
namely — 

1733 Nov. 23 Elizabeth wife of D r Edmund Archer, Archdeacon of Wells, died 
Wednesday 21 and buried Friday. 

1733 Jan. 28 M" Anne Archer, died 21 Jan., bur. Monday. 

1739 Oct. 16 Edmond Archer. D.D., Archdeacon of Wells, and Canon Resi- 

ARCHER. M re Anne Archer 

January 27 


HUMPHREYS. Roger Humphreys, M.A. 

Chancellor and Canon of this Church, 

who died 

11 January mdccxxxviii. 

aged xliv. 

(Brass on the floor.) 

The Rev. Mr. Chancellor Humphreys, and Canon, died 11 Jan. and buried 
23 Jan. 1738. (Cathedral Reg.) 



H. 8. E. 
HUGHES. Gulielmus Hughes Arm 1 ' tin jus Diocesseos 

Cancellarius quern irenarcharum concessus. 
Consiliarium, coadjutorem prudeutissimum atque 
integerrimum, quem clerus dignitatis suae adscriptores 
& vindicem quem Ecclesia Mater obata quem patrem 
Respublica desiderant. An magis illustrem redderet 
cancellarium cancellariatus an cancellariatium cancel- 
larius, lis est, quem nee ipse posset cancellarius cum 
omni suo acumine desimere. Ab aequo & bono nee aura 
populari nee ventis prestantibus dimovendus, sententian 
ferre quae esset injusta, nee voluit nee potuit, sive habitu 
muveter ascente, sive natural suaa necessitate quadam 
. . . ineluctabili compulsus adeo ut justirias qua penitus 
imbutus erat honos psene periclitarvi videretur cum 
inciperet esse necessaria quod natursB com'unis 
legibus debuit, sancte* (utrinam paulo tardius) persolvit 
et fidem liberavit 16° die Januarii, A D ni 17 if 
astat suae 62°. 
Aliis minus notis & vulgo defunctorum aggestis titulis 
et genealogiis parentandum viri clar ssi solum nomem 
lapide superincisum ingens epitaphum est 
viator quisquis es, cave hue accesseris sacrilegus 
nescis quot gentes hujus tumuli fidei sua quseque 
. . ura concrediderunt. Astrea fugitiva te orat neper 
te ferat quo minus hie saltern tuta delitescat. 
Note. Arms, (Sa.) achev. betw. three fleurs-de-lys (arg.), Hughes ; imp. (Or) on 
a/ess (sa.) behv. three escallop shells (az.) six lozenges (arg.), Gay. On the coat of 
Hughes an escutcheon of pretence charged with the arms of Gay as above. This 


method of arrangement was in use at that period, when the practice of placing the 
arms of an heiress on an escutcheon of pretence was not well established in general use. 
Crest, An arm in armour couped above the wrist, lying fessways (ppr.), in the hand a 
fleur-de-lys (ary.). His wife was probably one of the daughters and cohei'-s of 
Anthony Gray of Bristol (fourth son of Anthony Gay, son and heir of John Gay of 
Goldsworthy — see Col. Vivian's 'Visitations of Devon,' p. 393), by his wife Martha, 
daughter of Gabriel Sherman, Alderman of Bristol. A licence was granted at Wells, 
dated 29 Aug. 1673, for Thomas Gay of Barnestaple, co. Devon, gent., to marry 
Anne Cornish of Kingston nigh Taunton, spinster, to marry at Kingston or 
St. Mary Magdalene, Taunton. Bondsmen, John Godsall of North Petherton, gent., 
and Thomas Godsall of Staplegrove, gent. This Thomas Godsall was the husband 
of Anne Gay, sister of the above Thomas Gay, and of Anthony Gay of Bristol 
above. Among the parish papers of St. Cuthbert's, Wells, is one dated 22 May 
1738, signed by two Justices of the Peace, George Bisse sealing with his own family 
arms, and R. Comes, who has the following arms on the seal attached to his name, 
being that of the City Clerk, a son of the above William Hughes, viz., Quarterly, 
1 and 4, Hughes, as above ; 2 (Sa.) three scaling ladders, betw. the two upper ones a, 
spear-head {ary.), embrued ; on a chief (yu.) a tower triple toivered (of the second). 
The last borne by the Welsh families of Lloyd of Ffosshelig, co. Cardigan, Lanrych, 
oo. Pembroke, Millfield, co. Cardigan, and of Dangrellt, co. Carmarthen ; also by 
Cdivor ap Dyforwal, Lord of Castle Howel, Jones of co. Monmouth, and by Parry 
of Noyadd, co. Cardigan. 3, Gay, as above. 

























Cathedral Register. 
William s. of William Hughes, Esq., and Cecilia, born 2 Oct. 
Edward s. of William Hughes, Esq., born 24 Dec. 
Charles s. of William Hughes, Esq., born 3 June. 
Thomas s. of William Hughes, Esq., born 9 Nov. 

Edward s. of William Hughes, Esq. 
William Hughes, Esq., Chancellor of this Diocese. 
Mary w. of M r Thomas Hughes. 
M r Thomas Hughes. 

Cecilia uxor Willielmi .... 
Armiger, Bath on et Wellen Di . . . . 
Cancellarii, decessit Mai(i 5) 

.... aetat 39. 
Edwardus fillius ( nat. Dec. 24 

1 ob. Feb. . . 

May 20, 1703. 

(Floorslab, nearly obliterated.) 
The Register does not contain the entries. 


HILL. Sam. Hill, Archdeaconis "Wellen 

ob. 7 th Die Martii 1715 6 

iEtatis suae 68. 

Hie etiem jacet Francisus filius 

F. Franklyn et Joannae uxoris suae 

Natao D'ni Hill, prsedict qui obiit 

Martii die vicesimo 4° 171| set. 5. 


Cathedral Register. 
1676 Feb. 26 Katherine dau. of M r Edward Hill and Sarah his w., bapt. 
1705 Nov. 13 Samuel s. of M r William Hill and Catherine his w., born and bapt. 

Hie jacet 
PALMER. Ann Palmer 

filia Nathanielis Palmer 

De Fairfield in Agro Somersetensi 


Obiit 23 Die Novembris- 

Anno Dom. 

-Sltat 44. 


Cathedral Register. 
1750 Mar. 26 M ra Ann Palmer, bur. 

Note. The arms of Palmer of Fairfield are, Or, two tars gu. each charged with 
three trefoils arg., in chief a greyhound courant sa. The trefoils have been omitted, 
or probably worn away, on these memorial slabs. Nathaniel Palmer, the father of 
these ladies, was son of Col. Peregrine Palmer and grandson of Sir Thomas Palmer 
of Fairfield, son of John Palmer of Pachem by Elizabeth, dau. and heir of Hugh 
Vernai of Fairfield. Nathaniel Palmer, who died in 1717, married Frances, dau. of 
Sir William Wyndham, by whom he had Thomas, the antiquary, who married 



Elizabeth, dan. of Sir Thomas Wroth, but died s.p. ; Peregrine, M.P. for Oxford, 
who married Miss Longman, but died s.p., when the Palmer estates went to Arthur 
Acland, son of Sir Hugh Acland, Bart., by Cecily, dau. and heir of Sir Thomas 
Wroth, son of Sir John Wroth by Elizabeth, dau. of Peregrine Palmer of Fairfield. 
The daughters of Nathaniel Palmer were Elizabeth, bapt. at St. Decumens 26 Nov. 
1695 ; Ann, Catherine, Eebecca, all buried here, and Frances. 

Hie jacet 
PALMER. Catherina Palmer 

filia Nathanielis Palmer 

De Fairfield in Agro Somersetensi 


Obiit 26 Die Septembris 

Anno Dom. m.d.o.c.xlix. 

JEtat 49. 


Cathedral Register. 
1749 Sep. 29 M rs Katherine Palmer, bur. 

[Same arms as above."] 

Hie jacet 
PALMER. Elizabetha Palmer 

filia Nathanielis Palmer 

De Fairfield in Agro Somersetensi 


Obiit 2 Die Decembris 

Anno Dom. m.d.c.c.xlii. 


Cathedral Register. 
1742 Dec. 4 M™ Elizabeth Palmer, bur. 


[Same arms as above.'] 

Hie jacet 
PALMER. Rachael Palmer 

Filia Nathanielis Palmer 

De Fairfield in Agro Somersetensi 


Obiit 15 Die Julii 

Anno Dom. m.d.o.c.xliii. 


Cathedral Register. 
1743 July 17 M rs Rachael Palmer, bur. 

Hie jacet 

CAREW. Elizabetha Carew filia Thomse Carew 

de Oamerton in Agro Somersetensi 


Obiit 13 die Martii, Anno Dom. 1753 

Mat 52. 






Here lies the Body of M ra Mary Prowse 
wife of Charles Prowse of Croydon in 

this county Esq. and Daughter of 

Thomas Carew late of Camerton Esq. 

who departed this life the 3 rd Day of 

May 1733 in the 30 th year of her age. 




Cathedral Register. 
Edmund Prowse, bur. 
Mary w. of M r Prowse, bur. 

Note. This Thomas Carew was the eldest son of Thomas Carew, Citizen and 
Merchant Taylor of London, and of Camerton, by his wife Mary, dau. of Thomas 
Heatley of London, Esq. Which Thomas Carew of London was the second son of 
Thomas Carew of Crowcombe, by Margery, dau. of Sir Thomas Wyndham of 
Orchard Wyndham. Thomas Carew married Elizabeth, dau. and h. of John Sanford 
of Nynehead, by whom he had three sons and seven daughters. Of these, two of 
the daughters are recorded above. Of the sons, Thomas left three daughters who all 
d. B.p. ; George d. s.p. ; and John left a son John, whose daughter Mary became 
sole heir, and marrying George Henry Warrington of Pentrepant Hall, who took 
the name and arms of Carew, was ancestress of the present coheiresses of Carew 
of Carew Castle, Crowcombe, and Pentrepant. Arms, (Sa.) three lions ramp, 
(arg., armed and langued gu.) within a lord, (of the second), Prowse ; imp. (Or) 
three lions pass, in pale (sa., armed and langued gu.), Carew. 

The will of the Rev. George Prowse, Rector of Litton, adjacent to Chewton 
Mendip, dated 8 March 1775, and proved 5 Dec. 1776, leaves to his sister 
Elizabeth Prowse of Chewton Mendip, spinster, £30. If she recovers her estate 
out of the hand of Sir William Yea, then no more, as she will be well provided for ; 
but if she does not recover it, then she to have the rent of lands in Henton Bluett, 
about 17 acres, with house and garden. Names Maria, second daughter of the Rev. 
John Prowse, Rector of Camerton, who is afterwards called "my kinsman the 
Rector of Camerton." A certain leasehold close called Oatfield to his apprentice, 
Betty Vowles, daughter of Thomas Vowles, horse-driver, for her kind services past 



and to come, on which condition, and that of satisfying his trustees in the matter 
of her marriage, she is to have the bequest. Jane and Katherine, eldest and 
younger daughter of Mr. Francis Bradley, deceased, formerly an attorney of 
Bridgewater. The wife of Mr. Standfast of Bridgewater, and granddaughter of 
Mr. Hartnole, of Monkton Heathfield, deceased, a friend of testator. Trustees, the 
Rev. Dr. Annesley, Vicar of Chewton Mendip ; Mr. Edward Bilbee the elder, and 
Mr. Edward Bilbee the younger, both of Chewstoke. Seal, Three lions ramp, within 
a lord. Crest, From a crest coronet a demi-lion ramp., collared and chained. This 
seal is very interesting as giving the arms as on the floorslab, which does not appear 
on any of the Prowse monuments at Axbridge. 

Will she 

fil 17 

(Floorslab, obliterated.) 

Chapel of St. John the Evangelist. 



Peter Davis Esq. 

died 11 th of Jan : 174| 

aged 69. 


wife of Peter Davis Esq. 


Daughter of Robert Bisse of 

Edington in the county of Wilts 

gent : dyed Octob : 12 : 1741. 

Here lyes P. D. 

son of Peter Davis Esq. 

late Recorder of Wells 

In hopes thro : Jesus Christ 

of a joyful Resurrection 

dyed y e 27 th of Frebruary 1777 

jet. 70. 



H. S. E. 
Johannes Davis gen : 

qui obiit 

9 Die Martii a.d. 1700. 





Georgius Doddington 

Armiger obiit ultimo die 

Martii Anno Domini 


aetatis suae 52. 



Cathedral Register. 
April 2 George Dodington, Esq., bur. 

He was the son and heir of Christopher Dodington of Lincoln's Inn (bapt. 
at Dodington 9 June 1605; will dated 21 Jan. 1656, proved 16 Nov. 1657 and in 
Jan. 1676. By his wife Mary, daughter of the Rev. William Gouge, D.D., Rector 
of St. Anne's, Blackfriars) ; he was of Lincoln's Inn, London, and of Wells ; will 
dated 8 March and proved 4 May 1698. He died unmarried on 31 March 1698, 
and was buried in the Cathedral 2 April following ; his brother William Dodington 
being his heir and ancestor of the present representative of the family, Thomas 
Marriot Dodington, Esq. 

Arms, [8a.) three-bugle horns stringed (arg.), Dodington of Dodington. In the 
Herald's ' Visitation of Somerset, 1623,' they quarter Arg., a chev. betw. three talbots 1 
heads erased gu., Ledred. 

1743 Aug. 27 

Cathedral Register. 
William Dodington of Yeovil, widower, and Catherine MacCarthy 
of Cirenchester, spinster, mar. by licence. 




Here lyeth y e body of Grindal 1 Sheaff 

Doctor of Divinity, Archdeacon 

of Wells and Canon Residen- 

tiary of this Cathedral 

Church ; who died the 

27 th day of April 

An'o Dom'i 1680 

aetatis suae 72. 


1673 May 1 M r9 Anne Sheafe wife of D r Grindall Sheafe, Archdeacon of Wells, 

bur. In S 4 Catherine's Chapel. 
1680 May 1 Grindall Sheaf t, D r of Divinity and Archdeacon of Wells, and 

who being a Canon of this Cathedral was bur. 

Note. This coat does not appear in Berry, Burke, or Papworth, but an 
engraving of the arms (JErm., on a chev. gu. betiv. three ogresses as many garbs or), 
with the name Samuel Sheafe of London, merchant, is given in Guillim (ed. 1724), 
p. 268. 

Thomas Sheafe, D.D., Prebendary of Windsor and Bector of Welford, Berks, 
had a son Thomas Sheafe, M.D., and a daughter Kebecca married at Chelsea, 
Middx., 6 Sept. 1632 to Thomas Haselrigge, Esq., who was buried in Westminster 
Abbey 30 Oct. 1651 ; his brother-in-law Tho. Sheafe administered to his effects on 
behalf of his children Dorothy and Frances, then minors, on 23 July 1652. Vide 
Col. Chester's ' Registers of Westminster Abbey.' 



Hie srrvs est HvMyuEDVs winis ABStfiGERTm^ Hvm;WSeer arqvt obijt 
Octob2.i Anno i£TATrs svs 2tAn° Dm 161* 


Vt peream vivo vtvat vt ille perit 


OjjtaSif melius T P cori/anguineuj 


The above is the facsimile of a brass against the west wall of this chapel ; 
never deeply cut, repeated polishings have rendered the lines so faint that it is 
almost impossible to get a good rubbing from it. 


Coleridge has rendered the sentiment of the inscription in the following lines, 
which are hung near : — 

" My worse part lives, my better buried lies. 
Death is my Life ; that he may live he dies ; 
To earth I trust these ashes and my woe ; 
Till to this dust I too as dust may go. 
'Tis thus disconsolate a widow sings ; 
T. P. her cousin hopes for better things." 

" J. D. COLEEIDGB, 1874." 

The idea of Coleridge is evidently that T. P. hoped to marry the widow ; the 
addition in italics is certainly singular. Fortunately we have records which throw 
some light on the further history of the widow and her kinsman. We owe a debt 
of gratitude to the kinsman T. P. for inscribing his hopes on the memorial of his 
predecessor, for the hope which seems contained in the last line was realized, and 
Thomas Popham became the second husband of Martha Willis, the widow of 
Humphry Willis, as appears from her own will and that of her second husband. 
Thomas Popham, gent., was second son of Alexander Popham of Huntworth, by 
Dulcibella dau. of John Bayly, and succeeded his elder brother Edward at 
Huntworth. He married first Grace dau. and h. of William Dale of Laxton, by 
whom he had, with others, Thomas, whom he makes his executor, Martha Popham 
being one of the witnesses. The will of this Martha Popham, dated 24 Sept. 1654, 
and proved 9 Nov. 1654, names "my children Humphrey and Walter Willis, and 
Humphry son of the said Humphrey Willis. William, John, and Ann children of 
William Bellamie, dec, my late brother-in-law. M r Thomas Popham my late 
husband's son a ring, and his wife Eleanor £10, or if she dies to her sister 
Ann Bellamy. My sister Thomasine Mills and grandchild Humphrey Willis to 
be executors." 

Unfortunately we find no Willis wills in the Wells Registry to help us. 

They appear to have been ignorant of their arms, at any rate none are on the 
brass. The arms of Carrick, (Or) a fess dancette oetw. three talbots pass, (sa.), is 
on an escutcheon of pretenee, shewing the wife to have been an heiress of the 
family of Carrick of Chipping Norton, co. Oxford. This family of Willis were 
probably the same as the one who took the name of Compton on inheriting the 
property of that family at Ringwood, Hants, and who quartered for Willis, Per pale 
gu. and arg., three lions ramp, counter changed, within a lord. erm. 

The following extracts from the Registers help to connect the family with 
Chipping Norton, but do little more. 

St. Cuthbert Parish Register. 
1614 Feb. 16 Walter s. of M r Humphrey Willis. 

1649 Dec. 3 Robert Carricke of Chipping Norton, co. Oxford, and Patience 

Kingsbury of Wells. 
1667 Mar. 28 M r Thomas Wills of the Liberty of S* Andrew, in Wells, and 

Mary Wood of this parish. Lie. 





1636 June 10 M r Peter Wallis. 

1646 May 12 Thomas s. of Thomas Wills and Ann his w., bur. at S* Andrew's 

1669 Dec. 28 Ann child of M r Thomas and Mary Willis. 
1671 Feb. 29 M r Thomas Willis. 

Cathedral Register. 
1753 Dec. 27 Lionel Seaman, clerk, Archdean of Taunton, and Jane Willes, 
married by Henry Willes in the Palace Chapel. Lie. 

In 1634 Martin Carricke entered a short pedigree in the 'Visitation of London ' 
(Harl. Soc, vol. xv., p. 140), which shews he was the second son of Henry 
Carricke of Chipping Norton. 

HAWLEY. Henricus Hawley 

Armiger qui obiit 
Octavo die Februa- 
ry Anno Dm. 1573. 
(Mural brass.) 

Note. From a small brass. Arms, {Vert) a saltire eng. (arg.), a crescent for 
difference of a second son. It is not quite clear who this Henry Hawley was, 
unless, as would appear from the date and difference in the arms, reliable at 
that period, he was the second son of the head of the family, that is, of William 
Hawley of Awler, co. Somerset, by Margaret daughter of Thomas Tymbury of 
Upton, co. Devon. 

GUNTHORPE. An altar-tomb against the south wall of this chapel com- 
memorates John Gunthorpe, Dean of Wells. Rector of Ditcheat 
from 7 Jan. 1465 to 23 March 1473, was made Dean of Wells. He was also Arch- 
deacon of Essex, and Rector of Clay next the Sea, co. Norfolk, by Papal dispensation. 
It is inscribed, " Johannes Gunthorpe, huius eccl'ie Decan, a.d. mdccccxcviii." 









\5lrUjfllSfe. 1 

J^. jM^Sjr 


: ,j!i0r 

On the front are five shields. I. J. saltire betiv. on the dexter two keys erect and 
addorsed the bows interlaced, and on the sinister a sword erect, the Deanery. 
II. Quarterly : 1 and 4, Gu., a chev. betw. three petards or hand-grenades arg., 
within a bord. eng. or, Gunthorpe ; 2 and 3, {Arg.) a chev. betiv . three lions' heads 
erased (sa.), Allerton. III. (....) A chev. erm. betw. three cross-crosslets (. . . .), 
. . . . ? IV. Gu., on a bend compone'e arg. and az. three leopards' heads or, betw. two 
lions' 1 heads erased of the second, all within a bord. as the bend, Fereby or Feryby of 
Lincolnshire. This coat is sometimes ascribed to Gunthorpe. V. The initials I. G., 
for John Gunthorpe. 

The first and fourth coats in the second shield appear to be the family arms of 
the Dean, and appear quartered in the same way at the Deanery. The arms on 
the fourth shield is ascribed by Burke to Gunthorpe, but doubtless erroneously. 
The family appear to have come from Lincolnshire or Norfolk, and a John 
Gunthorpe was an executor of the will, dated 16 April 1398, of Sir Philip D'Arcy, 
Knt. ; and it is very suggestive and interesting that one of his co-executors was 
Robert Wyclyfe, whose family bore, Arg., a chev. sa. betw. three crosses botonee gu. 
White ermine spots being very likely placed on the chevron as the difference of 
a younger branch. There is a very slight trace of colouring on these shields. 


H. S. E. 

Ricardus Jenkyns S.T.P., Ecc. Well. Dec. qui ob. Mar. vi. m.d.cccliv set. lxxii. 

Vir insigna pietate fide vitas que integritate ei multum debet ecc. Well. 

Nee Non. Coll. Ball. Oxon cui ut pater praefuit per ann xxxv 

omnium amorem comitate et benevolentia promeritus. 



[Same arms as previously shewn.] 


H. S. E. 

Juxta maritum Veritas Jenkyns filia unica Grey Jermyn Grove de 

Alveley in com. Salop arm. et uxor Ricardi Jenkyns, S.T.P. hujus eccles Decani 

erga Deum vere pia erga homines vere benevola 

in christo placide abdormivit jun . i . m.d.c.c.c.lvii aet. lxvii. 

Note. This is an ornamental cross, forming the top of a raised monumental 

slab, the first inscription being on the north side, the second being on the 

south side. The same arms on each side, viz., Az., on a cross saltire eng. or four 

crosses patee fitchee points to the centre sa., Jenkyns ; on an escutcheon of pretence, 

Erm., on a chsv. eng. gu. three escallop-shells or, Grove. The Dean's wife was 

Troth (or Truth), daughter and heir of Grey Jermin Grove, descended from the 

marriage of James Grove, Sergeant-at-Law, with Lady Jane Grey, sister and coheir 

of Thomas, second Earl of Stamford, and daughter of Thomas Lord Grey of Groby 

(who died in the lifetime of his father, the first Earl of Stamford), by his wife 

Dorothy, second daughter and coheir of Edward Bouchier, third Earl of Bath. 

She was consequently one of the coheirs to the Barony of FitzWarine. She left 

no issue, and appears to have been the last of her father's family. The pedigree of 

the Dean's family is appended. 


* Portrait in the possession of Henry Jenkyns, Esq., of Botley Hill, Hants, 1891. 
f Mentioned in the will of Kichard Jenkins, Vicar of Frome. 
% Named in the will of Robert Jenkins of Kevell, Wilts. 
§ Wells Cathedral Register. 

.=j=Robert Jenkins of Bremhill, Wilts (see Bowles' 'History of Bremhill').: 
1st wife, J Query, if not the son of Robert Jenkins of Bremhill who died in 1639. 


2nd wife. 

Thomas Jenkins, Rector of Berkeley, co. Somerset ; 
living in 1716. 

A daughter= Richard Rogers of Brem- 
hill, Wilts ; yeoman.J 

Robert Jenkins Richard Jenkinsof Corsley, born 1643 ; died= 
of Kevell, Wilts ; 1702 ; Rector of Street to 1672 (Wood, 'Ath. 
a major; died Oxon.,'iii., 1244); Vicar of Frome 1672, and 
1716.* f bur. there. Entered as Pleb. fil. at Edmund 

Hall, Oxford, 1660 ; M.A. 1666. 

=Deborah, da. and coh. of .... 
Swayne of Gunville, Dorset. Died 
1712 ; bur. at Frome.f 

I I ( 

Richard Jenkins, bapt. 8 Jan. 1676-7;=r=Mary, da^ and coheir Elizabeth Jenkins, Other 

born 17 Jan. 1675 ; daugh- 

ob. ccelebs after 1741. ters. 

Clothier of Frome, after of Brew- 
ton, gent. ; living 1716. 

of John Harebottle of 
Frome ; will 1762. 

Richard Jenkins, Clerk, of=^Anne, da. and coheir 

Bishop's Lydiard and Melks- 

ham, born about 1706 ; mat. 

as gen. fil. at Hart Hall 1723; 

B.A. 3 June 1727 ; M.A. at 

Oriel 30 April 1730; mar. 

in 1732, and died in 1749.* 

▲ B 

of Thomas Selfe of 
Melksham, Wilts, 
and of Bromham, 
Clerk (his will dated 
1741). She died 

died un- 
mar. ; 
will dated 
29 Oct. 

Deborah Jenkins, 

mar Brown. 

She survived him, 
her will dated 





A son, died before 

Mary Jenkins, 
born 1733 ; died 
unmar. ; bur. at 
Melksham 1757. 

Richard Jenkyns of Wells and= 
Chewton Priory, Somerset, 
Esq. ; died 31 July 1806, aged 
71 ; bur. at Melksham.* He 
adopted the y in spelling his 
name, and induced the Dean's 
father to do so. 

=Anne, da. and 
heir of Henry 
Lockett of 
Clerk ; died 
7 May 1825.* 

I i 
Elizabeth Jenkins, born 
1736 ; died 1737. 

John Jenkins, born 

Anna Maria Jenkyns, born and privately bapt. Aug. 27, 1764 ; received into the Church at 
the Cathedral Oct. 25 ;§ died in 1778 ; bur. at Melksham. 

Robert Jenkins, born 30 Nov. 1672 ;=f=Mary 
living in 1716.ft I 

John Jenkins, bapt. 20=pSarah, da. and heir 

Elizabeth Jenkins, 
born at Frome 4 
March 1706.* 

Mary Jenkins, born 
at Frome 28 Oct. 

Nov. 1673; Ch. Ch, 
Oxon 1690 ; M.A. 1696 ; 
Vicar of Frome and a 
Canon of Wells ; a wit- 
ness to Bishop Ken's 
will; died 1731. 

of John Merchant of 
Frome ; living in 
1750, vide release of 
that date. 


Richard Jenkins, born 8= 
April 1713; bapt. 16 
April 1714 ; Pemb. Coll. 
Oxon 1730 ; M.A. 1737 ; 
Rector of Lullington,and 
Canon of Wells ; Vicar 
of Burnham ; died 19 
Sept. 1764 ; bur. at Cros- 
combe ; M.I.* 

Elizabeth, da. and heir 
of John Bryant ; mar. 
at Croscombe 14 July 
1743 ; she died 9 Oct. 
1753 ; bur. at Cros- 
combe ;* M.I. ; her 
mother was an heir of 
the family of George. 

I I 

Sarah Jenkins, born 3 
May 1711 ; died inf. 

Sarah Jenkins, born 
11 Dec. 1715 ; died un- 
mar. 29 May 1788; 
bur. at Croscombe, 
in Chancel, floorslab, 
with arms of Jenkins. 

Elizabeth Jen- 
kins, born 5 July 
1717 ; died un- 

John Jenkins,* 
born 1713 ; died 
29 Jan. 1719-20. 

Sarah Jenkins,: 
born 11 Oct. 
1747; privately 
bapt., received 
at the Cathedral 
3 Dec. ; died 18 
July 1777; bur. 
at St. Michael, 

:Henry Hobhouse, Esq., of Clifton, co. Gloucester, after of Hadspen House, 
Somerset, Barrister-at-Law, M.A., J.P., born 1742 ; mar. 20 April 1775 ; 
died 2 April 1792 ; bur. in family vault, St. Michael, Bristol ; M.I. at 
Pitcombe, on which is a shield with these arms, viz. : — 

Azure, three crescents between the horns of each an estoil argent, im- 
paling, Quarterly — 1, Azure, on a saltire engrailed or four crosses patee 
fichee sable points to the centre, Jenkyns ; 2, Azurt, a chevron between three 
pheons or, all within a bordure erm., Swayne of Gunville ; 3, Sable, a bend 
cotised between two griffins segreant argent, Pinkee of Dindee, Somerset ; 
4, Argent, a f ess gules between three Cornish choughs sable beaked and legged 
of the second, Geobge of Ceoscombe. These quarterings are not quite 
correct — Beyant should precede George. The pedigree does not shew how 
Pinkee comes in. 

Henry Hobhouse, born 12 April 1776 ;=pHarriet, da. of John Turton 
Barrister-at-Law, P.C., and Under of Sugnall Hall, co. Staf- 
Secretary of State, Home Department, ford ; mar. at Chiswick 7 
etc. ; died 13 April 1854 ; bur. at Pit- April 1806 ; died 7 May 
combe. See ' Peerage ' and ' Baronet- 1858. 
age ' for fuller particulars. 


of Hads- 


Edmund Hobhouse, 
Chancellor and As- 
sistant Bishop Suf- 
fragan of Lichfield ; 
Bishop of Nelson, 

Sarah Hobhouse, born 
1777 ; died unmar. 5 
July 1810, aged 53 ; 
M.I. at Pitcombe, with 
arms of HOBHOUSE. 


Rector of 
St. Ives 
and Arch- 
deacon of 


Sir Arthur 
See • Peer- 

I I I 

Harriet Hobhouse, 
mar. Rev. Henry 



I I 




Eliza Hobhouse. 



Elizabeth Jenkins, born 
27 March 1744 ; received 
into the Church 14 April 
1744 ; died inf. 4 April 

Elizabeth Jenkins, 
born 17 May 1746 ; 
died inf. 27 May 

G-eorge Jenkins, born 13 June 1750 ; 
bapt. 14 June 1751 ;§ died inf. 26 July 
1751, vide M.I. at Croscombe. 

John Jenkyns, born 16 May 1753, brought to the Cathedral 20 June ;§= 
of Brazenose College, Oxon ; B.C.L. 1777 ; Vicar of Evercreech 1783 ; 
Prebendary of Dinder 1779 ; Rector of Horsmonden, Kent ; died 27 
Feb. 1824 ; bur. at Evercreech with M.I.* He first, after his cousin 
Richard, adopted the y instead of i in the name. 

Arms : Azure, on a saltire engrailed or four crosses patee fitchee sable 
points to the centre ; impaling, Gules, three clwvrons argent. 

: Jane, da. and coheir of 
James Banister of Bris- 
tol, Merchant ; mar. at 
SeendSJan. 1782; died 
3 April 1825, aged 71 ; 
bur. at Evercreech. 

Richard Jenkyns, born 21 Dec. 1782 ;: 
of Balliol College, Oxon ; Fellow 
1803 ; M.A. 1806 ; Master of Balliol 
1819 ; D.D. 1819 : Vicar of Evercreech 
1821 ; Prebendary of Dinder 1824 ; 
Dean of Wells 1845 ; ob. s.p. 6 March 
1854 ; bur. in Wells Cathedral with 

=Troth, da. and heir of Grey Jermyn Grove, Esq., of 
Poole Hall, co. Salop ; mar. April 1835 ; ob. s.p. 1 June 
1857, aged 67 ; M.I. Wells Cathedral. This lady was 
descended from the Viscountess de Lisle whose monu- 
ment is in the south transept, and was one of the co- 
heirs to the Baronies of Fitz Warine and De Lisle, her 
consent being asked before the latter title was con- 
ferred on Sir Philip C. Sidney. 

John Jenkyns, born 19 Jan. 1780 ; mar. at=pAnna, da. of George Chalmer, Esq., of West- 

Cheltenham 3 May 1819 ; died 22 Nov. 1862 
and bur. at Bishop's Waltham, Hants ; of Bot- 
ley Hill, Botley, Hants.* 

combe House, co. Somerset. Born 27 May 
1793; died 3 April 1862; bur. by her 

John Jenkyns, born July 1821 ; died 6 Aug. 
1833 ; bur. at Bishop's Waltham, Hants. 

Anna Elizabeth Jenkyns, born June 1826 ; 
died inf. 

Henry Jenkyns, born 22 June 1795 ; mar. at Pitcombe, co. Somerset,: 
31 March 1834 ; Matriculated Corpus Christi, Oxon, 1813 ; Fellow Oriel 
1818 ; M.A. 1819 ; Editor of ' Cranmer ' ; Professor of Greek at University 
of Durham 1833 ; Prebendary of Durham Oct. 1839 to 1878 ; Professor 
of Divinity at Durham 1835 ; resigned 1864 ; D.D. 1841 ; after of Botley 
Hill, Hants ; died 2 April 1878 ; bur. at Curdridge, Hants.* 

^Harriet, eldest da. 
of Henry Hobhouse 
of Hadspen (and 
his wife Harriet 
Turton). Born 27 
March 1807 ; died 
29 Aug. 1876 ; bur. 
at Curdridge. 

Harriet Jenkyns, 1 
born 22 Jan. 1835 ; 
mar. 22 June 1861. 

: John Pedder, M.A., Principal of Hatfield Hall, Henry Jenkyns,born 
Durham University ; Rector of Meldon, North- and died 29 July 
umberland, 1859 ; Rector of North Stoke, near 1836 ; bur. at Pit- 
Bath, 1870—1877 ; died 12 July 1890, aged 65. combe. 

Anne Margaret 

Pedder, Pedder, 

born 8 born 9 July 

June 1863. 

Edward Ped- 
der, born 23 
Dec. 1864 ; 
Clerk in 

born 26 

Alice Pedder, 
born June 1867; 
died Feb. 1868 ; 
bur. at Durham. 

John Ped- Elizabeth 

der,born27 Pedder, 

Jan. 1869 ; born 12 

Oriel Coll., Dec. 1870. 

Henry Jenkyns, born 2 Sept. 1838; mar. 3 April 1877;=Madalene Sabine, born 1848; da 

Barrister-at-Lawof Lincoln's Inn; of Ball. Coll., Oxon, 
1856 ; M.A. 1861 ; Assist. Parliamentary Counsel 
1869; Parliamentary Counsel 1886 ; C.B. ; of Botley 
Hill, Hants. 

of Admiral Sir Thomas Sabine Pasley, 
2nd Bart., K.C.B., by his wife Jane 
M. L., da. of the Rev. Montagu J. 
Wynyard. E 



Anne Jen-= 
kyns, born 
1 July 
22 July 

=Rev. Charles Henry Pilkington, born 1837 ; M.A. 1861 ; Fellow New College, 
Oxon ; Rector of Letton, Herefordshire, 1868 ; Vicar of Owslebury, Hants, 
1871 ; Vicar of St. Mary Magdalen, Worcester, 1875 ; Rector of St. John, Mad- 
dermarket, Norwich, 1882 ; now Rector of Upper Heyford, co. Oxford, 1888. 
Arms : Argent, a cross potence gules voided of the field, in dexter chief a 
mullet sable charged with crescent of the first for difference. He is son of the 
Rev. Charles Pilkington, Rector of Stockton, co. Warwick (1835 to 1870) ; 
Canon of Chichester (1850 to 1870) ; born 1802, and died 1870 ; by Maria, da. 
of Thomas Garnier, Rector of Bishopstoke and Dean of Winchester. 

Mary Caroline 
Pilkington, born 
14 April 1869; 
mar. in 1889 
Rev. Herbert 
Deedes Barrett. 


born April 
1871 ; died 
Oct. 1871. 

born 13 
June 1872. 

born 8 
June 1873. 

born 31 
Dec. 1874. 

born 4 
Sept. 1877. 

Richard Jenkyns, born 23 Oct. 1841 ; mar. 6 June 1872 ; Trin; 
Coll., Oxon ; M.A. ; Rector of Wallsend, Northumberland, 1872 ; 
died 6 June 1886 ; bur. at Curdridge, Hants. 

: Rosa, da. of Rev. Thomas 
Ilderton of Ilderton, North- 

Helen Sylvia 
born 3 March 


born 18 April 

born 18 
July 1875. 

born 30 Nov. 

born 30 July 

Mary Susan 
born 3 Oct. 

John Jenkyns, born= 
26 Sept. 1843 ; mar. 
21 Sept. 1876 ; Ball. 
Coll., Oxon ; M.A. 
1868 ; Vicar of Lid- 
lingtonl873; Rector 
Wansford, North- 
ants, 1876; Rural 
Dean 1891. 

: Dora Spencer,born 1845 ; da. of SpencerSmith, Esq., 
of Brooklands. near Southampton, by Frances (mar. 
1836) da. of Sir Michael Seymour, 1st Bart. 

Arms : Quarterly, 1 and 4, Sable, two bars wavy or, 
each charged with a barrulet also wavy, all between 
three martlets of the second ; 2 and 3, Ermine, an a 
saltire sable, between in chief and flanks a crescent 
gules, and in base a dolphin naient of the second, 
an escallop-shell argent. 

8 Oct. 

I I 

born 1 
Nov. 1847. 

born 18 
Oct. 1849. 

I I I 

Dorothea Edith Jenkyns, born Hugh Hobhouse Jenkyns, born Stephen Spencer Jenkyns, 
28 April 1878. 8 Nov. 1879. born 20 July 1882. 

I I I 
Jane Jenkyns, died inf. 

James Bannister 
Jenkyns, died inf. 

Henry James 
Jenkyns, died inf. 

Elizabeth Anne Jane Catharine Jenkyns,=Thomas Gaisford, 

Jenkyns, born 13 born 14 June 1787 ; mar. D.D., Dean of Christ 

Oct. 1797; died 1 May 1832; died 4 April Church, Oxon, who 

unmar. 20 July 1863 ; s.p. ; bur. in Clois- died 2 June 1855. 

1845 ; bur. at ters of Wells Cathedral ; 

Bishop's Wal- M.I. 
tham. co. Hants. 

Sarah Jenkyns, born 12 : 
Sept. 1790 ; mar. 1 Oct. 
1811; living in 1891. 

: Rev. John Gale Dalton Thring, born 27 Sept. 1784, of Alford House ; 
L.L.B., J. P., and Rector of Alford with Hornblotton, Somerset ; died 
at Clevedon 11 Dec. 1874 ; bur. at Alford. See p. 81. 

Theresa Thring^Augustus 
born 14 July 
1815; mar. 31 
Aug. 1843 ; died 
24 Sept. 1867. 


Otway FitzGerald, 
Rector of Fledborough, Notts, 
after of Charlton Mackerel, and 
then of Brent Knoll, Somerset ; 
and Archdeacon of Wells. 

Henry Thring, born 
Sept. 1817 ; died 
March 1818. 

Elizabeth Marion 
Thring, born 20 
Dec. 1819 ; died 
unmar. Aug. 1859. 



Gerald Augustus Robert=r=Alice Caroline Frances, da. 

FitzGerald, born 22 Sept. 
1844 ; mar. 2 Oct. 1875 ; 
of C.C.C., Oxon ; M.A. ; 
Fellow of St. John's; Bar- 
rister of Lincoln's Inn. 

of Henry Duncan Skrine, 
Esq., of Warleigh Manor, 
Somerset, by Susanna Caro- 
line, 3rd da. of William Mills, 
Esq.,of SaxhamHall, Suffolk. 













27 Nov. 

21 Jan. 

25 Aug. 




Maurice Henry FitzGerald, born 21 April 1877. Robert Geoffrey FitzGerald, born Aug. 1879. 

Theodore Thring, born 4 Aug. 1816; Barrister-at-Law ;=Julia Jane, 4th da. of William Mills, 

Commissioner in Bankruptcy, Liverpool ; mar. 23 Sept. 
1852 ; of Alford House, co. Somerset ; D.L., J.P., 
Vice-Chairman of Quarter Sessions. 

Esq., J.P., D.L., of Saxham Hall, 
Suffolk ; by Clara Jane, da. of the 
Rev. Richard Huntley. 

John Huntley^Mabel, only da 

Thring, born 
Oct. 1853 ; mar. 
at Ever creech 
31 July 1890. 

of Captain John 
Davis Sherston 
of Evercreech. 

Dora Jane Christopher = Leila, da. of Wil- Arthur 

Thring, Bevan Thring, liam Johnston, Theodore 

born 29 born 6 Feb. Esq., of Cow- Thring. 

Dec. 1854. 1857 ; mar. 11 hill Tower, born 6 Feb. 

Sep. 1890. Dumfries. 1860. 

Cyril Theodore 
Thring, born 24 
Sept. 1861. 

Lawrence Theodore 
Thring, born 16 
April 1863. 

Douglas Theodore 
Thring, born 7 Aug. 

Mary Alicia Thring, 
born 24 Dec. 1865. 

Henry Thring, born 3 Nov. 1818 ; Magdalen Coll., Camb. ^Elizabeth, da. of John Cardwell, 

M.A. ; Barrister-at-Law of Inner Temple; Home Office Coun- 
sel 1861 ; Parliamentary Counsel 1869—1886 ; K.C.B. 1873 ; 
created Baron Thring of Alderhurst, Surrey, 17 Aug. 1886. 

sister and coheir of Viscount 
Cardwell ; mar. 14 Aug. 1856. 

A da., died inf. 

A son, died inf. 

Katharine Anne Thring, born 8 July 1861. 

Edward Thring, born 29 Nov. 1821 ; Clerk ; King's Coll., Camb. ; M.A. ;^=Caroline Marie Louise 
D.D. ; Headmaster of Uppingham School ; author of Works on educa- 
tion ; mar. 20 Dec. 1853 ; died 27 Oct. 1887 ; bur. at Uppingham ; M.I. 

Koch, da. of Herr 
Koch of Bonn. 

John Gale Thring, born 
1 Oct. 1855. 

Sarah Eliza Thring, born 
8 May 1856. 

Margaret Susan Thring, 
born 14 April 1858. 

George Herbert Thring, born 28 Nov. 1859. 

Mary Grace Thring, born 27 July 1866. 

Godfrey Thring, born 25 March 1823 ; Ball. Coll., Oxon ;=pMary Jane, da. of Charles Pinney of 

B.A. 1845 ; Rector of Alford with Hornblotton, Somerset ; 
mar. 18 Jan. 1870 ; Prebendary of Wells ; author of 
' Church of England Hymn Book ' and some well-known 
hymns ; Rural Dean of Castle Cary 1867—1876. 

Camp House, Clifton, by Frances 
Mary, da. of John Still, Esq., of 
Knoyle, Wilts. See Pedigree of 
Bishop Still. 


Leonard Godfrey Pinney Thring, born 22 Jan. 1873. 

John Charles Thring, Clerk in Holy Orders ; : 
born 11 June 1824 ; of The Chantry, Bradford- 
on-Avon; mar. 28 May 1858; of St. John's 
College, Cambridge ; B.A. 1847. 

=Lydia Eliza Dyer, da. and heir of Captain 
Samuel Meredith, R.N., by his wife Lydia, 
da. of John Dyer of Chicklade Lodge, Wilts. 
Born 4 Aug. 1830. 



Lydia Marion Charles Henry Lionel Charles Reginald Thring, born 5 Sept. 1862 ; M.A. 

Ethel Thring, Meredith Cambridge; Headmaster of Ashton Grammar School, 

born 18 April Thring, born Dunstable, Beds; mar. 18 Aug. 1888 Jessie Margaret 

1859. 21 Jan. 1861. Heeling. 

Gertrude Elizabeth Lydia 
Thring, born 24 Nov. 

Llewellyn Charles Waldron Thring, 
born 11 July 1866; B.A. Trinity 
College, Cambridge. 

Theresa Annie Lydia 
Thring, born 22 Nov. 

I I 

Amy Gwendoline Mary Nona Alice Lydia 

Lydia Thring, born 25 Thring, born 2 

March 1869. Sept. 1870. 

Walter Hugh Charles 
Samuel Thring, born 30 
May 1873 ; Mid. E.N. 

Ernest Walsham Charles 
Thring, born 22 Feb. 


Brancker Thring, bur. at Codford St. Peter, : 
Wilts, 6 May 1708. 

John Thring, bapt.=pKatherine, 

at Codford 19 Feb. 
1681 ; bur. there 18 
May 1750. 

bur. at 
23 May 


bapt. at 
24 Sept. 

bapt. at 
14 Nov. 

bapt. at 
21 April 


bapt. at 
10 Jan. 

Wrench Thring (Mr.), bapt. at=pAnne, da. and heir of John Ingram, gent., of 

Codford 9 Nov. 1718 ; mar. there 
18 Feb. 1750; he died 11 Nov 
1781, aged 63. M.I. at Codford. 

Codford St. Peter (son of John Ingram of the 
same place). She died 22 April 1824, aged 96. 
M.I. at Codford St. Peter, Wilts. 

Joel Thring, 
bapt. at Cod- 
ford 24 Jan. 
1726 ; bur. 

Anne Thring, bapt. at 
Codford 30 Aug. 1758; 
died unmar. 7 April 
1790, aged 33; M.I. at 

Mary Thring, bapt. at 
Codford 17 Sept. 1759; 
died unmar. 18 Aug. 
1784, aged 24 ; M.I. 
at Codford. 

Elizabeth Thring,=Rev. George Smith, 
bapt. at Codford 9 Vicar of Norton, 
April 1763 ; died 1 Bavant, Wilts. 
July 1840, aged 78; 
M.I. at Codford. 

John Thring, only sur- 
viving son , of Warminster. 
Had a Grant of Arms, 
which see. Died 13 Feb. 
1830, aged 76. 

: Elizabeth, youngest da. of 
William Everett of Haytesbury, 
Wilts, Esq. ; died 12 Dec. 1834, 
aged 82 ; bur. at Alford, 
Somerset, 23 Dec. 1834. 

Catherine Thring, 
bapt. at Codford 7 
Aug. 1751 ; bur. 
there 26 Sept. 1772. 

Joel Thring, 
bapt. at Cod- 
ford 10 Feb. 
1756 ; bur. 
there 21 June 

Alice Anne Thring, died unmar. 3 Jan. 
1862, aged 78. 

Rev. John Gale Dalton= Sarah Jenkyns. See p. 79. 

Cathedral Register. 
M r Richard Jenkins, bur. on Saturday, 22 Jan. 1781. 



rTlO all and Singular to whom these Presents shall come Sir Isaac Heard Knight 
-■- Garter Principal King of Arms and Thomas Lock Esquire Clarenceux King 
of Arms of the South East and West Parts of England from the Kiver Trent South- 
wards send Greeting ES$f)erea& John Thring of Warminster in the County of 
Wilts Esquire hath stated that he is only son of Wrench Thring of Codford S l Peter 
in the said county Gent : by Anne his wife sole Daughter and Heir of John Ingram 
of Codford S 4 Peter aforesaid Gent : by Anne Bracher his Wife which said John 
Ingram was the only son of John Ingram of Codford S l Peter aforesaid Gent ; And 
hath represented unto the Most Noble Charles Duke of Norfolk, Earl Marshal and 
hereditary Marshal of England that the Armorial Ensigns used by his Family not 
having been duly registered in the College of Arms he therefore requested the favor 
of his Grace's Warrent for our granting exemplifying and confirming the same with 
such variation as may be proper to be borne by him and his Descendants according 
to the Laws of Arms &ttfi foraftlttttci) as the said Earl Marshal did by Warrent 
under his hand and Seal bearing date the twenty eighth day of May instant 
authorize and direct Us to grant exemplify and confirm the same accordingly 
Itnoto £0 tijewfOW that We the said Garter and Clarenceux in pursuance of his 
Grace's Warrant and by Virtue of the Letters Patent of our several Offices to 
each of Us respectively granted under the Great Seal of Great Britain do by these 
Presents grant exemplify & confirm to the said John Thring the arms following 
that is to say Erminois on a fess plain azure, another wavy or, charged with three 
Escallops Sable, a Bordure Invected Gules ; and for the crest on a wreath of 
the colours a Cock per pale or and Gules, charged with two Escallops Counter- 
changed, in the beak an Ear of Barley, proper ; as the same are in the margin 
hereof more plainly depicted to be borne and used for ever here after by him 
the said John Thring Esquire, and his Descendants according to the Laws of Arms, 
without the Let or Interruption of any Person or Persons what so ever 
9ht ©BtttnCftft whereof We the said Garter and Clarenceux Kings of Arms have to 
these presents subscribed our Names and affixed the Seals of our Several Offices this 


thirtieth day of May in the thirty eighth year of the Reign of our Sovereign 
Lord George the third by the grace of God King of Great Britain France and 
Ireland Defender of the Faith etc. in the year of our Lord one thousand seven 
hundred and ninety eight. 

{Signed) Isaac Heard, Thomas Lock, 

Garter Principal King of Arms. Clarenceux King of Arms. 

[Seal] [Seal] 

Here lieth the Body of 
Margaret the wife of William 
MALET. Malet Esq. and Daughter of John 

BAILY. Baylie, L.L.D., who died August y e 31 st 


Cathedral Register. 

1718 Dec. 4 William Malet, gent., and Margaret Baily, spinster, both of Wells ; 
mar. by licence. 

BAILY. Johannes Baylie 

L.L.Doctor, Dioeceseos 

Bathon' et Wellen' Cancellarius 

obiit 13° Calendas Februarius 

a.d. 1688. 

Truim plus minus mensium 

mora quam traxerat in terris 

post conjugis obitum longior 

fortasse videri potuit ad 

Elizabetham suam properanti 

nobis certe qui aegre patimur 

a nobis divulsum brevissima 

tu viator si ilia tempestate 

apud anglos quid gestum 

sit memineris sseculum dixeris 

nex enim edita fuisse tempore 

tantillo tot prodigia facile 

credent posteri. Hsec 

Elizabeths, prserepta vidit 

attonitus et exiit una 

cum ilia hinc migrave 

jamdudum paratus : sed 


animas conjunctissimas quidam 

quasi tubro reip. 


Idem etiam saxum tegit 

Wilhelum Caucellarii 

Baylie filium nobiscum floruit 

Annos 28 obiit Decimo tertio 

Die Augusti 1711. 


Cathedral Register. 


1676 Jan. 7 John s. of John Bayly, Esq., Chancellor of the Diocese, and 

Elizabeth his w. 
1678 Feb. 4 Elizabeth dau. of Dr. Bayly and Elizabeth his w. 

1681 Sep. 22 Mary dau. of John Baily, D r of Civil Law and Chancellor of the 

Diocese, and Elizabeth his w. 

1682 Dec. 20 William s. of John Bayly, D r of Laws and Chancellor of the 

Diocese, and Elizabeth his w. 
1686 Jan. 6 Margaret dau. of M r John Bayly, D r of Laws, and Elizabeth 
his w. 


1676 Mar. 14 John s. of John Bayly, Esq., Chancellor of this Diocese ; bur. in 
S l Katherine's Chapel. 
Elizabeth dau. of D r Bayly. 
Elizabeth w. of John Bayly, D r of Civil Laws. 
D r John Bayly, Chancellor. 

Among the parish papers of S e Cuthbert's, Wells, are impressions of the seal 
of George and John Bayly to documents dated 1687, with these arms, (Az.) three 
doves rising (arg., legs gu.) crowned (or). Crest, A dove as in the arms. 










BAYLY. . Johannes Baylie, L.L.D. 

hujus diceceseos cancellariis 
conjux desideratissima 
BERKELEY. Edwardi Berkeley de Pill 

in com : Som : armigeri filia, 

obiit 13 Callendas Novembres 

a.d. 1688 

mollius calca 

viator cineres pios 

jacet hie heroina e 


gente Berkleiorum Prisca 

fide moribns antiquis 

natalibus clarissima 

virtutibus clarior utrinq' 

magna in dispari fortuna 

sui similis rebus in 

horas mutatis eadem 

non comissura, et si 

caeteri omnes a maiorum 

dissiplina desciscerent 

se constantiae suae 

poeniteret semper iter 

sentiebat talem se animum 

et generis dignitate et 

pietati suae et patriae 

periturae et cui impensissime 

favebat ecelesiae anglecanae 



Note. She is named as " daughter Elizabeth " in the will of her father Edward 
Berkeley of Pylle, dated 4 Deo. 1669 ; and as " Elizabeth wife of John Bailey, Esq., 
Chancellor of Bath and "Wells," in the will of her brother Maurice Berkeley of 
Pylle, dated 22 Feb. 1677. Her mother was Philippa, daughter of ... . Holland of 
Sussex, and relict of Thomas Kitson of Wells (a kinsman of Sir Thomas Kitson of 
Hengrave), whose will she proved 12 Feb. 1616 as Margaret Berkeley alias 
Kitson, having been married to Edward Berkeley of Pylle at S 4 Outhbert, Wells, 
29 Jan. 1615-6. 

DROKENSFORD. An altar-tomb with an alabaster effigy of a bishop in his 
robes, recumbent, is inscribed " Gulielmus Bytton, p'mus Episc' 
Bathon' et Wellens' mcclxix." This assignation of the tomb is proved to be wrong 
by the following evidence. Round the tomb are painted twenty-six shields, viz., 
Quarterly or and az., four birds' heads addorsed and counterchanged, Drokensford ; 
and, Erminois, on a chief gu. two stags' 1 heads caboshed or, Popham. The above coat 
does not appear in Glover's ' Ordinary,' Burke's ' General Armory,' or in Papworth's 
book, but it is proved conclusively to be arms of the Droknesford or Drokensford 
family from a seal attached to a grant from Philip de Droknesford, son and heir of 
Philip de Droknesford, to John de Godeley (Dean of Wells) and his brother 
Hamelin, of messuages and land in Ockhampton, in the parish of Wivelscombe, 
which he holds from his uncle John de Droknesford. Dated at Wells the 
Friday after the translation of St. Thomas the Martyr 1332. To this the seal of 
Philip de Droknesford is fortunately still attached, and nearly perfect. The arms 
are quarterly (colours not shewn on seals of that date and long after), and 
four swans' heads couped and addorsed, in chief a label of three points, the difference 



of an eldest son. Round the arms part of the legend, Phil : de Drokne 

Another grant from the same Philip calls him brother and heir of John de 
Droknesford, deceased, late Bishop of Bath and Wells. The coat of Popham 
appearing on the tomb equally with that of Drokensford is strong presumptive 
evidence on which to assume that his mother was of that family, perhaps the 
heiress of a younger son. These evidences add some points to Mr. Greenfield's 
pedigree (« Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldica,' vol. ii., second series, p. 314), 
which, with these additions, as far as it immediately relates to Drokensford, we may 
reproduce here. 


Philip Drokensford=r= . . . 1 Popham 


John de Drokensford, from whom his nephew Philip 
de Droknesford held land in Wivelscombe. 

Philip de Drokensford, did^. . 
homage for the Bishop's 
lands 29 June 1329. [Fines 
Roll, 3 Edw. III., m. 9.] 

John Drokensford, Bishop of 
Bath and Wells, 1309-1329 ; 
ob. 9 May 1329. [Esc. 3 
Edw. III., No. 41.] 

Joanna Drokens-=f=Philip 
ford. | Crook. 


Joan Crook = William Avenell. 

Sir John de Clyvedon, Knight, Lord of^Mary Drokensford. In 12 Edw. II., 1388, Matthew 

Clyvedon, Somerset ; will proved 1336 
[Reg. Rad. Salopia, 144, at Wells.] See 

de Clyvedon, Knight, grants to his son John de 
Clyvedon, and to Maria de Droknesford, wife of the 
said John, lands in Shipham. 

The above is proof beyond question as to the arms of Bishop Drokensford, and 
satisfactorily identifies his tomb. It may be well to state that in the abstract of the 
Dean and Chapter Charters, by Mr. De Gray Birch, the arms are said to be a cross 
between four chessrooks, but it is difficult to understand how he made the mistake, 
as the seal is very clear. He also omits to say that the grantor is styled, son and 
heir of Philip de Droknesford. It is, "Q d scien' p'centes omnia ego Ph'us de 
Droknesford filius e heres Ph'i de Droknesford redi concess','' to John de Godele 
and Hamelin his brother, certain messuages and lands at Okhampton in the parish 
of Wyvelscombe, which he holds of John de Droknesford his uncle. The deed 
is dated at Wells on the Friday after the Feast of the Translation of St. Thomas the 
Martyr, 5 Edw. III. (1332), and it is witnessed by John de Clevedon and others. 
In a later deed this Philip styles himself brother and heir to the Bishop. 


Chapel of St. Catherine and All Virgins. 

A very much obliterated floorslab has the following only that can be read : — 

WHALLEY. Richardi Chaple Whalley Franciscii fillius 

natus 16 die Julii 1790, mortuus 6 Martii 1793. 

Martha Francisca Whalley nata 6 die Maii 1759 

obiit 5 Februarii 1765. 

On a floorslab partly covered by Bishop Dudoc's tomb can be traced 

Sub hoc 




.... edit 

R . . . oave 

Anno D 



caromea in sp. 

DUDOC. A recumbent effigy ascribed to Bishop Dudoc, who succeeded to 
the See in 1033 and died 1061. It is inscribed "Dudico epc' 

BURWOLD. Another recumbent effigy is supposed to represent Bishop 
Burwold who was consecrated about a.d. 1000, and died soon after. 
It is inscribed, " Burwaldus epc' Wellensis." 

WALROND. Guilielmi Walrand nuper de Ilebrewers 

in^hoc comitatu armigeri 


ab antiquissima familia 

e Devonia primitus oriundus 

temporibus malis 

Justitise cultor agerrimus 

deputat ter locum tenent 

genninus eccles afflicts filius 

numerosse (ejnsdemq' regi 

fidelis progeniei parens 

decursis octogintae et supra annis 

obiit die August 24° 

Anno Salutis 



Note. He was the second son of Henry Walrond, Esq., of Sea in Ilminster, who 
was admitted to the Inner Temple 15 June 1562 (son & h. of Humphry Walrond 
of Sea, by Elizabeth, dau. and h. of John Brokehampton of Sea), by his wife 
Elizabeth, dau. and coheir of William Devenish, Esq., of Hellingleigh, co. Sussex, a 
coh. to the barony of Welles. He proved his father's will 26 May ]617, and had to 
compound for his estates during the Civil Wars in 1646 by the description of 
William Walrond of Wells. He married and left several children. The youngest 
son Amos is buried, with a monument, in this Cathedral, and one of the daughters 
was the wife of Bishop Creyghton (see her monument). 

St. Cuthbert Paeish Eegister. 
1614 Feb. 24 Susan dau. of M r William Walrond, bapt. 

1707 Feb. 16 Lawrence Walrond, gent., and Sarah Tilley, Bpinster, both of 
Langridge, Somerset. Licence. 

LAW. Jane Law 

wife of 

The Lord Bishop of Bath and Wells 

Born Oct. 16 th 1764 

Died Sep* 27th 132 6. 

Also Ann Law Daughter of the above 

Born Dec 1 29 th 1786 

Died Feb 1 * 18 th 1832. 

Also Margaret Law 

Daughter of the Lord Bishop 

of this Diocese 

and Jane his wife 

Born March 7 th 1803 

Died May 17 th 1838. 



A large white marble monument, with the figure of a man seated in a chair, by 
Chantrey, dated 1837, bears the following inscription : — 

Sacred to the memory of 
PHELIPS. JohnPhelips 

of Montacute in this county Esquire 

Descended from a line of ancestors 

whose names for two centuries and a half abound in the annals of this county ; 

he succeeded at an early age to his paternal estates 

and sustained the wonted hospitality of his house ; 

he soon became a most active and intelligent magistrate. 

In 1815 was High Sheriff and in 1819 

was unanimously placed in one of the chairs of the Court of Quarter Sessions, 

a station which he continued to fill, 

until acute disease suddenly stopped his career of usefulness 

on the 20 th of April 1834 at the premature age of 50 years. 

In testimony of the admiration and respect excited throughout the county 

by the able exercise of his judicial functions, 

in which though not educated to the law 

he was equalled by few, surpassed by none, 

this monument was erected by his surviving friends. 

Note. He was the eldest son of the Rev. William Phelips, by Anna Aletheia 
Elizabetha, daughter of the Rev. John Paget, Vicar of Doulting, co. Somerset, and 
married in 1816 his first-cousin Mary Ann, daughter of the Rev. Charles Phelips, 
and left an only daughter Mary, married to James Farquharson, Esq. Mr. Phelips 
dying without heirs male, the estates reverted to his nephew William, son of his 
brother the Rev. William Phelips. The arms used by this family are, Arg., a chev. 
betw. three roses gu., barbed and seeded ppr. Crest, A square beacon or chest on two 
wheels or, filled with fire ppr. But in the Herald's ' Visitation of Somerset in 1623 ' 
the arms entered with the pedigree are, Arg., a lion ramp, sa., collared and 
chained or. 

MARCEL. Near the last is a canopied tomb ascribed to Bishop Drokensford, 
but as it has been already shewn that beyond doubt his tomb is in 
another place, and there is nothing to shew to whose memory it was built, it might 
be, and very probably is, for John Marcel, who died in 1841, having founded 
a chauntry in this Chapel of St. Catherine. The legend on the edge of the tomb is, 
" Johannes Drokensford Episc' Bathon' et Wellen's mccoxxix. There is no effigy 
or arms ; a shield is outlined on the screen at the east end of it charged with 
a Holy Lamb. 

In the space at the back of the High Altar, between it and the Lady Chapel on 
the east and the chapels on the north and south, are the following floorslabs : — 



H. S. E. 

Jana uxor Willi. 
SHERSTON. Sherston gen' qui obiit 

13 die Sept. 1711. 

William Sherston 

gent, died 12 March 1725 aged 5 [? 55] 


Marg. I. Sherston 

ob. 6 Apr. 1779 set 29 

P. D. Sherston 

ob. 14 May 1834 at 51. 

(Floorslab. See also monuments in the Cloisters.) 

. Maii 17. (The rest gone.) 

Maii 1 .... 1° at 1 ... . (The rest gone.) 

Hie Jacet .... 

.... nnes .... Elizabetha uxo .... 

10 Martii 1676 atatis sua l m0 

(Floorslab. Portions of this inscription are quite gone.) 

Hie Jacet 
BAYLIE. filia Joh' Baylie 

hui' dioceseos 


Elizabetha uxoris eiq' 

obiit 15 Martii 

A.D. 1678 atatis sua l m0 


Here are three floorslabs on which nothing but a few lines shew that they have 
borne inscriptions. 

Richard son of 
DAVIS. Peter Davis 

Esq. dyed the 

. . th of December 


in the 2 nd year 

of his age. 

(Floorslab. Mr. Fielder's MS. says 18 th Dec.) 


SHERSTON. Dodington Shersfcon, gent. 

son of William Sheraton, 

Died Not 1 23 rd aged 46 


Here also lieth the Body of 

William Sherston son of 

the above Dodington Sherston 

who died March 28 th 1770 

aged 19 years. 

Bridget Sherston wife of the above 

Dodington Sherston died 25 th of May 

1792 aged 72 years. 

Margaret Sherston 

Second wife of Peter Sherston Esq. 

died 19 th of January 1795 aged 39. 


DAVIS. Margaret Davis 

widow of John 

Davis gent, who 

dyed the sevinteen* 

day of February 

1719 in the eightieth 

year of her age. 


PAINE. Depositum Johannis Paine 

Not : Pub : qui annum setatis 
75 agens obiit 9° Feb. 


M. I. B. 

In hoc reconditur infra tumulo 
Quod reliquium est 
WALROND. Amori Walrond Guilielmi natu 

minoris filii armigeri in 

concessu parliamentario pro 

Tamworth Burgo in comitatu 

Staffordiensi senatoris, sive 

consiliarii meretisimi 

pietate erga deum 

fidelitate in principem et ecclesiam 


suavitate morum erga singulos 

et candore 

multifaria eruditione et (quod 

instar omnium est) charitse 


Hujusce veritati inter caetera 

suffragatur capella in vicariorum 

clauso sita propriis ipsius sumptibus 

restaurata organisq' quae 

divino inserviunt cultui 


post decursum 45 (plus minus) annorum 

spacium uxorem duxit Elizabeth am 

LAMBERT. Edmundi Lambert armigeri de Eeevell 

in "Wiltoniensi agro filiam unicam 

fceminani dignissimam 

quam statim anuptiis prethensus mort 

reliquit viduam moestissimam 

animamq' deo conditori reddidit 

Novembris xi Anno 

Salutis Christian® 


Mors mini lucrum resurgam 


quales vos estis in vivis fui 

qualis sum eritis mortuorum 


Ha3C deflevit R B D D sub 

cuius tutela pridem floruit 

praetatus amosus in collegio 

S.S. Trinitatis Cantabrigiaa 

cum magno nominis 



Cathedral Register. 
1668 Nov. 15 M r Amos Waldron, buried. 
1680 Dec. 11 M r George "Waldron of the Liberty, buried. 

HARKNESS. Robert Harkness, M.A. 

Vicar of East Brent 
Died April 28 th 1839, 

aged 41 years. 

Jane Waugh Harkness 

wife of the Rev* 1 Robert Harkness 

Died Jan 1 ? 17 th 1843. 



.... comfort and Joy to ... . parents 

12 1742. 

For of such is the Kingdom of Heaven. 
(Floorslab, almost obliterated.) 


Another floorslab, with only enough to shew it had been inscribed. 

A large floorslab — of the inscription all that can be traced is, " Archand Parson 
of Y " 


The Right Reverend 

Richard Beadon, D.D. 

Lord Bishop of Bath and Wells 

Died April 21 st 1824 

aged 87. 



Underneath this stone 

are deposited the Remains 

of the Rev d John Gooch, D.D. 

Rector of Ditton and of Willingham 

in the county of Cambridge 

and Prebendary 

of the Cathedral Church of Ely. 

He was born August the 8 th 1729 

and died January the 7 th 1804 

in the 75 th year of his age. 

Beloved and lamented 

By all who knew him. 


A large ledger-stone has the lower half of the figure of an ecclesiastic incised on 
it. The inscription round the edge is obliterated. 


Caroline Moss 

Reverendi in Christo Patris 

Bathon' & Wellen. Episcopi 

Filia, natu minima ; 

obiit 15° die Aprilis 1785 

Anno aetatis 17°. 


Cathedeal Register. 
1785 April 21 Miss Caroline Moss, dau. of the Lord Bishop, bur. 


ADAMS. A large floorslab much defaced has (round the edge) .... huich (?) 

GODWYN. next wife of Thomas Godwyn, Doctor of Divinity . . . . ; (in the 
middle) Here lyeth the Body of Mistris .... Adams, mother of the 
said Doctor Richard Adams, Anno 1626. 

Note. The will of Phillipe Godwyn of Wells, dated 26 Jan. 1655 ; proved 
9 April 1657 : Desires to be buried at Brightwell in Berkshire, in the chancel " near 
my husband D r Godwyn, but if not convenient, then by my former husband 
D r Adams in S* Andrew's Church at Wells." Names her brother John Bourne 
and his wife ; my sister Jane Wykes ; cousin and nephew William Wykes ; 
cousin Jane Wykes and her two sons William and Thomas ; cousin Carliel ; 
cousin & nephew Roger Bourne ; cousin Philip Bourne. This lady was a 
daughter of Gilbert Bourne of Wells, by Eleanor, daughter of Thomas Smith of 
Mitcham, Surrey, and just enough of the inscription remains to shew that the 
second alternative in her will regarding her burial took place. The will of her first 
husband Richard Adams, D.D., Canon Residentiary of Wells, dated 28 Jan. 
9 K. Charles, and proved 24 April 1 634, appoints her his executrix, and names his 
brother Robert Adams, D.D., and his son Robert Adams, and is witnessed by John 
Bourne and Edward Wykes. This Dr. Godwyn must not be confounded with the 
family of the Bishop of Bath and Wells of the same name, but of a distinct family. 
The above Dr. Godwyn was a son of Thomas Godwyn of Abingdon, Berks, and 
grandson of Anthony Godwyn of Wells. 

BOURNE. Here lyeth the body of John Bourne of 

Durleigh Esquire, the son of John Bourne 

late Doctor of Divinity, and Canon of this 

Church, who deceased the 8 th Day of August 

Anno Dni 1652 

Servire deo est servadea Deo 

John Bourne. 

(Floorslab, inscription round the edge.) 

Will of J. Bourne. 
John Bourne of the Liberty of St. Andrew, Wells. Will dated 30 Dec. 
2 James II., 1686 ; proved 28 April 1687 at Wells. Gives his lands of inheritance 
in the parish of Hambleton, co. Hants, to his brother Philip Bourne and his heirs for 
ever, but to sell it if need be speedily and pay Mr. Darbyshire of Droxford the money 
owed him by testator. Philip Bourne of Farley, Hants, yeoman, executor. 

Will of G-. Bourne. 
Gilbert Bourne of Rode in North Petherton. Will dated 23 April 1686 ; proved 
at Wells 15 June 1686. Names £1400 due out of £3000 by the will of Roger 
Bourne, Esq., dec, brother of testator ; eldest s. Edmund Bourne ; 8. John ; wife 
Susanna ; education of five younger children. Seal, (Arg.), a chev. {gu.) betw. three 
lions ramp, (sa.), a chief ermines. Crest, A demi heraldic tiger {arg., tufted, maned, 
and armed sa., collared erms.). 


"Will of S. Bourne. 

Susanna Bourne of Roade, widow. Will dated 15 June 1715 ; proved 1715 at 
Wells. Names daughters Sarah Bourne, Elizabeth Walker, Susannah Bourne, Ann 
Bourne ; son-in-law John Walker ; picture of " my Father and Mother Bourne." If 
dau. Ann married one William Gatcombe of North Petherton, her share to go to 
dau. Susannah. Seal, a fine scroll bordured shield charged with a lion ramp, 
crowned (Arg., a lion ramp, sa., crowned or, Morley). John Morley a witness. The 
same seal is appended to the will of John Morley of North Petherton, gent., proved 
29 July 1729 ; but as the will contains no reference to the Bournes, he was probably 
not related to them. 

Will of J. Bourne. 
Jonas Bourne the elder of Wells, woollen-draper. Will dated 1 Sept. 1724 ; 
proved 6 May 1726 at Wells. Names s. William Bourne, house in the High Street 
called " The Ship "; s. Thomas Bourne, the Inn called the " Queen's Arms " ; two 
cottages in New Street; a close called Braindiron in New Street, occupied by 
George Baker ; sons Jonas Bourne and Francis Dennis Bourne. 

Will of G. Bourne. 
George Bourne of Clevedon, yeoman. Will dated 12 Nov. 1668 ; proved at 
Wells 2 Dec. 1668. Names dau. Jane w. of John Maskell ("as I suppose ") ; dau. 
Elizabeth Maskell ; sister Lucy Beakes ; wife Joane Bourne ; grandson Richard 
Maskell, son of Richard Maskell. Inv. £220 5s. 8d. 

Richard Bourne of Poulton. Nuncupative will dated 8 May 1676. Names a 
wife and dau. 

The Registers of Durleigh are lost until too late a period to be of any service, 
and these wills are of no help for the immediate purpose of identifying the John 
Bourne of the floorslab. 

Will of Dr. Bourne. 

The will of John Bourne, D.D., Canon Residentiary of Wells, dated 23 March 
162| ; proved 4 June 1622 (53 Savile). To be bur. in the Cathedral, near his wife, 
and his son Gilbert Bourne, and other friends. Names daughters Baynham, 
Elizabeth Bishop, Eleanor Carliel, and Susan Bourne; brothers William, Roger, 
and Jasper Bourne ; and the wife of his brother Roger Bourne. Testator's son 
John Bourne. 

Will of J. Bourne. 

This son is the John Bourne of the floorslab. His will is dated 21 Aug. 1651 ; 
proved 19 Aug. 1652. To be bur. in Wells Cathedral near his father and mother. 
Names his cousin John Bourne of Gothelney, whose posterity are most concerned 
in testator's moiety of Bishop's Teignton which he has sold ; wife's son M r Henry 
Still (see Pedigree of Still), and her dau. M rs Cottesham ; sister, wife of Adam 
Baynham ; sister Anne's children ; cousins Thomas Bishop, Francis Bishop, 
Francis Carliel, Christopher John Carliel, Francis Cross, Richard Cross and 
Philippa Cross, Stevens, Wykes, and Godwyn ; sister Carliel ; Uncle Jasper 
Bourne's dau. ; cousins Elizabeth and Jane Benett. House at Wells, chambers at 
Lincoln's Inn. 


Will of G. Bourne. 
Gilbert Bourne, D.G.L. Will dated 10 Dec. 1595 ; proved 3 Feb. 1595-6. 
To be buried in Wells Cathedral near bis wife. Son John Bourne ; daus. Mary, 
Jane, Philipe; brothers John Bourne (Treasurer of Wells Cathedral) and 
Roger Bourne. 

Will of R. Bourne. 
Roger Bourne of Wells, Somerset, Esq. Will dated 2 Feb. 1623 ; proved 
5 May 1624. To be buried in the Cathedral of St. Andrew, Wells, where his father 
and mother lie interred. Names wife Jane (dau. of Richard Tothill of Shardeloes, 
co. Bucks) ; wife's brother M r William Tothill ; brothers Jasper Bourne of London, 
gent., D r Bourne ; John s. of brother John Bourne, dec. ; Bridget, wife of brother 
William Bourne, dec. ; cousins Adams, John Bourne of Wilscombe (Wivelscombe), 
John Bourne of Wells, Weekes, Edward Wykes, Esq. 

Will of J. Bourne. 
John Bourne of Gothelney in Charlinch, co. Somerset. Will dated 14 June 1656 ; 
proved 21 Oct. 1656. To be buried in Wells Cathedral near his ancestors. Eldest 
s. Roger, s. Henry, s. Gilbert, s. Thomas, younger sons under 16 years of age; 
daus. Mary, Philippa, Silvestre, Jane, and Frances ; sons-in-law M r Stanhope and 
M r Fleming ; nephew M r William Wyks ; sister Godwin. 

Hie Jacet corpus Ricardi .... us Sacra . 
Canon residen .... Februarii Anno 
D'm'i 1633. 
(Floorslab, nearly obliterated.) 

MORRIS. Claver Morris, M.D. 

(Floorslab. See Cloisters.) 

BAGOT. In gratia et misericordia Dei requiescat apud Blithfield co. Staff, 
corpus Ricardi Episcopi Bathon et Wellen cujus memoria. Hie in 
benedictione qui obiit 15° May Anno domini 1854 setat suae 72. 

From a floorslab, bearing a long cross between a pastoral staff and two shields, 
one charged with modern coat used for the See ; the other, Erm., two chev. az. y 
Bagot ; enamelled in their proper colours, on brass, the inscription being on a brass 
fillet round the edge. On the steps of the cross is engraved, " Miserere mei Jesu." 
The arms of Bagot here should have a mullet for difference, the Bishop being the 
third son of Sir William Bagot, sixth Bart, and first Lord Bagot. Bishop Bagot 
married Lady Harriet Villiers, youngest daughter of George Bussey, fourth Earl of 
Jersey, by whom he had six sons and three daughters, whose numerous descendants 
are given in Foster's ■ Peerage.' 



BARNARD. In memory of the Rev d Henry Watson Barnard, Canon Residentiary 
of this Cathedral, and Vicar of Saint Cuthbert's, who died at Granada, 
Spain, 9 July 1855 aged 63. And of his children, Frederick Charles, who died 
6 June 1838 aged 6 months ; and Eleanor Beadon, who died 13 th August 1846 
aged 25. 

Thanks be to God which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ. 

(Floorslab, with a floriated cross, the inscription round the edge, and at each 
corner a shield with the incorrect coat of the See, all on brass.) 

George Barnard, circa 1686, of .... ; mar =f=Martha .... of ... ., born . . . . ; died . . . 

born .... 

William, George, born 17 Feb. 1688 at .... ; Rector of Harpenden=p . . . dan. 
born .... and Wheathamstead ; Vicar of Luton, co. Beds, from 1728 of ... . 
to 1739 : died 1761 at 



born .... 
1713; died 
.... at 


Ml 6 ; 


Edward, born .... 1717 j^Susan Hagatt, 

Head-master of Eton 1754; 
Canon of Windsor 1760 ; 
Chaplain to K. Geo. III., 
Provost of Eton 1765 ; 
died 1781. 

dau. of 
Hagatt of .. . .; 
born. . . .; mar. 
. . . . ; died 





1721 ; 

Fellow of 
Eton, Rector 
of Maple 

Edward, born ... J 

1763 ; died 

1840 at ; Rec- 
tor of Alverstoke. 

=Mary, eldest dau. of the Rev. Edwards Beadon, M.A., Rector of North Stone- 
ham, Hants, by Mary, dau. and coh. of Sir William Watson, Knt., M.D., 
sister of the Rev. Canon Beadon, Rector of North Stoneham, and niece of 
Richard Beadon, Lord Bishop of Bath and Wells ; died .... 


1786 ;ob. 



=Jane, dau. 
of .... 

Holmes of 




of ... . in 
Germany ; 
born .... 
1790 ; died 



Rev. Henry Watson Bar- : 
nard, born .... 1792 at 
. . . . ; M.A. of St. John's 
Coll., Camb.; Vicar of St. 
Cuthbert and Canon of 
Wells ; died at Granada, 
Spain, 9 July 1855, aged 
63 ; M.I. in Wells Cathe- 
dral and St. Cuthbert's 

Eleanor, born 
.... 1820; died 
. .. .1845; unm. 

Fanny Sydney, 
born 1824. 

Henry John, born . . . .^Helen 

1822 ; mar 1858 ; Otway 

for thirty-eight years Mayne, 

Vicar of Yatton , and for dau. of 

seven years Vicar of .... 

Pucklechurch ; Pre- Mayne 

bendary of Wells in of ... . 
1854; died 2 July 1891. 


: Eleanor Clerk, 
dau. of Major 
Thomas Clerk 
of Westholme 
House, Pilton 

born 1800 

mar 1819 

died .... 1885 
bur. in Wells 
Cath. Church- 


1822, of 

dau. of 
hill of 





born .... 
1837; died 
6 June 
1838. M.I. 

Frederick Edward, Fanny Eleanor Lucy, Charles Reginald Edgar 









born 1861. 

1862 ; 













1889 to 

Thomas, died 
born infs. 











Henry Cuth- 








bert, born 



born .... 





born .... 




• • • • 






Kathleen, Lionel 
born .... Henry, 
1868; died born 



Gerald Henry 
Norman, born 
.... 1872 ; 
died .... 
1872. Twin 
with Violet. 

Violet Grace, 
born .... 
1872 ; died 


Twin with 

Basil Henry Olive 

Francis, Hermione, 

born .... born .... 

1874. 1876. 

John, born .... 1794 ; 
Fellow King's College, 
Camb. ; died unmar. 

Charlotte Eliza-=FAdmiral 
beth, born . . . 

1798 ; mar ; Leyton. 

died 1882. 

born .... Cruik- 
1799 ; died shank 
1885. of 

George, Fel- 
low King's 
College ; died 

Arms used. — Argent, on a bend azure three escallops of tlie first. 
Crest. — A demi-lion rampant, grasping a snake with the dexter paw. 

Outline of Barnard Pedigree in 'Visitation of Essex, 1612.' 

Arms. — Quarterly, 1 and 4, Argent, on a bend azure three escallops of tlie first ; 2, Or, a lend 
engrailed vert, cotised sable, Hanbury ; 3, Argent, three salmon-spears erect sable, 

.... Barnard of Fountains, co. York, gent.= 

dau. of Sir Rich. Acton of Worcestershire. 

William of Elmley, co. Worcester=f=Bassett. 

William. Richard. Francis of London=pAlice, dau. and heir of Hanbury of Elmley, co. Wore. 

I I I I I 
Michael, ~] 
Thomas, all 
Jane, \ died 
Alice, young. 
Francis, J 

Francis of Mar-=pAnn, dau. 
garetting, co. Es- and coh. 
sex, Gent. Porter of S r W m 
Tower of London ; Worth- 
bur, there. ington. 



S r James Pem- 
berton ; she died 

Thomas Ellen Susan 

Morton. Parker. Savage. 

William of Margaretting.=. . . 

William, ( did 
Richard, \ 
Frances, ) ' v ' 

Hugh Lee ; she died 1609. 

Elizabeth . 


Here lieth the Body of 

M rs Elizabeth Drewe, Daughter of 

Francis Drewe Esq. Late of Grange in y e 

County of Devon who died y e 29 th of Aug 4 



The above Francis Drewe, Esq., was the only son of the Rev. Edward 
Drewe, Canon of Exeter, by his wife Joan, daughter and coheir of the Right Rev. 



Dr. Anthony Sparrow, Bishop of Exeter. He married Mary Davie, daughter of 
Humphrey Bidgood, Esq., of Rockbeare, co. Devon, by whom he had Francis, his 
heir ; Edward, whose daughter and eventual heir Juliana married Arthur 
Kelly, Esq., of Kelly, co. Devon 5 Mary, born 20 March 1703, married to Thomas 
Carew, Esq., of Crowcombe, co. Somerset, M.P. for Minehead ; Elizabeth, com- 
memorated above ; and another daughter married to Theophilus Blackhall, D.D., 
Chancellor of Exeter, son of Bishop Blackhall. Francis, the eldest son, married 
first, 21 Sep. 1737, Mary, daughter and heir of Thomas Eose of Wootton Fitz 
Paine, co. Dorset, by whom he had six sons. Of these, the youngest, the 
Rev. Herman Drewe, left two daughters, Sarah Elizabeth, married 9 June 1800 to 
Edward Wright Band, Esq., of Wookey House, near Wells ; and Mary, married 
30 Dec. 1801 to the Rev. Lewis Way. 

Cathedral Register. 
1717 Sep. 2 M rB Elizabeth Drew, bur. 


Rev. Roger Frankland, M.A. 

Canon Residentiary 

Born 17 th Nov r 1762 

Died 25 th March 1826. 


H. S. E. 
MORRIS. Guilielmus Morris 

Claveri Morris, M.D., Alius 

qui cum apud academiam insignissimam Oxon 

Turn Artium cum scientiarum fortem ilium uberinum 

Doctrinse fuit abvallet 

ad lares tandem paternos se contulit 

Vitse privatse sua? utiquse medoli optissimse 

Secretum iter facturus 



Erat enim homo adeo verecundus adeo taciturnus 

Deiq' cultum turn privato turn publico adeo vacavit 

ut nodice quis dicat eum sapuis cum Deo 

Quam cum hominas colloquium iniisse 

Licet autem hominum commercio se subduxerit 

Humani tamen nihil a se alienum putavit 

Egenorum maxime inopiam largus ita et lubeno sublevavit 

ut facultatum non tarn possessorem quam dispensatorem 

Eiim rectus dixeris 

Thesaurum istum sic melius situm 

In coelis sibi reconditum 

cuaeseturiis hinc migravit 

29 Junii 

r Domini ] 738 

1 ^Itatis 28. 



Cathedral Register. 
1738 July 3 M r William Morris, bur. ; died 30 June. 

H. S. E. 
MORRIS. Maria Claveri Morris, Medicinae Doctoris et 

BRAGG-E. Maria (Guilielmus Bragge armigero oriundae) uxoris 

Filiola tantem non biennis 
Pulvis & umbra brevis 


Augusti sevi adeoq' Humamerae Felicitatis Symbolam 
Nata Januer 6 T AnnQ ^ Chrisfcian33 f 1705 
Denata Dec. 18 J \ 1706 

Vitse avidi mortales ! Qui posteram intueri lucem 

Semper capitis, plurimorum onus maloram. 


Here lieth all that is mortal of 
Maria, William and Margaret 
The children of John 
BURLAND. Burland Esq. and Elizabeth 

his wife daughter of 

Claver Morris, M.D. 

/•Maria born 10 Feb. 1719 died 10 Oct. 1720 -| 

\ William born 17 Aug. 1720 died 2 Dec. 1726 > 

' Margaret born 30 Jan. 1727 died 6 Ap. 1733 i 

Their lot is amongst the saints. 

Here also lieth interred 

The remains of William Burland, cl : M.A. 

a man eminent 

for his great natural and 

Improved abilities 

For a quick penetration into 

Human character 

an unconfined benevolence 

A lively and undistinguishing raillery 

Without partiality and 

Without asperity except 

Where meanness or vice 

Seemed to provoke correction. 

Unshaken in the principles of his faith & 

uninfluenced by vicious example. 

In very early life 

He was seized with a disorder 

Judged incurable but which 

With determined fortitude 

and an habitual cheerfulness 

He continued to support 

Till death for which 

He had long been prepared 

Put a period to his sufferings 

In the 31 st year of his age 

and in the year of our Redemption 1764. 



This small tribute of 

affection to his memory 

his beloved sister Anne Keate 

with gratitude inscribes. 


Hunc infra sippum conduntur cineres 
BURLAND. Johannes Burland illius civitatis 


De Steyning in agro Somersetensi 


Vir erat integer simplex sincerus probatum 

Injuriarnm immemor amiciti tenacissimus 

Et civis, et parens, et conjux 

Bonus indulgens amantissimns 

Is cum nondum annos longexerat 

morte subitanea corruptus 
Multis sane bonis dessendus obiit 

6 Novemb. m.d.c.c.xlvi 

Et Elizibeth intra jacent Rellictus 

Johannes Burland arm. uxoris 

Claveri Morris, M.D. filia 

Cujus nomen 

[Here are nine lines too obliterated to be read] 

ob : Julii die ... . Anno Domini 1760 set. 67. 



H. S. E. 
SAINT LOE. Laurentius Saint Lo 

S. T. P. 

Hujus Ecclesiae Canonicus 


Oct. Die 20 

A . D 


JEtatis suae 


Hie quoque jacet 

Margareta uxor ejus 

ARNOLD. filia Henrici Arnold 

De Chillington in com. Dorset 

Arm : obiit 19 Die Apr. 

Anno 1762 set. suae 68. 

(Floorslab. This inscription is almost obliterated.) 

Cathedral Register. 
1741 Oct. 23 The Rev. D r Saintlo, Canon of this Church. 
1762 April 15 M rs Saintlo. 

1688 Sep. 11 John Saintlo of Langport and Joan Powell ye Castle Cary. 

He was probably a grandson of Lawrence St. Loe, born in 1646, son of Lawrence 
St. Loe (fourth son of John St. Loe of Knighton, co. "Wilts, by Elizabeth, daughter 
of Lawrence Hyde of Hatch, sister of Sir Lawrence Hyde, and aunt of Sir Robert 
Hyde, Lord Chief Justice of the Common Pleas, and of Alexander Hyde, Bishop of 
Salisbury, which John St. Loe was grandson of John St. Loe of Chew Magna, co. 
Somerset), of Broadchalk, co. Wilts, by Florence, daughter of John Dodington of 
Dodington (by Margaret, daughter of Christopher Anketell, baptized at Dodington 
9 April 1610, and married there 8 Feb. 1634 to Lawrence S l Loe). 






















Broadchalk Parish Register. 


Margaret (1) dau. of John Saintlow, (2) gent. 
Anne dau. of John Saintlow, gent. 
Martha dau. of John Saintlow, gent. 
Elizabeth dau. of John Saintlow, gent. 
John (3) s. of John Saintlow, gent. 
Gertrude (4) dau. of John Saintlow, gent. 
Ferdinand (5) son of John Sayntlo, gent. 


Feb. 2 


Sep. 30 


May 26 


Feb. 22 


June 21 


Feb. 2 


April 4 


April 6 


Mar. 25 


Feb. 25 


Mar. 7 


Jan. 1 


June 2 


Sep. 4 


Jan. 29 


April 30 


[gone] (6) dau. of John Sentlow, gent. 

Lawrence son of M r John Sayntlow. 

Elizabeth dau. of M r John Sayntlow. 

John s. of M r William Jones. 

John son of John Saintloe of London, merchant. 

Lawrence son of M r Lawrence Sayntloe. 

Lawrence son of Lawrence Saintlo, gent. 

Frances dau. of M r Lawrence Saintlowe. 

John son of M r Lawrence Saintloe ; born the 21 8t March 1642. (7) 

Anne dau. of Lawrence Saint Loe, gent. 

Ann dau. of Lawrence Saint Loe, gent. 

Lawrence son of Lawrence Saint Loe, gent. 

Florence dau. of Lawrence Saintloe. 

Richard Stephens and Margaret Saintlow, gent. 
John Penny and Ann Sainctlow. 

M r Walter Waller, Vicar of Broadchalk, and M™ Elizabeth 
Sainte Lowe dau. of M rs Elizabeth Sainte Lowe. (8) 
1672 April 10 M r James Bennet and M rs Jane Saintloe. 

M r Edward Sainctlowe. (9) 
Margaret Sainctlowe. (9) 
Ann Sainctlow dau. of John Sainctlow, gent. 
Martha Sainctlow. (10) 
M r John Saintlo, gent. 
M r Walter Waller of Broadchalk. 
M rs Anne Penny wife of John Penny. 
Elizabeth Saintlo. 
George s. of Edward Saintlo. (11) 
M r John Penny. 

M 1 ' 8 Saintloe wife of M r Lawrence Saintloe. (12) 
Edmund Saintloe. 

Lawrence s. of M r Lawrence Saintlowe. 
Elizabeth dau. of M r Lawrence Saintlowe. 
Anne dau. of M r Lawrence S 4 Loe. 
Sir John Saintloe. (13) 
M r Edmund S* Loe. 

Extracts penes Mr. John Whitmarsh. 

(1) She married William Jones of Woodland, co. Wilts. 

(2) He married Elizabeth dau. of Lawrence Hyde, above named. 

(3) Became a merchant in London, and married Mary dan. of Thomas 
Andrews, Draper of London, brother of Lancelot Andrews, Bishop of Winchester. 
One of his children was baptized at Broadchalk, John in 1630. He entered his 
pedigree in the ' Visitation of London, 1633.' 



















































t ( 


(4) Married to Edward Ernley of Ashlington, Wilts. 

(5) He married a dau. of John Seymour of Hanford, co. Dorset, and sister 
of Sir Robert Seymour. 

(6) Dorothy, said to be aged 21 at the Visitation 1623. 

(7) Old style ; namely, born four days before he was baptized. 

(8) She was dau. of John St. Loe and Elizabeth. Her father, according to the 
'Visitation of Wilts, 1623,' had died in 1618. 

(9) Father and mother of John St. Loe, who married Eliz. Hyde. 

(10) This Martha, and Ann wife of John Penny, were probably daughters of 
Edward and Margaret St. Loe above. 

(11) This Edward was the- son and heir of John St. Loe and Eliz. Hyde. He 
married Margaret daughter of William Fawkenor of Salisbury. 

(12) This lady must have been Florence Dodington, in which case her husband 
evidently married a second time. 

(13) He was the son and heir of Edward St. Loe and Margaret Fawkenor, and 
was knighted at Whitehall 8 Oct. 1666. The arms of this family of St. Loe 
were, Arg., on a bend sa. three annulets or. 

ARNOLD. Son of Henry Arnold, cl. & of Ann his wife 

Born Oct. 21 st 1751 

Died July . . 1755. 

Passed as the early dew. 


Cathedral Register. 

1751 Henry Awdry Arnold s. of the Rev. Henry Arnold received into 

the Church, having been privately baptized. 
1758 James s. of the Rev. Henry and Ann Arnold, born 7 Sept., 

privately baptized, and received into the Church Nov. 9. 
1760 Ann Awdry dau. of the Rev. Henry Arnold and Ann his w., bo. 

29 Feb., priv. bapt., and received into the Church 16 th Aug 1 . 
1764 Margaret Harriet dau. of Henry Arnold, D.D., and Ann his w., 

priv. bapt., and received into the Church 27 April. 
1769 July 17 Ann dau. of John Arnold. 

1772 May 19 Ann dau. of John Arnold, vicar choral. 

lieth intombed is 

the Body of Ann , 

the eldest daughter 
ARNOLD. of Francis Arnold, D.D. Sub-Dean 

of the church of Wells 
and Elizabeth his wife ; 



SHEAF. and wife of Grindall Sheaf, D.D. Arch- 

deacon of Wells. She 
dyed .... 
She lived beloved 
by all her neighbours 

after her death 

was desired by them. 


Cathedral Register. 

1673 May 1 M™ Ann Sheafe wife of D r Grindall Sheafe, Archdeacon of Wells, 
bur. in S l Catherine's Chapel. 

LUCAS. Christopher Lucas 


died the 12 th of January 1756. 

In the 81 st Year of his age. 


Cathedral Register. 

1740 April 26 M rs Luckes, bur. 

1756 Jan. 15 Christopher Lucas, bur. 

GOODENOUGH. A large slab, a long cross on steps, and under a canopy at 
the foot of the cross St. Andrew holding his cross, all brass. 
On the steps is cut, " Dne memento mei cum beneris in regnum tuiis." Round 
the stone is a brass fillet bearing the following inscription : " Hie Jacet D'n's 
Edmundus Goodenough sacre Theologie p'fessor quondum denanus hujus eccle'i et 
prebendarius ecclesui Eboracentis e Carliol olim scolaris collegii S'c'i Petri West- 
monast. alumnus asdis Xti Oxon : prebendarius ecclie s'c'i Petri Westmonast. ac 
informator collegii sup'dicti qui obiit ii die mensis May Anno D'm' mdcccxlv. cujus 
animse propicietur Deus. Amen." At the corners and at each side are roundels 
bearing the six shields described below. 

Outside the fillet and cut in the stone is this additional record : 

Sophia Goodenough 
Born May 15, 1823. 
Died Jan 1 ? 21, 1838. 

He was the third and youngest son of the Right Rev. Samuel Goodenough, D.D., 
Bishop of Carlisle (third son of the Rev. William Goodenough, Prebendary of 
Brecon, sometime Rector of Kimpton, Hants), by his wife Elizabeth, daughter of 
Dr. James Ford of St. George's, Hanover Square, an eminent physician ; and was 
born at Ealing, Middlesex, where his father at that time had a school. He matricu- 
lated at Oxford, from Christ Church (elected from St. Peter's College, Westminster), 


15 May 1801, aged 16 ; B.A. 24 Jan. 1805 ; M.A. 22 Oct. 1807 ; B.D. 30 April 
1819 ; and D.D. 20 Oct. 1820. He became Vicar of Warkworth, co. Northumber- 
land, in 1818, Sub- Almoner to the King, and was Head Master of Westminster 
School from 1819 to 1828. He was a Prebendary of York 23 June 1824, and of 
Carlisle 22 April 1826, and was installed Prebendary of "Westminster 2 June 1826. 
He became Dean of "Wells 6 Sept. 1831. He married in 1821 Frances, daughter of 
Samuel Pepys Cockerell of Westbourne House, Paddington, Middlesex, Esq., by 
Anna his wife. She died at Granada, and was buried at Malaga, Spain, in 1855, 
and had Frances, bapt. in "Westminster Abbey 27 Feb. 1822, buried there 29 
April 1828 ; Sophia, born 13 May, bapt. in Westminster Abbey 3 July 1823, died 
at Wells Jan. 1839, and is buried in the Cathedral ; Annabella, born 14 Nov. 1824, 
bapt. in Westminster Abbey 5 March 1825, married in 1853 Henry William 
Crauford, Esq., Capt. R.N. (who died in 1859), and was living at Lyndhurst, Hants, 
in 1870 with a son and daughter; Lucy, born 11 Feb., bapt. in Westminster 
Abbey 7 June 1826, living unmarried at Lyndhurst, Hants, in 1870; Frederick 
Addington, born 6 July, bapt. in Westminster Abbey 27 Nov. 1827, admitted to 
St. Peter's College, Westminster, in 1841, became a merchant at Calcutta, and died 
Sept. 1869 on his voyage home, and was buried at sea ; Edmund Vernon, born 
30 June, bapt. in Westminster Abbey 17 Dec. 1829, and was buried there 24 April 
1838; James Graham, born 3 Dec. 1830, bapt. in Westminster Abbey 5 Feb. 
1831, entered the Royal Navy, living a Captain in 1870, and recently in command 
of H.M.S. Minotaur. 

The arms on the six shields are, I, Gu., tioo keys in saltire arg., in chief the 
royal crown ppr., Archbishopric of York ; 2, Arg., on a cross sa. a mitre with bands 
or, See of Carlisle ; 3, Arg., a chev. gu. betw. three gutte de sang, Goodenough, 
impaling, Arg., betw. twoflanches gu. a leopard's face encircled ivith laurel vert, inter 
hvo cocks in pale of the second, Cockerell ; 4, Az., two keys addorsed arg. in bend 
sinister, the lotver one surmounting a pastoral staff in bend dexter or, intended for 
the Deanery (but wrong, being the modern invention, without any authority or 
reason; the arms of the Deanery have been already pointed out), imp., Good- 
enough as above ; 5, Az., a saltire quarterly and per saltire arg. and or counter- 
changed, the modern coat of the See ; 6, Az., a cross fiory betw. five martlets or, a 
chief of the last, thereon inter two roses gu. a pale quarterly, 1 and 4 France modern, 
2 and 3 England, Westminster School. 

Brass for a priest, with a canopy, but no shield ; the matrix alone remains, the 
brass itself having been removed. At the top, to the left, are the letters F. P. B., 
modern, and at the foot of the same stone is cut the following : 

BRAILSFORD. Matthaus Brailsford annos xx 

obiit 13 Decembris 1733 set. 73. 

Matthew Brailsford, Dean of Wells 1713-33, became D.D. 23 July 1713. 

Cathedral Register. 
1733 Dec. 15 The Rev. D r Matthew Brailsford, Dean of Wells, bur. 


Lady Chapel. 

ZOUCHE. In the window next the last one on south side are France and 
England quarterly, much mutilated. In the second one to the west on 
the north side there are two shields, one, Gu., ten bezants, Zouch, and Barry of six 
or and vert, charged with fourteen lozenges (or perhaps roundels), 4, 4, 3, 2, 1, 
counterchanged. This coat is very doubtful, and is probably made up, like a greater 
part of these windows, of odd pieces of very old glass. The coat is not given by 
Papworth, and looks unreal. 

Frequently repeated in the encaustic tiles covering the floor are the following 
coats, viz., Az., a crozier arg. in bend dexter, interlaced with two keys or in bend 
sinister, imp. Arg., a chev. gu. betw. three gutte de sang ; also Or, three chev. gu., 
De Clare. The former has already been noticed as on the memorial of Dean Good- 
enough. Why De Clare should be put here does not appear. 

Chapel of St. Stephen. 

DE HULLE. In this chapel was the Coombe Chantry, founded by Walter de 
Hulle, Archdeacon of Bath and Sub-Dean of Wells 1342. He was 
a benefactor of the Cathedral and Vicars-Choral ; Rector of St. Thomas 1325, and 
of Beauchamp 1328. 

BISHOP LEOFRIC. The recumbent effigy of a bishop inscribed, " Leveri- 

BISHOP ETHELWYN. ous, Epc. Wellensis," for Bishop Leofric (1001) ; and 
another, "Eilwinus, Epc. Wellen.," being for Bishop 
Ethelwyn, who succeeded in 1013. 

On the floor is the matrix of a large brass ; there is no sign of any shield 
having formed part of it, and the matrix is much worn. 

ELTON. Abraham Elton Esq. 1794. 


Cathedral Register. 
1794 May 3 Abraham Elton, Esq., of Clifton, bur. 

The Right Hon able Lord 
SEYMOUR. Francis Seymour 

Dean of Wells 1799. 

Lady Frances Seymour 1801. 

Leonora wife of 

Col. Francis Seymour 1795. 

Thomas Payne, M.A. 

Canon of this Cathedral died 1797. 

Judith his wife 


(A shield-shaped brass on the floor.) 


Cathedral Register. 



June 22 


Aug. 28 


Feb. 9 


Dec. 28 

Eleauora Seymour, bur. 

Henry John Hyde s. of Francis and Eleanora Seymour, received 

into the Church. 
Lord Francis Seymour, Dean of Wells, bur. 
Lady Frances Seymour, bur. 

JEFFERIES. Hie Jacet Augustinus Jefferies qui obiit 22 die Julii Anno Dom. 
1642 iEtatis siue 55. Resurgam. 
(Floorslab, the inscription being round the edge.) 


Here resthe the Body of Eleanor Hulet, wife first to Augustin 
Jefferys, after to Hercules Why ting, who died March 13 Anno 
Dom ! 1644 ^Etat suas 45. 

(Floorslab, the inscription round the edge.) 

In the Register of St. Cuthbert, Wells, is recorded the marriage on 29 Oct. 1623 
of Augustine Jefferies and Eleanor Hulelt ; and in the same Register we find on 
7 Feb. 1643 the marriage of Hercales Whitetinge of Shepton Mallett and Eleanor 
Jefferies of Wells, by licence. 

Hercules Whiting and Elizabeth Henton were married on 25 April 1668, 
according to the Cathedral Register. 

H. S. E. 
BRYDG-ES. Marshellus Brydges, A.M. hujus ecclesie 


obiit Aug. 6, 172-. 



Sumoto conjug .... Marshello 
Brydges aegre .... 
CREYGHTON. Francesc . . Robertus Creyghton S.T.P. 

obiit June 20, 17 . . ae . . . . 
(From a fine floorslab, a great part of the face of which has shelled off, leaving 
only a few letters at intervals.) 


Kempe Brydges 

Eleanor Brydges. 

(Small brass on floor.) 

Chapel of St. John. 

BISHOP BERKELEY. An altar -tomb in the north-west corner of this chapel, 
of coarse stone roughly cut, has the above arms repeated 
on three shields on the front. The inscriptions are incised on the top, the hollows 
being filled with lead or a black enamel. Round the edge runs the following 
(the | line marks the corners) : — 

Spiritus erupto | salvus Gilberto Novembre 

carcere | principis hoc aetheres Barkle Crepat 

annum dant usta salutis. 

In the centre, lengthways, this : — 

Vixi Videte s. praemium 
83 Luxi redux quieascribus 
pro captua gendo prsesulis 
Septem per annos triplices. 

Mr. James Parker of Oxford thus translates the inscription (that round the 
edge) : " Behold thy soul Gilbert Berkley (now) safe, having broken its prison 
bonds in the beginning of November, speaks from the sky (above)." These words 
give the year of its safety. The words referred to being those in the centre, which 
read, " I have lived, see my reward. I have shone returning to my rest. Having 
held the office of Bishop for thrice seven years." The figures 83 are cut at the side 
of the centre inscription, the words giving his age, 83, being Vixi, Luxi. Gilbert 
Berkeley was a native of Norfolk, but descended from the ancient Gloucestershire 
family, as the arms shew, the rose on the chevron being for difference. 



CREYGHTON. Marble sarcophagus, on top of which is the recumbent alabaster 
effigy of a bishop in full canonicals. On the front are three shields, 
viz., first the Bishopric, Az., a saltire surmounting a pastoral staff or, cantoned on 
the dexter by two keys addorsed the bows interlaced, on the sinister a sword (arg.) ; 
second, Erm., a lion ramp, (az.), crest, a cubit arm holding a dagger erect (all ppr.), 
Creyghton ; third, (Az.) a saltire (per saltire and quarterly counter changed arg. 
and or). At the end of the tomb, Per pale the dexter as the last, the sinister 
Creyghton as above, over the shield a bishop's mitre. This commemorates Bishop 
Creyghton, D.D. There was formerly a Latin epitaph, now in the south cloister, 
describing him to have been born at Dunkeld, in Scotland, and descended through 
his father from the ancient Lords of Ruthven, and through his mother Margaret 
Stuart from the latter illustrious family. The Bishop married Frances, daughter of 
William Walrond, Esq., of Sea in Ilminster, Somerset. The effigy is said to be a 
likeness of the Prelate, but the monument has been evidently partly destroyed, and 
no colours now remain on the shields still on it. In 1637 he was made Dean of 
St. Burian in Cornwall, but was deposed on the eve of the Civil "War, from which 
he was a great sufferer. He went into exile with Charles II., whose chaplain he 
was for fifteen years ; on whose return he was made Dean of Wells, and afterwards 
Bishop (19 June 1670, being then aged 77), which office he held until his death, 
21 Nov. 1672. There was formerly a mural monument to the memory of the 
Bishop's widow, with her arms, near that of her husband, but it has been removed 
into the cloisters. 

DE MIDDLETON Between the memorials of Bishop Berkeley and Bishop 
OR MILTON. Creyghton, under the north window, is the recumbent 

effigy of John de Middleton or Milton, Chancellor in 1337, 
from whom this is sometimes called Milton Chapel. It is without inscription. 

A large stone on which alone can be traced : — 
CREYGHTON. Francis Creyghton obiit Junii 8, 1685. 


Here lyeth the body of M r 

Thomas Creyghton son of 

Robert, Lord Bishop of Bath and 

Wells, he died the 12 th day of 


Nov r in the Year of our Lord 
BRYDGES. Rober(tus Bry)dges 

patri Marshal (lo Brydges) 

.... cancellaria matri 

Franciscae Rob(ti Creyghton prsecentoris 

filia) desiderat .... 

filius obiit Octobris 

12° 1712. 

(The latter part of this floorslab is much obliterated.) 

A stone with the matrix of a brass with the upper half of a priest issuing from 
the plate, with the inscription, also four shields, which are gone. 

(Matrix of brass on floor.) 

Another stone has the matrix of a priest full length, with two roundels above 

his head. 


A rough grained stone has some letters, and apparently three steps of a cross, 
but not enough to identity whom it commemorates. 


POULETT. Francisci Poulett 


ob : Jan : 26 


Catherina Poulett 

Francisi conjux 

Roberti EpisP* filia 

ob: Oct: 17 


Robert Creyghton, A.M. 

Died 18 Dec. 1732, aged 60. 


He was the second son of John, first Lord Poulett of Hinton St. George, by his 
wife Elizabeth, daughter and coheir of Christopher Ken of Ken Court, Somerset, 
Esq., and married Catherine, daughter of Dr. Robert Creyghton, Bishop of Bath 
and Wells. Both he and his wife are named in Bishop Creyghton's will (dated 
1672), who bequeaths to his daughter Katherine Poulett a ring given to him by 
the Queen of Sweden. Katherine Poulett is also mentioned in the will of her 
mother Frances Creyghton. The will of Francis Poulett, in which he is styled " of 
Wells, Esq.," dated 6 Sept. 1679, and proved 11 Feb. 1687 (P.P.C., 21 Exton), 
leaves all he has to his wife Catherine Poulett. Administration to the effects of 
Catherine Poulett, late of the Liberty of St. Andrew, Wells, widow, was granted to 


her brother Robert Creyghton, D.D., on 9 Nov. 1694. Among the parish papers 
of St. Cuthbert's, Wells, are two with the seal and signature of the above Francis 
Poulett as a Justice of the Peace, one dated 1G87. One has these arms on the seal, 
(Sa.), three swords in pile points in base (arg., hilts and pomels or), in chief a mullet 
for difference. Crest, An arm emb. in armour, the hand grasping a sword, all ppr. 
Supporters, On the dexter a ivild man ivreathed about the middle and temples with oaJc- 
leaves, on the sinister a woman also ivreathed with oak, all ppr. Motto, Gardez le 
fog. The supporters being those of his father Lord Poulett, the mullet should have 
been a crescent, he being the second son. The other seal is more correct, giving 
the same arms and crest, only with a crescent instead of a mullet for his difference, 
and omitting the supporters, to which he was not entitled. The document bears 
date 1686. 

Cathedral Register. 
1687 Jan. 31 Francis Poulett, Esq., bur. 
1694 Oct. 22 Madam Catherine Pollett, bur. 
1731 June 14 Michael Paulett, bur. 

CREYGHTON. Creyghton 

ob. Jan. 8 
16 . 8 
(An almost obliterated floorslab. On it is the matrix of a small oblong inscrip- 
tion plate.) 

H. S. E. 
POPE. Margarets Pope 

Johan'is et Margaretae 

filia, Apr : 7, 1705 nata 

Jul. 7, 1708 denata 

In'ocentissimae puellulaa trium 

tantum an'orum totidemq' 

mensium in terris moram 

indulsit Deua et brevis aavi 

partum im'ortalitati pcene 

maturum vixdum Apr : 7 

1705 enixa mater diem vere 

natalem in 7 Jul. 1708 

distulisse aut quasi 

comperendinasse videatur 

In eodem Tumulo 

conquiescit Margareta 

Margaretae Prsedictae soror 

Nat : 10 Jun : 1709 

obiit 29 Maii 1711. 

, (Floorslab.) 




Marshall [o] Brydges 

patri Marshal [lo] (Can co 

et Cancellario) inatri 

Franciscse (Rob tl 


Creyghton Can ci et praecentoris filiag) 

desideratissiinus filius 

obiit quadri mensis 

Dec : 25 th 1702. 




Henry Layng, D.D., Archdea- 
con of Wells & Canon died 
Novemb. 24, 1726 aged 61. 
Catherine Layng, Relict one 
of the daughters of the Rev. 
Robert Creyghton, D.D., late 
Chanter & Canon of this church 
died 25 th January 1731 aged 56. 

Cathedral Register. 


George s. of Henry Layng, D.D., and Catherine his w. 

Peter s. of George and Mary Layng, born 10 July, and received 

into the Church 7 Sept. 
Creyghton s. of George and Mary Layng, born 22 Feb., having 

been privately bapt., was received into the Church 11 May. 
Creyghton s. of M r George Layng. 

1695 April 17 M r Henry Lang, of Winsham, and M rs Catherine Creyghton. 




















M rs Catherine Layng. 
M r8 Layng, on Friday. 
Creyghton s. of M r George Laynyg. 
M rs Layng w. of George Layng, gent. 
George Layng, gent. 


Frisei .... 



16 . 8 

(Floorslab. A few letters only clear.) 


Charlotte Anne 
BARKER. Daughter of the late Rev d Cha 8 Tho. Barker 

Subdean and Canon Residentiary of 


and of Catherine Elizabeth his wife 

Died April 5 th 1810 

aged two months and eight days. 

(Brass plate on floor.) 

Cathedral Register. 

1810 April 9 Charlotte Anne Barker, dau. of the Rev. Charles T. Barker, 
Sub Dean and Canon, and of his w. Catherine Elizabeth, bur. 
in S. John's Chapel, aged 14 weeks. 

FORREST. Near the entrance of this chapel is the recumbent effigy of Dean 
Forrest, inscribed "Joannes Forrest Decanus Wellen's, mcccxlvi." 

Here lyeth the Body of 
Sarah the daughter of Thomas 
NEWTON. Newton of Swell within 

this County gent. 

who died 28 th day of March 

Anno D'ni 16 . 0. 


See Visitation of Somerset, 1623, and of Suffolk, 1561. 

Cathedral Register. 
1680 Mar. 30 M" Sarah Newton, bur. 

On the floor of this chapel, beside the memorial stone above, are a number 
of encaustic tiles. Some of them are on the edge of the raised part where the altar 
originally stood, the rest on floor near the Berkeley tomb. The following are the 
only armorial shields, the same coats being repeated several times. The other tiles 
are only ornamental devices. In all cases the colours of the tiles are not to be 

The coats are : 1, Three chevrons, doubtless De Clare {Or, three chcvs. gu.). In 
the Cathedral MSS. two Canons of this name are mentioned, Canon Roger de Clare 
in 1284, and Canon H. de Clare in 1292. 


2, Arg., a lion ramp, (gu.), crowned (or), iviihin a lord, (sa.) bezantee. This 
is the coat of Richard Plantagenet, second son of King John, created Earl of 
Cornwall, crowned King of the Romans 27 May 1257, and died in 1271. He 
married first Isabel, third daughter of William Marshal, Earl of Pembroke, and 
widow of Gilbert de Clare, Earl of Gloucester. His son Edmund, Earl of Cornwall, 
married Margaret, daughter of Richard de Clare, Earl of Gloucester and Hertford, 
from whom he was divorced 22 Edward I. On the tile the lion is incorrectly turned 
to the sinister. 

3, Cheeky (or and az.), Warren. In one case this coat has a castle of three 
towers over it, in the other the space on each side of the lower part of the shield is 
filled by a like castle. The family of St. Barbe of South Brent (now Brent Knole), 
not very far off, bore, Chequy arg. and sa.; and John St. Barbe was Sheriff of 
Somerset and Dorset in 1460, but that date is much too late for the tiles, nor 
does there appear any reason to assign the tile to that family. The same arms 
accompanied by the castle is found at Cleeve Abbey. This coat was used by the 
descendants of Hamelin Plantagenet (natural son of Geoffry Plantagenet, Earl 
of Anjou, consequently half-brother to King Henry II.) by his marriage with 
Isabel, daughter and heir of William de Warren, Earl Warren and Surrey. 
His son William, Earl Warren and Surrey, married first Maud, daughter of the 
Earl of Arundell, and secondly Maud, daughter of William Marshall, Earl of 
Pembroke, by whom he had a daughter Isabel, married to Hugh, Earl of Arundell, 
and a son John, who succeeded him as fourth Earl, and married Alice, daughter of 
Hugh le Brun, Comte de la Marche, half-sister by her mother to King Henry III., 
and to Richard, Earl of Cornwall, above. 

4, (Gu.) three lions pass.-gard. in pale (or), the arms of King Henry III. 

5, Six fleurs-de-lys. Several families bore these arms, with the colours 
different, but none of them can be identified as connected with Wells at the 
date of the tiles, viz., Mortymer, Darley, Ireland, Payferer or Peyfere, and 

6, A chev. betw. three eagles displ, and on a chief a rose betw. two lozenges. 
Anthony a Wood mentions this coat as cut in the stone roof of a seat in Bath 
Abbey, and says it was made, he conceives, by Prior William Byrd. No ordinary 
of arms gives a coat like this for Byrd. Robert Fayery, gent., Portcullis Pursuivant 
of Arms, at the commencement of Edward VI. 's reign bore, Per pals or and az., a 
chev. behv. three eagles displ., all counter changed, on a chief gu. as many lozenges erm. 
The coat is still in the roof of Bath Abbey, over the chancel on south side and in 
the north aisle, east of the organ, thus painted, Sa., a chev. arg. behv. three eagles 
displ. or, on a chief of the last a rose inter two lozenges gu., and commemorates 
some benefactor to the fabric of both churches whose identity remains to be 
discovered. Unless, as seems most probable, it is the coat of Robert Fayremay, 
one of the executors of the will of Dean Husee, who was living in 1307. The tile 
here and stone shield at Bath both represent the same person. 

7, A cross, the ends terminating in annulets, within each a cross. This cannot 
be identified as any coat, unless it was the coat of Bishop William de Marchia, and 
is a modification of the coat, Arg., a cross fourchee gu., assigned in a roll of 
arms circa 1240-5 to De la Marche. This shield also occurs cut in stone in the 
roof of Bath Abbey Church. 



8, A sivord in bend dexter interlaced with hvo keys addorsed in bend sinister, 
Bath Abbey. 

9, Three bars and a canton. (Arg., three bars and a canton sa., Braunche.) A Sir 
Nicholas Braunch was party with the Dean and Chapter and Sir John de Acton 
of the one part to an indenture relating to land at Stathmore, 4 Edward II. (1304). 
Vide Cath. MSS. These dates point to the commencement of the fourteenth 
century as the period at which the tiles were made. 

These are the only armorial tiles; some are repeated, and there are others 
with only ornamental designs. Several have a tower and also a double-headed 
eagle displayed without being on a shield, which were the arms of Eleanor of 
Castile, first wife of King Edward I., and to those of Anne of Austria, wife of 
King Richard II. These remains shew that there formerly existed a much greater 
quantity of this beautiful paving, and we lament the loss of a great deal of historic 
interest, commemorating benefactors and the ramifications of family connections and 
influence. Among these we may venture to surmise were the arms of the Berkeleys, 
long a powerful family in Gloucestershire and Somerset, and the munificent founders 
of the Abbey of St. Augustine at Bristol, in whose church many of them lie buried, 
and, as we shall see by the pedigree, closely connected with the families whose arms 
are on the titles, and with Thomas Holland, Earl of Kent, whose arms are in 
a window of the South Transept, above the monument of the Viscountess de Lisle, 
whose husband was also descended from them, which connection is more clearly 
shewn by the accompanying tabular pedigree. 


=pGeoffery Plantagenet, : 
Comte of Angou. 


=Maud, da. of King Henry I. of England. Born 1104 ; died 
at Rouen 10 Sept. 1167 ; mar. first, Henry IV., Emperor of 
Germany ; and secondly, 3 April 1127, Geoffery Plantagenet. 

Hamelin Plantagenet, alias^plsabel, da. and heir of 

Warren, de jure Earl War- 
ren and Surrey ; died 7 
May 1202. 

William de Warren, 
Earl Warren and Sur- 

Henry, became=pEleanor da. of 

King of England 
as Henry II. 

William, Duke 
of Aquitaine. 

Hugh le Brun,=f=Isabel, da. and 
Comte de la heir of Aylmer, 



Comte d'An- 
gouleme; died 
in 1246. 

William ,=pMaud, da. of William Marshal, 
Earl I Earl of Pembroke, by Isabel, 




da. of Richard, and sister and 
heir of Anselme, Earls of Pem- 

=f=John, King 
of England, 
mar. in 
1200 ; died 
19 Oct. 

Maurice de Cre- 
donia or Croun of 
co. Line. 


: Isabel. 

Guy, Earl of : 

Alice.=f=John, Earl Warren 
and Surrey. 


:Hugh, Earl 
of Arundell. 




Kobert de^Isabel, da. of Alice,— Gilbert de: 

Lord of 
died 4 
aged 63. 

Maurice de 
Credonia or 
Croun of co. 
Lincoln. She 
died 7 July, 
probably in 
1276 or 1277, 
and was bur. 
in the Abbey 
of St. Augus- 
tine, Bristol. 

niece of 
King of 


feudal Lord 
of Berkeley, 
actively en- 
gaged in the 
public service 
during the 
greater part of 
his life ; died 
at Berkeley 
23 July 1321. 

Joane, da. of Wm. 
de Ferrers, Earl of 
Derby, by his 
second wife Mar- 
garet, da. and 
coheir of Boger de 
Quinci, Earl of 
Winchester. She 
was mar. in 1296, 
and died 19 March 
1309-10, and is 
bur. in St. Augus- 

Clare, Earl 
of Glouces- 
ter ; ob. 24 
Edward I. 
He married 
Joan of 

:Joan d'Acre, 
da. of King 
Edward I., 
by Eleanor, 
da. of Fer- 
dinand III. 
of Castile. 

William, Earl of=pJoan, 

Warren and Sur- 

da. of 




Earl of 


Hugh,=f=Eleanor, da. 
Lord and coheir 
Le of Gilbert de 

Des- Clare, 

Piers=Margaret, ; 
Gaveston, da. and 

Earl of 
1st husb. 


: Hugh 





Margaret.=Ralph, Earl of Stafford. 
See Table II. 

Eva, da. of William, Lord= 
Zouch of Haryngworth, by 
Millicent, da. of William de 
Cantilupe of Bergavenny and 
relict of William Montalt. 
She was mar. secondly in 
17 Edw. I. (1289), and died 
5 Dec. 1314, and is bur. 
at Portbury, co. Somerset. 
1st wife. 

: Maurice de Berkeley, Lord= Isabel, ob. s.p. 7 Edw. III. 

de Berkeley, summoned to (1333). 2nd wife. 

Parliament v.p. as Baron de 

Berkeley from 16 Aug. 2 

Edw. II. (1308) to 15 May 

14 Edw. II. (1321); died 

a prisoner at Wallingford 

Castle 31 May 1326, and was 

bur. there, but removed to 

St. Augustine's. 

Margaret, da. 
Roger Mortimer, 
1st Earl of March ; 
mar. on or shortly 
before 25 Julv 14 
Edw. III. (1320). 
She died 13 March 
1385. 1st wife. 


omas, Lord de Berkeley, 
died 27 Oct. 1361, aged 69, 
and was bur. in Berkeley 
Church. He mar. secondly 
Katherine, da. and coheir 
of Sir John Clivedon of 
Charlfield, co. Gloucester. 
She died 13 March 1385. 

Sir Maurice de Berkeley=r=Elizabeth, mar 

of Stoke Gifford, co. 
Gloucester ; ob. 1361. 

Aug. 1338. Died 
13 July 1389. 

A quo Berkeley of Stoke Gifford, co. Glou- 
cester, Berkeley of Bruton and of Pyll, co. 
Somerset, the latter now represented by 
Viscount Portman, and the Viscounts 
FitzHardings, now extinct. 


John, Earl Warren and Surrey, ob. s.p. Edmund FitzAlan, 4th Earl of Arundel.=pAlice, sister 


and heir. 

Richard, 5th Earl of Arundel, ob. 49 Edw. III.^Eleanor, da. of Henry, Earl of Lancaster. 

Henry III. ,=pEleanor, da. 
King of of Raymond 

England. Berenger, 
Comte de 

Isabel, da. of Wm.=Richard, created 

E F 

Marshall, Earl of 
Pembroke, and relict 
of Wm. de Clare, 
Earl of Gloucester. 
1st wife. 

Earl of Cornwall, 
and crowned King 
of the Romans 27 
May 1257; died 

Henry, ob. s.p. 

: Sanchia, da. of 
Raymond Beren- 
ger, Comte de 
Provence. Mar. 
in 1243 ; died at 
Berkhamsted in 




Eleanor, da. of Ferdi-^Edward L 

nand III., King of 


: Margaret, da. of Philip 
III. of France. Mar. 
8 Sept, 1299. She died 
14 Feb. 1317. 

Edmund, Earl of; 
Cornwall, ob. s.p. 


Joan of= 

=Gilbert de Clare, 

Edmund, of^ 

=Margaret, da. 


Earl of Glouces- 


of John, Lord 

died 10 

ter and Hertford. 

born 5 Aug. 

Wake. She 


Mar. 2 May 

1301 ; created 

died 21 May 


1290 ; died in 

28 July 1321 



Earl of Kent ; 
beh. 1329. 

: Margaret, 
da. of 
de Clare, 
Earl of 
ter and 
Hertford ; 

Sir Thomas Holland, K.G.,^=Joan, the Fair Maid of Kent.=f=Edward, the Black Prince, 
de jure Earl of Kent ; ob. 
34 Edw. III. 

King Richard II. A badge of a White Hart is in a window 
of the South Ai3le of Wells Cathedral. 

John, Lord 
a quo Dukes 
of Norfolk. 

I I 

Alice.=^Thomas, Earl of Kent. 

Hugh de Cour-=Maud=Valeren, 

Two shields to them are 
Transept, Wells 

tenay, grandson 
of Hugh, Earl of 
Devon ; ob. s.p. 
before 1377 (pro- 
bably a brother 
of Richard Cour- 
tenay, Dean of 
Wells 1409—13, 
but who is not 
named in the 
Courteney Pedi- 

Earl of 
St. Paul, 

in a window of South 

Edmund, Lord Mortimer of Wigmore.=i=Margaret, da. of William de Fendles. 

Maud.=T=Theobald de Verdon. 


Roger, created Earl^pJoane, da. of Peter de Genevil. 
of March. 

William Husee.=j=Mary, da. Edmund, 2nd Earl^=Elizabeth, da. and coheir of Bartholo- 

and heir. of March. 

mew, Lord Badlesmere. 

Henry Husee, Dean Others. Roger, 3rd Earl of=FPhilippa, da. of William, Earl of 

of Wells 



Edmund, 4th Earl of March.=pPhilippa, da. and heir of Lionel, Duke of Clarence. 
I J k 



Mor- sister 
timer, and 
5th coheir. 

Earl of 
March ; 
ob. 22 
Ric. II. 

=Edward Charleton, 5th Lord=Elizabeth, 

Powis, K.G., who was already da. of Sir 

closely connected with this group John 

of families, as John, the 2nd Lord, Berkeley 

mar. Maud, da. of Roger, Earl of of Bever- 

March ; John, 3rd Lord, mar. stoke. 

Joan, da. of Lord Stafford ; and 2nd wife. 
John, 4th Lord, mar. Alice 
FitzAlan, da. of Richard, Earl of 
Arundel. 2nd husb. 

Thomas=i=Joan, Others. 

Earl of 

da. of 


Edmund Mortimer^Ann, da. of 

Earl of March ; ob. 
s.p. 3 King Hen. IV. 

Earl of 

Ann^Richard Plan- 
tagenet, Earl of 

Eleanor=Edward Courtenay, 
son of Edw., Earl of 
Devon ; ob. s.p. 

Richard, Duke of York.=p 


Edward, became King Edward IV. 

Joan, da. and=f=Sir John Grey, son of Sir Thomas Grey of Ber- 
wick, by Jane (or Anne) da. of John, Lord 


Joyce, da. and : f : John, Lord 
coheir. | Tiptoft. 


Maurice, Lord Berkeley, summoned to Parliament 14 Aug.=pElizabeth, da. of Hugh, Lord Le 

36 Edw. III. (1362) to 24 Feb. 42 Edw. III. (1367-8). He 
ob. at Berkeley Castle, not having recovered from wounds 
received at Poictiers 8 June 1368, aged 37 ; bur. at St. 
Augustine's, Bristol. 

Despencer, by Eleanor, da. and 
coheir of Gilbert de Clare, Earl of 
Gloucester. Mar. Aug. 1338, and 
died 13 July 1389. 

Thomas, Lord de^Margaret, only da., and eventually sole Sir James de=pElizabeth, da. and 

Berkeley, born at 
Berkeley Castle 5 
Jan. 1352-3; he 
died s.p. m. 13 July 
1417, aged 65. 

heir of Warine de L'Isle, Lord De 
L'Isle, by Margaret, da. and heir of 
Sir William Pipard. Mar. Nov. 1367, 
she being then aged 7 years. She died 
20 March 1391-2. 


heir of Sir John 
Bluet of Raglan, co. 

A quo Earls of Berkeley. 

Elizabeth, only child and heir, aged 30 in 1416.=pRichard Beauchamp, 12th Earl of Warwick. 


Margaret, eldest=f=John 

da. and coheir ; 
died 14 June 

Earl of 


Thomas de=Eleanor=Edmund Somerset, 
Roos, Lord Duke of Beaufort, 

Roos. 1st but died s.p. 1467. 

husb. 2nd husb. 




John Talbot, created Viscount de L'Isle^=Joane, da. and coheir of Sir Thomas=Richard Stafford, 

30 Hen. VI. In 1442 he was with his 
father in the French wars. 


Esq. 1st husb. 

I I 

Thomas Talbot, Elizabeth,=pSir Edward Grey, 2nd son of Edward, 

Viscount L'Isle, sister and I Lord Grey of Groby. 

ob. s.p. coheir. 

From this marriage was descended the wife of Dean Jenkins. 

Margaret,^Sir George 

sister and 


Table II. 


Edmund, Lord Stafford, descended from Hervie Bagot and Margaret, : 
sister and heir of Rog. Stafford. 

Ralph Staf- 
ford, 1st 
Earl of 
ob. 31 Aug. 

=Margaret, da. Sir William Stafford of Sandon=y= Sir Richard^Maud, da. and 

and heir of and Bromshall, co. Stafford, Stafford of heirof William 

Hugh de And- descended from a younger son Clifton. de Camvell of 

ley, de jure of Hervie Bagot, and Milliceut, Clifton, co. 

uxoris Earl of sister and heir of Rog. de Staf- Stafford. 

Gloucester. ford. 



da. of 





Earl of 



Earl of 



Table I. 


I I 

Margaret=pSir John 
of Amel- 
cote, co. 
2nd son. 

Richard, sum- 
moned to Par- 
liament 44 
Edw. III. to 
4 Rich. II., 
when he died. 

Edmund Staf- 
ford, 5th Earl 
of Stafford, 
having suc- 
ceeded his 
Thomas and 

: Ann, da. of Thomas, 
Duke of Gloucester 
(6th son of King 
Edward III.), by 
Eleanor, da. and co- 
heir of Humphrey 
de Bohun, Earl of 
Hereford, Essex, 
and Northampton. 

SirHum-=j=. . . . da. 
phrey and heir 


of Peter 

Edmund, son and 
heir, became Bis- 
hop of Exeter. 

SirThomas. : 

Humphrey Edmund=Ann=John SirHum-=p. 

Stafford, Mortimer, Holland, phrey 

created Earl of Earl of Stafford, 

Duke of March, Kent. ob. 1 

Bucking- ob. s.p. 2nd Hen. V. 

ham. 1st husb. husb. 

Sir Hum- 

and heir 


Thomas, Cathe- 
died rine. 


Ardern . 

: Elizabeth, da. and 
heir of Sir John Mal- 
travers of Hooke. 

John Stafford, educated 
at Oxford, became Bishop 
of Bath and Wells, after- 
wards Archbishop of 

Maud.=j=Thomas Stanley. 

This coat on the 
North front of 
the N.W. tower, 
being the 
Bishop's family 
coat with a 
mitre on the 
chevron for dif- 

Sir Jo 


Stafford=Ann, da. of William, 
Lord Botreaux. 

Sir Edmund Cheney .=r=Alice=^Walter Talboys 


Elizabeth=Sir John Coleshill, 
ob. s.p. 

Ann=f=John Willoughby 
de Broke. 

Eleanor=Thomas Strangwayes. 



North Choir Aisle. 



P. M. L. 

Jacobi Gendrault 


Gallo Britani 

odi religioni patriara 

conscientia3 rem 

lautam satis et opimam 

Longe post habuit 

obiit xxvi Die Julii 


Jana uxor mcestissima 

mauritii vice comitis 



L. M. P. 

Nuper Xristophori Keen, armig. & Irenarcha conjux 

quis virtutum stellse nunquam Occident .... 

deravit Honori serviit alias vixit & sanguine 

vere nobilis obiit Dec. 23, 1794 iEtat 65. 


Cathedral Register. 


1689 Feb. 18 Charles s. of James Gendrault, Esq., and Jane his wife; born 
29 Jan. 


1690 Mar. 4 Jane dau. of James Gendrault, Esq., and Jane his w. 
1692 Nov. 23 Ann dau. of James Gonder [sic], Esq., and Jane his w. ; born 
4 Nov. 

1708 May 14 Christopher Keen, of Wells, gent., and M r8 Jane Gendrault, widow. 

POPE. Friseida Pope 

patri Johanni 

(praebendario) et matri 

Margarets (Rob u 

Cryghton Canonici 

filise) moerentibus prserept* 

ostensa tan turn terris 17 

dierum tantella mora 

indulta ad caelum 

emigravit Dec 3° 


(Floor slab.) 

Cathedeal Register. 

1702 Dec. 1 Frideswed dau. of John Pope, clerk, and Margaret his w. ; born 

17 Nov., and pr. bapt. 

1702 Dec. 5 Fridswade dau. of M r John Pope, bur. 

1707 July 9 Margaret Pope, bur. 

1716 Jan. 21 M rs Margaret Pope, bur. 

1719 Sep. 12 William s. of John and Margaret Pope, bur. 

1762 Dec. 30 M rs Pope, bur. 

St. Cuthbert Parish Register. 

1705 April 10 (born 7, pr. bapt.) Margaret dau. of John Pope, Vicar of S l Cuth- 

bert's, brought to church 12 April (of S. Cuthbert S 1 ). 

1706 Jan. 1 (born & pr. bap.) Frances dau. of John Pope, Vic. of S 4 Cuth., 

brought to church 14 January. 

1709 June 22 (born 10 th ) Margaret dau. of John Pope, Vic. of S. Cuth. 

1710 July 3 (born 25 June) William s. of John Pope, Vic. of S. Cuth. 

1708 July 9 Margaret dau. of M r John Pope, Vicar of S l Cuthbert's, buried at 
y e Cathedral. 

1711 June 1 Margaret dau. of John Pope, Vic. of S. Cuth., bur. " at y e 

1719 Sep. 19 William s. of M r John Pope, Chancellor of y e Diocese, and Vicar 
of S l Cuthbert, bur. " at y e Cathedral." 


this stone lieth the remains 
BRIDGES, of the Rev. Robert Bridges) 



POPE. William Pope 

son of John Pope, clerk, chancellor 

of this Diocese, by Margaret his wife 

daughter of D r Robert Creyghton, chanter 

and Residentiary of this church, dyed 
Sept. 9 th 1719, in the 10 th year of his age. 


PRIEST. This stone has a matrix of a brass for an inscription, also that of the 
demi-figure of a priest with an inscribed plate, both gone. 


Here lyeth the body of M ra 
LANYNG. Catherine Lanyng who dyed 

March the 18, 1726 aged 26. 


BISHOP GISO. Here is the recumbent effigy commemorating Bishop Giso, 
1060, d. 1088 ; he was a native of Lorraine and chaplain of King 
Edward the Confessor. It is inscribed, " Giso epc' Wellensis." 

SELLER. Sellek, S. T. P. 

Archideacon' Bathon 

hujus eccliaB canonic' 

residential! quondam 

ad algerienses a serenisso 

rege car : 2 d0 missus de 

captivis redimendis legatus 

tandem et naturae quod 

debuit persolvit et 

mortalitatis vinculis 

exultus animam solutam 


ac liberam x t0 redemptori 

reddidit 9° Cal. Julias 

An'o setatis suae 80° 

redemptions nostras 



His will, dated 2 Dec. 1685, styles him "John Sellick the elder of Wells, Somerset, 
Doctor of Divinity, Archdeacon of Bath," and was proved 9 Oct. 1690. He leaves 
bequests to the poor of Wells and several other parishes in Somerset, and to Clifton 
Campville, co. Stafford. To his sister Joane a house at Nether Stowey. His son 
John Sellick and his wife Elizabeth. His son Nathaniel Sellick and his wife 
Susannah, daughter of Theophila Wyne. Cousin William Pratt and Mary his 
wife. Cousin Robert Sellick. Brother-in-law Nicholas Aish. His eldest son John 
married twice, his second wife being Penelope, daughter of Sir John Newton of 
Barr's Court, Bart., by Mary, daughter of Sir George Eyre of Rampton, co. Notts. 
She died 28 May 1722, aged 69, and is buried at Stanton Drew ; her will, dated 
26 May 1722, was proved by her nephew John Sellick 11 Ang. 1722. 

Here resteth 
the body of 
John the son 
DAWES. of Robert Dawes 

gent, who died 
April y e 25 


1677 April 26 John s. of M r Dawes, " my Lord Bishop's Steward," buried. 
1680 Sep. 20 M r Robert Dawes, of the Liberty, bur. 

Here lieth the 
body of Theophila 
the daughter of M r 
SELLICK. Nathaniel Sellick 

and Ann his wife 

who died August 

the 7 th 1681 

aged 3 years. 



Here lyeth the 

body of Margaret 

the daughter of 

M r Nathaniel 

SELLICK. Sellick and Ann 

his wife, who died 

the 9 th day of 




The will of this Nathaniel Sellick, as Nathaniel Sellick, Clerk, of Clifton Camp- 
ville, co. Stafford, dated 2 Dec. 1690, was proved 4 Jan. 1700 by Susanna Sellick, 
relict of testator. He desires to be buried at Clifton Campville. Names John 
Sellick, younger son of John Sellick, D.D. 

The Rev. Nathaniel Sellick was instituted to the Vicarage of Buckland Newton, 
Dorset, 1 March 1679, which he resigned in 1690. He married first Anne, 
daughter of the Rev. William Peirs, Archdeacon of Taunton, and relict of Dr. Henry 
Deane, Chancellor of Bath and "Wells. She died in May 1680, and is buried with 
a monument at Buckland Newton. The will of Dr. Sellick's sister Joane was proved 
at Wells, and is a long and interesting one, on account of the number of relations 
mentioned in it. The following is an abstract of it : 

Dated 5 June 1681. Joane Sellock of Wells, spinster. To be buried in the 
Cathedral Church of S 1 Andrew, Wells. For the funeral £20. Cousin John 
Sellock, "eldest son of my brother D r John Sellock," £10, and to his wife, my 
cousin, Elizabeth Sellock, 21s. Cousin Nathaniel Sellock, youngest son of the said 
D r John Sellock, £10, and to his wife, my cousin, Susanna Sellock, 21s. and " my 
silk mantle." John Sellock his son, " my cozin," £7 and a gold ring " which I 
had had at the funeral of his grandfather D r Sellock," and to his daughter, " my 
cozin," Susanna Sellock, £7 and my best sheet. Cousin Theophila Wyne £15, best 
black mantle, and a silver spoon, and to her son, "my cozin," John Wyne, £7 and 
a gold ring " I had at his father's funeral." Cousin Robert Aish and his wife 
Joane Aish. The seven children of the said Robert and Joane Aish, viz., Robert, 
John, Edmund, William, Abraham, Ann, and Theophila Aish. Cousin John Irish, 
son of my sister Hurdaker, and his wife Elizabeth Irish. G-rizell Irish, daughter of 
the said John and Elizabeth Irish, to have mourning clothes, etc., " I had at the 
funeral of my niece Grizell Irish." Cousin Joane Irish, " widow of my cousin 
Edmund Irish," and her son Edmund Irish, and her daughter Theophila Irish. 
Cousin Honor Sellock and her daughter Mary Sellock. Cousin John Sellock, son 
of " my cozin Robert Sellock, deceased," if he ever arrive in England and give my 
executors a discharge for the amount, if not to be divided between the children of 
my cozins Nathaniel Sellock, Robert Aish, Thomas Wyne, John Sellock, Honor 
Sellock, and Joane Irish, being in all 14 in number. To Francis Carver, Grase 
Whately, and John Dun 10s. each. The poor of S 4 Andrew, Wells, the poor of 
Nether Stowey. Widow Laws. Widow Wats and her daughter Elizabeth Wats. 
Residue to cousin John Irish, " son of my sister Hordaker," who is to be executor. 


Proved 3 Sept. 1692. This is sealed with these arms, A cross between four doves 
(or pea-hens). Crest, A demi-lion. {Quarterly or and az., a cross quarterly erms. 
and of 'the first betw. four pea-hens counter -changed . Crest, A demi-lion per pale or 
and az. Grindall. 

The will of John Sellock of Stanton Drew, gent., dated 24 Feb. 1715, refers to 
the marriage settlement between self and his now dear wife Penelope, by which her 
life was put on Otterford Farm, and the rectory or parsonage impropriate of Stanton 
Drew. Nephew John Wyne, nephew John Sellock, Thomas Rosewell, or Rouse- 
well, of North Curry, Yeoman, trustees. Proved 14 Jan. 1719 by relict Penelope 
Sellock at "Wells. Inventory £528 19s. Sealed with these arms, A lion ramp, 
debruised by a bendlet. Crest, From a crest coronet a cock's head. It is difficult 
without the colours or further information to identify whose arms these are, 
probably Poole or Churchill. She was a dau. of Sir John Newton of Barres Court, 
second Bart., by his wife Mary, dau. of Sir Gervase Eyre, Knt. 

A Licence was granted 12 March 1713 for Henry Sellick, gent., Junior, of West 
Monkton, to marry Mary Bere, spinster ; John Bere, gent., being bondsman. 










Cathedral Register. 

Margaret dau. of M r Nathaniel Sellecke, bur. 
Theophila dau. of M r Nathaniel Sellecke, bur. 
D r John Sellick, bur. 
M rs Joan Sellick, bur. 

H. S. E. 
LESSEY. Thomas Lessey, A.M. 

hujus ecclesige canonicus 
Rector de Lydeard S te 


quae desideratissimus 

Mar. ii° a.d. m.dccxxv 



BISHOP RALPH. Here stands the recumbent alabaster effigy of Bishop Ralph 
of Shrewsbury (1329-1363), Keeper of the King's Wardrobes, 

and Chancellor of Oxford, etc. He surrounded the Palace with a moat and walls, 

and otherwise benefited the Bishopric. The inscription is : — 

" Radulphus de Salopia 
Epc' Bathon' et Wellensis mccclxiii." 




Gulielmus Clement 

Archidiaconus Bathon 

et hujus aedis 


H. S. E. 

obiit xi Decembris, a.d. mdccxi. 

iEtat lxvii. 



Cathedral Register. 
M r William Clement, Vicar-choral, bur. 

Arms : Three martlets within a bord., imp. A stag's head caboshed. These are not 
the arms of Clement, but those of Cairnes. Gu., three martlets within a bord. or. 
The impaled coat is doubtful, several families bear it with different colours. 

An almost obliterated inscription, of which alone can be read " September the 
ix." On the same stone was a square brass, now gone. (Floorslab.) 


H. S. E. 

Joh'es Wicksted archi'nus "Well : hujus 

Eccl* Canon 8 nee non Decus 

Litteris ac ingenio pariter 



Fide probitate & pura coram 

Deo religione nulli 


ob. 14° Nov r A. n°. X tt 


Mt&t. 82. 



Cathedral Register. 
1742 Nov. 17 The Rev d M r Archdeacon Wicksted, bur. 

BARKER. Radulphus Barker, S.T.P. 

hujus ecclse Thesaurarius 

et can. Residen. 

Noluit Dign ssi viri modestia sub ingentis epitaphii 

Mole laborare sufficet inscriptum nomen jam dudum 

Noti et Bradestede et Babraham aedibus 

Lambethanis et Cantabrigiae suae collegium 

Gonu. et Ca. Grat ssq Alumnus anima Pensione auxit 

ut a Matris gremio nondum recessisse videatur ne morte 

quidem divnlsus infensa valetudinae tandem triumphata 

exuvias hie deposuit 9° Jun. A mdccviii setat lx. 

Cave ossa temeres quae Rev nl 

Thesaurarii Sacrarii hujus 

Fidei comendavit. 


Arms : (Arg.), three bears' heads erased (sa.), in chief as many roundels (torteaux). 
Crest, A head as in the arms. 


DAYIES. Edmundi Davies 

qui ab uno alteroque hujusce 

Dioceseos Episcapo In consilia et 

negotia adscitus annos xvn Idem 

Aunos v Decano Canonicisque com- 

probantibus clerici capitularis functus punnere 

munere E ecclesiastici juris et 

rerum peritus omnia scite prudenter 

accurate ut vir bonus et benignus 

fideliter et comiter peragebat clerus 

Popubisque collatis peculiis P. C. 

obiit 8 V0 Augusti die anno Sacro 

mdccclxiii natus annos lx. 


HUNT. Here lies M™ Sarah Hunt 

Relict of Doctor Hunt late 
Archdeacon of Bath 
but formerly wife to M r 
CASTELL. Henry Castell, who died 

December the 29 th 1737. 

Cathedral Register. 
1737 Dec. 27 Sarah widow of Archdeacon Hunt, bur. 

POWELL. Hie Jacet Willimus Powell, S. T. Doctor 

archidiaconus Bathoniensis et Canoni- 

cus residentiarius hujus ecclesiae expec- 

tans diem plense Redemptionis Dormiyet 

in D'no 12 Martii 1613 Jacobi Regis 11° 


Near the last was another small brass, but the matrix alone indicates its having 
been there. Also a large ledger-stone quite obliterated. 



















St. Cuthbert Parish Register. 
Philip s. of M r Robert Powell. 
Sarah dau. of Valentine Powell. 
Robert s. of Valentine Powell. 
Frances dau. of M r Valentine Powell. 
Valentine s. of M r Valentine Powell. 
John s. of M r Valentine Powell. 


1623 Feb. 6 M r Valentine Powell. 
1668 July 13 M r Valentine Powell. 
1668 Nov. 13 Mary Powell, widow. 

Heare are intombed 
REVETT. Timothy Revett Doc'r 

of Divinity and Kather- 

ine his wife, the former 

died the first of Aprill 1638 

The latter the 11 th of 

March 1647. 
Requieseunt in pace. 

On the same stone is the matrix of a small square brass, and the following 
inscription on a similar brass plate still remaining : — 

Sub hoc lapide resurrecti 
onem expectans quiescit quod 

terrestre erat venerabilis 

Viri Tymothei Revett Sacrse 

Theol. D lls Archidia Bathon et 

hujus ecclesias residentiary 

qui annum setatis quinqua- 

gesimum septimum agens obiit. 

Calendis Aprilis Anno 

Domini 1638. 


Cathedbal Register. 
1679 Mar. 9 M r Timothy Revett, bur. 

This Timothy was a younger son of Michael Revett of Lynne, co. Norfolk. He 
married Katherine, daughter of Francis James, D.O.L., of Barrow Court, one of the 
Masters in Chancery, a Judge of the Court of Audience and Archbishop's Court, 
and Chancellor of the Diocese of Bath and Wells, by Blanche, daughter of Francis 
Grunter of London and his wife Jane, daughter of Edward Lloyd of Lloyenmayne, 
and relict of Edward Southworth, Esq. This Francis James in his will, dated 
27 May 1613, names his daughter Katherine, wife of Timothy Revett, D.D. ; and the 
will of Jane Grunter of Wells, widow, dated 24 Feb. 1612, names her daughter 
Blanche, wife of Francis James of Wells, Esq., and directs that she is to be buried 
in the Cathedral, but no memorial of her remains. Dr. Timothy Revett's will, dated 
17 March 1637, was proved 30 June 1638. It leaves bequests to the poor of 
Cheddar, Compton Martin, Knowle, etc. Names his friend Tristram Towse of 
Wells. His cousin Mr. William Bull (who married the daughter of Henry South- 
worth). His brother Mr. Thomas Coward. His sister Philippa James. Gives 
his books to the Cathedral library. He had two sons^Timothy and Arthur. The 
will of Timothy Revett, son of the Archdeacon of Wells, gent., dated 22 Dec. 1679, 


and proved 20 May 1680 by Henry Strode of Ham, desires that he be buried by his 
father in the Cathedral. Names Dr. "William Peirse, Archdeacon of Taunton and 
Yicar of Kingsbury Episcopi, and his son William, testator's cousin. Charles 
Mattocke and his wife Jane, cousin of testator, and her sister Mary Coward. Edward 
Strode of Downside. Cousin Thomas Peirse, son of Dr. Peirse. Children of cousin 
Jane Mattocke. God-daughter Mrs. Mercy Strode. The brother, Mr. Thomas 
Coward, named in Dr. Revett's will, had married Mary, daughter of Francis James 
and sister of Dr. Revett's wife; she proved her husband's will 27 April 1621, 
and remarried Mr. Richard Phillips. The will of her son by her first husband 
Thomas Coward of Wells, gent., is given below. Jane, wife of Charles Mattocke, 
named in the will of Timothy Revett, was a daughter of his uncle Thomas Coward, 
who had married first Thomas Roberts of Wells, by whom she had a son Thomas 
Roberts of Wells, gent., who died 15 April 1688, aged 36. She married secondly 
Charles Mattocke of Wells, gent., a Notary Public, by whom she had Thomas, Mary, 
and Katberine Mattocke ; this Charles Mattocke's will, dated 16 September 1685 
and proved 16 October 1686, is sealed with these arms : — A chev. betw. three fleurs- 
de-lis ; imp. On a chev. three martlets, and on a chief a cannon, for Coward ; but 
really the coat of Leigh, whose heiress married Coward. 

Cathedral Register. 

1731 July 14 Mary dau. of Edward and Mary Coward, priv. bap., and publicly 

admitted 19 July. 

1732 Jan. 18 Ann dau. of Edward Coward and Mary hisw.; born 29 Dec. 

1734 Aug. 28 Sarah dau. of Edward and Mary Coward ; born Aug. 1. 

1681 Jan. 23 John Coward and Jane Ward, both of Ditcheat. 
1704 May 15 John Coward and Mary Spencer, both of Witham Friary. 
1706 Dec. 16 Samuel Coward and Jane Coward, both of Witham Friary. 


1665 May 14 Capt. Francis Coward. 

1665 June 4 Thomas s. of Capt. Francis Coward. 

1669 Dec. 20 M rs Ann Blower, in y e Lady Chapel. 

1693 Mar. 13 M M Catherine Coward, widow. 

1736 April 23 Sarah Coward. 

1742 Oct. 31 Edward Coward and Sarah his dau. 

1777 Sep. 10 M r John Coward. 

St. Cuthbert Parish Register. 

1633 Sep. 26 Francis s. of M r Thomas Coward. 

1634 July 19 William s. of M r William Coward. 

1636 April 4 Christopher s. of M r Edward and Catherine Coward. 


Sep. 6 


Feb. 24 


Sep. 29 


Aug. 23 


April 20 


Mar. 3 


April 16 


Feb. 28 


April 24 














William s. of M r Thomas and Jane Coward. 

John s. of M r William and Katherine Coward. 

Francis s. of M 1 ' William and Katherine Coward. 

Katherine dan. of M r William and Katherine Coward. 

Mary dau. of John Coward and Priscilla his w., of Harters Hill. 

Francis s. of M r Francis Coward, of East Wells. 

William s. of M r William and M rs Bridget Coward. 

Catherine dau. of M r William and M rs Bridget Coward. 

William s. of William Coward, of Sadler Street, born 20 Ap., 

priv. bap., brought to Church May 25. 
1734 June 17 Samuel s. of M r William Coward, of Sadler Street, born May 17, 

priv. bap., and brought to Church. 
John s. of William Coward, born and priv. bap., of Sadler Street. 
John s. of M r William Coward, of Sadler Street, born 4 May, priv. 

bap., brought to Church May 28. 
Elizabeth dau. of M r William Coward, born and priv. bap., 

brought to Church 20 Nov. 
Jane dau. of M r John Coward, of Sadler Street, born and priv. 



M* William Coward and M rs Sarah Woodyatts. 

Robert Coward and Mary Hellier, both of Street ; by licence. 

Katherine Coward. 
M T Thomas Coward. 

Mary dau. of John and Priscilla Coward, of Harters Hill. 
Francis s. of M r Francis Coward, of East Wells. 
M r William Coward, " then Mayor." 
M rs Catherine Coward, widow. 
M r George Coward. 
Edward Coward, gent. 

William Coward, Sergeant at Law and Recorder of this City, from 
Chamberlain Street. 
1724 April 28 Madam Coward, widow, brought from London. 

In St. Cuthbert's Church a floorslab is inscribed to the memory of George 
Coward, gent., who died 24 Aug. 1677. Another is for Thomas Coward, gent., who 
died 18 Jan. 1640. Round the edge of the latter is cut " John Whittington, gent. ;" 
the other side with the remainder of the inscription is covered. There are also two 
mural tablets, the remains of what were handsome mural monuments, one inscribed 
for Bridget, wife of William Coward, Esq., Recorder of Wells, and only daughter 
of Thomas Hall of Bradford in Wiltshire, and Lady Catherine his wife, daughter 
of Sir Edward Seymour of Bury Pomery, co. Devon, Bart. ; she died 22 March 
1682, aged 43. Among some other fragments of stonework is a shield in a boldly 
cut bordure with a cherubin's head at the top, originally coloured and gilt, of 


April 7 


Jan. 17 


Nov. 6 


Jan. 22 


April 24 


Mar. 25 


Aug. 24 


Mar. 21 


Aug. 25 


Aug. 12 


April 12 


which but little remains, having these arms, Or, two bars sa. charged with three roses 
of tM first, two and one, Coward ; imp. Sa., three battle-axes erect arg., garnished or, Hall. 

The other tablet has a Latin inscription commemorating William Coward, Esq., 
of Lincoln's Inn, Kecorder and M.P. for Wells, who died 8 April 1705, the monu- 
ment being erected by his son William Coward. Another shield, much like the 
former in style, has these arms, Per pale of three : 1, Coward, as before ; 2, Hall, 
as before ; 3, Palg of six arg. and az., a bend gu. 

The above William Coward, Esq., married secondly Lady Philippa Annesley, 
daughter of Arthur, Earl of Annesley, and relict of Charles, third Lord Mohun ; 
her burial is recorded in 1724. 

Among the parish papers of St. Cuthbert, signed and sealed by Justices of the 
Peace, we find Thomas Coward, jun., J.P., on 4 April 1758 using this coat, (Arg.), 
two bars (vert) betw. nine martlets (gu.) ; Crest, A boar's head erased; being those 
of his mother Grace, daughter and coheir of Thomas Moore of Hawkechurch, co. 
Dorset, and Spargrove, co. Somerset. In 1703 (Sept. 25) William Coward seals 
with his proper coat and crest, viz., two bars charged with three roses. Crest, A 
demi-grey hound (sa.), betiv. the paws a stag's head caboslied (arg., attired or). 

Will of T. Roberts. 

Thomas Roberts of Wells, gent., named in the will of Francis Coward above as 
husband of his dau. Jane, made his will 1 April 1688, which was proved 23 June 
1688 by Jane his widow, who was to have with other lands the manors of Shepton 
Mallet and Wells. He names his brothers Phineas Bowles, Capt. Charles Collier, 
and Mr. William Sandes. His sister's son Thomas Harman ; brother Rev. Nathaniel 
Roberts ; and cousin Nicholas Sanford. 

Will of T. Coward. 
Thomas Coward of Wells, Somerset, gent. Will dated 4 June 1662. Being 
sick makes his will, and desires to be buried in the Lady Chapel in the Cathedral 
Church of Wells, near his father and mother as conveniently can be done. To the 
poor of the old almhouse 40 s ; aunt Blower a ring ; brother Francis Coward's 
wife and children ; to brother Francis Coward all his lands except his wife's 
jointure, he paying to M rs Hicks £500 ; to cousin Timothy Revell £150 ; to brother 
Francis Coward two rings, one with Dr. Ryvett's arms on one side and a skull and 
crossbones on the other; brother Peirce and "my sister his wife;" uncle William 
James ; uncle Arthur Phillipps ; cousin Thomas Heath ; brother Samuel Heath. 
Proved at Wells 4 Feb. 1662. Seal, (Arg.), on a chev. gu. three martlets or, a chief of 
the second charged with a cannon dismounted of the third. This is really the coat of 
Leigh, whose heiress married Coward. (See "Visitation of Somerset, 1623," Harl. 
Soc, vol. xi., p. 30.) 

Will of F. Coward. 
Francis Coward of Wells. Will dated 6 May 1665 ; proved 24 March 1655. To be 
bur. in the Lady Chapel of the Cathedral Church of Wells. Brother-in-law D r 
William Piers ; kinsman M r Timothy Revett ; wife Elizabeth ; daughters Jane and 
Mary, both under twenty -four; Catherine widow of deceased brother Thomas 
Coward ; son Thomas Coward ; dau. Jane w. of Thomas Roberts of Wells ; and 
Mary w. of William Sands. (Vide " Somerset Wills " by Rev. F. Brown.) 


In the Church of St. Lawrence, Winchester, were recently the remains of a hand- 
some mural monument for Thomas Coward, who married Grace, daughter and coheir 
of Thomas Moore of Hawkchurch, Dorset, and Spargrove, Somerset ; among the 
debris of this monument and others in the tower are the following shields : the coat 
of Leigh or Coward, as appended to the will of Thomas Coward above cited ; also, 
Arg., a cross eng. betw. twelve billets gu., Heath ; also, Gu., a lion ramp, per fess 
indent erm. and erminois, Stokes ; and, Az., a chev. betw. three pears pendant or, 
Orchard. The coat of Leigh seems to have been occasionally used by Coward in 
place of their proper coat, namely, Or, on ttvo bars sa. three roses, two and one, of the 
first. This last is cut on one of the battlements of Ditcheat Church with the date 
1667, and these initials, C. C, for Christopher Coward of Ditcheat. 

Unfortunately there are no old monuments at West Pennard, with John Coward 
of which place the Visitation pedigree commences, the nearest approach being a 
floorslab on which can just be traced a shield with helmet and mantling, but the 
charges on the shield and the inscription are quite gone. 

The following relate to the Cowards at Dicheat : — 

Will of H. Coward. 

Henry Coward of Ditcheat, husbandman. Will dated 26 September 1664 ; proved 
20 April 1665. Names son Thomas; son Henry and his son John; dau. Edith ; 
dau. Mary ; son-in-law William Dover ; Thomas son of Thomas Coward, testator's 
son, and his other children ; Francis son of testator's son Henry Coward ; Mary and 
other children of testator's daughter Edith ; children of dau. Mary ; sister Amy 
Bayley ; godson William Bayley ; children of testator's brother and sister ; John 
Coward of Ditcheat, linenweaver, and Francis Jennings of Allington, overseers ; wife 
executrix ; Elizabeth wife of son Thomas Coward. 

Will of J. Coward. 

John Coward of Ditcheat, yeoman. Will dated 5 July 1681 ; proved at Wells 23 
March 1681. Names dau. Ann Coward; dau. Hannah Coward; dau. Mary Mason. 
Lands in Ditcheat. 

Will of C. Coward. 

Christopher Coward of Ditcheat. Will dated 25 Jan. 1698 ; proved at Wells 13 
June 1699. Names wife Mary Coward ; brother William Coward and his sons ; 
sister Grace wife of poor brother Edward Coward ; sister Catherine Lite, widow ; 
poor sister Reldon of Milborne Port. Seal, {Arg.), on a mount an oak-tree (ppr.), 
surmounted by a fess (az.) charged with three crescents (of the first). Over the 
shield the letters A. W. The arms on the shield are probably Watson or Watts. 

Will of H. Coward. 

Henry Coward of Ditcheat. Will dated 13 Feb. 1677 ; proved at Wells 6 March 
1693. To be buried in the churchyard at Ditcheat. Names wife Joane ; son John 
Coward at the age of 20 years ; dau. Ann ; dau. Elizabeth ; son Henry ; dau. 
Frances ; brother-in-law John Maby ; brother-in-law Robert Clother. 


Will of R. Cowaed. 

Richard Coward of Kowtoune in parish of West Penuard, yeoman. Will dated 
28 Sept. 1678 ; proved at Wells in 1679. Names dau. Margaret Lewis, widow ; John 
Ash son of Margaret Lewis and my grandchild ; grandchild Richard Lewis ; grand- 
child Edward Lewis ; John, Richard, and Morris Cozens sons of Morris Cozens of 
Queen Camel, and Frances and Christian daus. of the same ; brother-in-law Morris 
Cozens of Queen Camel ; wife Frances Coward. 

Will of F. Coward. 

Frances Coward, widow, of West Pennard. Will dated 7 Aug. 10 Q. Ann, 1711; 
proved at Wells 1714. Names two kinsmen Morris and Nicholas Cussens, sons of 
Morris and Elizabeth Cussens of Queen Camel ; kinswoman Frances Read, wife of 
Henry Read ; two kinsmen Henry and Edmund, sons of Henry and Frances Read ; 
John son of John and Mary Cussens, and Frances and Mary Coussens daus. of the 
same ; kinswoman Christian Ede of Queen Camel, late wife of Robert Ede dec, their 
brothers John, Robert, and Richard Ede, and her daus. Elizabeth and Frances Ede ; 
son-in-law Richard Coward ; kinsman John Coussens ; John Coward the elder of 
West Pennard. Inv. dated 21 Aug. 1714, £212 2s. 6d. 

Will of T. Coward. 

Tristram Coward of Street. Will dated 14 Sept. 1591, 23 Eliz. ; proved at Wells 
28 Nov. 1591. To be buried in the churchyard of Street. Names five of Andrew 
Coward's youngest children, viz., Edward, Bess, Robert, Catherine, and Joan 
Coward ; sister Julian and her three children ; godsons Robert, Christopher, and 
Thomas Robins, and Thomas Walter ; Margaret wife of Andrew Coward. Small 
bequests to the poor of Street and Glastonbury. 

Will of J. Coward. 

John Coward the elder of West Pennard, husbandman. Will dated 17 Jan. 
39 Q. Eliz. ; proved at Wells 13 Jan. 1597. Buried at West Pennard. Names son 
John Coward ; son William Coward ; dau. Alice Coward ; sister-in-law Alice 

Will of H. Coward. 

Humphry Coward of St. John's, Glastonbury. Will dated 24 Dec. 1628; 
proved at Wells 14 Jan. 1628. Names son Peter Coward and his children; dau. 
Alice Cuffe and her children ; son Henry Coward " all my books, with the bed and 
its furniture on which I lye in my parlour." Residue in trust to Humphry 
Grinsteed of Balsbarowe (Baltonsborough, an adjoining parish), and Nicholas 
Mapson of Glastonbury for Humphrey Coward, testator's son. 

Will of J. Coward. 

John Coward the younger, late of Street, husbandman, deceased 27 Aug. 1647 ; 
proved at Wells 4 March 1647. His will nuncupative stated to John Coward in the 
presence of witnesses. Names his children John, Robert, Agnes, Elizabeth, William, 
Tristram, and Mary ; Alice Coward wife of the testator. 


Will of R. Coward. 
Robert Coward of Street, husbandman. Will dated 30 May 1648 ; proved at 
Wells 9 Aug. 1648. Names six children of Alice Coward of Street, widow ; three 
children of John Joanes of Street ; three children of John Man of Bradley (West 
Bradley, an adjacent parish) ; William Pavy of Mark, son of my sister ; sister 
Jillan ; sister Susan ; sister Rebecca Pavie of Mark. Witnesses, Thomas Crooke, 
clerk, and Richard Edwardes. 

Will of W. Coward. 
Walter Coward of Brewton, yeoman. Will dated 5 June 11 Q. Anne, 1712 ; 
proved at Wells 12 July 1721. Names brother Arthur Coward ; sister Alice Coward ; 
wife Martha Coward. 

Will of T. Coward. 
Tristram Coward of Glastonbury, husbandman. Will dated 6 March 10 K. 
George, 1723 ; proved at Wells 31 Jan. 1724. Mentions his eldest dau. Elizabeth 
Worm ; eldest son Tristram Coward ; dau. Alice Coward ; son John Coward ; wife 
Alice Coward ; younger son James Coward, residuary legatee and executor, under 
age ; trustees, Robert Mountstevens and John Vincent of Glastonbury. Seal 
of arms, A chev. betw. three birds' heads couped. Crest, A head as in the arms. 
? Hartop or Ley. 


Feb. 27 


Nov. 3 


Aug. 20 


Oct. 24 


Nov. 9 


June 23 


Jan. 17 


April 17 


April 1 


July 10 


June 10 


Aug. 4 


Feb. 17 


Feb. 28 


May 5 


Sep. 3 


Sep. 1 


Jan. 28 


July 10 

St. Cuthbert Parish Register. 


Frances dau. of M 1 ' Samuel Heath and Sarah his w., of High Street. 

Samuel s. of M r Samuel Heath and Sarah his w., of High Street. 

Thomas s. of M r Thomas Heath. 

Charles and William sons of M 1 ' Samuel Heath and Sarah his w. 

Alice dau. of Samuel Heath. 

Margaret dau. of Samuel and Sarah Heath. 

Edmund s. of M r Samuel Heath and Elizabeth his w. 

William s. of William Heath. 

George s. of M r Edward Heath; born Feb. 12. 


M r Thomas Heath, of Sadler Street. 

Samuel s. of M 1 ' Samuel Heath, of High Street. 

Frances dau. of M r Samuel Heath, of High Street. 

Ann dau. of M 1 ' Thomas Heath. 

Thomas s. of M r Thomas Heath. 

Charles s. of M r Samuel Heath. 

Sarah dau. of M r Samuel Heath. 

Virtue dau. of William and Ann Heath. 

Mr Thomas Heath. 

M r Martin Heath. 


Cathedral Register. 
1680 Sep. 17 John s. of M r Thomas Mattocks and Margaret his w. 
1683 May 4 Catherine dau. of M r Charles Mattocks and Jane his w., of the 
parish of St. Cuthbert. 

1726 July 14 Margaret dau. of George and Margaret Mattock, born 14 July, priv. 

bap., and publicly admitted to the church 11 Aug. 

1727 Dec. 20 Mary dau. of M r George Mattock and Martha his w., born 15 Dec, 

priv. bap., and brought to church 26 Dec. 
1736 April 22 Robert Clayton s. of M r George Mattock and Martha his w. ; 
priv. bap. 


1698 June 30 Jasper Mattock of Axbridge, and Mary Dory of Brewton. 

1699 Nov. 10 Richard Edghill of Axbridge, and Charity Mattock of the same 

1725 July 8 M r George Mattock of Wells, Notary Public, and Martha Penny ; 
by licence. 

St. Cuthbert Parish Register. 
Ann dau. of M r Arthur Mattock and Elizabeth his w. 
Ann dau. of M r Arthur Mattock and Elizabeth his w., in 

S* Andrew's Church. 
John s. of M r Arthur Mattock and Elizabeth his w. 
Elizabeth dau. of M r Arthur Mattock and Elizabeth his w. 
Charles s. of M r Arthur Mattock and Elizabeth his w. 
Thomas s. of M r Arthur Mattock and Elizabeth his w., of New 

Arthur s. of Charles Mattock, gent. 
Mary dau. of M r Charles Mattock. 
Charles s. of M r Charles Mattock of Milton. 
Katherine dau. of M r Charles Mattock and Jane his w. 
James s. of M r Thomas Mattock and Margaret his w. 
Margaret dau. of M r Thomas Mattock and Margaret his w. 
Joseph s. of M r Thomas Mattock and Margaret his w. 
Jane dau. of M r Thomas Mattock and Margaret his w. 
Joseph s. of M r Joseph Mattock, born 4 Dec, priv. bap., brought to 

Church March 6. 
1729 Not. 11 Martha dau. of M r George Mattock, of New Street, born Nov. 7, 

priv. bap. 

1731 Mar. 22 George s. of M r George Mattock, of New Street, born March 3, 

priv. bap., and carried to Church April 6, 1732. 

1732 May 17 Ann dau. of Matthew Mattock, of Chamberlain Street, born May 

11, priv. bap., carried to Church May 22. 

1734 Dec. 3 Martha dau. of M r George Mattocks, of New Street, bom Dec. 2, 

priv. bap., and carried to Church Dec. 26. 

1735 Oct. 19 James s. of Matthew Mattock, of New Street, born Sep. 29. 


April 3 


June 21 


Aug. 2 


Mar. 15 


Mar. 30 


Dec. 4 


Nov. 8 


Dec 13 


May 13 


Mar. 29 


July 2 


Sep. 17 


Aug. 22 


Mar. 1 


Jan. 6 


1614 May 16 William Mattocke and Mary Bihatshell. 

Ann dau. of M r Arthur Mattock. 

Richard s. of M r Arthur Mattock and Elizabeth his w., of Milton. 
John s. of M r Arthur Mattock, of Milton. 
Elizabeth dau. of M r Arthur and M rs Elizabeth Matox. 
Arthur Mattock, gent. 
Ann dau. of M r Charles Mattock, of Milton. 
M rs Roberts, of the Liberty. 
Joseph s. of M r Thomas Mattocks, of New Street. 
Elizabeth w. of Arthur Mattock, of Ston Easton, gent. 
Arthur Mattock, of East Harptry, gent. 
Margaret w. of M r Thomas Mattock, gent., of New Street. 
M rs Mattock, of High Street. 
Martha dau. of M r George Mattock. 
M rs Mattock, widow, from High Street. 
George s. of M r George Mattock. 
Martha dau. of M r George Mattock. 
M r George Mattock, of the Liberty. 


Aug. 13 


Feb. 25 


Aug. 13 


Dec. 18 


Jan. 2 


Sep. 18 


July 21 


April 15 


April 4 


Mar. 17 


May 19 


Jan. 3 


Nov. 30 


June 3 


Aug. 3 


June 2 


Oct. 8 

In the Chancel Aisle of St. Cuthbert is a floorslab for Elizabeth wife of Arthur 
Mattocke, gent., dau. and heir-at-law of Charles Curtis of East Harptree, gent. ; 
she died 26 March 1708, aged 22. Thomas Roberts of this city, gent., who died 15 
April 1688, aged 36. Arthur Mattocke, died 12 March 1713, aged 39 ; and George 
Mattocke, gent., who died 5 Oct. 1736, aged 53. Above the inscription are these 

Arms, .... a chev. quarterly per chev betw. three fleurs-de-lis . . . . ; imp. 

{Arg.), three bulls' 1 heads caboshed (sa.). Crest, A bear salient. The impalement 
is incorrect ; there should be a chevron between the bulls' heads for the coat of 
Curtis ; as it stands it is really the coat of Walrond. 

The following abstracts of "Wills in the Wells Registry throw some further light 
on the pedigree and its connection with the Coward Family : — 

Will of C. Mattocke. 

Charles Mattocke of Wells, gent. Will dated 16 Sep. 1685 ; proved at 
Wells 16 Oct. 1686. Names son Thomas Mattocke, daughters Mary and 
Katherine Mattocke ; lands in Sutton, Mallet, Chilton, and Wincanton ; William 
Westley of Wells, gent. ; Mr. Charles Thirlby, and Mr. Arthur Mattocke, both 
deceased. Seal, A chev. betw. three fleurs-de-lis ; imp. J. chev. charged with three 
martlets, and on a chief a cannon dismounted, for Coward ; really the coat of Ley or 
Leigh. Crest, A bear salient. Burke gives for Matticke or Matoke of Hereford- 
shire and Yorkshire, Az., a chev. quarterly or and arg. betw. three fleurs-de-lis of the 
second. Crest, A bear salient per bend arg. and sa. Papworth makes the chev. 
quarterly per chev., thus agreeing with the stone in St. Cuthbert. 


Will of G. Mattocke. 
George Mattocke of Wells, gent. Will dated 17 Jan. 1688 ; proved at 
Wells 13 Jnly 1689. Names lands in Banwell, and leaves all to his wife Mrs. 
Sophia Mattocke. Seal, On a bend three griffins' heads erased. Crest, A griffin's 
head as in the arms. (Arg., on a lend sa. three griffins'' heads erased of the first, 

Administration : A. Mattock. 

Arthur Mattock of Wells, bachelor, deceased. Administration granted 3 Aug. 
1685 to Richard Cupper, a creditor, Thomas and George Mattock, brothers of the 
deceased, renouncing. 

On the sides of the stairs leading from this aisle to the pulpit in the choir are 
carved two shields, one charged with the arms of Jenkyns, the other with those 
of Grove, as already blazoned. 

Hie Jacet Guido Clinton 

gent., obiit 9 die Feb. 1728. 

Mt. 77. 


Cathedral Register. 


1681 May 6 Anne dau. of M r Guydo Clinton and Elizabeth his wife. 

1682 Oct. 3 Guido s. of M r Guydo Clinton and Elizabeth his wife. 
1685 Mar. 2 Guido s. of M r Guydo Clinton and Elizabeth his wife. 
1688 May 27 Thomas s. of M r Guydo Clinton and Elizabeth his wife. 

1702 Dec. 81 M r Richard Cross, of Broomfield, & Ann Clinton, of this Liberty. 

169| Mar. 19 Thomas s. of M r Guido Clinton. 
1714 Sep. 8 M™ Elizabeth wife of M r Guido Clinton. 

St. Cuthbert Parish Register. 

1664 Sep. 22 Elizabeth w. of Guido Clinton, bur. 

1664 M r Guido Clinton and M rs Ann Stasey, mar. 

Martha dau. of M r Guido Clinton and Ann his w., bur. 

Sarah dau. of M r Guido Clinton and Sarah his w., bap. 

Sarah dau. of Guido Humphries, bap. 

M r Richard Stasey, of S* Cuthbert, and M rs Constance Jane, of 
S* Thomas, Bristol. 

Ann dau. of M r Guido and M rs Ann Clinton, bur. 

M r Guido Clinton, bur. 

A child of M r Guido Clinton, bur. 


Sep. 7 


Aug. 7 


Feb. 14 


Nov. 10 


Dec. 23 


June 22 


April — 


1684 July — M r John Clinton's child. 

1684 Aug. — M>' Richard Stacy. 

1712 Sep. 3 M rs Ann Clinton, wid., bur. 

Administration : G. Clynton. 

Administration 16 Oct. 1650 of the effects of Guy Clinton of Alford granted 
to his son Guy Clinton. Administration 18 Jan. 1678-9 of the effects of Guy 
Clynton of Wells, deceased, to his son Guy Clynton, Ann Clynton the relict having 

Will of A. Clinton. 

The will of Ann Clinton of Wells, widow, dated 10 Oct. 1702 ; proved at Wells 
27 Nov. 1712. To be buried at St. Cuthbert's; goddau. Jane Prickman a guinea ; 
goddau. Eliz. Norton dau. of William Norton ; to every poor housekeeper living in 
New Street from the sign of the Globe to the upper end of the street, one shilling ; 
lands and tenements, etc., in New Street to Elizabeth wife of John Paine of Wells ; 
said daughter-in-law Elizabeth Pain to be executrix. Seal, (Or), two bars az. betw. 
three crescents sa., inter the bars three roses of the second, Merrifield. A family of 
Merrifield had long been resident in Wells. The "Globe" Inn has disappeared 
from New Street, nor are there now many " poor housekeepers " in the street in 
the sense implied by Ann Clinton's will. 

Will of R. Stacie. 

The will of Ann Clinton's father Richard Stacie ; proved at Wells 19 Aug. 
1685 ; in it he calls himself aged but of good health. Names house and gardens in 
New Street purchased from George Bisse, Esq., to his dau. Ann Clinton and her 
heirs ; Elizabeth Paine dau. of John Payne ; to the poor of St. Cuthbert forty 
shillings ; M r Philip Hodges, gent., and M r Guydo Clinton, notary public, overseers. 

The following abstract of a will explains the appearance of the seal with the 
arms of Merefield : — 

Will of C. Merefield. 

Christable Merefield of Wells, spinster. Will dated 20 Aug. 1664 ; proved at 
Wells 22 March 1664. Names brother William Merefield , niece Martha Gold ; 
nephew Gold ; nephew Rowland ; brother M r Richard Stacy ; nephew Thomas 
White, to have her lands in Somerset and be executor. 

St. Cuthbert Parish Register. 
1664 Sep. 8 M rs Christabell Merefield, bur. 



This occupies the space beneath the Chapter House, and contains a collection of 
fragments of architectural details, five stone coffins, three memorial slabs with 
floriated crosses, the effigy of one of the architects of the Cathedral with a plummet 
in his hand, and a stone with the following portion of an inscription, viz. : — 

iEtatis sua3 57 

Hie etiam jacet 

Johannes filius 

Eldredgii aris dictae 

dnge natii obiit 3° 

Jan. 1696 

Mt&t l m0 . 

There is also a hatchment for Dean Jenkyns, whose monument has been already 
mentioned ; it has the dexter side black. The arms are, Jenkins, Az., on a saltire eng. 
or, Jive crosses patee fitchee sa. ; imp. Erm., on a chev. gu. three escallop shells or, 
Grove ; on an escutcheon of pretence, Grove repeated. For Dean Jenkyns see p. 75. 

Will of H. Clarke. 

Henry Clarke of Wells, Esq. Will dated at Wookey, 3 September 6 Eliz., 
a.d. 1564. To be buried in St. Cuthbert's, near dau. Elizabeth. To the church 
of St. Cuthbert 20 s ; to the fabric of the Cathedral Church of St. Andrew 10 s ; 
for the repair of the Chancel of the Parish Church of Locking 20 s ; to the Church 
Works of the Parish Church of Wookey 6 s 8 d ; to the Church Works of Kingston 
Seymour 3 s 4 d ; wife Elizabeth £100 and plate ; son William "my best greate salte 
of silver gilt, having upon the reverse my father and mother's arms graven, a ring 
of gold with my seal of arms," at 24 years of age; if he die before, to s. Thomas ; if 
he d. s.p., to s. Harry ; if he d. s.p., remainder to " my daughters then living ;" cousin 
Sir Rowland Clarke ; friend M r William Horman, scrivener, of Wells ; cousin John 
Cawood (? Coward) ; friend William Watson. 

Codicil dated 7 May 1565. Master William Bowerman, Sub-Dean of Wells. 
Sir John Turner, Priest. Wife Elizabeth, mansion house in Wells ; Manors of 
Locking and Kingston to son William ; remainder to son Thomas ; remainder to son 
Harry ; remainder to Elizabeth Hill, daughter of my sister Alice, dec. ; remainder 
to Sir Rowland Clarke ; remainder to testator's sister Anne Claxton ; remainder 
over to right heirs ; Manor of Blackford, lands and mansion house at Wookey, 
lands at St. Decumens ; dau. Joane ; dau. Anthonye (sic) ; dau. Anne ; dau. Mary ; 
dau. Elizabeth, at 18 years of age ; father Thomas Clarke, late deceased. Proved 
11 April 1565, at Wells (book 14, fol. 107). The original does not exist, consequently 
there is no seal. 

In the Church of Wookey is an altar-tomb for the father of the above Henry ; 
on the top round the edge is this inscription, " Here lyth the bodye of Thomas 
Clarke Esquyer and Anthony his wyfe whiche Tho. was departid to Code the 2 day 
of Marche 1555, and also Anthony departid the . . day .... whose soules God p'do 


amn." At the west end of the tomb are these arms, (Or), two bars (gu.), and in chief 
three escallops (az.), Clarke ; imp. Quarterly — 1 and 4, (Arg.), three birdbolts paletvays 
in/ess (gu.), Bolton ; 2 and 3, (Arg.), afess betw. in chief two mullets and in base a 
crescent (gu.), Elder. This last coat is rather doubtful, it represents an early match 
of the old Yorkshire family of Bolton. It is much to be wished some light could be 
obtained regarding this match of Clarke. In St. Cuthbert's Church are the remains 
of a monument to one of this family, consisting of a recumbent effigy in armour, a 
large shield, Quarterly — 1 and 4, Clarke, as above ; 2 and 3, Three birdbolts -paletvays 
in fess, as above. Crest, A demi-eagle wings addorsed. Two smaller shields are 
charged, the one with this quartered coat, the other with Clarke alone. The follow- 
ing inscription is on a panel, "Clara Chara Clarcko A Dni 1587," a trefoil being 
placed between each word. The "Wills at Wells give us no further information 
immediately connected with this family. 

"Will of T. Claeke. 
Will of Thomas Clarke of Shapwick, husbandman, dated 2 April 1550. Names 
sons John, William, and Thomas ; daughters Joan and Edith ; wife Joan. Proved 
at Wells 6 July 1551. 

Will of J. Clarke. 
Will of John Clarke of Shapwick, dated 27 March 1582. Names sons William 
and Thomas ; daughters Agnes and Joan ; wife Margaret. Proved at Wells 27 
May 1582. 

Will of T. Clarke. 
The Will nuncupative of Thomas Clarke of Shapwick, husbandman, deceased, 
dated 22 November 1610. Names wife and children without their names. Wife 
Mary Clarke ; son William, aged two years ; William Clarke, brother of deceased. 
Proved 27 February 1610-11. William Clarke, Notary Public of Wells, is a witness, 
and is probably the person named in the following entry from St. Cuthbert's Register, 
" 1609, February 2, M 1 * Clarke wife of M r Clarke, the Proctter, buried." 

Will of J. Bolton. 
About this period there was a family of the name of Bolton existing in the 
county, as appears by the Will of John Bolton, dated 16 August 1546, proved at 
Taunton 15 September 1546. In it he desires to be buried in the Church of St. 
James's, Taunton ; leaves bequests to the Altars of our Lady St. Katherine and 
Holy Cross in that Church, and to the Church of St. Andrew at Wells. Names his 
mother Mow u Bolton ; brother John Bolton ; sister Alice Bolton ; dau. Isabell 
Bolton ; wife Johan, and the child she goeth with ; Gostly father John Moreys. 
Witness, Sir John Burgon, curate. Although this throws no direct light on the 
question, it is an indication as to the family of Tho. Clarke's wife. 

Will of W. Clarke. 
William Clarke of Wookey, yeoman, will dated 14 June 1709 ; proved at Wells 
19 Nov. 1709. Names s. William Clarke ; goods at Lovington ; two grandchildren 
William and Christiana Boulting ; s. Richard Clarke ; lands in the Manor of 
Northload ; dau. Susanna. Seal, W. C. 


Will of R. Clarke. 
Richard Clarke of Wookey, miller. Names house and fifteen acres of land more 
or less at Priddy ; three sons Thomas Clarke, Richard Clarke, and John Clarke ; 
their uncle John Stott ; their grandfather Thomas Stott, deceased ; dau. Betty 
Clerke ; Mary Marchant dau. of the late Rose Marchant of Wookey, deceased ; 
house and mill at Wookey. Witnesses, John Stott and John Ghitch. Seal, (Gu.), 
on a fess betw. three boars' heads (arg.) a lion pass. (sa.). Crest, A boar's head as 
in the arms, apparently used by John Gutch. 

Among the papers of St. Cuthbert Parish is one dated 23 June 1708, signed by 
Edward Clarke as a J.P., the arms on the seal being, Two bars and in chief three 
escallop shells. 


In the second window from the east end of this aisle are three shields, viz. : — 

1, Or, two bars az., in chief three escallop shells gules, over the shield a bishop's 
mitre, Bishop John Clark. This shield appears to be of glass, contemporary with 
Bishop Clark. These arms are ou the tomb of Thomas Clark 1555 at Wookey, and 
on a monument in St. Cuthbert's dated 1587. The same coat is ascribed to Clark 
of Shipley (sic, probably Shipham near Winscombe, which belonged to the Bishops of 
Bath and Wells) by Burke, etc., who also give for the Bishop the same coat, adding 
a horse's head, as mentioned more fully in the account of the shields in the Common 
Hall of the Vicars. 

2, Az., a saltire or. The glass of the saltire looks very old, but the field is 
undoubtedly new glass. Most likely the shield contained the correct arms of the 
See, as still in the opposite aisle, but being broken this was a cheap way of 
repairing it. 

3, Per fess or and arg., in chief a demi-rose gu. conjoined to a demi-sun in base 
or, from the top of the rose a demi imperial eagle sans wings sa. Burke gives as 
granted 14 July 1514 to William Knight, Prothonotary of the Apostolical See, and 
Ambassador from King Henry VIII. to Maximilian, and afterwards Bishop of 
Bath and Wells, this coat, Per fess or and gu., an eagle with tivo heads displayed sa., 
having on its breast a demi-rose and a demi-sun conjoined into one counter changed of 
the field. This blazon is not very clear, the coat is evidently that in the window, 
only that the red of the glass has faded, a fact which will be noticed more fully in 
the next window. The seal of Bishop Knight and the pulpit in the nave which 
was built \£or his monument, and beneath which he lies, have the same arms as in 
the window, no colours being shewn. 

In the next window, the third from the east end of this aisle, are three more 
shields : — 

1, Arg., gutte' d'or, on a chief or an annulet gu. betw. two leopards' faces az. 
langued of the first. The annulet looks more like a torteaux with a hole in the 
middle. This coat was originally, no doubt, Gu., gutte d'or, on a chief of the last a 
torteaux charged with a leopard's face of the second betw. two other leopards' faces az. 
This coat is not given by Papworth, and it very probably belongs to Dean 


Woleman, though the only thing that connects him with it is the inscription at the 
foot of the window. Among fragments in one of the other windows are two torteaux 
charged with a leopard's face gold, no doubt belonging to two examples of this 

2, Quarterly France and England, within the garter, the garter has been patched, 
and there are remains of supporters ; on the sinister is part of a dragon or, winged 
vert ; the arms of Henry VIII. The dragon should be gules, and on the dexter 
side. It is worthy of note here, as the royal arms are so well known and indisput- 
able, that the field is quite clear glass, the red in both quarters having completely 
faded away. This is also the case in the next shield, in both the coats of Knight the 
red having completely gone. An example of the Courtenay arms at Sheviock in 
Cornwall has the three torteaux quite colourless, while the yellow and blue remain. 

It would appear that old glass-workers sometimes used a colour that was not 
permanent, or used a thin coating of ruby glass, which was cut away when small 
charges had to be shewn ; such coating in some cases becoming detached by the 
action of air and weather in course of time, left clear glass where red ought to be ; 
and this must always be borne in mind when viewing a shield which has clear 
glass where colour should be, even if there are traces of diapering over the glass. 

3, Knight as in the previous window. 

At the foot of the window is this inscription evidently not perfect : — 

Ricarolus Woleman hugus ecclesie .... deo. opt. . . mar. . . 1537. 
Richard Woleman, L.L.D., appointed Dean of Wells in 1529, and died 1537, 
being buried in the cloister of St. Stephen's Chapel, Westminster. 

KEN. The fourth window from the East is modern, put up in memory of 
Bishop Ken, chiefly by the exertions of Dean Plump tre, the learned 
author of an exhaustive life of that prelate. It contains, with Scripture scenes, the full 
length portraiture of the Bishop ; beneath him this coat, viz., Az., a saltire per saltire 
and quarterly counterchanged arg. and or, cantoned ivith, on the dexter two keys 
addorsed the bows interlaced, on the sinister a sword erect, all of the second; imp. Erm., 
three crescents gu. This being no doubt intended for the See imp. Ken ; but in the 
coat for the See the pastoral staff is omitted, and the saltire made incorrectly of two 
metals instead of plain gold. Round the figure this legend, " Pastor bonus animam 
pro ovibus," and at the foot of the window, " In piam memoriam viri Sanctissimi 
delectissimi Thomas Ken,S.T.P., olim Bathon et Wellen episcopi, N. 1637, ob. 1711." 


JENKYNS. The stone Pulpit given by Dean Jenkyns has this inscription 
running round the upper part, "Deo dedicaverunt Ricardus 
Jenkyns, S.T.P., Decanus Wellensis et Veritas uxor ejus, A.S., mdcccliii." On the 
side steps of the pulpit, but in the North Aisle, are two shields, one with the arms of 
Jenkyns, the other Grove, as already described. 





On the floor near the Pulpit is a brass with this inscription 

Fenestram supra appositam 

In memoriam 

Grulielmi Thomas Parr Brymer, A.M. 

hugus ecclesiae Canon : et Archid : Bathon 

laboribus ecclesiasticus 

Dum episcopi senio gravati vicem generet 

summa omniam laude absolutus 

complures tarn laici quam clerici 

adornandum curauerunt, 


Jocelynus de Welles ep 9 1242. 

This is all there is of heraldry or memorial inscription in the Choir. 

Leading from N. Aisle to the Chapter House. 
A large canopied tomb with recumbent effigy, which has recently been re-painted 
and gilt, bears these arms and inscription : 

Memoras sacrum 
STILL. Joanni Still Episcopo Bathoniensi et Wellensi, Sacras 

Theologia Doctori Acerrimo Christianas Yeritatis 
propugnatori non nienus vitas integritate quam veria 
Doctrina claro qui cum Domino Diu vigilasset in 
Christo spe certa resurgendi obdormivit die XXVI. 
Februarii mdcvii. 
Yixit annos LXIIII sedit episcopus XVI. 
Nathaniel Still Alius primogenitus optimo patri 
Mcerens pietatis ergo posuit. 
Arms : Three shields — 1st, Az., a saltire per saltire and per cross counter changed 
arg. and or, the See ; 2nd, the same, imp. Sa., gutte de Veau and three roses arg., 
Still ; 3rd, Still, alone. 



PtDfgro of Still 


From a MS. compiled from Heralds' Visitations, Family Deeds, Wills, Parish 
Eegisters, and other authentic sources. 

Arms. — Sable, goutte argent, three roses of the last, seeded or, barbed vert. 

Crest. A stork proper. 

Motto. — Tranquilla per cequora. 

Arms granted by Sir William Dethick, Garter King of Arms, 10 April 35 Eliz., 


In the Wells Probate Registry is the will of John Still of Compton Martin, 
husbandman, dated 3 Oct. 30 Queen Eliz., and proved 5 Sept. 1590 (book 23, fol. 4). 
Parts have quite disappeared, but we can trace, " My .... Alice," " my wife Joane 
Still," " my son John Still." Names debts to .... Maynard, Ambrose Millard, 
and Edward Still. But his relationship, if any, does not appear. 

William Still of Grantham, co. Lincoln (called Thomas in the^ 
' Visitation of Wilts, 1623 '). 

2. William=r=Elizabeth, da. 3. Thomas Still. Alice Still, mar. 16=T=Adam Winthorp, 3rd son 

Still of 

of Tho. Pechell 
of Normanton, 
co. Line. 

4. George Still, 
Rector of 

Dec. 1574 
Dec. 1579 

died 24 
; bur. in 

(by Agnes Sheepe his 
wife) of Adam Win- 
thorp. Born in Grace- 
church Street, London, 
10 Aug. 1548. 

John Winthorp, Governor of the Massachussetts 
Bay Company in 1630. 

A first-born (sic) child, 
bur. with its mother. 

John Still, Rector of Chris- 
tian Malf ord, Wilts ; Pre- 
bendary of Salisbury 13 
July 1613, and of Bath and 
Wells 4 May 1623 ; chap- 
lain of Bishop Still ; bearer 
of one of the four ban- 
nerolles at his funeral ; 
signed Visit. Ped. 1623. 

: Frances, da. of 
John Younge of 
Odiham, Hants. 
Arms : Lozengy 
or and vert, a 
chevron azure. 

2. William 

I J I 

Anna=Rev. Adam Abra- Mary 

Still, ham of Chard, Still. 

Somerset ; one of — 

the chaplains of Alice 

Bishop Still, and Still. 

bearer of one of Both 

the bannerolles at dead 

his funeral. before 


Henry Still, 
set. 9 an. 

John Still, 
set. 6 an. 

Frances Still, 
set. 5 an. 1623. 

Elizabeth Still, 
83t. 4 an. 1623. 

Ann Still, 
set. 2 an. 

Judith Still, 
set. 1 an. 

Anne, sister of John Alabaster,: 
gent, (twice Mayor of Hadleigh, 
Suffolk,9 April 18 James I.,1619), 
and da. of Thomas Alabaster, 
gent., of Hadleigh, clothier. Ob. 
12 Jan. 1592, set. 70; bur. in 
Hadley Church, with a brass to 
her memory. 1st wife. 

Arms : Ermine, a cross-bow 
bent gules. 

:John Still, D.D., Bishop of Bath= 
and Wells, consecrated 11 Feb. 
1592-3 ; eldest son, born circa 
1543 ; died at the Palace, Wells, 
26 Feb. 1607, aged 64 ; funeral 
solemnized 4 April following. 
Monument in the Cathedral. 
Will dated 4 Feb. 1607 ; proved 
28 April 1608 at Canterbury. 

: Jane, da. of Sir John Horner 
of Mells Park, co. Somerset; 
High Sheriff 1564—1587. 
Born 1561 ; died 1608; bur. at 
Cloford 29 Sept. 1608. Will 
dated 2 Sept. 1608 ; proved 
31 Jan. 1608-9. 2nd wife. 

Arms, granted 1584 : Sable, 
three talbots passant argent. 

See Pedigree <&, page 152. 



John Still, 
bap. at 
19 Jan. 
1577 ; bur. 

Nathaniel Still of Hutton Court,=FJane, sister of Sir William Whit-^Henry Dennis 

co. Somerset, eldest surviving 
son and heir ; bap. at Hadleigh 
18 Oct. 1579 ; set. 30 in 1610 ; 
died intestate 2 Feb. 1625-6 ; 
bur. in the chancel of Hutton 
Church, where is a monument 
to him. Administration granted 
to his widow 27 Feb. 1625-6 
at Canterbury. 

more, Knight, of Apley, co. Salop, 
and da. of William Whitmore, 
Alderman of London (ob. 1593), 
son of Richard Whitmore, Esq., 
of Cloverly, co. Salop. Born 
circa 1587 ; set. 23 in 1610 ; died 
10 Dec. 1639; bur. in Bath 
Arms : Vert,fretty or. 

of Puckle- 
church Hall, 
co. Glouces- 
ter, Esq. 2nd 

Ann Still, da. and^=John Codrington of 

coheir, set. 10 in 
1623. Devisee of 
her uncle John 
Still of Durleigh 
for life of pre- 
mises in Durleigh. 

Didmarton, co. 

Arms : Argent, 
a fcss embattled 
counter - embattled 
sable, fretty gules, 
between three lions 
passant of the third. 

Jane Still,: 
set. 9 in 
1623 ; da. 
and co- 

=Sir James Pyle, Bart., 
of Compton Beau- 
champ. Berks. Died 
circa 1639. 

Arms : Argent, a 
cross between four 
nails gules. 

I I 
Elizabeth Still, 
da. and coheir, 
living 1639; set. 
5 in 1623. 


Ann Pyle, : 
eldest da. 
and co- 

: Sir Francis Hollis, 
Bart., 2nd Baron 
Hollis of Iffield, co. 
Sussex. Died 1 March 

Elizabeth=T=Sir Thomas Strick- 
Pyle, da. I land, 2nd Bart., of 
and co- | Boynton, co. York, 
heir; mar. 

. . . .=. . . . Rickards 
Pyle. of Yewerland, 

Isle of Wight, 


Danzill Hollis, 3rd Baron ; died unmar. 1694, set. 18. Jane Hollis, died infant. 

Jane Codrington, da. and coheir.=pSamuel Codrington, Esq., of Dodington. 

Elizabeth Codrington, da. and coheir .=T=Edmund Rowe, Esq. 

Elizabeth Rowe, only da. ; 
and heir. 

: Benjamin Michell, Esq., of Branscombe and Salcombe 
Regis, co. Devon. 

Elizabeth Michell, da. and heir.=^John Heard of Bridgwater, gent. 

Sir Isaac Heard, Knight, Garter King of Arms. 

Mary Still, da. and coheir, set. 8 in 1623 ;=f=John Dennis of Pucklechurch Hall, co. Gloucester ; 

died 8 Aug. 1698 ; bur. in the church at 
Pucklechurch, co. Gloucester. 

born 1616 ; died 1669. 

Arms : Gules, three leopards' heads or jessant- 
de-lis azure,over all a bendlet engrailed of the last. 

William Dennis of Pucklechurch, eldest surviving son ;— Dorothea, da. of Sir John Cotton of 
died 28 Aug. 1701, set. 56 ; M.I. at Pucklechurch. i Connington, co. Huntingdon. 


John Dennis, died Mary Dennis, eldest da. and coheir,=. . . . Butler of Two daughters, 
aged one week. ob. s.p. ; sold Pucklechurch Hall. Ireland. died unmar. 



John Still of Durleigh, and of: 
Westbower in parish of Bridg- 
water, Somerset ; bapt. at Had- 
leigh 12 Feb. 1587. Will dated 
21 Nov. 1633 ; proved 10 Feb. 
1633-4 at Canterbury. To be 
bur. in Durleigh Church. Names 
his three cousins of his own 
surname in Lincolnshire. 

:Ann, da. of Thomas Baynard of Wanstrow,=John Bourne, 
co. Somerset, and Callerne, co. Wilts (who son of the 
signed the Visit. Ped. 1623), by Ann, sister of Bev. Canon 
Sir Lawrence Hyde of Salisbury, Lord Chief Bourne, D.D., 
Justice of England. Her will dated 28 Jan. who died 8 
1667 calls her Ann Bourne, widow, of Bridg- Aug. 1652. 
water ; proved 30 June 1668 by her son Henry 2nd husband. 
Still. Names her grandchild John Bull ; son- 
in-law Mr. Henry Bull ; kinsman Mr. Tho. 
Gorges and his sister Elizabeth Gorges. 
Arms : Sable, a/ess between two chevrons or. 

Thomas Still, bapt. at 
Hadleigh 21 Sept. 
1589 ; bur. there ; 
living 1633. 

Sarah Still, bapt. at Had-=William Morgan, Esq., of Warminster 
leigh 30 April 1581 ; died in parish of St. Cuthbert, Wells. 
2 Sept. 1608 ; bur. in Wells Arms : Argent, on a bend cotised 
Cathedral. sable a fleur-de-lis between two cinque- 

foils of the first. 

Anne Still, bapt. : 
at Hadleigh 30 
April 1581. 

^Robert Eyre, Esq. (called Richard in the will of his brother- Anne Still, 
in-law John Still), of Chilhampton and Sarum, Wilts, Bar- bapt. 19 
rister-at-Law ; son and heir of Thomas Eyre, Esq., M.P. for Aug. 1576. 
New Sarum 1557 ; born circa 1569 ; died Aug. 1638. 
. Arms : Argent, on a chevron sable three cinquefoils or. 

I . I 

Elizabeth— Richard Edwards, Alderman Deputy for Bishops- Mary : 

Still, gate Ward 1634 ; eldest son of John Edwards of Still, 

bapt. at London (by his wife Joan, eldest da. and coheir bapt. 

Hadleigh with her sister " the Lady Holies " of Richard at 

6 Oct. Wright of London) ; descended from the Ed- Had- 

1583. wardses of Denbighshire. leigh 

Arms : Quarterly — 1 and 4, Argent, a fess 12 

between three martlets azure ; 2 and 3, Sable, a fess April 

or, on a chief of the last three spear-lieads azure. 1585. 

=Seston Jones, gent., of 
Kevill, co. Wilts, son 
of William Jones of 
Kevill, to whom these 
arms were granted in 
1589, viz., Argent, a 
lion passant sable, on 
a chief of the second a 
coronet or. 


John Still, 
eldest son, 
to whom 
his father 
and West- 
bower in 
tail, with 
to his 

Henry Still of Westbower,: 
who by purchase in 1661 
acquired The Bury with 
the Manor in the parish of 
Doynton, co. Gloucester. 
To him his uncle of the 
half-blood Tho. Still of 
Shaston devised the estate 
of Shaston St. James, Dor- 
set, in tail, failing issue of 
his only son John. Settle- 
ment of marriage dated 
18 May 1673 ; died at The 
Bury, and bur. in Doyn- 
ton Church 23 Aug. 1705. 

: Anna, sister of William Guise of Highnam Ann Still, 

Court, co. Gloucester (great-grandfather of aet. 4 in 

General Sir John Wright Guise, 3rd Bart.), 1623. 
and da. of Henry Guise of Winterbourne, — 

Wilts (brother of Sir Christopher Guise of Mary 

Elmore, co. Gloucester, Bart.), by his wife Still, liv- 

Philippa, da. of Sir Tho. Brydges, Knight, of ing in 

Keynsham Abbey, co. Somerset (younger 1633, mar. 

brother of John Brydges, Baron Chandos), Henry 

and granddaughter of Sir William Guise, Bull. See 

Knight, of Enmore, and Cecily, da. of John Pedigree 

Dennis of Pucklechurch. She was bur. at of Bull, 

Doynton 4 Sept. 1682. p. 46. 

Arms : Gules, seven lozenges, three, three, and 
one, vaird,on a canton or a mullet sable pierced. 

John Still of The Bury,: 
Lord of that Manor ; born 
3 April 1677 ; marriage 
settlement dated 8 Dec. 
1715 ; legatee under the 
will of his wife's kins- 
man Henry ffoote, gent., 
of Bristol, grandson of 
Henry Dighton, dated 9 
July 1749 ; died 20 April 
1753, aged 76 ; bur. at 


=Martha, da. of Thomas 
Hickes of Westend, 
Wickwar, co. Glouces- 
ter, by Martha, da. of 
Henry Dighton of Bris- 
tol (who died 8 May 

Arms : Gules, a fess 
wavy between three 
fleurs-de-lis or. 

Still, died 
infant 5 
Jan. 1682 ; 
bur. at 

I I I 

Mary Still, 
died infant 
23 Aug. 1674. 

Ann Still, liv- 
ing in 1700. 

Mary Still, 
born 20 July 
1680 ; living 

Philippa Still, 
mentioned in an 
indenture exe- 
cuted by her 
brother for rais- 
ing portions for 
his sisters in 
1703. Philippa 
Still gave £10 
for the relief 
of the poor of 



John Still of 
The Bury, 
Lord of that 
eldest sur- 
viving son 
and heir ; 
born 25 
Sept. 1719 ; 
ob. s.p. 

The Rev. Henry: 
Still of The Bury, 
Lord of that 
Manor ; Rector 
of Clapton, co. 
Somerset, and of 
North Wraxall, 
co. Wilts. He 
died, and bur. at 
North Wraxall, 
Wilts, 18 March 

: Mary, da. of John 
Gale of Appleshawe, 
co. Hants. Bur. at 
North Wraxall 27 
April 1786. 

Arms : Or, on a 
chevron azure, be- 
tween three Sara- 
cens' heads affronte 
cronmed sable, as 
many fleurs-de-lis 

Frances=Newton Woodward of Grims- 
Still, bury in parish of Bitton, co. 
ob. s.p. Gloucester, eldest son of 
Francis Woodward of Grims- 
bury (who died 1730), by 
Dorothy, da. of Sir John New- 
ton, Bart., of Bars Court, co. 
Gloucester. He died 1773, 
set. 79 ; M.I. in Bitton 


Sylvestra Still, born 
11 Oct, 1716 ; living 
and then widow of 
Moses Cottle 28 
Feb. 1792 ; ob. s.p. 

=Moses Cottle of Winsley, 
co. Wilts. 

Arms : Or, a bend 
gules, in chief a crescent 
of the last for difference. 

Elizabeth Still, born 
1 Dec. 1720 ; died at 
Willsbridge House, 
and bur. at Doynton 
in Dec. 1801. 

I I 

Anne Martha Still, 

Still, living 8 Aug. 

born 1758 ; died 

28 Dec. unmar. 

Philippa Still,: 
born 3 April 
1725 ; bapt. at 
Doynton 2 
May follow- 
ing. Will dated 
28 Feb. 1792 ; 
proved at Can- 
terbury 8 July 

: John Pearsall of Willsbridge House in parish of Bitton, co. Gloucester, son of 
John Pearsall of the same, whose will, dated 28 Feb. 1756, was proved at 
Bristol 16 July 1762, great-grandson of Humphry Pearsall of the Hawn in 
parish of Halesowen, co. Salop (born 1 Nov. 1599; mar. 3 April 1619 Mary, 
da. of Richard Blount of Rowley Regis, co. Stafford, and dying of a fever 
in London 1650 was bur. in the old church of Chelsea, where there is a M.I. 
to him), younger son of Sir John Pearsall of Horsley, co. Stafford, Bart., so 
created 25 Nov. 1611. Born 24 June 1716; died intestate at Willsbridge 
27 April 1777 ; bur. in cemetery of Redcliffe Pit, Bristol. 

Arms : Argent, a cross fleury sable, on a canton gules a wolfs head erased 
of the first. 

Martha Still, younger 
da., bapt. at North 
Wraxall 24 Aug. 1764; 
died 13 Sept. 1764 ; 
bur. there. 

Judith Still, only sur-^=Thomas Pearsall of Wills- = Thorn asine, da. of 

Thomas Maun- 
drell of Black- 
lands, near Calne, 
Wilts, High She- 
riff of that county 
in 1770. Died 
s.p. 2nd wife. 

viving child, bapt. at 
North Wraxall 3 March 
1762; mar. there 28 
Feb. 1783 ; died at 
Willsbridge, and bur. at 
Bitton 2 Aug. 1810. 

bridge, eldest surviving 
son ; born at Willsbridge 
26 Oct. 1758 ; died at 
Bath, and bur. at Bitton 
19 March 1825, aged 67. 

born at 
bridge ; 
bur. at 
28 April 

John Pearsall, born : 
at Willsbridge 7 
March 1784 ; bapt. 
at Bitton 19 April 
bur. at Bitton 26 
Nov. 1863. 

: Frances. da. and coheir 
of Richard Highatt of 
Jamaica. Living 1867 
at Cheltenham. 

Arms : Gules, two bars 
argent, over all on a 
bend or three leopards' 
heads sable. 

Robert Pearsall, 
only surviving 
son ; born at 
Willsbridge ; 
bapt. 8 Aug. 
1807 ; living 10 
Jan. 1868. 

Henry William 
Pearsall, died 
unmar. at Al- 
fred Place, Bed- 
ford Square, 
London, 3 May 
1861 ; bur. at 

Thomas Pear- 
sall of Bristol, 
solicitor, born 
1786 ; died 
unmar. at 
Bristol 1818. 

Still Pearsall, 
born at Wills- 
bridge ; bapt. 
at Bitton 17 
April 1797 ; 
died 10 Aug. 

Henry Pearsall, 
born at Wills- 
bridge ; bur. in 
Bitton Church 
23 April 1797. 


Richard Pearsall, 
born at Wills- 
bridge ; bapt. at 
Bitton 22 Nov. 
1801 ; bur. at 
Bitton 15 Jan. 

Mary Pear- 
sall, born 
at Wills- 
bridge ; 
bapt. at 
Bitton 19 
April 1797. 



D | E 

Elizabeth Pearsall, 
born at Wills- 
bridge ; bapt. at 
Bitton 17 May 

Philippa Pearsall, 
born at Wills- 
bridge ; bapt. at 
Bitton 18 Nov. 
1799 ; bur. at Bit- 
ton 6 Feb. 1812. 

Martha Pearsall, born= 
at Willsbridge 1795 ; 
bapt. at Bitton 18 
Aug. 1797 ; ob. s.p. at 
Park Place, Chelten- 
ham, 12 May 1860. 

: Willi am Heather of Arundel 
House near Cheltenham, and 
19 Park Place, Cheltenham. 
Arms: Paly of six or and 
azure, on a chief of tlw first 
afess dancettee gules. 

John Pearsall, born 8 
Oct. 1753 ; died un- 
mar. 16 Jan. 1778, 
set. 24. 

William Pearsall, born 
15 April 1756 ; died 
unmar. 23 Jan 1774, 
set. 17. 

Edward Pearsall, born 
31 Aug. 1767; died 

Robert Pearsall, 
born 31 Jan. 
1761 ; died un- 
mar. 2 Nov. 

George Pearsall, 
born 7 Dec. 
1765 ; died un- 
mar. in London. 

Richard Pearsall, 1 
Major Command- 
ant of West 
Gloucester Yeo- 
manry ; born at 
Willsbridge 14 
April 1764 ; mar. 
at St. Michael's 
Church, Bristol, 
1791 ; bur. in St. 
Peter's Church, 
Bristol, 20 Dec. 
1820 ; aged 56. 

: Elizabeth, da. of Thomas Lucas 
of Lucas Hall, Marsh Street, 
parish of St. Stephen, Bristol, 
grandson of Clement Lucas of 
Hanbury, co. Worcester, son of 
John Lucas of Rowington, co. 
Warwick. Born 25 April 1753 ; 
bapt. at St. Peter's, Bristol, 25 
April 1754 ; died at Willsbridge ; 
bur. at St. Peter's, Bristol, 14 
June 1836, aged 84. 

Arms : Argent, a fess be- 
tween six annulets gules. 

Robert Lucas de Pearsall of Willsbridge=pM 
House, and of the Castle of Wartensee, St. 
Gall, Switzerland ; of Lincoln's Inn, Bar- 
rister-at-Law ; born and bapt. at Clifton, 
Bristol, 14 March 1795; mar. at St. Andrew's, 
Holborn, London, 23 Aug. 1817. Sold Wills- 
bridge House in 1837 ; acquired by purchase 
the Castle of Wartensee, and bur. 12 Aug. 
1856 in a vault of the chapel there, in which 
chapel is a M.I. to him. Will dated 18 
Oct. 1855 ; proved at St. Gall in Aug. and 
at Canterbury 19 Aug. 1856. 

arie Henriette Elizabeth, only child Richard 

of William Armfield Hobday, by Eliza- Still 

beth Dorothea, da. of William Ivory Pearsall, 

of Moseley, co. Worcester. Born 23 born 16 

Nov. 1802 ; mar. aged 15 years ; died Aug. 

at Inmanstaad, Lake of Constance, 1796 ; 

Grand Duchy of Baden, 12 Aug., and bur. 

bur. 14 Aug. 1865 at Inmanstaad, at St. 

with M.I. Peter's, 

Arms : Gules, a fess fusilee argent Bristol, 

and azure, between three mullets of 31 May 

the second pierced of the field. 1798. 

I I I 
John Still Robert Lucas de Pearsall of Castle Wartensee, Elizabeth Stilt 
Pearsall, born at Willsbridge 3 and bapt. 27 Oct. 1820 at Pearsall, born 
born 17 Sept. Oldland Chapel, Bitton ; educated at the Imperial at Willsbridge 
1818 at College of Engineers, Vienna. Lieutenant 4th 8 March 1821 ; 
Willsbridge; Uhlans (the Emperor's Own) 14 Nov. 1839; re- bapt. at Old- 
died there on tired from the Austrian service 1848. Descended land Chapel, 
3 and bur. at through his great-grandmother Philippa Still Bitton, 5 April 
St. Peter's, from Edward I. by both his Queens. Entered his following ; mar. 
Bristol, 8 pedigree at Heralds' College, London, 1836. Miss- at the English 
Sept. 1820. ing 14, found drowned 15, and bur. 21 Dec. 1865 Embassy, Paris, 
in the Catholic Cemetery, Tower Hamlets, Bow. 15 Jan. 1839. 

: Charles 
7th Earl 
of Har- 
born 6 

Philippa Swinner-= 
ton Pearsall, her 
father's executrix ; 
born at Wills- 
bridge 6 Feb. 1 824 ; 
bapt. 18 March 
following at Old- 
land Chapel ; mar- 
riage settlement 
dated 15 Sept. 
1857 ; mar. at the 
Bavarian Chapel, 
St. James's, West- 
minster, 17 Sept. 
1857, and the same 
day at St. James's 
Church, West- 
minster ; living in 
1868. 2nd wife. 

: John Hughes of ClevelandRow,= 
St. James's, Westminster, and 
the Inner Temple, Barrister-at- 
Law, 3rd son of William Hughes 
of Penylhaudd, co. Denbigh, and 
some time of Gayton Mansion, 
co. Northampton ; heir male of 
Hughes of Gwerclasin Edeirnon, 
co. Merioneth, Lords of Kimmer 
and Barons of Edwinon. De- 
scended from Prince Owen 
Brogyntyn, Lord of Edeirnon, 
Dynmael, and Abertanet in 
Powys, son of Madoc ap Mere- 
dith, last reigning Prince of 
Powys. Born 6 Oct. 1805. 

Arms : Argent, a lion ram- 
pant sable, armed and langued 

Dorothea (her husband's cousin), eldest 
da. of Richard Hughes Lloyd of Gwer- 
clas in Edeirnon, Kimmer yn Edeirnon, 
co. Merioneth, Plymog in Llanf erris, co. 
Denbigh, and Bashall, co. York ; heir 
general of Hughes of Gwerclas and 
Kimmer yn Edeirnon ; derived pater- 
nally from Ednyfea Vychan, Lord of 
Brynfinigh. Born at Gwerclas 3 Jan. 
1809 ; mar. at Llanferris 5 July 1832 ; 
died in Cleveland Row, St. James's, 27 
Jan. 1848 ; bur. in Gayton Church, co. 
Northampton, 3 Feb. 1848. 1st wife. 

Arms : Gules, a chevron ermine be- 
tween three Englishmen's heads couped 
at the neck proper. 

Talbot de Bashall Hughes, born at Gay- 
ton Mansion 15 Dec. 1836; a Lieuten- 
ant in Cape Mounted Rifles. f 



Henry Pearsall,: 
born 11 March 
1762 ; mar. 12 
Mavl793 ; died 
27 Nov. 1830, 
aged 68 ; bur. at 

: Mary, da. of Thomas Wincle, 
by Sarah his wife, da. of 
Joseph Goodchild, and sister 
of Ann, wife of Robert 
Filmer, younger son of Sir 
Edmund Filmer, 6th Bart. 

Samuel Pearsall of^=Sarah Cres- 
Mayshill, co. Glou- wicke,da. of 

cester, born 6 Aug Cres- 

1769 ; bur. at Bit- wicke, clerk ; 
ton 25 Jan. 1800. bur. at Bit- 
Will dated 19 Nov. ton 20 Sept. 
1799. 1803. 

born 25 Oct. 
1752; died 
unmar. 13 
Jan. 1775, 
aged 23. 

Two daughters, died infants ; bur. at Bitton. 


John Pearsall,: 
born 6 Jan. 1795; 
mar. Nov. 1824 ; 
emigrated to 

=Mary, Henry Robert Pearsall of 8 Tyndale Place, : 
da. of Islington, and of Norwood, Surrey ; born 
. . . . 25 March 1801 ; bapt. at St. Saviour's, 

Holmes. Southwark ; mar. at All Saints', Norwood, 
5 June 1847. 

I I 

John Pearsall, born 17 
March 1826 ; died in 

Henry Pearsall, born 
and died on the voyage 
to Australia. 

.... Pearsall, 
a da. ; mar. 
.... Mathew. 
Died in Aus- 

I I 
Henry Still Pearsall, born 7 
Jan., bapt. 6 Feb. 1849 at 
St. Giles, Camberwell. 

: Hannah,da.of Tho- 
mas Pascall, born 17 
July, bapt. at Croy- 
don 30 Aug. 1822 ; 
living 1868. 


Pearsall, born 3 
. . . ; bapt. at St. 

Frank Pearsall, born 8 
March . . . . ; bapt. at 
St. Mary's, Islington. 

Herbert Pearsall, born 
20 Nov., bapt. 23 Nov. 
1859 at St. Mary's, 

died in- 

Mary Pearsall, born 
12 Feb. ; bapt. at St. 
Saviour's, South- 
wark, March 1797 ; 
living 1868, unmar. 

Sarah Pearsall, born 31 
Dec. 1793 ; bapt. at St. 
Saviour's, Southwark, 
Jam 1799 ; living 1868 
unmar. at Blackheath. 

Ann Pearsall, born 28 April^Charles 

17 . . ; mar. at St. Alphage's, 
Greenwich, 20 Dec. 1828 ; 
bur. at All Saints', Nor- 
wood, 17 Dec. 1823. 


sen of 

Pedigree 8U (Vide page 147.) 

John Still, D.D., Bishop of Bath and Wells.=^Jane Horner. 2nd wife. 

Thomas Still of Somerton, co. Somerset, devised to him by : 
his father. Acquired in 1613 by purchase the Manor of 
Shaston near Shaftesbury, co. Dorset, with its seat 
Anketill's Place. JEt. 12 at his father's death. Bur. at 
St. James's, Shaftesbury, 1640. Will dated July 1636 ; 
proved 4 July 1641 at Canterbury (P.C.C., Evelyn 70). 

: Bridget, posthumous da. of Gawen 
Champernoune, Esq., of Dartington, 
by Lady Gabrielle Roberta Mont- 
gomery, which lady remar. Thomas 
Horner, half-brother of Bishop Still's 
second wife. Born 1592 ; bur. at St. 
James's, Shaftesbury, 1631. 

Jane Still, devisee for life 
of premises at Durleigh 
from her uncle John Still 
of Durleigh. 

Bridget Still, living 1636. 

Francis Shelton, mar. 1641. 


Ursula Still, living 1636. 

Frances Still, living 1636. 

Elizabeth Still, living 1636. 

Mary Still, living 1636. 

W. Howe. 

Ann Still, =f=Robert Thorpe of Shaston 


Holy Trinity; died 18 
Sept. 1671 ; bur. in 
Church of Holy Trinity, 
Shaftesbury, with M.I. 

John Still of Shas- 
ton St. James ; 
bur. at St. James's, 
Shaftesbury, 1667. 
Will dated 18 Oct. 
1666; proved 12 Feb. 


^Margaret Grubham, sister of Sir George Grubham Howe of Cold Berwick, 
St. Leonard's, Wilts, M.P. for Hindon, created a Bart. 20 June 1660 ; and 
da. of Sir George Howe, i Knight, of Cold Berwick, M.P. for Hinton, by 
Dorothea, da. of Humphrey Clarke alias Woodchurch of Woodchurch, 
Kent. Bur. at St. James's, Shaftesbury, 1699. 

Arms : Or, a/ess sable between three wolves' 1 heads of the second, langued 
gules, in chief a crescent for difference. 



I I 
George Still, 
died young. 

Richard Still, 
died vouner. 

Mabel, da. of Thomas^John Still of Shas- : 
Shirley ; bur. at St. I ton St. James, 
James's, Shaftesbury, eldest son ; bur. 
1674. 1st wife. | St. James's, Shaf- 

tesbury, 1707. 

=Honor, da. of Henry Whitaker of 
Motcombe, co. Dorset ; bur. at St. 
James's, Shaftesbury, in 1690. 2nd 

Arms : Sable, a fess between 
three mascles argent. 


at St. 

Howe of 
ton, co. 

I I I 
Henry Still, died young. 

William Still, died young. 

John Still of Shaston St. 
James, ob. s.p. 1734-5. 

I I 
Mary Still, 
died un- 

Still, died 



ob. s.p. 

of Fresh- 
ford, co. 

Honor Still, 
mar. John 
Cooper of 

Thomas Still, living 
and under age 18 Oct. 
1666 ; died 1670 ; 
bur. at Shaston St. 

Nathaniel Still of Clowdes House in East=pElizabeth,da. of 

Knoyle, Wilts, and of Middle Temple, 
Barrister-at-Law ; underage 18 Oct. 1666. 
Will dated 1 March 1701 ; proved at Can- 
terbury. Bur. at East Knoyle 8 Oct. 1702. 

Rev. Richard 
Lackett ; bur. at 
East Knoyle 12 
March 1718. 

Bridget Still, 
living 18 Oct. 
1666 ; died 


Robert Still of Clowdes^ 
House ; born 20, bapt. 
30 Dec. 1684 ; mar. 1 
Oct. 1719; died 19 and 
bur. 26 May 1728 at 
East Knoyle. 

: Elizabeth, da. and eventual heir of William Nathaniel Still, 

Willoughby of West Knoyle, Wilts ; bur. born 30 Sept., 

at East Knoyle Feb. 1767. bapt. 23 Oct. 

Arms: Quarterly — 1 and 4, Sable, a cross 1686; bur. at 

engrailed or; 2 and 3, Gules, a cross moline East Knoyle 14 

argent, all within a bordure compone'e June 1726. 
argent and the third. 

Still, born 
29 July 
bapt. 25 
Aug. 1691; 
died un- 
mar. 1723. 

Nathaniel=i=Sarah, Elizabeth Still,=Capt. Mary Still, born Jane Still,born=T. Pit- 
Still of da. of born 14 Dec 26 July, bapt. 11 at Clowdes 14 man of 

Salisbury; Dr. 1721; bapt. 20 Baron. Aug. 1723; died Feb., bapt. 15 Mere, 

born 25 Thomas Jan. 1722 ; died unmar. and bur. March 1726 ; Wilts. 

May and Tatem at Gibraltar 18 at East Knoyle 10 died 1802. 

bapt. 25 of Mere, Sept. 1749. July 1753. 

June 1725. Wilts. 

Robert Still: 
of Dean's Or- 
chard, Mere, 
Wilts. Died 

=Sarah, da. of Richard Dickson Skrine of Warleigh Manor, co. Somerset, by Eliza- 
beth, da. of John Tryon of Colly Weston, co. Northampton. (Mrs. Elizabeth 
Skrine died at Lymington, Hants, 25 May 1800, aged 74. M.I. there.) 

Arms : Azure, in dexter chief and sinister base a tower argent, in sinister 
chief and dexter base a lion rampant ermine, crowned or, Skrine ; Azure, a 

fess embattled at the top, between six estoiles, three and three, or, Tryon. 

Nathaniel Tryon Still of Dean's Or- 
chard, Wilts, and Castle Hill, Ax- 
minster, Devon, J. P. for Devon and 
Dorset, and D.L. for Devon. Some 
time Fellow New College, Oxford. 
Capt. Life Guards, and Major Dor- 
set Militia. Died 9 July 1862, bur. 
at Seaton, Devon. 

: Mary, sister of General Sir John Ridout Bing- 
ham, K.C.B., and da. of Col. Richard Bingham 
of Bingham Melcombe, Dorset, by his 2nd wife 
Elizabeth, da. of John Ridout of Dean's Lease, 
Dorset. Born 1778 ; died at Musbury, Devon, 
1 Oct. 1870, aged 93 ; bur. at Seaton, Devon. 
Arms : Azure, a bend cotised or between six 
crosses pattee of the second. 













Henry Buckley 
Stillborn 1808; 
died 1809. 

George Parker 
Stillborn 1810; 
died unmar. ; 
bur. 18 July 
1828, aged 18. 

John Thomas Still of : 
Dean's Orchard, and 
Seaton, co. Devon ; 
born 13 Dec. 1820; 
mar. 20 Feb. 1845. 
Capt. 24th and 30th 
Regiments andDorset 
Militia. J.P. for 


=Charlotte Mal- 
locke, da. of 
Charles Bond 
of Axminster, 
Esq., by Char- 
lotte his wife, 
da. of Rawlin 
Mallocke of 
Hill House, 

Eleanor Still, 
born and died 

Eleanor Still, 
born 1807 ; 
died unmar. 
26 Dec. 1829, 
aged 22. 

I I 
Still, born 
1812; died 
unmar. 13 
March 1838, 
aged 25. 

Emma Still, 
born 1813. 
Died infant. 




John Nathaniel 1 
Still, born 6 
June 1847. 
Lieut. 25th 
Regiment, and 
Capt. Wilts 

z Agnes Vannan, da. 
of Peter Rintoul, 
Esq., of Bothwell, 
co. Lanark, N.B., 
Merchant of Glas- 
gow, by Janet his 
wif e,da. of Andrew 
Vannan of Bo'ness, 
co. Linlithgow. 

I I 

Charles Still, 
born 8 May 
1849 ; died 

George Still, 
born 1854 ; 
died 1884. 

Arthur=pFrances Liddes- 

Still, born 
10 Feb. 
1855; mar. 
in 1878. 

dale, da. of ... . 
Bruce, Esq., of 

Four sons and one daughter. 








Constance Radeglence Still, born 14 Sept. 1874. 

William Skrine Still, born 
16 Nov. 1862. 

Harry Willoughby 
born 21 July 1864. 


I I 
Mabel Mary Still, born 
June 1853. 

Charlotte Leonora Still, 
born 22 Nov. 1856. 

I I 
Constance Jane Still, 
born 12 Nov. 1858 ; 
died July 1869. 

Florence Catherine 
Still, born 16 Nov. 1867. 

Thomas Parker 
Still, born 
1869; died 

James Still of East Knoyle, born and bapt. 29 Aug.=pSusanna, da. of John Stent of London. 
1720 ; mar. 23 Nov. 1746 ; died 1803. Died 24 Sept. 1786. 

Susannah Still, born at East=Thomas Brettell 
Knoyle 16 May, bapt. 20 June of Stourbridge, 
1755; mar. there 1777. co. Worcester. 

Sarah Still, born at Clowdes House=Paul 
17 Dec. 1762 ; bapt. 19 May 1763 ; Amsinck 
mar. at East Knoyle 1788. of Bath. 

Kev. John Still, LL.B., of Berwick House,= 
Wilts ; Rector of Fonthill Gifford, and Vicar 
of Chicklade,Wilts; Prebendary of Salisbury 
25 Sept. 1824; born at Clowdes House 13 Jan. 
1761 ; bapt. 19 March 1761 ; mar. 1800 ; died 

Ann, da. of Elizabeth Still, born= John Ralph 
T. Tippetts at East Knoyle 4 Rackham of 
of Durs- July, bapt 23 Aug. Bungay 

leigh, co. 1751 ; mar. at East House, St. 

Gloucester. Knoyle 1772. Mary, Suf- 


Eev. John 
Still, Vicar 
of Ingles- 
ham, Wilts; 
born 10 
April, bapt. 
12 Aug. 
1801; died 
unmar. 13 
May 1833. 

Laura Frances, 3rd da, 
Ralph Price of Syden- 
ham, Kent, granddaugh- 
ter of Sir Charles Price 
of Spring Grove, Rich- 
mond, 1st Bart. ; mar. 27 
Aug. 1840. 2nd wife. 

Arms : Chiles, a lion 
rampant-reguardant ar- 

of=pRobert Still= 

of Lincoln's 
Inn, and of 
Sutton Hill, 
co. Surrey ; 
born 1803 ; 
mar. first 27 
Aug. 1840. 

Sarah, da. of 
the Rev. 
George Ashe, 
Vicar of Sod- 
worth, and 
daughter of 
1st wife. 

Mary Ann=Samuel 
Still, born Taylor 
19 April, of 
bapt. 3 Eccle- 
Oct.1802; stone 
mar. 27 Hall, 
Jan. 1825. co. 






Albert Price Still, 
born 9 Nov. 1841 ; 
Lieut. R.N. ; died 
3 Nov. 1864. 





3 July 


John Still, 
born 18 
May 1845. 

Still, born 
3 Dec. 1846. 





19 July 


I I I 

Ellen Laura Still. 

Lelina Frances Still. 
Edith Mary Still. 

Robert Still, born 
at East Knoyle 25 
Nov. 1756 ; bapt. 
2 May 1757; died 
unmar. 1822. Sur- 
geon of Salisbury. 

Peter Still of Lincoln's Inn and Devon-=pMary, da. of William Strong of 

shire Street, London ; born at Clowdes 
House 11 Nov. 1759 ; bapt. 31 July 1760 ; 
mar. 8 June 1795 ; died at Bath 28 Feb. 
1832 ; bur. at East Knoyle. 

Lincoln's Inn ; born 20 May 
1766. Purchased advowson of 
Cattistock. Died in London 20 
Sept. 1841 ; bur. at Kensal 
Green Cemetery. 

See Pedigbee 3S, page 157. 

James Charles Still, born at East= 
Knoyle 28 Oct. 1753 ; bapt. 17 Dec. 
following ; mar. at East Knoyle 
30 June 1783. Died 1828. 


^Charlotte, da. of the Rev. Charles Wake, D.D., Rector of East 
Knoyle, and Prebendary of Westminster, son of the Rev. 
Edmund Wake, Prebendary of Canterbury. Died 1842. 
Arms : Or, two bars gu, and in chief three torteaux. 



Susannah^Rev. Henry Worsley, LL.D., Rec- Elizabeth Still, =j=Sir William George Parker, 

born at 
Olowdes 2 
July 1785. 

tor of St. Lawrence, Isle of Wight; 
bapt. at Carisbrook 8 May 1782 ; 
eldest son of the Rev. Henry 
Worsley, D.D., Rector of Gat- 
combe, and grandson of Sir 
Edward Worsley, Knight. 

born at Clowdes 
16 Feb. 1787; 
mar. Aug. 1803; 
died 22 April 

2nd Bart., Vice-Admiral of 
the White. 

Arms : Ermine, an anchor 
erect azure betweenthree escal- 
lops gules, on a chief wavy of 
the second a naval coronet or. 

Two sons and three daughters. 


Five sons and six daughters. See ' Baronetage.' 

Frances Mary Still, =i=Charles Pinney of Camp House, Clifton, born 20 April 1793 ; Mayor of 
born at Clowdes 27 Bristol 1830-31 ; 2nd son of John Pretor, who assumed the name and 
Nov. 1795 ; mar. 8 arms of Pinney on succeeding to the estates of that family. 
March 1831 ; died Arms : Quarterly — 1 and 4, Gules, three crescents or, from each a 
1860 ; bur. in Clif- cross-crosslet fitchee argent, Pinney ; 2 and 3, Or, an eagle displayed 
ton Church. vert with two lieads, armed gules, Pretor. See Burke's ' Landed Gentry.' 

Frederick Wake 

John Charles 

Mary Jane=pRev. Godfrey Thring, Rector of Alford with 
Pinney. Hornblotton, and Prebendary of Wells. 

See Pediobee of Thring, page 80. 

James Charles 
Still, born at 
Clowdes 13 
Nov. 1788 ; 
bapt. 15 Nov.; 
died 4 

Charlotte Still, born at Clowdes— George Law of Lincoln's Inn, 2nd son of 

24 March 1784 ; bapt. 19 May 
following ; mar. 27 Sept. 1808 ; 
died 21 Aug. 1835 ; bur. in 
Walcot Churchyard, Bath. Co- 
heir to her father. 

the Rev. John Law, D.D., Archdeacon of 
Rochester (by the Honourable Mary Carey, da. 
of Lucius Charles, 6th Viscount Falkland), 
son of Stephen Law, E.I.C.S., Governor of 
Bombay, whose family came from Stafford- 

Arms used : Argent, an eagle displayed 
vert with two heads, armed gules. 

George Still^Emma, da. of Thomas Hal- Katherine=f=The Rev. Charles Old Goodford, D.D., 

Law of 
and of Lin- 
coln's Inn, 
Esq. ; edu- 
cated at 
Winchester ; 
at Oriel, Ox- 


liday of Ewell, Surrey, 
Esq., by Maria Margaretta 
his wife, da. of the Rev. 
James Morrice of Bettes- 
hanger, co. Kent, by Mary 
his wife, da. of Adrian 
Colter Ducarel. She was 
a granddaughter of Dr. 
Hall id ay, Court Physician 
to the Emperor Paul at St. 
Petersburg ; and sister of 
Sir Frederick James Halli- 
day, K.C.B., Lieutenant- 
Governor of Bengal, Mem- 
ber of the Indian Council ; 
and of General John 

Arms of Halliday : Er- 
mine, a sword in pale 
proper the hilt within a 
crescent in base gules, a 
canton azure charged with 
a saltire of the first. 

Law, 3rd 
da. ; mar. 
28 March 

Provost of Eton College, Rector of 
Chilton Cantelo with Ashington, co. 
Somerset ; born at Chilton Cantelo 15 
July 1812 ; educated at Eton; graduated 
at King's College, Cambridge, in 1836 ; 
Deacon 1843 ; Assistant Master at Eton 
College and Head Master 1853 to 
1862, when he became Provost in place 
of Dr. Hawtrey. Succeeded to the 
family estate at Chilton Cantelo on 
the death of his brother Henry. He 
was the eldest surviving son of John 
Goodford of Chilton Cantelo, Esq., 
J.P. and D.L., by Charlotte, sister of 
Sir Montague Cholmeley of Easton Hall, 
Bart. The Provost was a magistrate 
for Somerset, and died at The Lodge, 
Eton College, 9 May 1884 ; bur. at Eton. 
Arms : Azure, on a chevron between 
three boars' heads argent, couped and 
langued gules, as many ogresses. Vide 
grant in possession of the family. 

Alfred Stephen Law, edu- 
cated at Brentwood ; died 
unmar. 24 Dec. 1866 ; bur. 
at Kensal Green. 

Harry Dampier Law.: 
born 3 Dec. 18 . . ; 

Florence Ellen, 
eldest da. of 
Colonel .... 

Horace Frederick Law, 
bur. at Kensal Green. 

Howard Frederick Law, born 1 May 1890, 



E F 

Daniel Winteringham Stable, born 25 March 1856 ; eldest son of= 
Robert Scott Stable (some time of Amport, Hants, where he was 
agent to the Marquis of Winchester ; after of Wanstead Park. Essex, 
where he was agent to Earl Cowley, K.G-. ; and then of Woodford 
Essex, where he died 31 May 1890 ; bur. at Cranbrook, Kent), by 
his wife Katherine Barrett, youngest da. of Major Winteringham 
Loscombe of H.M. 18th Royal Irish, by his wife Catherine, 2nd da. of 
Robert Russell of Exeter. He was educated at Guildford ; matricu- 
lated at London University Jan. 1874 ; first LL.B. Jan. 1880 ; gradu- 
ated LL.B. in honours Jan. 1882; admitted a Solicitor in honours 1878. 
Arms : Argent, a saltire gules, on a chief of the second three 
mullets of the first. 

: Gertrude Mary Law, 
eldest da. ; mar. 2 
Jan. 1884 at St. 
Mary Abbott's, Kens- 
ington, by the Rev. 
J. Roydon Hughes, 
Rector of Long Dit- 
ton, and the Rev. 
the Hon. Edward 
Carr Glyn, Vicar of 

Alfred Winteringham Stable, 
born 9 Sept., died 24 Sept. 
1884; bur. in Wanstead 
Parish Churchyard. 

Loscombe Law Stable, 
born at Wanstead 21 
March 1886. 

Winteringham Nor- 
ton Stable, born at 
Wanstead 19 March 

Enid Gertrude 
Stable, born at 
Wanstead 24 
June 1889. 


Selina Sydney Colpoys Dacres, G.C.B., First Naval Lord of the 
Law, Admiralty, after Visitor and Governor of Greenwich 
second Hospital (son of Vice-Admiral Sir Richard Dacres, G.C.H., 
da. ; and brother of General Sir Richard James Dacres, R.A., 
living G.C.B., Governor of the Tower of London ; Sir S. C. Dacres 
1890. died 8 March 1884, and is buried at Brighton.), bj his wife 

Emma, da. of John Lambert of Banstead, Surrey. He was 

born 15 Nov. 1844. 

Arms : Gules, three escallops argent. 

Sydney Lambert Dacres, eldest son of the late Admiral Sir=pHelen Frances Law, 3rd 

da. ; bapt. at St. Mary, 
Bryanston Square ; mar. 
7 Aug. 1883 at St. 
Mary Abbott's by the 
Rev. the Provost of 
Eton, the Rev. Dacres 
Ollivier, and the Rev. 
the Hon. Edward Carr 

Mary Olive Dacres, 
born 1 May 1884. 

Ranulph Harry Dacres, 
born 26 Dec. 1885. 

Irene Eleanor Dacres, 
born 3 Oct. 1887. 

Harold Seymour Dacres, 
born 18 May 1889. 

Arthur John Goodford^Harriett, youngest da. of Hastings 

born 9 March 1846 at 
Eton ; educated at Eton 
College ; Lord of the 
Manor of Chilton Can- 

Nathaniel Middleton of Bradford 
Peverell, co. Dorset, Barrister-at-Law, 
J. P. and D.L., High Sheriff of Dorset 
1857, by his wife Mary Ann, da. of 
the Rev. Charles Barton. 

Mountague Charles Good- 
ford, born 22 July 1851 ; 
educated at Eton ; in 
Holy Orders ; Rector of 
Chilton Cantelo with Ash- 

Mary Catherine Goodford, born John William Goodf ord, born 
17 Oct. 1876. 27 July 1879. 

Gertrude Harriett Goodford, 
born 26 May 1881. 

30 Jan. 

Hastings Burton Middleton (eldest son of Hastings=pCharlotte 

Nathaniel Middleton, Esq., of Bradford Peverell, 
by Mary Anne, da. of the Rev. Charles Barton), 
M.A., of Magdalen College, Oxford ; J.P. for Dor- 
set, and Chairman of Quarter Sessions ; born 30 
Sept. 1839; mar. in 1873. 

Arms : Argent, fretty sable, a canton of the 

eldest da. 

Georgiana Penelope 
Goodford, living 1890. 

Katherine Maria 
Goodford, living 1890. 

Emily Selina Good- 
ford, living 1890. 

I I 
Hastings Charles 
Middleton, born 
26 Jan. 1875. 

Frank Middle- 
ton, born 11 Feb. 


William Henry Georgina Middle- 
Middleton, born ton, born 1 June 
27 Oct. 1878. 1881. 

Walter Middle- 
ton, born 8 
March 1880. 

Mabel Katherine 
Middleton, born 
26 Oct. 1882. 

I I 

Arthur Purling 
Middleton, born 
14 Oct. 1884. 

Ernest Middle- 
ton, born 8 Feb. 

Adela Middleton, 
born 10 June 1886. 

Edith Maria Middle- 
ton, born 4 April 



Pedigree B. (Vide page 154.) 

Peter Still=pMary Strong. 

William Still, born 
10 March 1796 ; 
died May following. 

James Still, born 
15 Jan. 1800 ; died 
on board H.M.S. 
Pheasant oG. Sierra 
Leone 12 Oct. 1821. 

Mary Still, born 1797 at Tytherley, 
Hants ; bapt. at St. George the 
Martyr 14 April 1793 ; died 13 Aug. 
following ; bur. at St. Edmund's, 

Selina Still, born 27 Nov. 1798 ; died 
at Tunbridge Wells ; bur. in Kensal 
Green Cemetery. 

The Rev. Peter Still,: 
born 19 Dec. 1801 ; 
bapt. at St. George 
the Martyr, Tyther- 
ley, June 1802 ; mar. 
27 Aug. 1827 ; died 
6 May 1864. 

Ann, da of 
Hughes of 
London ; 
born 1805 ; 
died 1844. 

Rev. Henry Hughes Still, Rector of : 
Cattistock ; born 25 Feb. 1829 ; 
bapt. at All Souls', Marylebone, 
London ; mar. Jan. 1858 ; died in 
London ; bur. at Cattistock 14 
Oct. following. 

Selina Agnes Still, born 1858. 
advowson of Cattistock. 

Agnes Frances, 
da. of the Rev. 
C. M. Mount, 
Incumbent of 
Christ Church, 
Walcot, Bath. 

Possessor of the 

James Charles Still, late^Eliza Mar- 
Captain 3rd Dragoon garet, da. 
Guards ; born 3 May of Joseph 
1830 ; bapt. at Bodi- Gundry of 
ham, Sussex, 27 June the Hyde, 
following ; living 1868. Bridport. 

Charles John Gundry Still, 
born 1861. 

Thomas Walter Still, born : 
27 June 1834 ; bapt. at 
Manningford Bruce 20 Aug. 
following ; died at Brigh- 
ton in 1861 ; bur. in the 
cemetery there. 


Arthur Dashwood Still, born 
13 May 1836 ; bapt. at Man- 
ningford Bruce 29 June fol- 
lowing : died at Weymouth 
23 May 1842 ; bur. at Catti- 
stock 30 May 1842. 

Selina Elizabeth Still, 
born 30 March 1833 ; 
died at Tunbridge 
Wells 1852; bur. in 
Kensal Green Ceme- 
tery, London. 

Thomas Walter Still, 
born 1861. 

Louisa Centurion Still, 
born 1856. 

Laura Maria Mary 
Still, born 1859. 

Marian Still, born : 
at Tytherley 28 
Sept. 1803; bapt. 
at Knoyle Oct. 
1804; mar. 15 May 
1827 ; living in 

Alexander Wilton Dashwood, 2nd son of Thomas Dashwood, Esq., E.I.C.S. 
and Governor of Bombay (2nd son of Sir James Dashwood, 2nd Bart., of 
Kirtlington, by Charlotte Louisa, da. and coheir of Edward Spencer of 
Rendlesham, Esq., sister of Ann, Duchess of Hamilton, 3rd wife of the 5th 
Duke). Born 25 Sept. 1796. 

Arms : Argent, on a fess double cotised gules, three griffins' heads erased 
or, a crescent on a crescent for difference. The MS. calls the heads, " Per 
fess erminois and of the second." 

Alexander Thomas Dashwood,: 
Lieut. 44 Regt. Bengal N.I. ; 
born 28 March, bapt. Maryle- 
bone, London, 17 May 1830 ; 
mar. at Ramsgate 13 July 1854 ; 
died at Siege of Lucknow 9 
July 1857. 

: Emma 


da. of 





Frederick James Dash- 
wood, born 7 July, 
bapt. at Marylebone 6 
Aug. 1836 ; died at 
Clifton 21 Sept. 1843. 

Charles Kieth Dashwood, 
Lieut. 18 Bengal N.I. ; 
born 20 May, bapt. at 
Clifton 6 July 1838 ; died 
of wounds at Del Koosha, 
Lucknow, and bur. there 
23 Nov. 1857. 

Alexander Thomas Dashwood. 
born 4 April 1855. 

Herbert Dashwood, born 23 Aug. 
1856 ; died 19 Aug. 1857. 

Arthur Dashwood, born 
31 Aug. 1857. 



George Lionel Dash-^=Alice, eldest 
wood, born 2 Aug., da. of Tho- 
bapt. 6 Oct. 1843 in mas Post of 
Clifton Church ; Astley Hall, 
mar. 8 Aug. 1866 ; co. Lan- 
living 1868. caster. 

Marion Dashwood. 

Charlotte Still Dashwood, : 
born 23 May 1828 in Lon- 
don ; bapt. at Maryle- 
bone 25 April ; mar. at 
Shenleigh, Herts, 20 May 
1856 ; died at High 
Canons, Herts, 25 April 
1863 ; bur. at Ashpring- 
ton, co. Devon. 

: Richard Durant of High Ca- 
nons, Herts, J.P. for Herts and 
Middlesex ; eldest son of Rich- 
ard Durant of Sharpham, co. 
Devon, High Sheriff for that 
county 1851. Born Sept. 1812. 
Arms : Sable, a cross-cross- 
let engrailed between four 
annulets or. 

Selina Georgiana Dash- 
wood, born at Ramsgate 
23 Aug., bapt. there at 
St. George's Church 26 
Sept. 1832 ; mar. at 
East Sutton 5 July 
1854 ; living 1868. 

: Rev. George Watson, 
Vicar of Weedon, co. 
Northampton ; 
born 21 Dec. 1821 ; 
died at Brighton 9 
May 1863 ; bur. at 
Hove 15 May 1863. 

Louisa Charlotte^Rev. Alfred 

Dashwood, born 
5 Sept., bapt. at 
Marylebone 15 
Oct. 1834; mar. at 
Shenley 27 Dec. 
1859; living 1867. 

Child, Rec- 
tor of 

Rotherfield ; 
born 28 Dec 
1822; living 

Emma Marian 
born 14 Sept., 
bapt. at Clif- 
ton 19 Oct. 
1843 ; living 

KIDDER. I. M. Ricardi Kidder, S. T. P. 

Incunabula Sussexiensis ager 

Literas interiores Cantabrigia 

Nomen non moriturum ecclesiae 

Fortunse diu duriori obluctatum 

Incolumen praestitit indefessa virtus 

Sensimque per imos Sacerdotus gradus 

Ad altiora ascendentem Decauatu primum Petroburgensi 

Episcopatu deinde Bathoniensi 

Dignissimum cumulavit 

Fastigio Episcopali admoti 

Triumpho cecinit Christianus orbis 

Quo Dace Iudaismi Grassautis Rabies 

Fideique veriae ultima minantis 
Dormita in suas Latebras se recepit 
Cui autem Terga verterat Judseus 

Bella intrentabus christianus 

DeceBsoris optimi Honoribus exuti 

Hinc miseratio inde Desiderium 


Hostes Immerenti Suscitaverant 

Mite diu exercituros Ingenium 

Publieisque Damna curis allaturos 

Moribustandem queis nulla Sartiores 

(Ramissima felicitate) concessum 

Ut sua Kenno incolumi fama 

Sua Kiddero fermaretur Dignitas 

Ut Partium Rixae penitas silerent 

Kennu Sque Kidderu Sque 

Illi Principi. Hie Reipublicse 

Operae fideliter navatae 

Mutuis Laudibus ornarentur 

Docto jam eonsenuerat otio 

Summis Infimisque juxta Charus 

Cum 26° Novembris 1703 

Ipsum unaque conjugem fidissimam 

Turbine (Cuncta secum rapiente) 

Carmine Prostrati transit Ruina 

Morte quse mcerori Solalla miscuit 

Ubi intrima necessitudine conjunctos 

Annis Graves ccelo maturos 

Idem ictus abstulit 

Nullo gradatim morientium dolore 

Neubroque chariori sui Parti Superstite 

Septuagenarius Ille Ilia incerto Anno obiit 

Marmoream hanc Tabulem 


Filia duarum superstitum minima 

(Quam Pudor Fides nudaque Veritas 

iEno conspiciendam obtulerant) 

Supremo Testamento poni curavit 

Cineresque suos hie condi pie voluit 

Innupta obiit Annum agens 38 

Vum 1728. 

The above is from a large monument of black and white marble, with a 
recumbent effigy of the Bishop's daughter, who caused the monument to be erected. 
It was formerly on the south side of the Choir. The Bishop was killed with his 
wife by the fall of a stack of chimneys on the night of the great storm, 26 and 27 
Nov. 1703. 

Arms : Sable, a saltire emb. counterembattled arg. 

Cathedeal Register. 

1703 Dec. 14 Richard, Lord Bishop of Bath and Wells, and his Lady were 




A canopied altar-tomb commemorates Thomas Cornish, Canon, 
Chancellor, Succentor and Precentor of the Cathedral, Eector of 
Lambrook, Vicar of St. Cuthbert and of Wedmore, Suffragan for Bishop Fox of 
Bath and "Wells, and for Bishop Hugh Oldham of Exeter. He was educated at 
Oxford, and held the titular bishopric of Tenos or Tine. There remains against 
the wall under the canopy the matrix of a brass, but only part of the fillet round the 
edge of the tomb, which carried the name and date, actually exists, and only a small 
part of that, inscribed with the following : " Cujus anime .... men .... Tinensis 
Ep'us tertio die mensis Julii Anno D'm° mcccccxiv." 

The copy of the inscription printed with the account of the monument for the 
use of visitors gives the inscription as, " Cujus animae propietur Deus supradictus 
D'n's Thomas Tinensis Ep'us tertio die mensis July An. Dom. 1513." This, it will 
be seen, varies in several points from what actually exists. 

On the front of the tomb are three shields. On the first a text ST with a wheat- 
sheaf ; on the third the letter C with another wheatsheaf, the initials of Thomas 
Cornish, the sheaves of corn, of course, alluding to his name. On the centre shield 
is this coat : On a chev. betw. three birds' heads erased a mitre. No colours are 
given on the monument, and this coat is not given by Burke or Papworth for this 
name, so that it is a great pity it does not exist in one of the windows. It may 
have been the arms of his mother's family, if she were an heiress, which he adopted, 
adding the mitre from his episcopal office. The birds' heads are hardly likely to 
have been Cornish choughs, as a canting coat or a garb would also have been 
introduced, and a Cornish chough taken the place of one of the garbs accompanying 
the initials. However this may have been, the coat is certainly intended as his 
own, but does not appear to have been used by any others of the same name. At 
the west end is another shield charged with the arms of the Dean and Chapter, the 
saltire between the keys on the dexter and the sword on the sinister, as in the 
window on the south of the Choir. The saltire is here, as elsewhere in the earlier 
examples, carved quite plain without any partition lines. 


We will now pass out of the door up the steps to the Chapter House. In the 
windows are three shields, namely : — 

I. Quarterly: 1 and 4, France (modern); 2 and 3, England. The royal arms, 
probably for Edward IY. 

IT. The same with a label erm. Probably for Edward, Prince of Wales, eldest 
son of Henry VI., or the eldest son of Edward IV. The grandmother of Edward IV. 
was a Mortimer. 

These shields could not have been before Henry V., as he was the first to use the 
three fleurs-de-lis instead of semee of fleurs-de-lis in the arms of France. 

III. Barry of six or and az., an inescutcheon arg., on a chief of the first three 
palets betw. hvo gyronnes of the second, Mortimer, Earl of March. In the glass, 
the inescutcheon is so large, the rest appears as a bordure. In one of the windows is 
an estoil within the horns of a crescent, per pale az. and arg, placed within a collar 
of SS. The estoil within a crescent was a badge of Richard I. It was also a badge 
of the house of Lancaster, and used with some variations by their adherents. 

The royal arms of James I. are painted over the Bishop's throne. Beneath this 
were painted on the wall two shields, all that can now be made out is a plain gold 
saltire on the shield to the left, the colour of the shield and any other charges are 
gone ; of the other shield part of the outline only remains. 

This completes the monuments and heraldry inside the Cathedral, thus carrying 
out the plan proposed at the commencement. We pass from the south transept into 
the cloisters, giving first the mural tablets, and then the floorslabs on each side suc- 
cessively. Before touching the monuments it will be well to note the heraldry, 
which are on bosses contemporary with the erection of the cloister. In the east 
cloister, erected by Bishop Bubwith, there are no arms, though there is a shield with 
his own coat on the outside. 

In the roof of the west side the coat of Bishop Beckyngton is several times 

Three pheons (Sa., three pheons arg.), Nicholl, an ancient family on the borders 
of Wales. William Niohol, Vicar of Woolavington 1452, ob. 1480. 

Three stags' heads cabossed (Arg., three stags'* heads cdbossed sa.), Henry Bowett, 
Bishop of Bath and Wells 1401-7. The resemblance of these two coats, when 
placed one above the other, to the arms of Bishop Beckington is so strong as to 
be almost conclusive evidence that his arms were formed from them. 

A betid betw. three eagles closed (Witham. Or, a bend betw. three eagles 
closed sa.), William Witham, Dean of Wells 1464-72. He was a younger son of 
Robert Witham of Grantham, co. York, who made his will 30 Dec. 28 Henry VI., 
by his wife Margaret, daughter of Richard Skendelley. 

A fess betw. three sivans rousant (Swann. Az., afess betw. three swans rousant 
arg.), Richard Swann, who died in 1487 ; he was one of the executors of Bishop 

Three sugar-loaves, and in chief a doctor's cap, Dr. Hugh Sugar, another 
executor of Bishop Beckington. 

A chev. betw. three leopards' faces, Bishop Stillington. A casual look at the 
shields with this coat, for there are two, might leave it doubtful if the charges were 



roses or leopards' faces, but, on careful examination, it becomes quite clear that they 
are leopards' faces. "We have some difficulty in accounting for the coat being here 
satisfactorily. The date is too early for them to be the coat of Godwin of Wells, 
and we look in vain for any one bearing this coat whose connection with the 
Cathedral is likely to account for his arms appearing here, unless it be a variation 
of the family coat of Bishop Stillington. He was a son of John Stillington of 
Nether Acaster, co. York, who bore, Gu., on a/ess arg. oehv. three leopards' faces or, 
as many fleurs-de-lys sa., the fleur-de-lys being a difference from the coat of Stilling- 
ton of Kelfield, co. York. In one of the windows of the chapel of the Yicar's Close 
we find this coat, Gu., a chev. arg., letiv. three leopards' faces or, and as at that time 
prominent members of a family made considerable variations in their family arms, 
this seems the most probable solution, especially as when the cloisters were building 
Stillington was Bishop, and was building a private chapel on the east side of the 
cloisters, in which he was buried, and which very unfortunately has long since 
disappeared, or it would doubtless have given us some interesting and conclusive 
heraldic evidences. Since this paragraph was written, identifying this coat as that 
of Bishop Stillington, an examination of the shields in the Yicar's Close has revealed 
one on which these coats of the chevron and the fess between the leopards' faces are 
quartered together, which leaves no doubt as to the coat in the cloister roof being 
that of Bishop Stillington. 

Four fusils, the shield being within the garter, inscribed, Hony soyt que malle 
pense. Gu., fusils conjoined in fess arg., Giles, Lord Daubeny, E.G., who died in 
1508, and already noticed. 

A saltire betw. two keys addorsed, the lows interlaced, on the dexter, and a sword 
erect on the sinister, the Dean and Chapter, repeated twice. A saltire, probably 
intended for the vicars. 

France (modern) and England, quarterly, within the garter and crowned. The 
badge of Bishop Beckington, a beacon-post with ladder, at the top a tun with fire 
issuing from it, in front of the post is often placed a motto ribbon, the beacon tun 
being a rebus on the name of Beckington. 

Returning to the monuments in the cloisters : — 


Mural Tablets. 

In memory 

ANDREWS. of Mary the beloved wife of Benjamin Andrews 

Steward to the Dean and Chapter of this Church 

who to the graces that adorn a Christian 

added not only the sincerity of a friend 

but also the most affectionate duties 

truth and tenderness of the 

best of wives 

These merits 

which entitled her to the esteem of all 

who knew her 

constituted her happiness here 


and its hoped will perpetuate it 

to all eternity. 

She dyed after a severe illness 

of two years and three months 

on the 3 rd day of April 1789, 

in the 44 th year of her age. 

This monument was erected 

by her surviving husband as 

a Testimony of regard 

for her worth. 

B. Andrews 

died July 11 th 1803 

aged 59. 

Cathedral Register. 

1685 July 14 Kachael dau. of M r George Andrews and Elizabeth his w. ; born 

22 June. 
1688 Sep. 6 Elizabeth dau. of M r George Andrews and Elizabeth his w. ; born 

6 Aug. 
1694 Nov. 12 William s. of M r George Andrews and Elizabeth his w. 
1704 Sep. 19 Sarah dau. of M r George Andrews and Elizabeth his w. ; born 

30 Aug. 
1706 Sep. 6 Abigail dau. of M r George Andrews ; born Aug. 23. 

1704 Sep. 19 Abraham Carslake, of Farway, co. Devon, and Rachael Andrews, 
of this Liberty ; married. 

1780 Nov. 7 George Andrews, Esq., bur. 
1789 Mar. 8 Mary w. of Benjamin Andrews, Esq. 

St. Cuthbert Parish Register. 


1708 Jan. 6 Sarah dau. of M r George Andrews, of High Street, bap. at y e 

1710 Mar. 15 George s. of M r George Andrews, of High Street, born 16 Feb., 
' bap. at y e Cathedral. 

M r William Andrews. 
George s. of M r George Andrews. 
Elizabeth dau. of M r George Andrews. 
Sarah w. of M r George Andrews, of the Liberty. 
Sarah dau. of M r George Andrews, of the Liberty. 
M rs Bridget Andrews, widow. 
Sarah dau. of M r George Andrews, of the Liberty. 
























Will of B. Andrews. 

The will of Bridgett Andrews of Wells, dated 20 July 1708 ; proved 18 Dec. 
1708 at Wells. Dau. Abigail her silver watch ; granddau. Elizabeth Andrews 
£200 ; granddau. Abigail £100 ; M r John Day's wife of Wells a silver candlestick ; 
interest of £50 to trustees of M r Brick's almshouses for the poor ; M r John Moor, 
the elder, of Bridge water 21s. ; residue to son George Andrews. Seal of arms, On 
a lend cotised three mullets. Crest, A stag's head erased. 

H. S. J. 
HEALY. Ricardus Healy 

L.L. Doctor prsestitis qua? 

amicis quae patriae, quae Principi 

quae Ecclesiae matri quae digniti 

et pietati suse debuit officiis 

tandem et quod naturae debuit 


obiit 1° Sep bres A D ni 1713 

iEtatis suae 58 

Ne per te ferat viator 

Quo minus tot Decani et 

Capituli negotiis praeclare 

Administralis tot laboribus 

Defunctus requiescat 

Disce prudentiam 

Industriam fidam. 

The arms as painted on the monuments are 1 and 4, Vert, on a chev. arg. 
fimbriated eng. or three crosses patee gu., all oetw. as many lions ramp, of the 
third ; 2 and 3, Sa., on a chief az. three martlets or. On the Healy monument in 
St. Outhbert's Church the same quarterly coat appears without the impalement, the 



second and third quarters are made, Vert, on a chief sa. three martlets or ; both these 
are bad heraldry. The coat is probably intended for Wray, viz., Az., on a chief or 
three martlets gu. On the above monument this quarterly coat impales, Erm., three 
crescents gu., Ken. Papworth gives this quarterly coat on the authority of Collinson, 
who makes the field of the coat of Healy, Sable, and a simple chevron engrailed arg. 


April 27 


June 15 


June 15 


April 30 


Mar. 17 


Sep. 11 


Aug. 27 


Nov. 30 


Sep. 4 


Dec. 19 


Mar. 13 


Nov. 4 


June 7 


Jan. 16 

Cathedral Registers. 

Mary dau. of M 1 ' Richard Healy and Mary his w. 
Frances dau. of M r Richard Healy and Mary his w. 
Ralph s. of M r Richard Healy and Mary his w. 
Ralph s. of M T Richard Healy and Mary his w. 
Richard s. of M r Richard Healy and Mary his w. ; born 4 March. 
William s. of M r Richard Healy, D.C.L., and Mary his w. 
Thomas s. of D r Richard Healy and Mary his w., born and bap. 
privately Wednesday, 27 Aug., brought to Church 19 Sep. 

Ralph s. of M r Richard Healy. 
D r Richard Healy. 

Mary wife of the Rev. M r Richard Healy ; died 17 Dec. 
William Healy, Esq. 
Rev. M r Richard Healy; died Nov. 1. 
M rs Mary Healy. 
M rs Susannah Healy. 


1734 Jan. 27 

1767 Feb. 8 


Beloved wife of 

Giles Hemens 

died the 10 th December 1765 

aged 60 

a virtuous Spouse and faithful Friend 

She continued to her end. 

Cathedral Register. 

Giles Hemens, yeoman, and Hannah Beard, both of Banwell, mar. 

by licence. 
Giles Hemens, gent., bur. 


Philip Allenson, gent. 

By his steady Friendship 

Great Generosity 

and Liberal Charity 


Endeared himself 

To all that knew him 

He was born in London, 

Died in Bath 

March 4 th 1767 aged 40. 

Buried in this chapel. 

To whose memory 

Giles Hemens 

Pays his grateful tribute 

(A blank shield.) 

Cathedral Register. 
1767 Mar. 7 Philip Allenson, gent., bur. 

HEALY. Maria Richardi Healy clerici 

Filii Richardi Healy, LL.D. 

Uxor desideratissima 

qua mulla forsan inmotuit, vel sponsa suavior 

vel Prudentia, virtute vitaeq' Innocentia ornatior 

vel suis et universis amicior 

vel Form® venustate morumq' gratia et humanitate 


Puerperio, tarn inauspicato, quam intempestive Cubans 

nee levanda occubuit 

Dec. 17, 1722 

MtoL 35 

Eundem juxta Parietem Richardus Healy, A.M. 

nuper Reverendus S tt Cuthberti Ecclesise vicarius 

Conjux Mariae praedictaB S.E. 

amicus certus, et plusquam gratus 

Pastor fidus et sedulus 

In Uteris bonis et potitioribus haud mediocritur versatus 

Doctrina prisca Fide, charitate singulari, munus 

ornavit sacrum 

obiit Nov : 

Mtat. 46. 

En 1 Lector 

Quod pie jugere potes & pie imitari 
PALMER. Nath™ 4 fil. Nath: Palmer de Fairfield 

in com : Som : armig : & Fran : ux 8 
"WYNDHAM. ort83 patre Will™ Wyndham Barone* 1 

Infra jacet 
magna eximiae Indolis dedit specimina 



In parentes fratres, atq Sorores puis. 

Omnium amans omnibus amatus 

Scholae Wellen' Delicise, sed breves. 

Yariolis corruptus, heu ! cito expiravit 

Nov: 16, 1706 

JEtat. 12°. 

The above Sir William Wyndham was the eldest son of John "Wyndham, Esq., 
and his wife Catherine, daughter of Robert Hopton of Witham, co. Somerset, and 
sister and coheir of Ralph, Lord Hopton. Sir William Wyndham, who was of 
Orchard Wyndham, was created a baronet 3 Dec. 1661, and married Frances, 
daughter of Anthony Hungerford of Farley Castle, Esq., by whom he had, with 
others who died unmarried, Sir Edward Wyndham, grandfather of the first Earl of 
Egremont of this family ; Rachael, married first Sir George Speke, second and last 
baronet, and secondly to Robert Musgrave, Esq. ; Elizabeth, married to Thomas 
Erie of Charborough, co. Dorset, Esq. ; Frances, married Francis Palmer of Fair- 
field, co. Somerset, Esq., as named on the monument above ; Joane, married William 
Cary of Clove! ly, co. Devon, Esq. 



Martha Lovell 

wife of the Rev d Edmund Lovell 

M.A., and Prebendary of this Church 

died Aug* 27 th 1752. 

Mary their daughter died Nov. 11 th 


Elizabeth Westley, daughter 

of Thomas Westley of Shepton 

Mallet gen*, and sister of the above 

Martha Lovell died Oct 1 15 th 1752. 







Cathedeal Register. 
Mary dau. of M r Edmund Lovell and Martha his wife was born 20 Feb., 

bap. 27 th Feb., and received into the Church 28 th March 1745. 
Mary dau. of M r Edmund Lovell, died 11 Nov., and bur. 14 Nov. 
George son of Edmund and Martha Lovell, born 2 July, privately bap. 

9 July, and received into the Church 4 Aug 4 . 
Aug. 29 Martha w. of the Rev. M r Lovell, bur. 

Elizabeth Westley dau. of Thomas Westley of Shepton Mallet, 

gent., and sister of M rs Lovell, bur. 
The Rev. M r Canon Lovell, bur. 
Rev. D r Lovell. 

Oct. 18 

Aug. 31 
July 23 

Will of E. Westley. 
Eleanor Westly of Shepton Mallet, late wife of Thomas Westly, gent., of Chilcot, 
co. Somerset. Will dated 28 Sept. 1721 ; proved at Wells 9 Dec. 1723 by her son 
Thomas Westly. Names Thomas Westly of Shepton Mallet, mercer, sole heir and 
executor. Seal. Plain, no arms. 


Near this tablet 

are deposited the remains of 

Fridiswyde the beloved wife 

of Edmond Broderip, gent. 

of New Street WeUs, 

who died June 3 rd 1825 

age 63. 

Also of Edmond their infant son 

who died January 1790. 
In the vault underneath this tablet 

are also deposited the remains of 

the above named Edmond Broderip 

who died at his residence 

Pulteney Street, Bath, 

December 5 th 1828 

aged 76. 
(From a floorslab.) 

1708 Sep. 11 

1709 Feb. 10 
1711 Feb. 9 

1713 Jan. 18 

1716 April 2 

1719 Feb. 19 

1721 Nov. 6 

Cathedral Register. 
William s. of William Broderip and Martha his w., priv. bap., and 

received into the Church 24 Sep. 
Frances dau. of William Broderip and Martha his w. 
Martha dau. of William Broderip and Martha his w. 

(This is entered a second time, dated 14 Feb., and the father 
called " M r Broderip the Vicar.") 
Frideswade dau. of William Broderip and Martha his w. 
Sarah dau. of William Broderip and Martha his w. 
John s. of William Broderip and Martha his w. ; born 11 th Feb. 
Robert s. of William Broderip and Martha his w. 


1725 Sep. 1 Edmund s. of William Broderip and Martha his w. ; born 6 Aug. 
1727 April 4 Edmund s. of William Broderip and Martha his w. 

1746 May 22 Elizabeth dau. of M r John Broderip and Mary [sic] his w. 
1748 Aug. 26 William s. of M r John Broderip and Eleanor [sic] his w. 

1785 April 4 Edmund s. of Edmund and Frideswade Broadrip ; born 24 March 

1785, priv. bap., and received 21 July 1796. 

1786 Dec. 8 Elizabeth dau. of Edmund and Frideswade Broadrip ; born 25 Nov. 

1786, priv. bap., rec. 21 July 1796. 

1787 Mary dau. of Edmund and Frideswade Broadrip ; born 23 Dec. 1787, 

priv. bap., received 21 July 1796. 
1791 Edward s. of Edmund and Frideswade Broadrip ; born 1 July 1791, 

priv. bap., received 21 July 1796. 
1793 Maria dau. of Edmund and Frideswade Broadrip ; born 20 June 

1793, priv. bap., received 21 July 1796. 

1699 June 8 William Hull of London, Factor, and Jane Broadrip of Brewton. 


1726 Aug. 27 Edmund s. of William and Martha Broadrip. 
1770 Dec. 30 John Broadrip, Organist. 

1785 April 11 M rs Eleanor Broadrip, relict of the late M r John Broadrip, 

1788 Mar. 16 M rs Sarah Broadrip. 

1790 Jan. 22 Edmund s. of Edmund Broadrip, gent., and Frideswade his w. 

Near this place are deposited 
LINLEY. the Remains of Thomas Linley Esq. 

who departed this Life November 19 tb 1795 aged 63. 

together with those of his two Daughters 

and his granddaughter 

SHERIDAN. Elizabeth Ann, wife of R. B. Sheridan Esq. 

TICKLE. Mary wife of Richard Tickle Esq. and 

Mary the Infant daughter of the former. 

In this bless'd Pile, amid whose favouring gloom 

Fancy still loves to guard her votarys Tomb, 

Shall I withhold what all the virtues claim 

The sacred tribute to a Father's name 1 

And yet bless'd Saint, The skill alone was thine 

To breath with truth the tributary line ; 

The mem'ry of departed worth to save 

And snatch the fading laurel from the grave 

And oh, my Sisters : peaceful be your rest 

Once more reposing on a Father's breast ; 

You whom he lov'd, whose notes, so lost, so dear 

Would sometimes wildly float upon his ear 

As the soft Lyre he touched with mournful grace 

And recollection's tear bedewed his face. 


Yes, most belov'd, If every grateful care 
To sooth his hours, bis every wish to share. 
If the fond mother, and the tender wife 
Could add fresh comfort to his Eve of Life ; 
If youth, if beauty, eloquence could charm, 
Genius delight him, & affection warm, 
Yours was the pleasing task from day to day 
Whilst heav'n approv'd and virtue led the way. 

W m LlNLEY. 

Cathedral Register. 

1787 Aug. 2 Mary Tickell w. of Richard Tickell, Esq., bur. 

1792 July 7 M rs Elizabeth Ann Sheridan, bur. 

1793 Nov. 26 Elizabeth Sheridan dau. of Richard Brinsley Sheridan and Mary 

his w., bur. 
1795 Nov. 28 Thomas Linley, bur. 

At the top of this monument are sculptured a lyre and flutes ; below the inscrip- 
tion is a shield on which can be traced a chevron, Lindley of Shegby, Scotland, Arg., 
on a chev. sa. three griffins' heads erased of the first. Crest, Out of a crest coronet 
gu. a demi-boar or. The Yorkshire family of Linley or Lindley bore the heads on a 
chief instead of on a chevron. The above R. B. Sheridan was the Right Hon. 
Richard Brinsley Sheridan, the statesman, dramatist, and wit, second son of Thomas 
Sheridan, M.A., of Trinity College, Dublin. He married the above Elizabeth Ann 
Linley in 1773, and she died in 1792, having had Mary, who died in infancy, and a 
son, Thomas Sheridan, ancestor of the Sheridans of Frampton Court near Dorchester. 
Arms of Sheridan, Vert, a lion ramp. betw. three trefoils slipped or. The other 
daughter Mary Linley married, as his first wife, 25 July 1780, to Richard Tickell 
(second son of John Tickell of Glasnevin, Dublin, eldest son of Thomas Tickell, Fellow 
of Queen's College, Oxon, by his wife Clotilda, daughter and heir of Sir Maurice 
Eustace), a Commissioner of Her Majesty's Stamp Duties, who died 4 Nov. 1793 at 
Hampton Court Palace. His wife, by whom he left two sons and a daughter, died 
at Clifton 27 July 1787, and was buried with her father, as the monument records. 
This family of Tickell used for arms, Quarterly, 1 and 4, Gu., a maunch arg. ; 2 and 3, 
Sa., on a bend arg. three escallops gu. Crest, A cubit arm erect vested gu., charged 
with three fleurs-de-lis or, cuffed arg., the hand ppr., grasping a fleur-de-lis gold. The 
above Thomas Linley himself was one of the Patentees of the Theatre Royal, 
Drury Lane. See ' Landed Gentry ' and ' Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldica,' 
New Series, vol. ii., p. 472. 

Sacred to the memory of 
HENWOOD. wife of P. Henwood Esquire R.N. 

who died the 18 th day of February 1830 
aged 52 years. 



to the memory of 

Peter Henwood Esquire R.N., 

who died at Torquay 

August 17 th 1851 

aged 84 years. 

TEASDALE. Elizabeth Teasdale 

Died at Wells 

the 9 th Day of March 17 . 

(aged 27 ?) 

Rich Industry 

gives a grace 

to virtue. 

Cathedral Register. 
1773 Mar. — M rs Elizabeth Teesdale w. of Marmaduke Teesdale, of London, 
buried in the cloister. 

Sacred to the memory of 
LOVELL. Joseph Lovell Lovell Esq. 

of this city 

who died 21 December 1842 

aged 62 years. 


to the memory of 

Margaret his widow 

who died 26 August 1849 

aged 66 years. 

Sacred to the memory of 
LOVELL. Edmund Lovell 

second son of Joseph Lovell Lovell and Margaret his wife 

who died Sep 1 11 th 1831 

in the 25 th year of his age. 

Sacred to the memory of 
LOVELL. Edward Lovell 

eldest son of Joseph Lovell Lovell and Margaret his wife 

who died Sep r 22 nd 1857 

in the 53 rd year of his age. 

St. Cuthbert Parish Register. 

1662 July 24 Thomas s. of M r Thomas Lovell, bur. 

1663 Aug. 24 Edmond s. of M r Edmond Lovell, bap. 






to the memory of 

Sarah Lock 

who departed this life 

October 22 nd 1825 

aged 42. 

Alas my Friend. 


to the memory of 

Geraldine Eugenia Wallace 

youngest daughter of the late 

John Wallace Esq. 

Member of the Board of Revenue 

at Madras Born 17 th Jan 1 * 1811 

died 24 May 1820. 

This tribute of affection 

is erected by her 

afflicted mother. 



Near this place lies the body of 

Elizabeth Sage 

who departed this life the 17 th December 1778 

aged 33 years. 

In testimony of most sincere affection 

for an amiable, tender, virtuous wife 

her disconsolate husband Isaac Sage Esq re 

of Thornhill in the county of Dorset 

caused this memorial to be erected. 

With her mother lies also the Body of 

Emily Sage 

daughter of Isaac and Elizabeth Sage 

who departed this life the 27 th March 1775 

in the 3 rd year of her age. 

Restored by the Rev d Hill D. Wickham. 

Rector of Horsington 

Great nephew of the above Elizabeth Sage 1867. 


Cathedral Register. 

1775 Mar. 31 Emily dau. of ... . Sage Esq., bur. 

1778 Dec. 24 Elizabeth w. of Isaac Sage, Esq., bur. in the Lady Chapel. 

The above Elizabeth Sage was the third daughter of the Rev. John Whalley, D.D., 
Master of Peter House, Cambridge, and Regius Professor of Divinity, by his wife 
Mary, daughter of Francis Squire, Chancellor of Wells ; she was born in 1745, and 
married Isaac Sage, Esq., of Hon. E.I.C.S., by whom she left surviving issue. 
Her sister Mary Whalley married James Wickham, Esq., of Frome, and was 
mother of James Anthony Wickham, Esq., of Frome, who, by Marianne, daughter 
and heir of Hill Dawe, Esq., of Bridgewater, was father of James Whalley Dawe 
Thomas Wickham, Esq. ; Francis Dawe Wickham, Esq., Barrister at Law ; the 
Rev. Hill Dawe Wickham, M.A., Rector of Horsington, and three daughters. 
Arms, Gu. on a chev. arg. three infants' faces ppr., Sage ; imp., Arg., Three whales 1 
heads erased and erect sa., Whalley. The coat of Sage does not appear in Papworth 
or Burke. 

Eximo Juveni 
WHALLEY. Francisco Whalley 

Reverendi Ricardi Chaple Whalley 

et Elizabethae Francescas uxoris 

Filio natu minimo 

Hoc marmor inscribitur 


Raris admodum turn corporistam animi dotibus 

(Six lines illegible) 

Ano/** u 
I Salutis 1793. 

Cathedral Register. 
1793 Mar. 13 Francis Whalley, bur. 
1795 Feb. 11 Elizabeth Frances Whalley, bur. 

WHALLEY. Elizabethaj Whalley 

Reverendi Ricardi Chaple Whalley 

Uxoris .... (rest obliterated) 

obiit 5 Febmarii 1795. (Date vide Phelps.) 

Cathedral Register. 

1740 Dec. 23 Sarah dau. of Rev. D r Whalley, having been privately baptised 

was received into the Church. 
1742 Dec. 12 Miss Frances and Miss .... Whalley, bur. 



This stone and the one before it are for the most part now obliterated, the 
letters being only painted on, and that having peeled off no legible trace remains. 
This family claim descent from the ancient Lancashire family of Whalley of Whalley. 
The above Rev. Richard Chaple Whalley was the fourth son of the Rev. John 
Whalley, D.D., by Mary, daughter of the Rev. Francis Squire, Chancellor of Wells. 
He was born in 1748 and married Elizabeth Frances, daughter of the Rev. John 
Paine, Canon of Wells ; she died in 1795, aged 40. He died in 1817, leaving a son 
Richard Whalley, who married Elizabeth, daughter of Robert Fordway, Esq., of 
Wells, and dying in 1830, aged 51, left issue 1, Richard, in holy orders ; 2, John ; 
3, Elizabeth ; 4, Mary. 

According to Burke's ' Commoners ' the arms of this family are, Arg., three 
whales' heads erased and erect sa., on a canton of the second a mascle of the first. 
Crest, A whale's head as in the arms, thereon a mascle. 


Margaret Isabella Sheraton 

wife of Peter Sherston, Esq. 

& only daughter of Peter Burrell 

of the Town of Leicester, M.D. 

died the 6 th of April 1779 aged 29. 

There is the figure of a female weeping over an urn in relief. The arms, Sa., 
three hunting horns arg., oetw. them a cinquefoil or, are those of Dodington, with 
the addition of a cinquefoil, which was doubtless originally a mullet, a difference of 
a third son. The coat was derived evidently from a Dodington, having been 
married to a Davis, a daughter of which family had married a Sherston. 


To the memory of 

Peter Sherston, Esq. 

of Stoberry Hill near this City 

who died August 14 th 1820 aged 75. 


This tablet as a faint but faithful record 

of the worth 

an unequal but just tribute 

to the Integrity Piety and Benevolence 

of his Character 

and a slight but sincere token 

of Duty and Affection 

to a beloved and lamented Parent 

is erected and inscribed by 

his Son. 

Also in memory of 

Peter Davis, son of the above 

Peter Sherston, Esq. 

aud Lieut. Col 1 of the 2 nd Som* Eegiment of Militia 

ob 4 May 14 th a.d. 1884 Mk. 51. 

The Widowed Consort and the Orphaned Boy, 

Bereft of those pure fonts of earthly joy, 

She a fond Husband's, he a Father's love, 

Till reunited in the Realms above, 

Here claim the Sympathy which they, who know 

How death cau wound the living, will bestow. 

SHERSTON. Sacred to the memory of Margaret Sherston 

second wife of Peter Sherston, Esq. of this city 
and youngest daughter of 
STRANGWAYS. Thomas Strangways, Esq. 

of Shapwick in this county. 

In all amiable qualities and the christian virtues 

a pattern to her sex 

much esteemed by not a few 

by a loving husband and three children 

heavily deplored. 

After a lingering and painful illness 

which proved a distinguished Piety 

and exemplary Fortitude 

She died on the 10 th of January 1795 

aged 39. 

This monument is adorned with two female figures bending over an urn. Both 
this lady and her husband are named in the will of her mother Elizabeth Strang- 
ways of Shapwick, dated 9 June 1789. Also these arms per pale : — The dexter, 
Sa., three hunting-horns arg., Dodington, on an escutcheon of pretence a chev. erm. 
betw. three leaves ; the sinister, per fess, in chief, Sa., two lions pass, paly of six 
arg. and gu., Strangways ; in base, Or, a cross fiory sa. surmounted by a bend gu. 



Near this place lies the Body of 
SHERSTON. Doddington Sherston of this city, gent. 

who died November 23 rd 1751 aged 46 years. 

Likewise of Bridget his wife 

who died May 25 th 1792 aged 72 years. 

The thorny path of life she trod, 
Revered her duties and adored her God, 
To ev'ry station ev'ry credit gave, 
And Built on Happiness beyond the grave. 

SHERSTON. Also of William Tucker Sherston son of 

Doddington Sherston, Gent, and Bridget his wife, 

who died the 28 th of March 1770 in the 19 th year of his Age, 

whilst in the pursuit of Academical Learning 

with as much Improvement and Attention 

as his weak Habit of body would permit. 

His piety to God, and filial duty to his surviving parent 

was great and unaffected. 

An open and ingenuous Behaviour 

adorned by genteel manners, 

an easy cheerfulness 

Recommended by a pleasing modest countenance 

engaged him the love of all. 

Sweetness and equality of temper 

enabled his youthful and naturally lively mind 

to bear a lingering and painful disease 

with a wonderful composure. 



These happy endearments with untainted virtues 

fitted him thro' Jesus Christ 

for those blissful Regions 

where love and joy for ever reign 

Dear kindred shades accept this last adieu 

This tribute paid to virtue and to you 

Pe : Sherston April 1793. 

The coat here ascribed to Sherston is not given, nor indeed any other coat for 
that name, by Guillim, Burke, or Papworth. According to the latter authority, 
Robert Sherborne, Bishop of St. David's, in 1505, bore Arg., a pelican vert. Bishop 
Fox, circa 1492, also bore Az., a pelican on its nest or. And the same coat was 
granted to Sherman of Ipswich in 1715. The impaled coat is that of Tucker, viz., 
Az., on a chev. emb. at the top betw. three sea-horses naiant or, as many body 
hearts gu. 

DAVIS. Underneath are deposited the remains of Peter Davis Esq re 

Many years Recorder of this City 

and one of the Benchers of the Hon able Society of Lincoln's Inn 

A man eminently learned in the Laws of his Country, 

distinguished by a faithful Administration of them : 

Unambitious but Uniform 

DODINGTON. Religious without Ostentation 

In all things sincere. 

He was the son of John Davis gent. & Margaret 

the daughter of Christopher Doddington of Lincoln's Inn Esq. 

He married Susanna (the Daughter of Robert Bisse gent, of "Wilts), 

whose domestick and conjugal virtues 

were the comfort of her husband, 

the Blessing of her children. 

Out of a pious Regard for such excellent Parents 

This Monument was erected to her Memory 

by Peter Davis their only surviving son 

in the year of our Lord 1749. 


Arms are : Sa., three hunting-horns arg., stringed or, in the centre a cinquefoil or, 
Sherston ; impaling, Sa., three escallop-shells in pale arg., Bisse. The Margaret 

A A 


Dodington mentioned in the inscription was the second daughter of Christopher 

This is a large monument, and is the last on the east side of the cloister, but 
as the monuments are not in their original place it appears as well to give it here, 
following others of the same family. It is adorned with two nude infant boys, well 

The family of Sherston, like that of Bisse and some others, was at an early 
period connected with the clothworking industry, and although they did not enter 
a pedigree in either of the Heraldic Visitations of Somerset, the name occurs in the 
neighbourhood of Bath in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Mary, daughter 
of William Sherston of Bath, was the second wife of Thomas Pryn of Swanswick, 
and had remarried before 1623 to Edward Capell of the same place ; and Margaret, 
daughter of ... . Sherston of Bath, was married to John Clarke of Bristol, mer- 
chant, before 1570. 

From Anthony a Wood's MSS. we learn the following: Peter Sherston of 
Bath, with Walter Chapman and Thomas Wist, paid in 1603 money they had 
given and collected for the repairs of Bath Abbey. William Sherston, Alderman, 
and eight times Mayor of Bath, bequeathed £100 by annual instalments of 40s. 
out of the parsonage of Lyncombe. On the east wall of the chancel of Bath 
Abbey was formerly a monument to William Sherston, who died 26 Aug. 1621, 
with an epitaph, but no arms. 

They have used for arms a stork or heron standing on its nest, as on the monu- 
ment of Dodington Sherston, and this coat is also cut on a floorslab in Bath Abbey, 
impaled by Bushell, but the inscription is unfortunately gone. James Bussell 
married Mary Sherston, their daughter Mary being born in 1707. They have 
also used a chevron between three like birds, but these arms were never allowed, 
granted, or confirmed to them. After inheriting the estates of the Davis family, 
Peter Sherston applied for and obtained a grant of the arms granted to his 
maternal great-uncle Peter Davis ; itself a most singular grant, for it was the 
coat of Dodington of Dodington, which neither family in any way represented, 
with the small difference of a cinquefoil in the centre. The grant shews the 
poor heraldic knowledge and taste then existing even at Heralds' College itself, 
and is all the more singular, since we find a John Davis of Wells sealing 
documents 1698 as a Justice of Peace with his arms (Gu.), a griffin segreant 
(or) ; Crest, A griffin as in the arms ; whom there is no reason to doubt was 
the father of Jane, wife of William Sherston. This is further strengthened 
by the fact that the will of Matthew Baron of Milton in St. Cuthbert's parish, 
dated 1720, is witnessed by P. Davis, and sealed with the same arms and crest, 
the griffin segreant. The grant should have been the heron coat, with some 
addition, quartering the griffin of Davis. That this Welsh family should have 
settled in Wells is by no means strange, being the same as Bees Davis, who married 
the heiress of Maurice Rodney. Nevertheless this differenced coat of Dodington is 
now the lawfully recognised coat of Sherston. The grant, which by the courtesy 
of the family we are able to give, is as follows : — 


TO all and Singular to whom these presents shall come, Sir Isaac Heard Knight 
Garter Principal King of Arms, and Thomas Lock, Esquire, Clarenceux King 
of Arms of the South, East and West parts of England from the river Trent south- 
ward, send greeting. ®2&f)er£ as Peter Sherston of the City of Wells in the County 
of Somerset Esquire hath represented unto the most noble Charles Duke of Norfolk 
Earl Marshal and Hereditary Marshal of England, that his maternal great uncle 
Peter Davis of Wells aforesaid Esquire obtained a Patent of Arms under the Hand 
and Seals of John Anstis Esq. Garter Principal King of Arms and Stephen Martin 
Leake Esq. Clarenceux King of Arms, bearing date the sixth day of June 1745 to 
him and his descendants That the said Peter Davis left issue only two sons both of 
whom dying unmarried the armorial ensigns granted in the said Patent became 
extinct, and the said Peter Sherston became the heir general of that Family. He 
is therefore desirous out of respect to the said family of Davis of bearing the arms 
contained in the Patent aforesaid, and hath requested the favour of his Grace's 
Warrent to the Kings of Arms concerned for their confirming the same to him and 
his Descendants according to the Laws of Arms. And forasmuch as his Grace did 
by Warrent under his Hand and Seal bearing date the sixteenth day of May instant, 
authorize and direct us to confirm such arms, accordingly, UttOU) ge tfytVtfOtt 
that We the said Garter and Clarenceux in pursuance of the consent of the said 
Earl Marshal and by virtue of the Letters Patent of our several offices to each of us 
respectively granted under the Great Seal of Great Britain do by these Presents 
confirm to the said Peter Sherston the arms following, that is to say, Sable, a 
cinquefoil or, between three Bugle Horns Argent stringed of the second, and for 
the crest, On a wreath of the Colours a Stag couchant regardant or, armed and 
Hoofed Gules, charged on the shoulder with a cinquefoil Vert, as the same are in 
the margin hereof more plainly depicted, To be borne and used for ever hereafter 
by him the said Peter Sherston and his Descendants according to the Laws of Arms 
without the Let or Interruption of any Person or Persons whatsoever. Jht ©HttttCSS 
whereof We the said Garter and Clarenceux Kings of Arms have to the Presents 
subscribed our names and affixed the Seals of our several Offices this sixteenth day 


of May in the thirty third year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord George the third 
by the Grace of God King of Great Britain, France and Ireland, Defender of the 
Faith etc., and in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and ninty three. 

{Signed) Isaac Heaed, Thomas Lock, 

Garter Principal King of Arms. Clarenceux King of Arms. 

[Seal, Arms of Garter imp. Heard.] [Seal, Arms of Clarenceux imp. Lock.] 

It is strange the Probate Registry at Wells gives so little help in the way of 
Sherston wills. The wills of Isabella Sheathstone of Glastonbury, 1680, and William 
Sherston of Oharlecombe, 1733, are no good : that of Peter Sherston of Bath does 
little more ; it is dated 30 Oct. 1662, calls himself of Bath, clothier; names his 
dwelling house, his fuller's mills, his mill called Monk's mill, his brother John 
Sherston, brother William Sherston, brother Arthur Sherston, brother Thomas 
Sherston ; sisters Mary, Elizabeth, and Sarah Sherston ; cousin Arthur Sherston, and 
kinsman Thomas Neild of Westeaton ; proved at Wells 18 Dec. 1662. 

The accompanying pedigree is compiled from registers, monuments, and family 

The following register extracts may also be interesting, though they could not 
be placed in the pedigree. 


Jan. 13 


Jan. 29 


Oct. 2 


July 9 


Nov. 3 


Sep. 30 


Jan. 13 


Dec. 9 


Dec. 22 


Mar. 15 


Sep. 25 


Nov. 1 


April 3 


Nov. 27 


July 28 


Aug. 31 


Nov. 11 


June 26 


Jan. 3 

St. Cuthbert Parish Register. 
Eleanor dau. of William Sherston. 
Agnes dau. of William Sherston. 
Elizabeth dau. of William Sherston. 
John s. of M r Thomas Butler, of Coxley ; born 2 July. 
Thomas s. of M r Thomas Butler ; born Nov. 2, priv. bap. 

William Sherstone and Elizabeth Rundle. 
William Sherstone and Margaret Brittaine. 
Weyman Sherston and Isabel Turner. 

William Good, of Somerton, gent., and Jane Butler, of S 4 James, 
Dorset, spinster. 

Francis Sherston. 
Elizabeth Sherston. 
Elizabeth Sherston. 
Ann Sherston. 
Weymouth Sherston. 
M r John Butler, of Southover. 
M rs Ann Butler, widow, of Coxley. 
Thomas s. of M r Thomas Butler, of Chamberlain Street. 
M r Thomas Butler, of Chamberlain Street. 
M" Butler. 




* Cathedral Register. f St. Cuthbert, Wells, Parish Register. 

John Davis, gent., of Wells, mar.^=Margaret, 2nd da. of Christopher Dodington, Esq., of 

1 Jan. 1670. " Both of St. Cuth- 
bert parish."f Died 9 March 
1700 ; bur. 24 March 1700.* 

Lincoln's Inn, son of John Dodington of Dodington ; 
died 17 Feb. 1719, aged 80. Her name is spelt 
Dorington in the marriage register. 

William Sherston, gent.,=^Jane Davis, 
of the Liberty of St. An- bapt. as Jo- 
drew, Wells, died 12 ane 13 April 
March 1725, aged 50 1678; died 
years; bur. 10 March 13 Sep. 1711. 

Mary Davis, bapt. 
24 March 1671.f 

Dodington Davis, 
bur. Oct. 1673.f 

Peter Davis, Esq.,=j=Susanna, da. of 
Recorder of Wells, Rob. Bisse, 
bapt. 24 Feb. | gent., of Eding- 

1675 ;f died 1 1 Jan. ton, Wilts; died 
1745-6, aged 69 ; 12 Oct. 1741 ; 
bur. 16 Jan. bur. 16 Oct. 

1745-6.* 1741.* 

John Davis, 
born 22, 
bapt. 25 Sep. 
1702 ; bur. 
23 Oct. 

Robert Davis, 
bapt. 10 Jan. 

Susanna Davis, born 
25, bapt. 28 Dec. 
1704 ; bur. 22 Jan. 
1704,* O.8. 

Peter Davis, 
bapt. 4 July 
1706 ;* died 
27 Feb. 1777; 
bur. 4 March 

Richard Davis, 
bapt. 6 July 

bapt. 13 

Peter Sherston, bapt. 15 
March 1707-8; bur. 6 
May 1709.* 

Margaret Sherston, bapt. 
7 April 1708 ;* bur. 12 
Aug. 1736.* 

Jane Sherston, bapt. 24 Aug. 1710 ;* 
mar. 24 April 1729 Thomas Butler 
of Wells, gent.f 

Dodington Sherston, Esq., of Wells,^=Bridget, da. of ... . Tucker, 

born 29 March, bapt. 1 April 1706 ;" 
died 23 Nov. 1751, aged 46. 

died 25 May 1792, aged 72 ; 
bur. 31 May 1792. 

William Sherston, bapt. 4 
March 1706-7;* bur. 17 
March 1706.f 

Margaret Isabella.^Peter Sher-^=Margaret, youngest da. of Thomas=. ... da. 

da.of Peter Burrell ston, died 

of Leicester, M.D. ; 14 Aug. 

died 6 April 1779, 1820, aged 

aged 29; bur. 12 75, 

April 1779.* 1st 


Strangewayes, Esq., of Shapwick, of 
by Elizabeth, da. and coh. of Hen- (? Nel- 
ry Bull, Esq., of Shapwick ; bapt. son), re- 
21 March 1755 ; mar. 10 July 1780 ; lict of 

died 10 Jan. 1795, aged 39 ; bur 3rd 

26 Jan. 1795.* 2nd wife. wife. 

William Tucker 
Sherston, died 
28 March 1770, 
aged 19 ; bur. 
31 March 1770.* 

Peter Davis Sherston of Stoberry: 
Park, Wells, Lieut.-Col. 2nd 
Somerset Militia, born 4 May, 
privately bapt. 5 May, received 
into the Church 16 Dec. 1782 ;* 
died 14 May 1834, aged 51. 

Julianna Frances Anne, 
da. of Col. York, and of 
Julianna, da. of ... . 
Dodd, Esq., of Swallow- 
field Park, Berks ; mar. 

Thomas Davis 
Sherston, born 
3 June, bapt. 
6 June 1784.* 

Sophia Sherston, 
born 21, bapt. 25 
Jan. 1789. 

John Davis Sherston, J.P.,= 
Capt. 6th Dragoon Guards, 
bora 16 May 1829 ; Lord 
of the Manor of Wells. 

: Innes Eliza, only da. of Major Hamilton Maxwell, Hon. E.I.C.S., 
of Ardwell, Wigtonshire, N.B. (and Isabella, da. of Abraham Bun- 
bury, Esq., of Kilfeade, co. Tipperary, his wife) ; mar. 13 May 

Charles Davis Sher-=pEdith, da. of Adm. Sir C. Tal- 

ston, born 16 Feb. 
1852, late Major in 
Rifle Brigade ; mar. 
2 March 1878. 

bot, K.C.B., by Georgina, da. 
of Sir William Ponsonby, 
K.C.B., 1st Lord Ponsonby 

Florence Maxwell, 
born 5 Jan. 1854 ; 
died 23 April 

Maxwell Sherston, 
born 30 July 1855; 
died 15 Feb. 1856. 

Charles John Talbot 
Sherston, born 16 
Dec. 1878. 

Somerset Arthur 
Sherston, born 
18 March 1880. 


Georgina Innes 
Sherston, born 
21 Sep. 1881. 

George Ponsonby 
Sherston, born 31 
Aug. 1883. 

Beryl Maud Sher- 
ston, born 2 July 



John Sherston, born^Alice M., da. of Gen. 

25 July 1857 ; Capt. 
Rifle Brigade ; mar. 
9 Sep. 1882. 

Bamfield, B.S.C., In- 
spector General of 

William Maxwell 
Sherston, born 14 
April 1859 ; Capt. 
18th Hussars. 

Mabel Sher-=John Huntley 
ston, mar. 31 Thring, Esq. 
July 1890. 


Ethel Innes Sherston, born 
9 April 1883. 

Nora Isabel Sherston, born 
11 Jan. 1885. 

John Reginald Sherston, born 
2 Oct. 1888. 

Ethel Innes Sherston, died 
27 March 1880. 

William Dodington Sherston, 
born 14 Nov. 1866. 

T. Peter Davis Sherston, born 
7 April 1874. 

Sacred to the memory 
OGILVIE. Charles Spencer Ogilvie 

of Charlestown South Carolina 


Midshipman of His Majesties Ship L'Imperieuse 

who closed his short and blameless life 

by falling in the British Service 

at Elvoursdyke in South Beveland 

on the 16 th December 1809 

in the 17 th year of his age. 

The integrity of his principles 

The Sweetness of his Temper 

The purity of his manners 


The Elevation and Firmness of his Professional Character 

Prepared him (as it seemed) for a sure and Prosperous Course 

of Worldly Felicity and Honour. 

The Almighty hath dwelt yet more graciously with him 

By calling him to the Blessings of Immortality 

Before his fair Hopes had been clouded by Misfortune 

Or his innocence endangered by Temptation. 

Arms : 1 and 4, Arg., a lion pass. gard. gu., imperially crowned ppr., Ogilvie ; 
2 and 3, Arg., a cross eng. sa., Sinclair. 



Beneath are interred the remains of 

WILLISON. Mary Raynard, wife of Lieut. John Willison, R.N. 

BERRY. and eldest daughter of the Rev d Butler Berry, 

Vicar of Triplow, Cambridgeshire 

(in which Parish Church a memorial is erected) 

who departed this life September 5 th 1827 

in the 30 th year of her age. 

To the memory of 
LAMONT. Norman Lamont Esq. 

Member of Parliament for the city of Wells, 

second son of the late John Lamont Esq. 

of Lamont in the county of Argyleshire, 

who departed this life April 27 th 1834 

aged 53 years. 

Also Hannah relict of the above 

Norman Lamont Esq. 

M.P., who departed this life March 20 th 1840 

aged 59 years. 

Arms : 1 and 4, Az., a lion ramp. org. ; 2 and 3, Az., a mound or. 

H. S. E. 
Prope ab hujus colunmse 
KEEN. basi Sarah, Francis Keen 

equitum sub Caroli l m : auspiciis 

WESTLEY. capitanei filia Gulielmi Westley 

conjux desideratissimas una cum 5 

liberis (non iter pridem ab utriusq' 

parentis complexa divulsis atq' 

aliquandiu matris absentis moras segrius 

serentibus) in grenium materium 

quasi postliminio receptis 

obiit Jun : 4, 1701. 



Hand facile expedias viator uter 

olim necessitudinis officiis mutuis 

felicius Certaverit an Sarah, an 

supers tes Gnlielmus qui 

conjuges pise adamatae predamantis 

memoriam hoc marmore 


Hie Jacet 
MORRIS. Claverus Morris, M.D., in agro Dorset 

Ex ingenua familia oriundus 
quern si noveris, virum, noveris, viator 

facilem incundum perurbanum : 

In rebus scripiendus Cautum & Sagacem 

In agendis pariter animosum 

Ex propositi subaeris affectibus. 


orthodoxi Patrix fihus orthodoxus ; 

A psetre Grulielmo, A. M. Rectore de Manson. 

In Bello Oivili propter Regem multa passo 

Dedicit Regem & Ecclesiam unice amare. 

Nullius non artis Liberalis facile prudens 

ad inferioris etiam notae Disciplinus 

eleganter se dimisit ingenium ejus versatile 

non desultorum 

musices quippe cum paucis sciens 

chymicorum etiam arcana scrupaisossime perquirebat 

cum Anatomicae & Hertariae rei sutis insudasser 


Ita instructus Philosophiam 

quara certissima matheseos & Experiraenfcorum ope 

affecutus est vitse negotiis & quotidiano usui 

feliciter accomodavit 

Praecipue vero in divina modendi arto 

exercitatus cum intima naturas advra 

acumine sibi proprio penetrasset 

Remedia contra inorbos graviores 

suam non minus in Laudem quam aliorum Salutem 

aseipso excogitata affabre elaboravit 

his animi dotibus lumen & ornamentum 

addidit pietas. Instar Phoebi et eluxit, 

cum florens succelsibus segrotos reticeret. 

Et nube latuit cum pauperibus. 

Ea munera donaret ejus dextera quorum 

sinistra nunquam fuit conscia, qui negotiis, Religioni, Honori, inferoirus. 

In terra nobis vixit in coelo vivit filei. 

67 Annos natus, denatus Martii 19° 


The monument still retains the bust of Dr. Morris and the arms, but the crest 
and mantling are gone, with other portions of the monument. The arms are : 
{Arg.), a fess betw. three lions couchant gard. {gu.), Morris; impaling, (Arg.), a 
chev. {vert) betw. three bulls pass, {gu.), Bragge. He married first Elizabeth, 
daughter of Edmund Dawe, Esq., of Ditcheat, Lord of the Manor and Patron of the 
Church, by whom he had a daughter Elizabeth, wife of John Burland, Esq. ; she 
died 17 Aug. 1699, aged 31, and is buried at Ditcheat, with a large monument, on 
which is a long Latin inscription and these arms, Arg., a fess betw. three lions 
couchant gard. gu., Morris ; imp., Gu., on a pile arg. a chev. betw. three cross- 
crosslets sa. Dr. Morris married secondly Mary, daughter of William Bragge, Esq. 

Cathedral Register. 
Elizabeth dau. of Claver Morris and Elizabeth his w. ; born 4 th and bap. 11 Dec. 

Mary dau. of Claver Morris and Mary his w. ; born 6 and bap. 18 Jan. 1704. 
William s. of Claver Morris, M.D., and Mary his w. ; born 20 and bap. 27 Oct. 

M r William Morris ; died 30 June, bur. 3 July 1738. 


BROWN. Martha Brown of Wellington 

died May 1 st 17 . . 

Elizabeth Brown 

died June 13 th 17 . . 












Cathedral Register. 


Charles s. of M r John Brown. 
Mary dau. of M r John Brown. 

Martha dau. of William and Joan Brown; born Tuesday, 23 


1701 April 22 John Stroud and Dorothy Brown, both of the Liberty of S l 


Elizabeth w. of M r John Brown. 
M r John Brown, organist. 
Phillis dau. of M rs Brown, widow. 
M r Nathaniel Browne, Priest Vicar. 
M r Brown, one of the Proctors of this Cort. 
M r Charles Brown. 
Martha Brown. 
M n Elizabeth Brown. 
M 18 Anne Brown. 
1808 June 8 M rs Mary Brown w. of John Brown, bur. in the Palm churchyard. 


Mar. 11 


May 7 


April 29 


Nov. 18 


Feb. 8 


Feb. 15 


May 4 


June 17 


Mar. 6 


Jan. 17 


Dec. 14 


Aug. 16 


July 21 


Sep. 14 


July 25 


Dec. 27 


Oct. 13 


Nov. 2 


May 14 


Jan. 1 


June 19 


Mar. 8 


June 5 


Dec. 16 

St. Cuthbert Parish Register. 


Frances dau. of M r Hugh Brown ; born 2 Jan. 
Charles s. of M r Hugh Brown, of Sadler Street. 
Frances dau. of M r Hugh Brown, of Sadler Street ; born 7 July, 

brought to Church Aug. 3. 
Ann dau. of M r Hugh Brown, of Sadler Street ; born July 2. 
Martha dau. of M r Hugh Brown, of High Street; born Aug. 15. 
Elizabeth dau. of M r Hugh Brown, of High Street ; born June 29. 
John s. of M r John Brown, of High Street ; bom Nov. 30. 
Robert s. of M r Hugh Brown, of High Street ; born Oct. 5, priv. 

bap. and brought to Church Nov. 1. 
Joseph s. of M r John Brown ; born Nov. 1. 
Sarah dau. of M r Hugh Brown, of High Street ; born May 4, priv. 

bap., carried to the Cathedral June 9. 
Grace dau. of M r John Brown, of High Street ; born Dec. 19. 
James s. of M r Hugh Brown ; born May 24. 
Charles s. of M r John Brown, of High Street ; born Feb. 23. 


M r John Brown. 

Joan w. of M r Jonas (sic) Brown, of High Street. 


1720 Sep. 8 Joseph s. of M r John Brown. 

1720 Oct. 8 Elizabeth w. of M r John Brown. 

1721 Dec. 7 M r John Brown's sister-in-law. 

1722 Mar. 24 M r Hugh Brown. 

HENWOOD. E. H. 1830. 

P. H. 1854. 
(See Henwood mural monument, p. 170.) 

CHAPERDINE. Alice Chaperdine 


Cathedral Eegister. 
1763 Dec. 9 Alice Chapperlin, bur. 

In memory of 

.... mrah wy 

late of this city 

who died 22 December 1 

Aged 46 years. 

the daughter of 
CONWAY. John and Sarah Conway 

departed this life the 23 rd of 

February 1796 aged 

42 years. 

Cathedral Register. 
1804 Mar. 23 M rs Martha Conway, bur. in the Palm churchyard. 

Here lies the body of 
Priscilla the wife of 
MARCHANT. William Marchant 

who died November the 5 th 

1733 aged 33. 

William the husband of Priscilla Marchant 

died February 8 th 1757 aged 75 

and here rests in the hope of a happy 


Cathedral Register. 
1733 Nov. 9 Priscilla w. of William Merchant, bur. 






Elizabeth the 

wife of James 

Curtice died the 16 th July 

1776 aged 92 years. 

Robert Lovell 

May 3 rd 1791. 

Richard Harris Forrest 

died April the 12 th 1762 

aged 4 years 8 months. 

Cathedral Register. 
1762 April 15 Richard Harris Forist s. of Capt. Forist. 



Archibald Christie Esq. 

died Feby 11 th 1827 

aged 72 years. 

Sarah Christie 

died May 1 st 1858 

aged 87 years. 


Isabella Christie 

Daughter of the above 

died Oct. 25 th 1879. 


Thomas Barstow 

of the County of York, gent. 

died 4 th May 1775 

aged 28. 

Cathedral Register. 
1775 May 7 Thomas Barstow, Esq., of Yorkshire, bur. 


In memory of 

Miss Anna Maria Floyer 

Daughter of the late .... Floyer Esq re 

of Blunderstone Suffolk 

she died at Clifton 1 st November 1842 

in her 80 th year. 


(The same inscription as on the mural tablet above.) 


LOVELL. Edmund Lovell 


Joseph Lovell Lovell 

Margaret Lovell 

Edward Lovell 




D. 0. M. 

Gloria in Excelsis 

In hac sede prope B. Mariae sacellum 

conduntur reliquiaB 

Bp. LAW. viri admodum Reverendi Georgii Henrici Law S.T.P. 

Bathoniensis et Wellensis Episcopi 

qui supremum diem obiit 22 Sept. mdcccxlvi 

annum agens l.xxxv. 

Cantabrigise in collegio Reginse 

juvenis adhuc 

summis literarum Prasmiis dignatus est 

matura demum aBtate 

ad episcopatum cestriensem evectus 

tanda solertia sedulitate et benevolentia 

res graivissimus administravit 

ut magnus cestrienjuom suorum desiderio 

ad Cathedram hujus Dioeceseos provectus esset 

Ubi legibus ecclesise vindicandis 

fide Christiana defendenda 



Augustus inopum levandis 

operam navavit indefessam 

In eodem tumulo sepultas sunt 

Janetta uxor ejus 

et filiae dua3 Annas et Margaretta 


mutui inter se et erga suos amoris 

Dulce est meminisse. 

He was the fifth son of the Rev. Edmund Law, D.D., Bishop of Carlisle, by 
Mary, daughter of John Christian of Unerigg, co. Cumberland, and brother to 
Edward Law, created Lord Ellenborough ; born 12 Sep. 1760-1, married 13 July 
1784 Jane, eldest daughter of General James Whorwood Adeane of Babraham, co. 
Cambridge, M.P., which lady died 27 Sep. 1876. Issue three sons, whose de- 
scendants are given in Foster's ' Peerage.' 

Arms : the modern coat used for the See ; imp. Erm., on a bend eng. betw. two 
cocks gu. three mullets or pierced of the second. There ought to be an annulet on 
the arms as the difference of a fifth son. 


In memoriam 

Pernobilis et Reverendi admodum viri 

Francisci Seymour 

Potentissema Principis Edwardi 

Ducis de Somerset 

Ex Filiis 

vixit Annos Septuaginta tres 

Hanc Odam 

annos triginta tres ordinavit 


omnemque hunc vitae 

Et Ministerii Cursum 



Ita instituit 

Ut, quod utrinque difficilimum erat 

nee generis nobilitati 

nee muneris Sanctitudini 

Defuesse visus fit 

Tant est vivere ut desct moriiarum 

obiit 4 t0 Non Feb. 

a.d. 1799. 

Lord Francis Seymour was the third son of Sir Edward, eighth Duke of Somer- 
set, by Mary, sole daughter and heir of Daniel Webb of Monkton Farley, co. Wilts, 
niece and heir of Edward Somner of Send, co. Wilts, Esq. He was born in 1726 ; 
was Vicar of Wantage, Berks, Canon of Windsor, Chaplain to the King, and Dean 

of Wells. He married in 1749 Catherine, daughter of the Rev Payne, 

Vicar of Holme Lacy, co. Hereford, by whom he had two sons and three daughters, 
viz., 1, Edward, who died unmarried 23 June 1775; 2, Francis Compton Seymour, 
Lieut.-Colonel in the Army, who married Leonora, daughter of ... . who died 10 
June 1795, aged 41, and by whom he had three sons, for whose descendants see 
the ' Peerage ' by J. Foster. 

Arms : Per pale — the dexter, Quarterly, 1 and 4, Or, on a "pile gu. betw. six 
fleurs-de-lis az. three lions pass. gard. of the first (the coat of augmentation granted 
by King Henry VIII.) ; 2 and 3, Gu., two wings conjoined in lure or, Seymour. The 
sinister, Sa., a /esse betw. three leopards' faces or, Payne. Crest : From a crest 
coronet or, a phoenix inflames, allppr. Supporters — dexter, A unicorn arg., ducally 
gorged per pale az. and or., chained, armed, maned, and tufted of the last ; sinister, 
A bull az., ducally gorged, chained and armed or. Motto : Foy pour devoir. The 
arms, crest, and supporters should be differenced by a mullet for a third son. 

In memoriam 
Docti et Reverendi viri 
PAYNE. Thomse Payne, A.M. 

Hujusce aedis nuper canonici et eccl : Paroch : 

S. Cadoci in com. Brecon : 

Pastoris fidelissimi 



Hoc amoris pariter et Doloris monumentum 

Lugentes posuere conjux Liberique 

Visit Annos lxxxi ob: ix m0 Cal: Jan: mdccxvii 

Judithea Payne ejusdem vidua 

obiit ix n0 die Maii 


JEtat. lxxxv. 

Arms: Quarterly, 1 and 4, Sa., a fess betw. three leopards' faces or, Payne; 2 
and 3, Arg., a wivern wings erect gu., Drake ; imp. Arg., a lion ramp. gu. 



Sacred to the memory of Mary 

eldest Daughter of Lord and Lady Frances Seymour 

first married to John Hyde Esq re one of 

the Judges of the Supreme Court of Calcutta 

afterwards to John Payne of Droxford Hants Esq. 

Her mortal remains are deposited in the 

Vault of the new Burial Ground belonging to 

the parish of S* George Hanover Square Middlesex 

She died the 12 th of April 1814 aged 62. 

This monument is erected as a testimony of 

affection by her surviving husband 

who with her Daughters must ever continue 

to lament the loss of a wife and mother 

Highly distinguished through life by the 

exemplary discharge of all her various duties. 

John Payne departed this life 

March 10 th 1819 aged 56. 

Cathedral Register. 

By licence from the Archbishop of Canterbury, John Hyde, Esq., of East Green- 
wich, Kent, bachelor, and Mary Seymour, spinster, of this Liberty, married 17 
Sep. 1773. Witnesses, Francis Seymour, William Lee, and Edward Seymour. 

1806 April 18 M r John Hyde, bur. 
1810 Mar. 16 M r George Hyde, bur. 


To the memory 


Catherine Seymour 

Relict of 

the Right Honorable and Reverend 

Lord Francis Seymour 
late Dean of this Cathedral Church 


In life 

she had the heartfelt happiness of enjoying 

that truly great and enviable character 

which comprises the sincere Christian, 

the affectionate Wife and good Mother 

and in death 

she put off the trappings of mortality 

in the assured hope of more perfect bliss 

She died 

December 21 st a.d. 1801 aged 75. 

Leonora the exemplary Wife of the Honorable 

Lieut : Col : Francis Seymour the only surviving son 

of the above, died June 10 th 1795 aged 41. 



daughter of 

Thomas & 


FORD. Ford 

quietly resigned her soul to 


Febry 14th 1745 ^ i 9> 

in the prime of youth & innocence. 

Cathedral Register. 

1726 Jan. 7 Sarah dau. of Thomas and Elizabeth Ford ; born 26 Dec, priv. 

bap. and received into the Church 11 Jan. 
1731 May 20 John s. of Thomas Ford, Priest Vicar and Prebendary, and of 

Elizabeth his w. 
1734 Aug. 13 Henry s. of Thomas Ford and Elizabeth his w. 

174£ Feb. 20 Sarah dau. of the Rev. M r Ford. 
1746 Sep. 1 The Rev. Thomas Ford, M.A., Vicar and Prebendary. 
17|§ Mar. 8 Henry s. of the Rev. M r Ford and Martha his w. 
1784 Jan. 12 M ra Ann Ford, w. of D r James Ford; brought from Old Bond 

Street, London. 
1809 Sep. 23 Edward Ford, Esq., bur. in the south cloister. 

St. Cuthbert Parish Register. 
1727 Nov. 10 M r » Sarah Ford, of High Street, bur. 




Sacred to the memory of 
HARKNESS. Robert Harkness, Clerk, M.A. 

Vicar of East Brent in this County 

he fell asleep 

full of faith in the atoning blood of the 

Lord Jesus Christ 

April 27 th 1839 

aged 41 years. 

As a Pastor, Husband, Father, Brother, Friend, 

he was most sincerely and justly beloved. 

Reader ! 

Thou shalt shortly die 

What is thy hope ? 

The following on the leaves of a book carved at the top : — 

I will ransom them from the power of the grave ; I will redeem them from death : death, 
I will be thy plagues ; grave, I will be thy destruction : repentance shall be hid from mine 
eyes. Hosea xiii. 14. 

Jesus said unto her, I am the resurrection, and the life : he that believeth in me, though he 
were dead, yet shall he live : and whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die. Believest 
thou this 1 John xi. 26, 26. 


This tablet is erected 
GOULD. in memory of the Reverend Henry Gould, A.M. 

Canon Residentiary of this Cathedral 
for the space of fourty four years. 


He was of an ancient and Honorable house in the County of Somerset 

on whose name he shed lustre by many admirable qualities 

He was an elegant Scholar and accomplished Gentleman 

and he departed this life 

sincerely respected and deeply lamented by his family 

on the 21 8t day of August in the year of our Lord 1839 

at the advanced age of 85. 

Arms : Az., a lion ramp, or betw. three scrolls arg. Crest : A demi-lion ramp, 
or, holding a scroll arg. 

The family of Gould was very ancient and spread over the counties of Dorset, 
Somerset, and Devon ; they generally bore, Or, on a chev. betw. three roses az. as 
many rose-leaves of the first. In the Visitation of Dorset in 1623 they are allowed, 
Per saltire az. and or, a lion ramp, counterchanged. 

to the memory of 
PULSFORD. the Rev. Charles Henry Pulsford, A.M. 

a Canon Residentiary 

of this Cathedral 
and Vicar of Burnham 

he departed this life 

on the 15 th day of March 

in the year of our Lord 1841 

aged 59. 

This monument is erected 

as a tribute of the most grateful 

and affectionate respect 

by his widow. 

Inscribed on a book cut in marble : — 

Set thine house in order, for thou shalt die, and not lire. 





Eidemque amantissimo Patri 

Reverendi ad modurn in Christo Patris 

Thomje Gooch S.T.P. 

Joanni Gooch Baronetti 

Episcopi Eliensis 

Filio natuo minimo 

superstates duce et moerentes filia 

Maria Radcliffe et Rachael Beadon 

Hoc marmor 

Pie posuerunt 

A.D. 1806. 

1806 Jan. 16 

Cathedral Register. 
Rev. John Gooch, D.D., Prebendary of Ely, Rector of Ditton and 
Willingham, co. Cambridge, aged 75 years ; bur. in the Lady 

The Right Rev. Sir Thomas Gooch, second Baronet, Bishop of Ely (previously 
Bishop of Bristol and of Norwich), married first Mary, daughter of the Very Rev. 
William Sherlock, D.D., Dean of St. Paul's, and sister of the Right Rev. Thomas 
Sherlock, Bishop of London, by whom he had issue, Sir Thomas Gooch, third Baronet. 
He married secondly Harriet, second daughter of Sir Thomas Miller, Bart., of 
Froyle, co. Hants, by whom he had, with other children, the above Rev. John 
Gooch, who married .... and left two daughters, his coheirs : Mary, married to 
.... Radcliffe, and Rachael, married the Right Rev. Richard Beadon, Bishop of Bath 
and Wells. 

Arms: Per pale arg. and sa., a chev. letw. three talbots pass, all counterchanged, 
on a chief gu. as many leopards'' faces or. Crest : A talbotpass. per pale arg. and sa. 





Praesulis viri Reverendi 

Ricardi Beadon, S.T.P. 

qui litteras 

quarum rudimentis in scholae Tivertonensi 

puer optime fuerat imbutus 

in Divi Johannis Collegio apud Cantabrigienses 

adolescens et vir perdiscebat 
quid mens rite et assiduo labore exculta posset 

insigne daturus exemplum 
In eodem quippe Collegio studiorum praemiis 

non semel donatus 

socii, Prgelectorisque muneribus perfunctus est 

orator deinde publicus ; 

et Collegii Jesu magister factus 

Vice Cancellarii academise bis prsesidebat 

Provectiori demum setate 

Gloucestriae primo, 

hujusce deinceps ecclesise Episcopus 

tandem inter suos 

spe, fide, caritate plenus 

placida morte senex requievit. 

Bishop Beadon was the third son of Robert Beadon, Esq., by Mary, daughter of 
the Rev. Dr. F. Squire, and niece of Dr. Samuel Squire, Bishop of St. David. 

A pedigree of the Bishop's descendants is appended, which does not appear in 
Burke's ' Landed Gentry.' 

The arms of the Rev. Canon Frederick Beadon, Rector of North Stoneham, Hants 
(the centenarian), as they appeared in his lifetime in one of the windows of his church, 
are : Quarterly, 1 and 4, Sa., three lions pass, gar d. arg. with human faces ppr. in pale; 
2 and 3, Arg., on a chev. eng. az. betw. three martlets sa. as many crescents or, Watson ; 
imp. Quarterly of six, 1, Gu.,/rom a/ess or, charged with two barrulets az., a demi- 
lion ramp, issuant of the second; 2, Per bend embattled gu. and arg. ; 3, Or, two lions 
pass. gu. betw, three crosses-crosslet fitchee sa. ; 4, Erin., on a bendaz. three cinquef oils 



or; 5, Vert, on a chev. betw. three lucks' heads caloshed or as many mullets gu.; 
6, as the first. The Rev. Frederick Beadon was the third son of the Rev. Edward 
Beadon (elder brother of the Bishop), by Mary, daughter and coheir of Sir "William 
Watson, M.D., and married Mary Anne, eldest daughter of the Rev. Henry Wilder, 
LL.D., of Purley Hall, Berks. 


to the memory of 


BEADON. widow of the Right Reverend Richard Beadon, D.D., 

Lord Bishop of Bath and Wells, 

and youngest daughter and coheiress of 

The Reverend John Gooch, D.D., 

Prebendary of Ely, 

born September 26 th 1757 

died December 3 rd 1839. 


Richard Beadon, D.D., born 1737 ; Bishop of Gloucester, translated tc^pRachael, da. and coheir 

Bath and Wells ; died April 1824. Third son of Robert Beadon, Esq., 
by Mary, da. of the Rev. Francis Squire, Chancellor and Canon 
Residentiary of Wells (Chancellor Squire was buried in the Cathedral 12 
Feb. 1749-50, according to the Register, but there is no monument to him). 

of the Rev. John Gooch, 
D.D., Prebendary of 
Ely, son of Rev. Sir 
Thomas Gooch, Bart. 

Richard Beadon, born 1777 ; mar. 15 May 1805 ; died 1858. He had=f=Annabella, da. of Sir Wil- 
a grant of these arms, viz., Sable, three lions passant ermine, with I liam Pierce Ashe a Court, 
human faces in profile proper, between four crosses patle or, all in Bart., M.P. ; sister of Wil- 
pale. Crest : A mount vert, thereon a lion as in the arms, surmount- liam, first Lord Heytes- 
ing a cross patee fitchie or. Motto : Fide et Virtute. bury. 

William Frederick Beadon=^Jessie Maria Ward, Richard a Court Beadon,=pIsabella, da. of 

of Inner Temple, Barrister- 
at-Law, born 1808 ; died 

da. of General 
James Patisson 
Cockburn, R.A. 

born 27 June 1809 ; bapt. 
20 July 1809 (Cathedral 
Register) ; formerly Vicar 
of Cheddar ; Prebendary 
of Wells. 

the Rev. 
White, D.D., 
of Hampstead, 

Isabella Sophia Beadon, born 1836=r=Hon. W. Holmes a Court Caroline Beadon, born 1838 

William Frederick a Court, and others. 


William= Susan, 






Charles James= Julia Sant Cockburn, 



Van- da. of 




Beadon, born 2nd da. of William 


sittart .... 




1858 ; mar. 27 Alexander Parry 


Beadon, Winter. 




Aug. 1890. Cockburn, Esq., late 





of the War Office. 







Frances, da. of Lieut. -=pHyde Wyndham Beadon, born 1 May^Caroline, da. of Hon. P. Pley- 

General Sir William 
Ponsonby, K.C.B. 1st 

1812 ; bapt. 26 Sep. 1812 (vide 
Cathedral Register). Vicar of Latton, 
Wilts ; M.A. ; Hon Canon of Bristol. 

del Bouverie of Brymore, co. 
Somerset. 2nd wife. 

I I 

A son, died 

Mary Beadon, 
born 1842. 

A son, 
died in- 

I I I 

Caroline Maria Bea- Richard = Caroline, Gertrude Annabella 

don, born 1850. 

Frances Beadon, 
born 1852. 

Gooch da. of 

Beadon, Rev. . , 

born Jones. 

Beadon, born 1855. 

Margaret Beadon, 
born 1861. 

Harriet, da. of Major=j=Sir Cecil Beadon, K.C.S.I.,=f=Agnes, da. of Annabella^Henry Austin 

Sneyd. 1st wife. 

Lieut.-Governor, Bengal ; 
born 1816 ; died 1880. 

W. Sterndale, Beadon. 

Esq. 2nd 


Bruce, Esq., now 
Lord Aberdare. 

Henry=pConstance, da. Margaret Cecelia=pDouglas Rachel^A. Vernon Jessie^Rev. W. 


of Bruce, died 1877 

Beckett, Esq. 

C.Rich- Bruce, 

Harcourt. Bruce. 



Henry Lyndhurst Bruce Lyttle- Mildred Harcourt, Bernard Har- Margaret 

Bruce, and others. ton Rich- — court, and Jones, and 

mond. Mabel Harcourt, others. others. 

Ill II 

Imogene Bea- Eirene Beadon, Hilda a Court Beadon, Lancelot Beadon, Violet Beadon, 
don,bornl870. born 1872. born 1877 ; died 1880. born 1875. born 1879. 

Helen Bea-=pSir Henry Philip Canning Guy Cecil Bea- Isabel Bea- Arthur E. Beadon, 

don, born M. Plow- Beadon, died don, born 1864 ; don, born born 1868 ; Lieuten- 

1861. den. infant. Lieutenant 1867. ant Wiltshire Regi- 

B.S.C. ment. 

A daughter. 

Cecil Beadon (Colonel), H.M.I.A., born 1839=FEleanor, da. of Colonel Plowden. 

Cecil Henry Bea- Henry Cecil Beadon, Lieutenant George Beadon, Jessie Cecil Bea- 
don, died infant. Derbyshire Regiment, born 1869. died infant. don, born 1875. 

Eve Beadon, died Madeline Beadon, Elinor Ruth Beadon, Phoebe Charlotte Beadon, 
infant. died infant. died 1886. born 1882. 

Richard Beadon (Colonel), H.M.I.A., born 1840 ; died 1884^=Elinor, da. of W. Sterndale, Esq 


Harriet=j=Pierre Elinor Richard Ralph a Frances Ash- Margaret Bea- William F. a 


Char- Katherine Court Beadon, ley Beadon, don, born 
riole. Beadon. born 1869. died infant. 1873. 

Court Beadon, 
died infant. 

Richard Charriole. A daughter. 

Henry Sneyd Beadon, B.C.S., born 1841 j^Ellen, da. of General Boddam. 
B died 27 Aug. 1890. c | 



Cecil Beadon, Henry Cecil Grace Ellen Agnes Vernon Doris Beadon, 

died infant. Beadon. Beadon. Beadon. Beadon. Beadon. died infant. 

Edward Beadon^Edith, da. of Charles 

born 1846 ; died 

Edwards, Esq. 


a Court 

Charles Cecil 

Edward Snejd 

: Florence, da. Hyde Elphinstone Harold 
of Colonel Beadon, born 1851; Beadon, 
Dixon. died 1885. born 1853. 

Charles a Court Phyllis Beadon. 


To the memory 

of Charles Moss, A.M. 

Arch d of S* David's and Canon 

and Precentor of this church 

who died May 1805 aged 68. 

And of his children 

Sarah who died June 1796 aged 14, 

Charles, A.M. Prebendary of this Cathedral 

who died October 1801 aged 24, 

and of John who died May 1811 aged 27. 

Desiring her remains may be deposited 

in this Church with her most beloved husband 

and in hope of a Joyful resurrection 

with them through Christ 

to life everlasting 

Mary who died in 1825 Eet. 76, 

erected this monument. 

Arms : Ermine, a cross patee sable. Crest : From a mural coronet, an eagle's head. 



EYRE. To the memory of the Rev d Thomas Eyre, LL.D., 

eldest son of the Reverend Thomas Eyre sometime Chancellor of this Diocese 

and brother of Sir James Eyre, Knt. Lord Chief Justice of the Common Pleas. 

Rector of Fovant and Chilmark in the County of Wilts 

Treasurer of Wells Cathedral and Canon Residentiary of Wells and Salisbury 

who died March 26 th 1812 aged 81, 

deservedly respected, beloved, and lamented. 

Also to the memory of Arabella Eyre, sister of the Rev d Thomas Eyre, LL.D. 

who died January 15 th 1784 aged 45. 

Also to the memory of Ann Eyre Relict of the Rev d Thomas Eyre, LL.D. 

who died August the 28 th 1823 aged 78 years. 

Arms : Arg., on a chev. set. three quatrefoils of the first, Eyre ; imp. Arg., a chev. 
betw. seven dragons' 1 heads erect couped close to the head vert, 4, 1, and 2, from the 
mouth of each a cross-crosslet fitchee gu., Michell of Truro, Cornwall. 


1742 Dec. 10 


Oct. 8 
Jan. 22 
April 11 

Cathedeal Register. 
Frances dau. of the Rev. Thomas Eyre and Ann his w., having 

been privately bap., was received into the Church 5 June. 
Ann and Henrietta daus. of M r Chancellor Eyre, born and 
privately bap. 

Margaret Ann dau. of Thomas and Ann Eyre. 
M rs Arabella Eyre, of Close Hall in this Liberty. 
Rev. Thomas Eyre, LL.D., Treasurer and Canon Residentiary of 
this Cathedral, aged 81. In the Lady Chapel. 

1732 May 17 

1733 Aug. 19 

St. Cuthbert Parish Register. 
Richard s. of the Rev. M r Chancellor Eyre ; born 16 April, priv. 

bap. ; from High Street. 
Margaret dau. of y e Worshipful M r Eyre, Chancellor of this 
Diocese, of High Street ; born 18 Aug., priv. bap., and carried 
to y e Cathedral 21 Sep. 




to the memory 

Susanna Letitia 
wife of 
HENNING. Charles Masterman Henning 

of this Parish Esq., 
second Daughter of the late 
NARES. Hon able Sir George Nares 

one of his Majesty's Judges 
of the Court of Common Pleas 

She departed this life 

December 25 th 1818 aged 55, 

leaving issue one son and one daughter. 

Sudden the stroke, but if to man be given 
The power to judge what souls are fit for heaven 
We well may hope, Her spirit was prepared, 
And God in mercy all harsh warnings spared. 

Arms : Barry of six arg. and az., on a chief gu. three plates ; imp. Gu., on a fe, 
arg. three spear-heads sa. 


To the memory of 

George Layng, gent. 

(son of Henry Layng, D.D. Archdeacon and 

Canon Residentiary of this Cathedral) 

who departed this life March 9, 1789 

aged 74 years. 


to his wife Mary 

who died Sept. the 7 th 1786 

aged 66 years. 


And of 

George, Eobert and Creyghton 

sons of the above, 

they died in their infancy. 

This tablet is erected as a tribute of affection 

by Ann Jeboult, widow, 

their daughter. 

(Mural tablet.) 

BRYDGES. Eobertus Brydges 

tarn coelo quam parentibus 

desideratus post brevem in 

terres indultam absenti moram 

accitus paruit puer innocens 

nondum octennis et obiit 

Nov. 12, 1712. 

Non queremur viator 

mortem non agimus 

injuriarum damno 

flecit minore quae 

pauciores plures annos 


Jacet cum 4 t0 filius Marshal 

et Franciscaa Brydges 

quam quae. 

(Mural tablet.) 

To the memory of the 
BRYDGES. Rev* 1 Robert Brydges and Rachael his wife 

the former lies interred near this place 


This tablet is erected by their relative 

George Brydges Granville Esq. 

of the City of Chester, Banker 


(Mural tablet.) 



Sacred to the memory of 
BRYDGES. Kempe Brydges, Gentleman late of this city 

youngest son of Marshal Brydges late Chancellor 

and Canon Residentiary of this Cathedral 

who departed this life in the Seventy-seventh year of his age. 

Also of Eleanor Brydges wife of the said 

Kempe Brydges, who died in her eighty-fourth year. 

After living together above fifty years surrounded 

by every domestic comfort and beloved by all that knew them 

are interred in the same grave near to this spot leaving 

issue one son Kempe Brydges, and one daughter 

GRANVILLE. Frances Granville, the latter of whom erected this 

monument from motives of the purest 

affection and veneration. 

(Mural tablet.) 

Marshal Brydges was the third son of Marshal Brydges of Tiberton Court, co. 
Hereford (son of William Brydges of Tiberton Court, by Ann, daughter and coheir 
of Edmund Marshal, Esq., of Essex), by Mary, daughter of Francis Kempe, Esq., of 
Wycombe, Bucks, and so of founder's kin at All Souls, Oxford. Born 2 Dec. 
1665. He became a Fellow of All Souls College, took Holy Orders, was Chancellor 
and Canon Residentiary of Wells Cathedral. He married Frances, daughter of 
Robert Creyghton, only surviving son of Robert Oreyghton, Bishop of Bath and 
Wells, by whom he had issue : — 

i. William Brydges of London, died s.p. 

ii. Edmund, married first, 15 Jan. 1739, Elizabeth, daughter and heir of William 
Brydges (son of Francis, son of Marshal Brydges and Mary Kempe) of Tiberton 
Court, and had an only son Francis William Thomas Brydges of Tiberton Court, 
who, by his wife Anne, fifth daughter of Thomas Phillipps, Esq., of Eaton Bishop, 
had two daughters his coheirs : Ann, married Rev. Henry Lee Warner of Walsing- 
ham Abbey in Norfolk ; and Catherine, married the Rev. Reginald Wynniatt of 
Guiting Grange, co. Gloucester. 

in. Kempe Brydges of Wells, married Miss Eleanor Dawson, and dying in 1792 
left issue : 1, Kempe, born in 1749, married .... daughter of ... . Crabtree of 
Suffolk, by whom he had two daughters ; 2, Frances, married George Grenville, Esq. 


iv. Robert, died young in 1712. 

v. Robert, in Holy Orders. 

vi. Frances, married .... Hiuchliffe, Esq., of London. 

Arms : Arg., on a cross sa. a leopard' 's face or. 

For a fuller account of this family see Burke's ' Commoners.' 

Cathedral Register. 
1702 Oct. 16 Marshal s. of M r Marshall Bridges and Frideswade his w. 
170f William s. of Marshal Bridges and Frideswade (sic) ; born 20 

1704 Mar. 7 Robert s. of Marshal Bridges, clerk, of this Liberty, and Frances 

his w. 
1711 Feb. 12 Edmund s. of M r Marshal Bridges, Chancellor of this Church ; 

born 25 Jan. preceding. 
17yf Jan. 7 Robert s. of M r Marshal Bridges and Frances his w. 
1715 May 5 Ann dau. of M r Marshal Bridges and Frances his w. ; born 18 


1702 Dec. 25 Marshal s. of M r Marshal Bridges. 
1730 June 25 M rs Brydges, widow of the Rev. M r Marshal Brydges, Chancellor 

and Canon Residentiary. 
1771 Nov. 16 The Rev. M r Robert Bridges. 
1783 Feb. 14 M rs Eleanor Brydge, aged 83 ; in the Lady Chapel. 

From the Bishop's transcripts of parish registers we find that Thomas Bridges, 
Esq., and Mrs. Anna Rodney were married at Pilton 15 Oct. 1640 ; and the same 
authority supplies the baptism of Mary, daughter of Mr. Richard Bridges, at the 
Abbey Church of SS. Peter and Paul, Bath, on 14 Dec. 1624. While from the 
marriage allegations at Wells we learn that Mr. Arthur Flower applied for a licence 
for the marriage of William Merricke of Keynsham, merchant, and Hester Bridges 
of Winterburne, co. Gloucester, spinster, which was granted 30 Nov. 1677, the 
marriage to take place at Keynsham, Farmborough, Farleigh, or Compton Dando. 

H. S. E. 
CREYGHTON. Robertus Creyghton vel Crichton, primum 

Thesaurarius hujus ecclesa? CathedraliR dein Decanus 

demum Bathon & Wellen : Episcopus, natus Deniecaledonia? 

in Borealis Scotia? : per patrem Thomam ex antiquis 

Ruvenia? Toparchiis, per matrem Margaretam Stuart 

Johannis Jacobidas filiam ex illustrissima familia 

Stuartorum comitum Atholia? Johannis 2 di Scotia? Regis 

a fratre pronepos Egit in terris 79 circiter annos 

Quorum 6 consumpsit Westmonasterii in schola Regia 

26 Cantabrigia? in Trinitatis Collegio, aliquandia Orator 

Academise publicus et simul Greece Lingua? professor atq : alios 



in super 26 duobus Regibus subservit, Caroli 1 et 2 sacellanus 

in ordine per omnes illorum temporum calamitates utriq : fide- 

lissimus exul. Caroli 2 dl inperpetuo comitatu. Tandema Rege 

Regum accepit mercedem. Quam mortale corpus meruit 

et quam imortalis anima speravit : 

Novem. xxi° oiodolxxii 

Anno consecrationis tertio. 

(Mural tablet.) 

This inscription was doubtless formerly part of the large monument, having the 
recumbent effigy of the Bishop, in the St. John Chapel. The statement in Burke's 
'Commoners' (vol. iv., p. 55), on the authority of this monument, that Bishop 
Creyghton was born at Dunkeld, is an error. The deduction from the inscription 
appears to be that the Bishop's father, Thomas Crichton, was a younger son of 
Crichton of Ruthven, but the arms being different, for Crichton of Ruthven bore, 
Arg., a lion ramp, az., on a chief of the last three lozenges of the first ; while the 
head of the family at that time, Viscount Frendraught, bore, Arg., a lion ramp, az., 
armed and langued gu., Ruthven being a cadet of Frendraught, but it is quite 
possible the Bishop discontinued the chief and made the field ermine for difference. 

By his wife Frances, daughter of William Walrond, Esq., he had : — 

i. Robert, Canon of Wells, etc., who married and had issue : Alexander, died 
1739 ; Catherine, married Rev. Henry Layng, Archdeacon of Wells ; Frances, 
married Marshall Brydges ; and Margaret, mar. Rev. John Pope, Chancellor of 

ii. Thomas, buried in the Cathedral. 

in. George. 

iv. Katherine, mar. to Francis Poulett. 

The Bishop's will is dated 17 Nov. 1672, and was proved by his son Robert 31 
Dec. 1672. (P.C.C., 148 Eure.) 

H. S. E. 
CREYGHTON. Francisca Creyghton 

Annos nata 68 denata 3° Calend 

Nov brl8 1683 Gulielmi Walrond arm ri F. 

Rev ndl in X t0 Patris ac D fti Roberti Bathon & Wellen 


Epi. conjux vidua, bis Relicta, marito non ita pridem 

defuncto, quondam exule : digna meliore fortuna 

nisi esset incertum an de Secunda qua modeste ac 

moderate uti, an de infensa qua frui didicit filicius 

atq. illustrius triumphant, neq : enim unquam comisit 

ut quam sors versabilis et lubrica toties exercuisset, 

ipsa sibi non constaret aut esset dissimilis sui etiam 

cum omnibus vitae ornamentis spoliaretur pcene ad 

invidiam magna Exule marito, dum nondum ingravesceret 

valetuto, cum pestibus patriae cum perduellam 

fanaticorum odio, annis plus minus x strenue ; Reduce 

cum morbo crudeliore fortiter xx annos integros 

et quod supra est conflixit : Tanti stetit ilia victoria. 

Nos infelices reliquiae, si harum rerum recordatio et 

memoria una cum ilia occidisset defunctee desiderium 

ferre non possemus nunc vero in pussimae foeminae 

nomine atq' exemplo conquiescentes exultare plane 

videmur victoresq' de fortunll ac de omni prorsus 

delore triumphamus. 

Hanc quasi virtutis aram ad memoriam 

(Bternitatis posuit super stes filius R. C. 

ffujus EccVia Prcecentor et Canonicus. 

Arms : Arg., three bulls' heads caboshed sa., "Walrond, being those of her family 
only. This tablet is doubtless only a portion of the original monument. Her father 
is commemorated by a floorslab in the Cathedral, which see. 

Her will, as Frances Creyghton of Wells, widow, dated 20 November 1678, and 
proved 22 February 1683 by her son Robert (P.C.C., 13 Hare), names her grandson 
Robert, son of Dr. Robert Creyghton ; also Katherine and Margaret, daus. of Robert 
Creyghton, D.D. ; her dau. Katherine Poulett ; and her son George Creyghton. 

In the Parish Register of St. Cuthbert, Wells, is recorded the marriage of John 
Creyghton of Drysdale, co. Annandale, Scotland, and Jane Dowden of East Pennard 
on 2 January 1718. In the same register we find the baptism of Mary, dau. of 
William and Abigail Creyghton on 7 June 1696. 

The following Creyghton entries from the Cathedral Registers will be most 
conveniently grouped together here :— 


Robert s. of M r Robert Creyghton and Fersweed his w. 
Katherine dau. of M r Robert Creyghton and Fredesweed his w. 
Margaret dau. of M r Robert Creyghton and Fredesweed his w. 
Frances dau. of D r Robert Creyghton and Frisweed his w. 
Frizweed dau. of D r Robert Creyghton and Frizweed his w. 
Margaret dau. of M r Robert Creyghton and Susanna his w. 




















1713 Jan. 5 Catherine dau. of M r Robert Creyghton and Susanna his w. 

1715 July 14 Matthew s. of M r Robert Creyghton and Susanna his w. ; born 

4 July. 

1716 Nov. 6 Henry s. of M r Robert Creyghton and Susanna his w. 

1719 May 8 Stuart dau. of M r Robert Creyghton and Susanna his w. ; born 

17 April. 
1721 April 14 Elizabeth dau. of M r Robert Creyghton and Susanna his w. ; born 

3 April. 
1730 Oct. 15 John s. of M r John Taylor, jun r ; born 30 Sep. 


1695 April 17 M r Henry Lang, of Winsham, and M rs Catherine Creyghton. 
1701 Dec. 2 M r Marshall Bridges and Frances Creyghton, of this Liberty. 
170^ Feb. 14 M r John Pope, of Wells, and M rs Margaret Creyghton, of this 

1725 Nov. 18 John Taylor, apothecary, of the parish of S l Cuthbert, and Susan 

Creyghton ; by licence. 


1672 Dec. — Robert Creyghton, Lord Bishop of the Diocess, was buried in 

M r Thomas Creyghton. 
Lady Frances Creyghton, of the Liberty. 
Capt. George Creyghton. 
Fresweed w. of D r Creyghton. 
Margaret dau. of M r Robert Creyghton. 
Robert s. of D r Robert Creyghton, M.A., and Precentor of this 

D r Robert Creyghton, Precentor and Canon of this Cathedral ; died 

17 Feb. 
Susanna w. of M r John Taylor. 
M rs Ann Creyghton. 
M rs Creyghton. 








June 13 






















Will of A. Creighton. 

Alexander Creighton of St. John's, Glastonbury, mercer. Will dated 7 Aug. 
1736 ; proved at Wells 18 Aug. 1739 by the trustees. Names marriage settlement 
with Hannah his wife, annuity of twenty pounds a year ; confirms certain rent 
charges to John Earle of Shepton Mallet, mercer ; John Routhedge of Newport 
Pagnel, Bucks, laceman ; John Wilcox, woolcomber ; and James Fell, schoolmaster, 
both of St. John, Glastonbury, in trust. The house, etc., in which he dwells, with 
other lands, to his son John Creighton at 21 years of age, remainder over to dau. Mary, 
wife of the above John Routhedge. Brother John Creighton of Drusedale in the co. 
of Annandale in Scotland. Witnesses, Robert Watson, John Stroud, William 
Maddock. Seal, an eagle displayed, but not on a shield. 



TURNER. Near this place are deposited the remains 

of the Venerable John Turner, A.M., Archdeacon of Taunton 

and for the space of almost Forty year Canon Residentiary of this Cathedral 

during which period he watched with singular constancy 

over the performance of those solemn services to which it is consecrated. 

His unaffected piety displayed itself in his pastoral character, 

by the singleness of heart with which he discharged its important duties 

within these walls, by the simple and artless eloquence with which he enforced 

the Doctrines of Christianity in every relation of life, by the Purity, innocence 

and active benevolence of his whole conduct. 

In testimony of deep and affectionate veneration 

his three surviving children have raised this monument to his memory. 

Born May 31 st 1734. Died March 28 th 1817. 

Arms : Erm., on a cross quarterly pierced sa. four millrinds arg. ; imp. Arg., 
two bars gu., in chief a lion pass. gard. of the second. Crest : A lion pass. gard. sa., 
holding in the dexter paw a millrind arg. 

The colours of the crest are sometimes reversed, the lion being silver and the 
millrind sable. 



Sacred to the memory of 

Elizabeth Maria Louisa 

relict of the Venerable John Turner 

Archdeacon of Taunton and 
Canon Residentiary of this Cathedral, 

eldest daughter of 

Vice Admiral Sir William Burnaby 




late of Broughton Hall 

in the county of Oxford. 

She died December 10 th 1829 

aged 84 years, 

Cathedral Register. 
1786 June 11 William Henry s. of John Turner, Archdeacon of Taunton, and 

Elizabeth his w., baptized. 
1788 Nov. 9 Harriot Anne dau. of the Rev. John Turner, Archdeacon of Taunton, 

and Elizabeth Maria Louisa his w., baptized ; born 12 Oct. 
1791 Nov. 12 Marianne dau. of the Rev. John Turner and Elizabeth Maria 

Louisa his w. : born 14 Oct. 

In memory of 
PARFITT. William Parfitt 

of this city 


who died 23 rd May 1837 

aged 56 years. 

This monument was erected 

by his affectionate widow. 

Also of Ann 

widow of the above named 

William Parfitt 

who died 9 th November 1841 

aged 66 years. 

Sacred to the memory of 
PARFITT. the Rev d Peter Lewis Parfitt who after 57 years' service 

as Priest Vicar 

of this Cathedral died in the 80 th year of his age 

17 th December 1857. 


of his eldest son Edward Parfitt Gent. 

Deputy Registrar of this Diocese 

who died the 4 th November 

1857 aged 48 years. 

And of Eliza 

widow of the Rev d P. L. Parfitt 

who died in this city 3 rd March 1871 

aged 86. 



Beneath this stone are deposited the mortal remains 
FRANKLAND. of the Rev d Roger Frankland, M.A. 

of Muntham in Sussex, Canon of this Cathedral, Rector of Yartington 

and Yicar of Dulverton both in this Diocese. 

He was the youngest son of Ad 1 Sir Tho s Frankland Bart, of Thirkleby in Yorkshire, 

was born on the 17 tb Nov r 1762, and married the 14 th of June 1792 

Catherine youngest daughter of John, 9 th Lord Colville 

of Culross in the kingdom of Scotland & by her he had twelve children. 

To a highly cultivated & accomplished mind which shone forth 

COLVILLE. even in his last days, he united 

all the warm & benevolent feelings of the heart, his truly 

gentlemanlike & engaging manners, 

his ready and lively wit, added to his universal knowledge made him 

a brilliant and cherished ornament to society. 

In his intercourse with mankind, he was strictly honourable & upright in 

the fulfilment of the relative duties of life. 

None could exceed him for he was a good son, a tender faithful & 

affectionate husband, a fond and indulgent parent. 
Tho' blest with talents calculated to shine in public life he early 

retired to the duties of a village pastor, 

which he faithfully discharged for twenty six years beloved and 

respected by all his parishioners. 

The mild patience & resignation with which he supported his last illness 

united to his affectionate & touching deportment 

to his weeping and surrounding family must ever be present to their 

recollection & endear his memory to their hearts. 

Finally, beloved & regretted by all who knew him he departed this 

life the 25 th of March 1826 

and (to use his own words) in the full hope of the mercies of God thro' 

the redemption of Jesus Christ. 

This monument is erected & inscribed to his memory by his devoted wife 

& deeply afflicted widow. 



Arms : Az., a dolphin emb. or, on a chief of the second two saltires gu., Frankland ; 
imp. Quarterly, 1 and 4, Arg., a cross moline sa., Colville ; 2 and 3, Gu., afess chequy 
arg. and sa., Lindsey. Crest : A dolphin arg. hauriant and entivined round an anchor 
erect ppr. Motto : Franke Lande. There ought to be a mullet above the dolphin, 
the difference of a third son, the Rev. R. Frankland being the third son of the fifth 



To the memory of 
the Hon able Catherine widow of the 
late Rev d R. Frankland, Canon of 

this Cathedral, who departed 

this life 19 th Sep r 1843 at Clifton 

aged 71 years. 

Her remains were interred in 

Bristol Cathedral with those of her 

father Lord Colville of Culross. 

She was a virtuous and loving 

wife and the affectionate 

mother of 12 children one of 

whom erected this tablet. 

Of these children : — 

i. Frederick William Frankland succeeded his cousin as eighth Baronet. 

ii. Edward Augustus Frankland, Rear- Admiral R.N. 

in. Charles Colville Frankland, Admiral R.N., died in 1876. 

iv. George Frankland, Lieutenant 65th Regiment, born Jan. 1800, died 30 Dec. 
1838, having married, 18 July 1822, Anne, third daughter of Thomas Mason of 
London, Solicitor, by whom he had a son and two daughters, viz. (1) Augustus 
Charles Frankland, 2nd Regiment Bombay European Light Infantry, born 21 Sep. 
1826, killed at the battle of Korshaf in Persia 8 Feb. 1857, having married, 22 Sep. 
1851, Clara, daughter of H. Williams, Esq.— she died 17 Dec. 1851 ; (2) Sophia 
Catherine, married to Charles Payne Barras, Colonel Bombay S.C. ; (3) Georgina 
Anne, married, 12 Sep. 1847, to Colonel John Thomas Francis, Bombay S.C. 

v. Arthur. 

vi. Emma. 

vii. Matilda. 

vin. Catherine Henrietta. 

ix. Octavia. 

x. Sophia. 



KING. Hoc juxta marmor jacent relique Walkeri King, D.D., S.S.A., 

Jacobi King, D.D., Raphoes apud Hibernos Decani fit nati apud 

Clitheroe in comitatu 

Lancastr. primus literis sedborgiae imbutum proxime excepte deu nas 

Coll : apud Oxoniensis 

Mox adhuc puerum C.C.C. Scholarem cooptavit paulo post in domum nob issira 

Ducis de Richmondia Praeceptoris deinde Honorissimi Marchionis 

de Rockinghamia 

loco secretan receptus apud utrumo multos annos familiariter est commoratus 

Sacrum Diaconi munus amplexum 

C Pastorem vigilem ' 
< Benevolum 

Parochiaj^ 1 * j 
(. Burnham J 


Hospitium Graiense ") 
Apud Londenensis J 

C Munificum 

f Concionatorem facundia 'J 

C. Haud mediocri prseditum J 

r Petroburgensis Residentiarium- 

Ecclesia \ Wellensis Qualis fuerit Ha3c 

Cathedralis J Cantuarensis urbs testetur 


_, , . r Prassulem eruditissimum 
-CiCclesia N 

_, „ . -< sine remissione facilem sine 
Konensis / ,., , , 

C acerbitate severum habuere. 


Proprius tamen vertutibus magis quam honoribus egregium se 

prestitit acri judicio 

ingenioq' praeditus multiplici doctrina tarn humana quam divina 

instructus arrogantae, Idem 

et fastus omnino puit expers amicus jam inde a juventa conjunctissimus 

vixit et perfidelis 
quos inter virum ilium admirabilem Edmundum Burke muneravit 

cujus et opera edendu. 

et absolvenda ultimos vitae annos laboriose devotit injustem omnem 

dominationem perosus 

liber tatus nequaquam licentiae turn religiosa? cum civilis vindex usque extitit 


aquo denique animo constanti et pio etsi cetitatem aliasq' corporis intermitatea 

annos prope viginti fuearit perpessus hanc vitam cum meliore 

commutavit sum dom. 1827 

-ZEtat. suae 76. 

Talis viri desiderii quod sit testimonio dolorisq' sui quantin ocunue levamini 

Vidua et liberi superstites hoc marmor. P.O. 

Arms : Arg., on a saltire gu. an escallop or, See of Rochester ; imp. Sa., a lion 
ramp. betw. three crosses-crosslet or, King. 

Walker King, Bishop of Rochester, was the third son of the Very Rev. James 
King of Skellands, co. York, Dean of Raphoe, by Ann, daughter and coheir of John 
Walker of Hungerhill in West Riding of Yorkshire, and married Miss .... Dawson, 
by whom he had : 

i. Walker King, married Miss .... Haberden. 

ii. James King, Rector of Henley-upon-Thames, married, 12 July 1825, the Hon. 
Maria, daughter of the Hon. George Carleton, and sister of Guy, third Lord Dor- 
chester ; she died 5 May 1841. 

in. Anne, married to T. Woodhouse. 

iv. Frances, married her cousin Rev. John Myers King, Vicar of Catcomb, co. 

[Shield of arms broken off.] 

Hie juxta cum parentum cinere 
suum etiam misceri voluit 
KEATE. Anna Keate 

BURLAND. Johannis et Elizabethse Burland filia, et 

Gulielmi Keate 

hujus Ecclesiae Prebendarii 

uxor delectissima 

ob. Jul. 18 A.s. 1790. 

iEtat. suae 50. 

O beatus inter annumeranda t 
Hoc amoris qualecunque pignus 
Maritus, tui, dum vinet memoi 
Nee diu superstes posuit 
Hoc accipe supremum vale ! 

Cathedral Register. 

1772 Jan. 1 Elizabeth dau. of the Rev. William Keate and Ann his w. ; born 

24 Nov. 1771. 

1773 May 4 John s. of William and Ann Keate ; born March 30. 

1775 May 10 Thomas Morris s. of the Rev. M r Keate, Prebendary, and Ann 
his w. ; born March 31. 


1763 Feb. . . M r8 Keate w. of M r Thomas Keate. 
1790 July 23 M rs Ann Keate w. of the Rev. M r William Keate. 


St. Cuthbert Parish Register. 


1735 May 2 Elizabeth dau. of M r William Keate, of High Street ; born and 

priv. bap., brought to Church May 16. 
1739 Aug. 18 William s. of M r John Keates, of High Street ; born Aug. 17, 
priv. bap. and brought to Church Sep. 17. 
1735 Aug. 11 Elizabeth dau. of M r William Keat. 


To the memory of the 

R* Rev d D r John Harris 

Bishop of Llandaff and Dean of this Church 

who died in the year 1738 

and of Anne his wife, both buried in the 

Eastern part of this Cathedral 

This monument was erected pursuant 

to the will of their son 

George Harris, LL.D. 

late of Doctors' Commons 

who died on the 16 th April 1796. 

Cathedral Register. 
1738 Aug. 30 The Right Rev. Father in God D r John Harris, Lord Bishop of 

Llandaff and Dean of this Cathedral Church of S* Andrew, 

Wells, was buried. 
1754 Feb. 15 Ann Harris, relict of the Right Rev. the Bishop of Llandaff, bur. 



Conduntur reliquae 

Rev ndi Viri Sam. Hill, A.M. 

qui in Eccliae Kilmingtoniensis Rectoria 



Heu ! nimium diu delitescens extruii 

demum prsesulis favore ad Archi'natus ; 

Canonicorum suffragiis ad canonicatus Wellen, 

dignitatis (toto aptance & plaudente clero) evectus 

S.S. Patrum lucubrationes miro labore 

Conquisitas mira diligentia evoluit : Patruq'; 

primeevam pietatem pari Reverentia excoluit 

dumad stabiliendam Fidei Catholics veritatem 

nesariis ss tae Trinitatis proditoribus concussam ; 

Dum ad conservandam Ecclise Anglicanae 

Vuitatem temerariis Hierarchiae oppugnaroribus 

dilaceratam fortitur vitravit tela parum saluti 

suae plurimum Dei glorias prospiciens gravia 

a Podgrse ; graviora a Fanaticorum rabie 

perpessus est, ad utramq' sortem bene 

prseparatuin gessit pectus ; et cum ommibus 

innocuus diu vixisset, suis propitius, Liberatis 

utilis orthodoxis carus, et in solos 

Haereticos acriorem strinxisset 

Calamum tandem amiorum satur 

et pietate plenus eadem constantia 

qua vitam duxit animam efflavit 

7 m0 die Martii 171£ Anno iEtat. 68. 

Arms : Ou., three cinquefoih arg., a chief of the last. 

This is not a coat of Hill, but is that of Macreth, co. Hants, and might be that 
of his mother, Kilmington being in that county. 

In hope of a blessed resurrection 

Near this place rest the body of Abigail the Daughter 

GUILFORD, of Richard Guilford, gent., and wife of D r George 

HOOPER. Hooper, late Lord Bishop of this Diocese with whom 

she lived 46 years and had by him 9 children 

of which 2 sons and 5 daughters dying young were 

buried in the Church of Lambeth in Surrey. She 

dyed Sep 1 the 24 th 1726 in the 71 st year of her age. 


Near her 

lyes the body of Rebecca her youngest Daughter 

who dyed June the 4 th 1716 in her 21 st year. 

As does also 

GUILFOED. the body of Charles Guilford, gent., her Brother 

who dyed in April 1707 in the 42 nd year of his age. 

Abigail Prowse, 4 th daughter and only surviving 

child of the above mentioned George Lord Bishop 

of Bath and Wells, and Abigail his wife, humbly 

dedicates this monument to the pious memory of 

her most beloved and excellent mother and sister, 

and in grateful remembrance of her very 

affectionate uncle, in the year of our Lord 


Arms: Oyronny of eight or and erm., a toiver sa., Hooker; imp. Or, a saltire 
letw.four martlets sa., Guilford. 

In hoc Sacrario cineres suos requiescere voluit 
Eeverendus admodum Praeful 
HOOPER. Georgius Hooperus S.T.P. 

Magnum Ecclesiee Anglicanse decus 

Scientias quippe maxime reconditas 

Mathesin universam 

Antiquitates patrias exterasq' 

Linguas pcene omnes quotquot aut oriens protulit aut occidens 

Ins civile municipale Canonicum 

Elegantiorum literarum venu state temperaveret 

Theologium vere 

Assidust Sacri Codicis & primorum Patrum lectione 

F F 


Quasi alias omnes Scientias ignorare maluisset 

Totam penitus hauserat 

Saniorem haud dubie amplexes 

Tummo tamen eruditionis amore semper incensus 

Non ita studiis se totum tradidit 

Ut arduis negotiis impar 

Ant hominum ignarus 

Aut difficilis inconcinnus asper evaderet 

Inerat enim illi 

Comitate aulis principum digna 

Christiana simplicitas condita 

Ingeniam non ad literas magis 

Quam ad res agendas habile & versatile 

Mira in conciliandis sibi hominibus Solertia 

Sed animarum saluti unici intenta 

Ita cum artes dockinasq', longe dissitas conjungeret 

Summisq' honoribus par 

Nullum unquam ambiret 

Aditum sibi ad famam examiam 

Ad primarios tarn in Eepublica quam Ecclesia viros. 

Ad Reginarum deniq' pientissimarum 

Mariae & Annas patrocinium 

Virtute sola patefecit 

Itaq' ab ilia Decanatu Cantuariensi 

Ab hac Insula primo Tanct Asaphensi 

Deinde Bathons Wellenti ornatus est 

Quo in munere amplissimo 

Cum gregi tuo fideliter invigilaret 

Inopes occulto plerumq' munificentise fonte 

Sed perenni ubere late fluenti reficeret 
Presbyteros suos indulgentia paterna foveret 

Impigerrimos quosq' etiam ruri latentes 

In lucem & splendorem nee opinantes evecaret 

Bonorum omnium amorem & observantiam meruit 

Posteris morum exemplar pulcherrimum reliquit 

Obiit vi t0 Septembris a.d. mdccxxvii. 

JEtatis lxxxvii . 

This monument is really in the west cloister, but as it stands next to that of the 
Bishop's wife, it seemed best not to separate them by the floorslabs in the south 
cloister which follow. 

Will proved 1 Dec. 1727 (P.C.C., 285 Farrant) by Abigail Prowse. Names wife 
and dau. Mrs. Prowse ; also wife's brother Mr. Guilford. 





Thomas Parfitt 

Sarah Parfitt 


Maria .... 


Gilberti Ford .... 

Placide in obiit 

April 30 a.d. 17 . . 

JStat 28 (?). 

(A large part of this stone is quite obliterated.) 

Will .... (rest gone). 

CASTLE. Anne Castle (nearly gone, surname doubtful, rest quite gone). 

PULSFORD. Pulsford 

(This is a large stone with a long inscription, of which the one word above 

is all that is legible.) 


died August 

28 th 1833. 


William Pulsford 

(Surgeon of this city) 

Died 26 th July 1764 

aged 29 years. 


William Stevens 

(nephew of the above) 

Died Oct. 1, 1796, 

aged 37 years. 


May 24 


Aug. 26 


Sep. 8 


June 10 


June 17 


Aug. 26 

Cathedral Register. 

Frances dau. of Lucas Pulsford and Jane his w. 
Susannah dau. of William and Susannah Pulsford. 
William s. of William and Susannah Pulsford ; born Sep. 5. 
Lucas s. of William and Susannah Pulsford; born May 29. 
John Nichols s. of William and Susannah Pulsford ; born May 24. 
Susanna Frances dau. of William and Susannah Pulsford ; born 
Aug. 6. 



























M r William Pulsford. 

Martha w. of M r Benjamin Pulsford, surgeon. 
M r Benjamin Pulsford. 
M r James Pulsford. 

Susannah dau. of William and Susannah Pulsford. 
M r William Pulsford's son. 
Susanna Frances dau. of William Pulsford. 
M r William Pulsford. 




to the memory 


Lucas Pulsford 

who departed this life 

on the 25 th day of July 1819 

aged 69 years. 

Also of Jane his wife 

deceased the 24 th day of August 

in the year of our Lord 1828. 

.... Pulsford 

named .... 

Susanna the . . . 

aged 11 months. 
(Nearly obliterated, rest quite gone.) 

.... William Pulsford, gent. 

John Nicholas Pulsford 

died August 2, 1798 

aged 43 years. 

(This stone is nearly illegible, the above can only just be traced.) 


Susanna daughter of 

William and Susanna Pulsford 

died October 16 th 1788 

in the 4 th year of her age. 


To the memory of 

George Layng Gentleman 

son of Henry Layng, D.D. 

Archdeacon of Wells 



and Canon Residentiary 

of this Cathedral 


Also Mary his wife. 


are the remains of 


George Warren 

and his wife 


Catherine Miller. 



Margaret Pope 



M ra Mary Webber 

died 1 st March 1705. 

(Nearly obliterated.) 


William Irving Esq. 

departed this life 

January 13 th ... . 

aged 79 years. 


wife of William Irving Esq, 

died .... 

(Partly obliterated.) 

H. S. I. 
Isabella .... 

Rev. F ot. 

. . . 10 June . . . 


Fr P 

(Rest of this stone illegible.) 


R Westley 

died 1 Nov. 


Margaret Westley 

(Nearly obliterated.) 



Henry .... 

M.A., and Cha .... 

who died January .... 

in the 76 th year of his age 

remains of Margaret his wife 

Daughter of (Robert Creychton ?) 

sometime ch . . . . 

in this Cathedral .... 

was .... 

(Rest quite gone.) 




Arabella F. Foster 

Roberti Foster, clerici filia natu secunda 


Vae ! Quantopere desideranda 

Die Feb. 2 d ° 1821 

Annos vixit 21. 

Sacred to the memory 
FOSTER. Andrew Foster Esquire 

a native of this city 

Captain in the Twentyfourth Regiment of Foot 


at the capture of the Cape of Good Hope 


By Forces under the command 


Lieutenant General Sir David Baird, Bart., G.C.B., K.C. 

Fell in Battle 

on the eighth day of January 1806 

at the head of the Grenadiers of his regiment, 

He had dislodged from a commanding eminence 

a very superior number 

of The Enemy 

When he received 

a mortal wound, . 

in the thirtyeighth year of his age, 

after a zealous service 

of sixteen years. 

In testimony of esteem 


a brother officer 

whose life was as honourable 

as his death was glorious 

this monument has been erected 

by his 

Companions in arms 


Arms : Per chev. emb. or and vert, three eagles displ. counterchanged. Crest : An 

eagle displ. or. 

Beneath this Tablet 

repose the remains of 

Joanna Slade 

FOSTER. relict of the Rev d Robert Foster. 

Of humbleness of mind, benevolence 

of heart, placidity of temper, patient 

endurance of bodily pain, untireing 

watchfulness, anticipating the wants and 

alleviating the trials of a beloved husband 

when his sight had become darkened. 

If these and other graces united as they 

were with utter self renunciation and 

full and implicit reliance on Christ 

as her only Saviour and Redeemer are 

characteristics of the people of God 

we may humbly hope that she is now 

numbered among those of whom it has been declared : 

" They shall be mine, saith the Lord of hosts, 

in that day when I make up my jewels." 

She was born 12 th July 1778, 

and died 22 Nov r 1846. 



to the memory of 
FOSTER. Charles Edward Foster 

born June 28 th 1815, died Jan. 19 th 1856. 

Also of 

William John Slade Foster 

(for twenty three years Town Clerk of this city) 

born July 29, 1816, died August 28 th 1878. 

Sons of 
the Rev d Robert and Joanna Slade Foster. 


Near this spot 

are deposited the remains of 

the Rev. Aaron Foster, A.M. 

Vicar Choral of this Cathedral 

who died in May 1790. 

Also of Ann wife to the above 

who died in Dec r 1782. 

Sacred to the memory of 
FOSTER. the Rev d Robert Foster, A.M. 

Prebendary and Priest Vicar of this Cathedral 

and Rector of Sutton Bonington, Notts 

He was born May 24 th 1766. Died Sep. 20, 1836. 

A good soldier of Jesus Christ 

he studied to shew himself approved of G-od 

a workman that needeth not to be ashamed. 

Gentle unto all men, yet neglected not 

to speak the things that become sound doctrine 

with all authority. 

His eyesight weak from his birth 

waxed more and more dim with advancing years, 

till at length 

those who looked out of the windows were darkened 

but a light sprang up in the darkness, 

while those around shed the silent tear, 

contemplating his painful loss, 

a holy joy would brighten up his countenance 

so that of him it might truly be said, 

he kissed the rod that smote him. 

Thy sun shall no more go down ; neither shall thy moon withdraw itself : for the Lord shall 
be thine everlasting light, and the days of thy mourning shall be ended. Isaiah lx. 20. 











May 24 


July 18 


to the memory of 

Charles Edward Foster 

Lieutenant in the first Royal Dragoons 

and son of the Rev d Edward Foster 

Prebendary and Priest Vicar 

of Wells Cathedral. 

During the war in Spain he was engaged in 

various actions with the French and his 

gallantry is recorded in the ' Despatches ' of the 

Great General under whom he served 

subsequently he accompanied his regiment 

to Belgium and fell mortally wounded 

on the field of Waterloo June 18 th 1815 

in the 26 th year of his age. 

Sacred also to the memory of 

Edward son of the Rev d F. D. Foster 

Rector of Dodington Gloucestershire. 

He died in the 5 th year of his age 

and was buried underneath 29 th Jan. 1841. 

Though so young he had strong religious 

impressions and his parents in the depth 

of their sorrow were comforted by the belief 

that he was one of those little ones 

of whom Christ said, 
Of such is the Kingdom of Heaven. 

175i Jan. 1 

Cathedral Register. 
Edward s. of Rev. Aaron Foster and Ann his w. ; born Nov. 18, 

1757, received into the Church Feb. 2. 
Thomas s. of the Rev. Aaron Foster and Ann his w. ; born 

Jan. 7, priv. bap. and received at Church Feb. 7. 
Frances dau. of the Rev. Aaron Foster and Ann his w. ; born 

April 13, received at Church May 5. 
Aaron s. of the Rev. Aaron Foster and Ann ; born April 19, priv. 

bap. and received at Church May 5. 
Robert s. of the Rev. Aaron Foster and Ann his w. ; born May 24, 

priv. bap. and publicly received at Church June 7. 
Andrew s. of the Rev. Aaron Foster and Ann his w. ; born 

Nov. 30, priv. bap. and received at Church Dec. 14. 
Margaret Ann dau. of the Rev. Aaron Foster and Ann his w. ; 

born May 11, and priv. bap. 
Elizabeth dau. of the Rev. Edward Foster and Ann ; born June 14. 

Rev. M r Foster, Vicar, and Ann Slade, of St. Cuthbert. Licence. 

G G 



1782 Dec. 23 M rs Ann Foster w. of the Rev. Aaron Foster, M.A.., Priest Vicar. 
1787 Aug. 12 Charles William s. of the Rev. Edward Foster and Ann his w. 
1790 May 18 The Rev. M r Aaron Foster, Priest Yicar. 

St. Cuthbert Parish Register. 

1644 Nov. 17 Thomas s. of M r Thomas Foster and Frances his w. 

1645 May 15 Thomas s. of Henry Foster and Katherine his w. 

1650 April 25 William s. of Henry Foster and Katherine his w. 

1651 Feb. 26 Henry s. of Henry Foster and Katherine his w., of Queen Street. 

1610 Jan. 24 Richard Collins and Elizabeth Foster. 
1634 Aug. 21 M r Henry Foster and M 1S Ann Hunt. Licence. 

1631 Aug. 3 M rs Mary Foster. 

1643 Dec. 7 M r Henry Foster, one of the eight Masters. 

1644 May 20 M r Thomas Foster, three times Constable of Wells. 

1644 Dec. 19 M rs Ann Foster w. of M r Henry Foster, one of the Masters. 

1646 Oct. 27 M r Henry Foster, Alderman and five times Mayor of Wells. 
1658 Feb. 16 M r Henry Foster. 

This tablet 

is erected by 

0. M. Woods 

to the beloved memory 

of her uncle the Reverend 

FOSTER. Francis Drake Foster 

who died on the 

23 rd September 1882 

in the 88 th year of his age. 

He was curate of Dodington in the 

county of Gloucester 10 years and 

Rector 35 in which parish he 

commenced and ended his ministry. 

His sincere piety and singular 

kindliness of disposition endeared him 

to the hearts of all who knew him 

while his unobtrusive and openhanded 

charity won for him the respect 

and affection of the poor. 

Christ also suffered for us, leaving us an example, that ye should follow his steps. 

1 Peter ii. chap., 21 v. 



in affectionate memory of her aunt 
FOSTER. Caroline Margaret Foster 

who departed this life July 4 th 1870 

in the 68 th year of her age. 
The devoted wife of the Reverend 
Francis Drake Foster. 
If we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so them also which sleep in Jesus will God 
bring with him. 1 Thess. iv. ch., 14 v. 

to the memory of 
TAYLOR. William Taylor Esq. of the city of Wells 

who departed this life the 13 th Aug st 1776 

in the 66 th year of his age. 

He lived and died with unsullied reputation, 

beloved respected and regretted by all his acquaintances. 

Here stranger deign to pay the 

tribute of a tear so eminently due 

to the memory of an honest man. 

In the same grave are interred the remains 

of Catherine his wife who died 

the 6 th day of January 1764 in 

the 50 th year of her age. 

This monument is erected 

by his brother Peter Taylor Esq, 

of Purbrook Park in the county of 


Repaired by C. W. Taylor Esq. 

Member of Parliament 

for this city 1813. 


Arms : Quarterly, 1 and 4, Erm., on a chief indent, (sa.) three escallop-shells 
(or), Taylor ; 2 and 3, (Arg.), on a bend (sa.) three roaches of the first, Huish. 
Crest : A demi-lion ramp, (erm.), betw. the paivs an escallop (or). On the monument 
there are lines for the colours representing the chief purpure and the bend gules, 
but doubtless in error. 

The Cathedral Register records the burial on 9 Jan. 1764 of Mrs. Catherine 
Taylor, and on 17 Aug. 1776 the burial of William Taylor, Esq. The following 
extracts relating to this family will supply much additional information. 

St. Cuthbert Parish Register. 

William s. of M r Robert Taylor. 

Jonathan s. of M r Jonathan Taylor ; bora 30 May. 

Frances dau. of M r Robert Taylor, of High Street ; born June 9. 

William s. of M r Robert Taylor, of High Street; born Jan. 15. 

Alice dau. of M r Charles Taylor ; born Nov. 28. 

William s. of M r Robert Taylor ; bora Dec. 13. 

Peter s. of M r Robert Taylor, of High Street; born Nov. 11, 

priv. bap. and brought to Church Dec. 12. 
Jacob s. of M r Robert Taylor, of High Street. 
Jane dau. of M r Joseph Taylor, of High Street ; bora Nov. 20. 
Robert s. of M 1 * John Taylor, jun r , of High Street ; born April 8, 

priv. bap., brought to Church April 19. 
Elizabeth dau. of M r John Taylor, of Sadler Street ; bora Oct. 21. 
Frideswade dau. of M r John Taylor, jun r , of Sadler Street ; born 

Feb. 19, bap. at y e Cathedral. 
John s. of M r John Taylor, of Sadler Street ; born and priv. bap., 

brought to Church July 16. 
William s. of M r William Taylor, of Chamberlain Street ; born 

and priv. bap., brought to Church Sep. 30. 
Laetitia dau. of M r William Taylor ; born Dec. 8. 
. . . . M r Charles Taylor, jun r ; born June 7. 
Frances dau. of M r Stephen Taylor, of High Street ; born Jan. 14, 

brought to Church Feb. 16. 
1739 May 23 Elizabeth dau. of M r William Taylor, of High Street; born 

May 15, priv. bap. and brought to Church May 30. 
1739 Nov. 22 Sarah dau. of M r Charles Taylor ; born Oct. 27. 


1725 April 11 M r Robert Taylor, one of the eight Masters of this city, grocer, 
and M 1B Rebeckah Wood, widow, of y e same place. Licence. 
(For marriage of Taylor and Creyghton, see Creyghton.) 


1698 Mar. 22 John s. of M r John Taylor. 

1699 Sep. 25 Elizabeth dau. of M r John Taylor. 


Nov. 20 


June 5 


June 30 


Jan. 23 


Dec. 8 


Dec. 26 


Dec. 6 


May 17 


Nov. 23 


April 14 


Oct. 28 


Mar. 19 


May 26 


Aug. 24 


Jan. 26 


June 22 


Feb. 10 















































Joanna dau. of M r Robert Taylor, of High Street. 

William s. of M r Robert Taylor, of High Street. 

M ra Frances Taylor, widow. 

Elizabeth w. of M r John Taylor, of Sadler Street. 

Robert s. of M r Robert Taylor, of High Street, Mayor. 

John s. of M r Robert Taylor, of High Street, Mayor. 

Elizabeth dau. of M r Robert Taylor. 

Elizabeth w. of M r Robert Taylor, of High Street. 

Elizabeth dau. of M r John Taylor, of Sadler Street. 

M r Robert Taylor, of High Street. 

John s. of M r John Taylor, of Sadler Street. 

M r John Taylor, of Sadler Street. 

John s. of M r John Taylor, of Sadler Street. 

William s. of M r William Taylor, of Chamberlain Street. 

M r Joseph Taylor of High Street. 

Near this spot 

are interred the mortal remains of the Rev 01 

JAMES. William James, M.A., for 50 years 

Priest Yicar of this Cathedral Church. 

He died January 8 th 1859 aged 78 years. 

Whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die. John xi. 26. 

This tablet was erected in tender 

recollection by his widow. 

Also Mary Ann 

Relict of the above William James 

who died September 4^ 1880 

aged 92 years. 

to the memory of 
LAX. John Lax, gent. 

who died May 9 th 1845 aged 74 years. 

Also of three children by Elizabeth his wife 

Robert George Lax, who died Oct. 16 th 1812 

aged 2 years and 9 months. 

Sophia Lax, who died March 18 th 1821 

aged 13 years. 

Charles Lax, who died March 18 th 1841 

aged 35 years. 

Also Elizabeth, Relict of the above John Lax 

who died July 10 th 1848 aged 71 years. 



BURLAND. In memory of John Berkeley Borland 

son of the Honorable Sir John Burland Knight 

one of the Barons of His Majesty's Exchequer 

and of LaBtitia his wife the Daughter of William Berkeley Portman, 

and Ann only Daughter of Sir Edward Seymour of Maiden Bradley, Bart. 

Speaker of the House of Commons 

and Comptroller of the Household of Queen Anne. 

He was educated to the profession of the law, but quitted it at an early period 

and became a Magistrate in his native county 

in which situation his knowledge talents and assiduity 

soon raised him to the most eminent place 

which to the end of his life he filled with distinguished reputation. 

In a crisis of public danger he accepted the command of a military corps, 

and devoted himself to its improvement and discipline, 

with an energy which had always belonged to his character. 

In the year mdccxcix he was elected to a seat in the House of Commons 

where until his death in November mdccciv he discharged his trust 

with exemplary zeal and integrity. 

To his uniform and disinterested benevolence, 

the liberality and independence of his mind and the urbanity of his manners, 

the friends who loved and lamented him bear the most sincere testimony. 

At the top is a medallion carved in high relief of a female figure supporting the 
deceased, towards whom the skeleton Death stretches his hand. Round this is the 
cypress, scales, and cross, and an open book on which is inscribed, " My flesh and 
my heart faileth : but God is the strength of my heart, and my portion for ever. 
Ps. 73 v. 26." 

Arms : 1 and 4, Erm., on a chief emb. gu. three cinquefoils arg. ; 2 and 3, 
Arg., a/ess betiv. three lions couchant gard. gu., Morris ; on an escutcheon of pretence, 
Gu., six cinquefoils and a chief indented arg., for Farr ; but this appears to be an 
error ; the coat does not occur in Papworth, nor does Burke give it for the name of 
Farr ; it appears to be founded on the coat of Farra of Norfolk, viz., Arg., on two 
bars gu. six cinquefoils or, a chief indented of the last. He married the daughter and 
heir of John Farr, Esq., of Stock House near Sherbourne, and became of that place . 


In a ' Survey of the "Western Counties,' published in 1791, which contains the arms 
of subscribers, the same coats are assigned to him, except that the second and third 
quarters are given as, Erm., on a fess az. three boars' heads couped or (Lewis of 
Stoke, co. Dorset). His wife died 12 Feb. 1802, aged 48. 

Cathedeal Register. 

1718 Feb. 1 Margaret dau. of John Burland, Esq., and Elizabeth his w. ; born 

30 Jan., priv. bap. and admitted to the Church Feb. 27. 
174^ Mar. 3 Morris s. of John Burland, Esq., and Elizabeth his w. ; born 

Feb. 18. 
1721 Mary dau. of John Burland, Esq., and Elizabeth his w. ; born 

Feb. 18. 
1724 July 28 John s. of John Burland, Esq., and Elizabeth his w. ; born 

July 10. 
1726 Aug. 29 William s. of John Burland, Esq., and Elizabeth his w. ; born 

Aug. 17. 
1730 Nov. 18 Claver Morris s. of John Burland, Esq., and Elizabeth his w. ; 

born Saturday 14 Nov., bap. Wednesday, and publicly 

admitted to the Church Thursday Dec. 10. 
1733 Oct. 8 William s. of John Burland, Esq., and Elizabeth his w. ; born 

Friday Oct. 5, priv. bap. on the Monday, and brought to 

Church Nov. 1. 
1738 Mar. 27 Robert s. of John Burland, Esq., and. Elizabeth his w. ; priv. bap. 

and admitted May 1. 
1 740 Anne dau. of John Burland, Esq., and Elizabeth his w. ; received 

at Church having been priv. bap. May 1. 
1754 John Berkeley Burland s. of John Burland, Esq., and Lsetitia his 

w., dau. of William Berkeley Portman, Esq. ; born Jan. 6, 

priv. bap., and publicly admitted into the Church Feb. 7. 


1718 Aug. 12 John Burland, Esq., of Steyning, and Elizabeth, only dau. of 

Claver Morris, of Wells, M.D. ; by licence. 
(This entry is repeated as follows.) 
1718 Aug. 28 John Burland, gent., and Elizabeth Morris, both of Wells ; by 

1743 Dec. 20 The Rev. M r Huddlestone, Vicar of S* Cuthbert, and Miss 

1747 Oct. 29 John Burland, Esq., and Lsetitia Berkeley, married by Edward, 

Lord Bishop of Bath and Wells. 


1733 Mar. 30 Margaret dau. of John Burland, Esq., and Elizabeth his w. 

1746 Nov. 14 John Burland, Esq. 

1764 April 5 The Rev. William Burland. 






lyeth the remains of 

Abraham Elton 

only child of the late Isaac Elton 

and Sarah his wife, 

Daughter of the late Samuel Peach 

In hopes of a joyful 


through the merits of our 

Saviour Jesus Christ. 

He died April 3 rd 1794 

aged 30 years. 

Arms : Paly of six or and gu., on a bend sa. three mullets or, Elton. The above 
Isaac Elton was the eldest son of Isaac Elton of Clifton, Esq., son of Jacob Elton, 
second son of Sir Abraham Elton, Bart. He was Sheriff of Bristol in 1765, and 
married first Sarah, daughter of Samuel Peach of Bristol, by whom he had the above- 
named son, who died unmarried, and she dying 16 December 1763, he married 
secondly Ann, daughter of James Tierney of Theobalds, Herts, by whom he had 
another son Isaac Elton of Stapleton House, co. Gloucester, married Katherine, 
daughter of Major Bayard, by whom he left four sons and three daughters. 

Near here there is a matrix in the wall with the fastenings of a brass which is 
gone, and a projecting cornice over it. 



Near this spot lie the remains 

of an old and valued servant 

Betty Sully 

to whose memory this tablet has 

been erected by the members of 

the late Rev d Robert Foster's family 

with whom she lived for 
an uninterrupted period of 48 years, 



as a record of their respect and 

regard for her excellent and 

unblemished character, and as 

a just tribute to her long and 

faithful services. 

Born Feb. 27 th 1788. 

Died Dec. 19 th 1841. 


In memory of Richard Hebdon 

gen* second son of S r John Hebdon 

Knt., departed this life the 21 st day of 

Janua? 1668 in the 30 th year of his age. 

Erected by John Hebdon Esq. 

Arms : 1 and 4, Erm.,five lozenges conjoined in f ess gu., Hebdon (ancient); 2 and 3, 
Erm., on a chief indented az. three crescents or, Hebdon; granted 28 March 1659 by 
Sir Edward Walker to Sir John Hebdon and his brother Thomas Hebdon ; on the 
centre a crescent gold, the difference of a second son. Le Neve says Sir John was 
knighted at Whitehall 30 May 1663, was agent to the Emperor of Russia, and made his 
fortune in Muscovy by trade. He was son of John Hebdon, citizen of London (son 
of John Hebdon of Yorkshire), and had, according to the same authority, the two 
sons named on the monument, which also names this Richard as being buried in the 
" South Crosse He," so that the floorslab (p. 34) is in or near its original place. 
The brother John Hebdon, Esq., married Ellen, daughter of Sir John Jacob, 
Bart., of Bromley, Middlesex. 


Sacred to the memory of 

Edward Spencer Esq re M.D. 

(twice elected Mayor of Wells) 

who died May 8 th 1831, aged 64 years. 

H H 




Also of 

his Relict Mary Spencer 

who died March 4 th 1865 aged 97 years. 

Also of 

their daughter Mary Knyfton Spencer 

who died July 3 rd 1812 aged 19 years. 

1812 July 10 

Cathedral Register. 
Mary Knyfton Spencer dau. of Edward and Mary Spencer, aged 
19 years, bur. in the Palm Churchyard. 


Near this spot lies the body of 

Jane Catherine 

Wife of the Very Rev d T. Gaisford, D.D., 

Dean of Ch : Ch : Oxford. 

Born at Evercreech June 14 th 1787. 

Died at Wells April 4 th 1863. 

This monument was placed here 

by her step children 

whom she loved & cared for as her own 

and who will ever cherish her memory 

with affectionate gratitude. 

She was the youngest daughter of the Rev. John Jenkyns, Vicar of Evercreech, 
and Rector of Horsemonden, Kent, and his wife Jane, daughter and coheir of James 
Baa of Bristol. She was born 14 June 1787 ; married, 1 May 1832, the Rev. 
Thomas Gaisford, D.D. ; and died without issue, as above. 





Charles Bethell Gent. 

died Oct. 3 ld 



Ann his wife who died 

Feb? 22 nd 1791 aged 38. 


John Elliot Porch 

died Sept. 23, 1817, aged 3. 

In a window on the south side of Pilton Church, erected in memory of William 
Hole Bethell of Springfield in that parish, are these arms : Arg., on a chev. betw. 



three boars' heads couped sa. an estoilor. Crest : On an eagle's head couped sa. betiv. 
two wings displ. az. an estoil or. Of this family is Lord Westbury. 


A. F. F. 


Rev d Robert Foster, A.M. 

ob 4 20 th Sep* 1836 

M\At 70. 

JoanDa S. Foster 

ob 1 22 nd Nov r 1846 

^Etat 68. 

Edward Foster 

died 29 th Jan 1 * 1841 

aged 4 years & 9 months. 


The Rev d Aaron Foster, A.M. 

May 1790. 
Ann Foster wife of the above 

Dec. 1782. 

Cathedral Register. 
1790 May 18 Rev. M r Aaron Foster, Priest Vicar, bur. 



Rev d John Golden 

died 12 th of June 1798 

in the 76 th year of his age. 

Jane Taylor. 
(Rest gone. See mural tablets.) 

Phelps's account of the monuments is very imperfect, but he mentions the 
following which do not appear to be there now, namely : — 

PHELPS. Christian, wife of the Rev. William Phelps, B.A., F.S.A., and youngest 
daughter of Truman Harford, Esq., of Bristol, who died 3 Feb. 1812, 
aged 43, leaving two sons and three daughters. Also Julia, her second daughter, 
wife of John Tatchell Tatchell, Esq., of East Stoke, who died in childbed 30 
March 1824, aged 19 years, and within one year of her marriage. 

1802 April 16 

Cathedral Register. 
John Walter s. of the Rev. William and Christian Phelps ; born 
April 13, received Oct. 5. 


1803 Feb. 20 Mary Penny dau. of William and Christian Phelps ; born 16 Feb. 

1801 Julia dau. of William and Christian Phelps ; born 2 Aug. 1804, 

priv. bapt., and received 11 April 1806. 

1812 Feb. 8 M rs Christian Phelps w. of the Rev. William Phelps, aged 41 ; 
in the East Cloister. 

PIERS. William Piers, Archdeacon of Taunton, son of Bishop Piers. 

Cathedral Register. 


1662 Aug. 2 William s. of D r William Pierce and Mary his w. ; born Wednes- 

day July 30, bap. on Saturday. 

1663 Sep. 15 Thomas s. of D r William Peirce and Mary his w. 

1685 April 7 Thomas s. of Capt. Thomas Pearce. 

1686 June 1 William s. of M r William Pearce and Katherine his w. ; born 

May 20. 
1686 Aug. 26 Thomas s. of Capt. Thomas Pearce of S* Cuthbert's; bap. in y e 


The sister in law of John Pieres. 
Judith dau. of John Peirce ; in Palm Churchyard. 
John s. of M r Pearce of London. 
M r John Pearse of London. 

William Pearce, D.D., Archdeacon of Taunton and Canon. 
Thomas s. of Capt. Pearce. 
Capt. Thomas Pearce. 
Rebeckah dau. of M r William Peirs. 


Oct. 11 


Jan. 1 1 


June 9 


Mar. 13 


April 11 


Nov. 28 


June 23 


Sep. 7 

St. Cuthbert Parish Register. 

1700 Sep. 13 Elias s. of M r Elias Peirce. 
1705 Nov. 23 Mary dau. of Joseph Pearse of New Street ; born Nov. 13. 

1738 April 17 M r Richard Slade, of West Pennard, widower, and M rs Martha 
Pearce, of S* Cuthbert, sp. Licence. 

John s. of M r Joseph Pearce. 
M r Joseph Pearce of Sadler Street. 
M r Joseph Pearce of Sadler Street. 
Mary dau. of M r Joseph Pearce. 
M r Elias Pearce of High Street. 
M rs Dorcas Pearce, widow, of High Street. 
1734 May 30 M rs Pearce, widow, of New Street. 




















LUKIN. George William Lukin, D.D. Dean of 

this Cathedral, who died 28 Nov. 1812 aged 74. 

In Nurseling (otherwise Nutshelling) Church, Hants, is a monument to the 
Rev. John Lukin, M.A. (son of the Dean), Prebendary of Wells, and thirty-seven 
years Rector of Nurseling, who died 15 Dec. 1846, aged 64, erected by his eldest 
son John Mayow Lukin. Arms : Arg., a lion ramp, gu., debruised by a bend gobony 
or and az., Lukin ; imp. Quarterly sa. and arg., in the first quarter a lion ramp, of 
the second, Byng. This was his second wife, the Hon. Lucy Elizabeth, eldest 
daughter of George, sixth Viscount Torrington, by his first wife Elizabeth, daughter 
of Philip Langmead of Plymouth, Esq. 

In the same church is a tablet for his first wife Emma Easton Lukin, who died 
30 April 1813, aged 23. Arms : Lukin as before ; on an escutcheon of pretence, Per 
c hev. gu. and or, three sea-dragons crowned counterchanged, Easton of Devon. 

In a small work, printed in 1814, termed • A Concise History of the Cathedral 
Church of St. Andrew in Wells,' by John Davis, Verger of the Cathedral, a cata- 
logue of the monuments is added — at least so it professes to be. It is useful as 
giving the position of the more prominent monuments before their removal to 
their present positions, but it is very imperfect. From the descriptions it is plain, 
as their present appearance indicates, that most of the accessory ornaments in the 
way of pillars, etc., have been destroyed in the removal to the cloisters. The 
following four memorials are given which are not now to be found : — 

In the Lady Chapel an ancient stone to the memory of Sir John Newton, 
Bart., who died 4 Feb. 1661, with this couplet : 

Hoc non jacet corpus loco 
Sed hie jacet pars pro toto. 

Near the altar was the following on a brass plate in Old English characters : 
Hie jacet Mayr Johes Spekington, hujus ecclesise 

canonicus et subdecanus, qui obiit penultimo 

die Mensis Decembris Ano 1462. Cujus animee 

propitietur Deus. Amen. 

Under a seat near St. Mary's Chapel is a brass plate to the memory of Sir 
John Bernard, Treasurer and Residentiary of this Church, who died 30 April 1459. 

Not far from thence lies Wm. Witham, Sub-dean, who died July 16, 1472. 

In the South Aisle : 

Of the Soule of John Braham, Canon, 
Good Lord have mercy. 




This is the old burial-ground, and is enclosed by the cloisters. 


memory of 
BARNARD. John Barnard 

who died October 3 rd 1853 

aged 48. 

Take ye heed, watch and pray : for ye know not when the time is. Mabk xiii. 33. 





to the memory of 

Margaret the wife of 

Thomas Chittenden 

(and daughter of the late 

Rev. Thomas Knapp 

Rector of Englefield Berks) 

who died 12 th May 1834 

aged 48 years. 

Also of Jane, Daughter of 

the above named 

Thomas & Margaret Chittenden 

who died on the 11 th day of July 1839 

aged 18 years. 

Also of Sarah Charlotte, Daughter of 

the above named 

Thomas & Margaret Chittenden 

who died on the 21 st day of December 1842 

aged 23 years. 



to the memory of 

Thomas Chittenden Esq re 

of Hawkhurst 

in the county of Kent, 

who died April 20 th 1853 

aged 75 years. 



memory of 

John Davie 

who died Oct. 27, 1840 

aged 82 years. 


of Mary his wife 

who died the 24 th of March 1850 

aged 83 years. 



To the memory 
JERRAD. John Jerrad 

who died February 9 th 1878 
aged 70. 

Comfort the soul of thy servant, for great is thy mercy. Psalm lxxxvi. 

In memory of 
Caroline Margaret wife of 
FOSTER. Francis Drake Foster 

Rector of Dodington Glou'estershire 

she died July 4 th 1870 

in the 68 th year of her age. 

If we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so them also 
which sleep in Jesus will God bring with him. 

Also of the above 

Francis Drake Foster, 

he was born December 17 th 1794, 

died September 23 rd 1882. 

And I heard a voice from Heaven saying unto me, Write, Blessed are the dead which die in 
the Lord from henceforth : Yea, saith the Spirit, that they may rest from their labours ; and 
their works do follow them. Rev. chap. xiv. ver. 13. 

to the memory 
FOSTER. Ann Drake Foster 

who died November 3 rd 1859 

aged 66 years. 

Mary Foster who died 

Dec. 22 nd 1861 aged 64 years. 

Also of 

Elizabeth Foster 

who died November 24 th 1869 

aged 81 years. 

Daughters of the Rev d Edward Foster 

Prebendary and Priest Vicar 

of this Cathedral and Vicar 

of Winscombe and Compton Bishop. 

I will ransom them from the power of the grave ; I will redeem them from death. 

Hos. xiii. 14. 




William Burye 

died the 15 th of September 


aged 21 years. 



to the memory of 

George Goodfellow 

who departed this life November 27 th 1864 

aged 20 years. 

I have trusted in thy mercy ; my heart shall rejoice in thy salvation. Psalm xiii. 5. 


Also in memory of his father 

George Goodfellow 

who departed this life April 19 th 1871 

aged 69 years. 

Thou shalt guide me with thy counsel, and afterward receive me to glory. 

Psalm lxxiii. 24. 

Also of Fanny wife of the above 

George Goodfellow sen r 

who departed this life March 25 th 1875 

aged 71 years. 

Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord. 

Pleasant in life, and in death lamented. 




affectionate remembrance 


Mary Richards 

wife of Thomas Richards 

of Street 

who died at 16 Vicar's Close 

in this city 

on Tuesday the 27 th July 1875. 

Also of 

Robert Porter 

who died March 22 nd 1876 

aged 36 years. 


In memory of 

Frances widow of the late 

George Lax 

died April 12 th 1868 

aged 77 years. 


In memory of 
PARFITT. Edward Parfitt, 

died 4 th November 1857 
aged 48 years. 

In memory of 
PARFITT. Elizabeth Gravill Parfitt 

who departed this life 1 st March 1860 
aged 77 years. 


In memory of 

Catherine Parfitt 

who departed this life 3 May 1862 

aged 75 years. 

Sarah, wife of John 
STANESBY. Stanesby died 

29 th day of May 1777 
aged 34 years. 
(This stone is nearly obliterated.) 













Cathedral Register. 
William Robert s. of John and Ann Stanesby, priv. bap. 
John s. of John and Ann Stanesby, received into the Church. 
Richard s. of John and Sarah Stainesby, bap., being born May 21. 
M rs Sarah Stainesby, buried. 

affectionate remembrance 
MILTON. George Baron Milton 

who died August 26 th 1877 

aged 66. 

His end was peace. 

the memory of 
LANSLEY. Robert Lansley 

Sacrist of this Cathedral 
who departed this Life 
May 23 rd 1838 aged 44. 

1 1 


Also of Sarah 

Widow of the above 

Died at Richmond 

Dec r 15 th 1872. 

Buried at Havant, Hants. 

In memory of 
JONES. Ann the beloved wife of Thomas Jones 

who died January 13 tb 1876 aged 58 years. 
Died in Christ. 

MUTTLEBURY. Ann wife of George Muttlebury 

died 8 th Nov. 1823. 
Also close on the south side, 
Thomas Barclay Muttlebury 

second son of the above 

(who died an infant) 1801 ; 

and Margaret 

their third daughter 

who died the 25 tL of July 

1825 aged 15 years. 


St. Cuthbert Parish Register. 
1702 Mar. 12 Thomas Muttlebury, of this city, gent., buried at Wookey. 
1715 Nov. 8 M rs Mary Muttlebury, widow of M r Thomas Muttlebury, late of 
Wokey, High Street, bur. 

Cathedral Register. 
1801 Mar. . . Thomas Barclay Muttlebury, bur. 



the memory of 

Mary wife of Capt. 

MUTTLEBURY. James Eyre Muttlebury 

and daughter of the late 
RAMSEY. Alex 1 Ramsey Esq. of West 

Grange near Edinburgh 

who died Sept. 4 th 1836 

aged 36. 





Caroline, wife of Thomas Dehany Bernard 
died Sept. 9, 1888, aged 75. 

With Christ, which is far better. 

(Long flat stone with a cross.) 

The above Rev. T. D. Bernard, M.A., survives, and is Canon Residentiary and 
Chancellor of the Cathedral, and has surviving issue. He is second son of Charles 
Bernard, Esq., of Old Castle, Carmarthenshire, and of Eden Estate, Jamaica, by his 
wife Margaret Anne, daughter and coheir of John Baker, Esq., of Waresley House, 
co. "Worcester. He descends from Daniel Bernard and his wife {nee Violet) of a 
Huguenot family, believed to have been of Dijon and Montbehard, who quitted France 
after the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes, and settled in Jamaica as merchants 
and planters. Archer's ' Monumental Inscriptions in the West Indies ' gives some 
monuments of this family. In the Cathedral Church of St. Catherine, Jamaica, are 
three : one to Samuel Bernard, Esq., for ten years Chief Justice of the country, who 
died 29 March 1695, aged 59. Arms : On a bend three escallops, in chief a mullet 
for diff. The second is for John, son of Thomas Bernard, who died 24 July 1720 ; 
also Samuel, eldest son of the said Thomas Bernard, Esq., who died 17 November 1720, 
aged 2 years. Arms: Arg., on a bend az. three escallop-shells of the first ; imp. 
Chequy arg. and gu., a saltire erm., Peake. Crest : A demi-lion arg. holding a 
serpent sa. The third monument is for Mary, wife of Thomas Bernard, Esq., who 
died 13 August 1724, aged 25. For a notice of Baker of "Warseley, see ' Heraldry 
of Worcestershire,' by H. Sydney Grazebrook. 




Charles Stuart Foster 

ob* 3 rd January 1853 

aged 7 months. 


Sarah Blandy 
died Feby 24 th 


aged 51 years. 


John Yicary 

died 23 October 1864 

in the 89 th year of his age. 

Martha wife of the above 

died 10 tb August 1817 aged 41. 

Maria Say (widow) 

daughter of the above 

died 12 th May 1859 aged 49. 





Ellen Frances Drayton 

daughter of the above 

died 3 rd August 1873. 

I know that my Redeemer liveth. 



In memory of 

Tho s Muttlebury 


who died Sept. 

the 13 th 1749 aged 55 


Here also lyeth the body of 

Frances Wilkins, daug 1 ' 

of the above said Tho s Muttlebury 

died 30 th April, n.s. 

1753 aged 66. 


Here lieth 

the Body of Thomas 

Davis of this Liberty 

who departed this life 

Jany y e 20 th day 1689 

and also the body of 

Ruth his wife, who departed 

this life Aprill y e 25 tk day 

Anno Dom. 1686. 


















. . 

Cathedral Register. 

M r Daniel Davis, Vicar Choral, bur. 

Ann dau. of Thomas Davis, bap. 

Jane dau. of Thomas and Ruth Davis, bap. 

M r Thomas Davis, bur. 

Thomas s. of M 1-s Mary Davis, bap. 

Thomas Davis, bur. 


In memory of 

Susannah the beloved wife 


John Taylor 

who died November 25 th 1861 

aged 24 years. 


In loving remembrance of 
APPLEBY. James Austin Appleby of Wells 

who died March 10 th 1882 
aged 64 years. 




memory of 

James Lovell 

who died March 27 th 1833 

aged 84 years. 

Also Hester Lovell 

wife of the above 

who died Aug* 22 nd 1804. 

Also Thomas Francis Lovell 

son of the above 

died 16 th February 1850 

aged 64 years. 
(Now nearly obliterated.) 

Cathedral Register. 

1808 Feb. 26 William Lovell, late Sacrist, bur. in the Palm Churchyard. 
1812 Jan. 16 James Lovell, bur. in the Palm Churchyard. 


James Brewin 

died April 6 th 1845 

aged 61. 

SEYMOUR. In memory of Henry John Hyde Seymour 

youngest son of Lieut. Col. Francis Compton Seymour 

and Leonora his wife, grandson of the Very Reverend 

Lord Francis Seymour, formerly Dean of this Cathedral 

who died Nov. 3, 1860, aged 65 years. 

I know that my Redeemer liveth. 

(Tomb. See note to Dean Seymour's monument.) 


In affectionate remembrance of Betty Fletcher 
who departed this life August 3 rd 1866 aged 66 years. 

Silas Fletcher, Vicar Choral (nearly fifty years) 
of this Cathedral, died May 29 th 1883 aged 81 years. 





June 24 
July 6 

1806 Jan. 22 


Sep. 4 
April 25 


Dod Perkins 

of this Cathedral 

died April 7 th 1820 

and his children, 

by his second marriage ; 


died December 2 nd 1820, 

and Elizabeth 

wife of J. F. Nicholls, M.D. 

died September 29 th 1880. 


Cathedral Register. 


George s. of Dodd and Margaret Perkins ; born 20 June 1783. 
William s. of Dodd and Margaret Perkins ; born Sunday June 20. 
Margaret Cantello dau. of Dodd Perkins and Margaret his w. ; 

born 24 June. 
Ann dau. of Dodd and Ann Perkins ; born 21 Dec. 1805. 


George s. of Dodd Perkins. 

M rs Margaret w. of Dodd Perkins, aged 43. 


In memory of 


the beloved wife of 

M r Nicholls 


who died Fefry 18, 1867 

aged 56. 

Margaret the wife of 
PERKINS. Dod Perkins, died 

23 rd of April 1804 

aged 43. 

George son of Dod and 

Margaret Perkins died 

Nov r 7 th 1815 aged 27. 

(Headstone, of which only a few letters can now be read.) 



loving memory 
of the 
YOUNG. Rev d Robert Young, M.A. 

Born March 10 th 1842 

Died October 9 th 1880. 

The Master is come, and calleth for thee. 



lies the Body of 
CARPINTER. George Carpinter 

who departed this Life 
April 3 rd 1807 
aged 70 years. 

With patience to the last he did submit, 

And murmured not at what the Lord thought fit ; 

But with a Christian courage did resign 

His soul to God at his appointed time. 

Also Grace the wife of the above 
George Carpinter died 20 th April 

1832 aged 92. 


In memory of 
WHEELER, Sarah Wheeler wife of 

John Wheeler, who died 
Nov r 19 th 1834 aged 33 years. 
Also John their son who died 
Dec r l 8t 1834 aged 8 months. 

Now, dear husband, life is past, 
Your love to me so long did last ; 
And now for me no sorrow take, 
But love my children for my sake. 

Also Catherine their daughter 
who died June 13 th 1839 aged 11 years. 

Also the aforesaid John Wheeler 

who died April 5 th 1840 aged 45 years. 




Cathedral Register. 

1740 July 19 M rs Wheeler w. of the Rev. M r Robert Wheeler, bur. 

1741 April 28 Robert Wheeler, of Wells Liberty, and Jane Dunt, of Wells, wid., 

mar. Licence. (The name in the Register is certainly Dunt, 
of Wells, wid., not Hunt.) 
1763 Mar. 14 Rev. Robert Wheeler, Canon Residentiary, bur. 


Catherine daughter 

of William and Martha Hatch 

died Nov 1 4 th 1827 

aged 29. 


In memory of 

W m Hatch who died 

January 2 nd 1836 

aged 68. 

Also Martha wife of 

William Hatch who died 

July 21 st 1840 aged 78 years. 





to the memory of 

Christiana C. Beaumont 

of Pinner in the county of Middlesex 

who died December 8 th 1841 

aged 48 years. 

Also of Ann Robins 

who died July 25 th 1842 

aged 42 years. 

Both faithful servants of 

the Very Reverend the Dean of Wells. 

DU CANE. In memory of the Rev. Arthur Du Cane, M.A., Oxon, 

Priest Yicar of this Cathedral 

second son of Major Richard Du Cane of the 20 th Light Dragoons. 

He departed this life 8 th June 1865 aged 38 years. 

Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on Thee : because he trusteth 

in Thee. Isaiah xxvi. 3. 


There is a pedigree of this family in Burke's ' Landed Gentry.' There he is 
said to have been born in 1825. His arms are in the Common Hall of the Vicar's 




In memory of 

Ann daughter of 

George and Mary Champion 

who died August the 26 th 

1757 aged 20. 

Mary the wife of Geo. 

Champion died Feb 7 

14 th 1776 aged 77. 

George Champion died 

December 16 th 1781 aged 87. 

Two sons and one daughter 

died in infancy. 




to the memory of 

George Kawlins 

who died Not 1 22, 1850 

aged 88 years. 

But after death shall come the important day, 
When God to all his justice shall display ; 
Bach action with impartial eyes regard, 
And in a just proportion punish and reward. 



In hope 

of a glorious resurrection to eternal life 

here repose the remains of 

Catherine Weston 

wife of John Weston of the Vicar's Close, 

who died 27 Oct. 1836 

aged 59 years. 

Also the above named 

John Weston 

who departed this life 12 th August 1845 

aged 65 years. 

His last end was peace. 



In memory of William Broad, died May 11 th 1857 

aged 66 years. 

Also Ruth his wife died Oct. 20 th 1858 aged 65 yean 






In memory 


Henry Harold 

of this city, 

for many years Master 

of the 

Chapter Grammar School 

died 5 th April 1877 

aged 77. 




memory of 

Arthur Edwin 

son of Charles Williams 

and Jane Lavington 

who died Feb? 25 a.d. 1852 

aged 10 months. 


DAVIS. Sarah Davis 


Jemima and Sarah 

twin daughters of 

John and Jemima Davis 


John Davis 

late Sacrist of this Cathedral 

died January 24, 1830 

aged 54 years. 

Also Jemima wife of the 

said John Davis who died October 

13 lh 1840 aged 55 years. 


He published a small handbook to the Cathedral. 



to the memory of 

Elizabeth Ramsey 

who died Dec r 22, 1852, aged 90 years. 








of Christian Anna Karr Ramsey 

who died Jany 4, 1851 

I aged 80 years. 

And of 

Frances Ramsey 

who died Oct. 8, 1851 

aged 76. 

Daughters of the late John Ramsey Esq r 

and Christian his wife 

formerly of New Street Edinburgh. 


memory of Sarah daughter 

of John and Sophia Broad 

who departed this life 12 th May 1795 

aged 13 years. 

Also John Broad who died 

August 16 th 1800 aged 64 years. 

Also Helen Broad who died 

July 1 st 1805 aged 21 years. 

Also Sophia Lovell wife of 

John Broad who departed this life 

April 16 th 1834 aged 90 years. 




the memory of 

Susan wife of 

Henry Wiggins 

who died Dec. 5 th 1850 

aged 56 years. 

Gently the passing spirit fled, 
Sustained by grace divine. 

Oh may that grace on me be shed, 
To make my end like thine. 

Also in memory of the above named 

Henry Wiggins 

Sacrist of this Cathedral who died 

June 28 th 1853 aged 66 years. 

Also Henry son of the above 

Henry and Susan Wiggins who died 

August 11 th 1853 aged 22 years. 




memory of 
LAMBERT. Sarah Lambert 

who departed this life 
March 9 th 1838. 

In memory of 
PERKINS. William Perkins Esq re 

died Nov 1 11, 1860, aged 76 years. 
Lay Vicar and Organist 56 years. 

Blessed is he that considereth the poor. Psalm xli. 1. 


In memory of 
TUCKER. Edward Thomas Tucker senior Chorister of 

this Cathedral 

son of 

Edward & Caroline Tucker 

born September 25 th 1857 

died June 8 th 1872. 

Let every thing that hath breath praise the Lord. Psalm cl. 6. 

(Ornamental headstone.) 


to the memory of 


the affectionate and much loved wife of 

MARTIN. George Martin 

who departed this life April 26 th 
1855 aged 62. 

If we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so them also which sleep in Jesus 
will God bring with him. 1 Thess. iv. 14. 

This stone is erected by 

Miss Knollis 

to record the devoted attachment during 

forty years, of a most faithful servant. 


of George husband of the above 

Mary Martin 

He died December 12 th 1855 aged 71. 


For a period of 50 years he was a 

most devoted and faithful servant 

to Miss Knollis 

and much respected by all who knew him. 

Be thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee a crown of life. Rev. ii. 10. 


HARRIS. Sacred to the memory of William Harris of this city 

who departed this life December 19 tb 1871 in the 61 st year of his age. 

Lord, I have loved the habitation of thy house. Psalm xxvi. 8. 

Also of Keturah wife of William Harris 

who departed this life October 23 rd 1844, in the 85 th year of her age. 

The Lord gave, and the Lord has taken away ; blessed be the name of the Lord. Job i. 21. 


TEEK. John Lovell Teek 

died May xxv th m.d.c.c.clxvi. 

aged lxxv years. 

Margaret Lovell Teek 

died Feb*" xi md.ccclxii 

aged lxxvi years. 

TUDWAY. Harriet Henrietta Tudway 

Born September xvii 


Died September iii rd 


There is a short notice of this family in Burke's ' Landed Gentry,' but the 
following are additions to that account : — 

St. Cuthbert Parish Register. 
1684 Aug. 24 Charles s. of Charles and Mary Tudway. 

1707 Jan. 20 Thomas s. of Charles and Mary Tudway, of East Wells ; born 

8 Jan. 

1708 Feb. 24 Elizabeth dau. of Charles and Mary Tudway, of East Wells ; born 

2 Feb., priv. bap., brought to Church 15 March. 
Rachel dau. of Charles Tudway, of East Wells ; born 29 Nov. 
Mary dau. of Charles Tudway, of East Wells ; born 3 Sep. 
Charles s. of Charles Tudway, of East Wells ; born 2 Nov. 
Mary dau. of Charles Tudway ; born 9, priv. bap., and brought 

to Church Nov. 24. 
1716 Dec. 16 Richard Clement s. of M r Charles Tudway ; born 10 Dec, priv. 

bap., brought to Church Jan. 3. 












































1670 . . 

1671 . . 



Johu s. of Charles Tudway ; born 4 April, priv. bap., brought to 

Church April 30. 
Robinson s. of M r Charles Tudway ; born 9 Nov., priv. bap., 

brought to Church 7 Dec. ; of New Street. 
Mary dau. of Thomas Tudway, of Sadler Street; born 4 Jan., 

priv. bap., brought to Church 17 Jan. 
Thomas s. of Thomas Tudway, of Southover ; born 1 Aug. 

Charles Tudway, yeoman, and Mary Cook, both of S l Cuthbert 

par. Licence. 
William Davis and Rachael Tudway. 

M r John Robinson. 
M rs Robinson, widow, of East Wells. 
Mary dau. of Charles Tudway, of East Wells. 
M r Charles Tudway, of New Street. 

Cathedral Register. 
Roberts, of Robert and Mary Tudway ; born 9 May, and received 

at Church Sep. 7. 
Charles s. of Robert and Mary Tudway ; born 23 March, and 
received at Church July 26. 

Charles Compton Pratt 

Major General, F.S.F., R.M.L. Inft. 

died 16 th June 1871 aged 80 years. 

Maria his wife 

died 3 rd February 1876 

aged 78 years. 

(Long raised slab.) 


Mable Katherine Hodgkinson 

born March 15 th 1863 

died September 17 th 1869. 

Eleanora Maud Hodgkinson 

born May 13 th 1864 

died May 6 th 1874. 



memory of 

John Welsh 

ob* 7 Nov 1 1806 set. 67. 

Betty his wife ob* 28 Nov r 1815 set. 78. 





And their children 

Joseph who died at Bridgewater 

Hth jy ov r 182 6 get. 57. 

Richard who died at Somerton 

1 April 1836 aged 70. 

Robert who died at Boulogne-sur-Mer 

16 th Dec r 1843 jet. 66. 

Jane ob* 24 th January 1844 set. 79. 

Thomas ob* at Brighton 

24 January 1848 aet. 67. 

James ob* at Brixton, Surrey, 

20 th Oct. 1851 aet. 84. 

And Mary ob 4 23 rd November 1852 

aged 90 years. 



memory of 

Mary Inman 

ob 4 5 Nov 1 ' 1819 set. 72. 

Also Elizabeth Sarah Inman 

only daughter of Robert and Mary 

Welsh, ob* 17 th Nov r 1829 aet. 16. 

Also Eliza Caroline Lucy 

daughter of William Inman 

and Mary Welsh ob* 26 th May 

1847 aet. 6 months. 


Richard John Meade, M.A., 

Canon Residentiary and Precentor of Wells 

Cathedral and Yicar of Castle Cary, Somerset. 

Born June 11 th 1793. 

Died May 23 td 1880. 


Robert John Eden, D.D., 

3 rd Baron Aukland, 

for 15 years Bishop of this Diocese 

Born July 10 th 1799. Died April 25 th 1870. 

Mary, Baroness Aukland 

widow of the 3 rd Baron Aukland 

and daughter of Francis Hurt 

of Alderwasley Esq re 

Born December 24 th 1805. Died November 25 th 1872. 

(A red granite tomb, with a bronze mitre above the inscription.) 

For this family see ' Peerages.' 


FAG-AN. George Hickson Urquhart Fagan, M.A., 

Rector of Rodney Stoke 

and Rural Dean. 

Born May 24 th 1817. 

Entered into rest January 14 th 1875. 

(Red granite tomb.) 



the memory of 

Jane Congdon 

HERNE. the beloved wife of Robert Heme 

BARTLETT. and second daughter of Stephen Bartlett, 

who departed this life 

on the 23 rd Sept. 1834 

aged 28 years. 

As the flower of the field, so she flourish'd for a time ; 
As an angel seen in a vision, so she passed away. 



to the memory of Sarah wife of 
BARTLETT. Stephen Bartlett 

late Supervisor of Excise in this city 

who died suddenly on the 19 th day of June 

1832 aged 63 years. 

Prepare, for ye know not the hour. 


Here lies the body of 
ROGERS. Margaret Rogers 

who (after discharging the duties 
of a nurse 40 years) died 16 th 

October 1810 aged 73. 

As a mark of respect due to 

her diligence, sobriety, and integrity 

several ladies 

who had experienced her services 

caused this stone to be erected 

to her memory. 


ARMSTRONG. John Armstrong 

born Oct. 27, 1837; died July 23 rd 1870. 

Sophia Armstrong 

mother of the above 

born July 5, 1801 ; died Aug. 30, 1881. 



In loving memory 

Robert "Watkins 
only and dearly loved son of 
MILLS. Robert and Elizabeth Mills 

who fell asleep February 10 th 1878 
aged 7 years and 7 months. 

Also of 

Flora, their infant daughter 

who died February 3, 1872, 

aged 4 months. 

Suffer little children to come unto me, for of such is the Kingdom of Heaven. Matt. xix. 14. 





rests the body 

of Margery 

Swinnerton of Bic- 

naller in this county 

a true faithful servant 

of Richard Cupper 

Apothecary of this City 

who dyed Apr. 16 th 1712 

aged 32 years. 

(Flat stone.) 




memory of 

Elizabeth Matthews 

wife of Tho. 

Matthews who 

died April 12 th 1775 

aged 62 years. 

Also Anna Nash 

died No7 r 3 rd 1775 

aged 34. 

L L 


Also Thomas, Hannah and Sarah, 
children of the above Thomas and Elizabeth 
MATTHEWS. Matthews, who died in their 


I. H. S. 
COLES. Agnes Coles 

died Sep 1 7, 1869, aged 24 years. 
Brief life is here our portion. 

Ada Maria 
eldest beloved daughter of 
CLOSE. J. Douglas Close Esq., and Katherine his wife. 

Born Nov r 13, 1843. Departed this life Dec. 12, 1865. 

I will greatly rejoice in the Lord, my soul shall be joyful in my God ; for he hath clothed me with 
the gannents of salvation, he hath covered me with the robe of righteousness. ISAIAH lxi. 10. 

Here rests in hope 
Marguerite Wilhelmina, aged 16 months, 
COLLINGS. dau. of W. T. Collings of Guernsey 


Suffer little children to come unto Me. 

(Long raised stone.) 

In memory of Jane Catherine, eldest daughter of the 
JENKYNS. Rev. John Jenkyns, B.C.L., 

Prebendary of Wells & Vicar 
of Evercreech in this county, 
and widow of the 
GAISFORD. Very Rev d Thomas Gaisford, D.D., 

Dean of Ch. Ch. Oxford. Born 14 th June 1787. 

Died 4 th April 1863. 

(Raised tomb, with a long cross on the top.) 


loving memory of 
HOLLOW AY. Margaret Julia Holloway, 

born June 13, 1878, 
died December 18, 1881. 

What I do thou knowest not now ; thou shalt know hereafter. John xiii. 7. 
Sever'd only till he come. 




Thomas White 
died Jan 1 ? 24 th 1853 aged 49. 

Elizabeth his widow 

died Feb? 20 th 1865 aged 53. 

James, their son died Nov r 25 th 1850 

aged three days. 

Clementina Elizabeth 

their daughter died April 23 rd 1866 

aged 20. 
Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord. 


In memory of 

John Lovell Esq. 

who died Feb? y e 5 th 1800 

aged 55 years. 

Also Frances wife of 

John Lovell Esq r 

who died February 24 th 


aged 86 years. 


In memory of 

Jane daught. of 

R. T. and M. Chamberlain 

died Feb? 11 th 1823 aged 3 years. 

Frederick Chamberlain 

died March 16 th 1838 

aged 10 years. 



affectionate remembrance 


James Ellis 

who died 12 th June 1880 

aged 63 years. 

Blessed are the dead which died in the Lord. 

Also of 

Elizabeth his wife 

who died 21 st June 1888 

aged 67 years. 

Her end was peace. 









to the memory of 

Martha Pope 

who died April 22 nd 1865 

aged 88 years. 

Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord. 

Also of 

Ann King 

who departed into her rest 

March 14 th 1863. 

There is a rest for the people of God. 


loving memory 


James Vinen, 

who died July 23 rd 1881 

aged 73 years. 

His end was peace. 

Also of 
« Mary his wife 
Jan^ 14 th 1854, 
aged 54 years. 

In memory of 

Mary Baker, who died Sept. 

15 th 1769 aged 72. 

Also Frances Trent 

died Jan. 4, 1775, aged 72. 

Also Frances daughter of 

Edward and Elizabeth Trent 

died March 28, 1776, aged 4. 

Also Edward son of the above 

Edward and Elizabeth Trent 

died March 16, 1776, aged 12. 

Also Eliz th daughter of the above 

Edward and Elizabeth Trent 

died June 12 th 1785 aged 18. 


In memory of 

Edward Trent 

who died December 19 th 1804 

aged 69. 


Also of Elizabeth his wife 
who died March 7 th 1807 

aged 76. 
Ann their daughter died 
April 16, 1802, aged 27. 
IRVING. James Irving, grandson 

of the said Edward and Elizabeth Trent, 
died June 14 th 1802 aged 11 months. 
BROOKES. Sarah Brookes 

died 6 th March 1809 

aged 40. 


Cathedral Register. 

1802 April 27 Ann Trent, bur. in the Palm Churchyard. 

1804 Dec. 28 M r Edward Trent, aged 68 years. 

1807 Mar. 16 M rs Trent w. of Edward Trent. In the Palm Churchyard. 


affectionate remembrance 
BROOKES. of Mary Brookes 

forty-six years the beloved wife of 

Henry Brookes of this city 

she fell asleep in Jesus 

November 2 nd 1839 

aged 74. 

Christ in you the hope of glory. Col. i. 27. 

And of Henry Brookes the elder 

who died in peace aged 83, 

March 25 th 1846. 

Also of Henry Brookes 

their only surviving son 

who on the 16 th of April 1846 

in his 52 nd year departed this life, 

in the love of God, looking for the mercy 

of our Lord Jesus Christ 

unto eternal Life. 


GREENE. Thomas Greene died January 23 rd 1880 aged 71 years. 
Waiting for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. 1 Cor. i. 7. 
(Long raised tomb.) 






memory of 

Ann Baker 

(niece of the late Elizabeth Trent) 

she died 24 th January 1811 

aged 41. 

Frederick Brookes 

son of George Brookes 


died 4 June 1824 

aged 21. 





memory of 

Henry Giffard 

who departed this life June 1 st 

1845 aged 61. 

Also of Christiana Trent 

who departed this life September 20 th 

1843 aged 55. 


of Isat Relict of the above named 

Henry Giffard who died April 25 th 

1861 aged 77. 



Mary Witherell 

died May 29 th 1800 

aged 69. 




the memory 



wife of 

John Henry Beaumont 

District Surgeon, died 

September 20 th 1809 

aged 28 years. 


John Daniel 
son of 
BEAUMONT. J. H. & J. Beaumont 

died June 19 th 1807 

aged 10 months. 


daughter of 

John Henry and 

Jane Beaumont 

died August 23 rd 1827 

aged 19 years. 

In death lamented 


in life beloved. 






















St. Cuthbert Parish Register. 
Thomas s. of M r William Bemont. 
Constance dau. of M r John and Constance Bemont. 
Martha dau. of M r Thomas Bemont and Grace his w. 
John s. of M r Thomas Bemont and Grace his w. 
Thomas s. of M 1 ' Thomas Bemont and Grace his w. 
Elizabeth dau. of M r Thomas Bemont, of Sadler Street. 
Ann dau. of M r Thomas Bemont, of Sadler Street, and Grace 
his w. 

1637 Jan. 4 Thomas Bemont and Mary Melhuish. 

John Beamont, 
M r Anthony Bemont. 
M rs Alice Beamonte, widow. 
Mary w. of M r Thomas Bemont. 

Thomas s. of M r Thomas and Grace Beamont, of Sadler Street. 
John s. of M r Thomas and Grace Beamont, of Sadler Street. 
M r Henry Beaumont, of New Street. 
Hannah dau. of M rs Beaumont, of New Street. 

(There is a large house now standing in New Street known as " Beaumont.") • 

























Cathedral Register. 
1681 Mar. 2 M r Beaumont, Vicar Choral, bur. 
1808 Henrietta dau. of John Henry Beaumont, Surgeon of Wells 

Recruiting District, and Jane his w. ; born 24 Feb. 1808, 

priv. bap. and received 24 May 1808. 
1809 Sep. 23 M™ Jane Beaumont w. of John Henry Beaumont, Surgeon, bur. 

in the Palm Churchyard. 


In loving memory of 
BEAUCHAMP. John Beauchamp 

formerly member of the choir 

of this Cathedral Church 

as chorister and afterwards 

Vicar Choral for 51 years, 

died Aug. 2 nd 1887 aged 91 years. 

Also of Sarah his wife 

died October 17 th 1884 aged 83 years. 

Into thine hand I commit my spirit 
Thou hast redeemed, Lord God of truth. 
. So he giveth his beloved sleep. 

In memory of 
Mary beloved wife of 
CHAMBERLAIN. Robert Chamberlain, who 

died 10 th April 1846 aged 

52 years. 

Also in memory of the above named 

Robert Chamberlain 

who died 19 th June 1857 

aged 66 years. 

Jane their daughter 

died Feb. 11 th 1832 aged 3 

years. Frederick Chamberlain 

died March 16 th 1838 

aged 10 years. 

Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord. 

(Flat stone.) 

In affectionate remembrance of 
PARSONS. William Parsons 

who died Sept. 24 th 1881 
aged 75 years. 

The memory of the just is blessed. 


Eliza wife of the above 

who died Jan. 21 st 1888 

aged 85 years. 

Father, in thy gracious keeping, 
Leave we now thy servant sleeping. 


H. S. E. 
Georgius : Henricus : Sacheverell : 
JOHNSON. Johnson : 

Decanus : Wellensis 

Vixit : Annos : lxxiv 

abdormivit : in : Christo : non : Novem : 


Videmus : nunc : per : speculum : in senigmate : 

tunc : autem : facie : ad f aciam : nunc : cognosce- : ex : parte : 

tunc : autem : cognoscam : sicut : et : cognitus : sum : Jfc» 

1 COE. xiii. 12. 

In loving memory of 
Kitty Anne 
widow of 
MILDMAY. Rev. Walter S* John Mildmay 

WARD. only daughter of Charles Ward 

of Squerryes Lodge 

Born 10 th March 1797. 

Died 6 th April 1884. 

Looking unto Jesus. 
At evening time it shall be light. 

He was the eighth son of Sir Henry Paulett St. John Mildmay, third Bart., by 
Jane, eldest daughter and coheir of Carew Mildmay, Esq., of Shawford House, 
Hants, and was Rector of Mottisham, Shorwell, and Dograersfield, Hants ; he 
married 17 July 1834 the above Kitty Anne, daughter of Charles Ward, Esq. (by 
Anne, eldest daughter of Arthur Annesley, Esq., of Ellesmere, co. Salop), and 
niece of Lieut.-G-en. Sir Henry Ward, K.C.B. The Rev. Walter St. J. Mildmay 
died 31 July 1835. 

There are several stones quite obliterated, and some of the above could not have 
been read but for the help of Mr. Fielder's earlier copy. 


This ground, which has only recently been used, lies on the east side of the 
Cloisters, from which access is gained to it through what was the doorway of 
Bishop Stillington's Chapel. 

Here lies 
awaiting the resurrectioD, 
the body of 
HERYEY. Arthur Henry Wrothesley Hervey, 

5 th son of 

Arthur Charles, Bishop of Bath and Wells, 

and Patience his wife, 



Captain in the Eifle Brigade, 

and for just five years Adjutant of the 

24 th Middlesex (Post Office) Volunteers. 

A loving dutiful son, an affectionate brother, 

a trusty friend, a brave soldier, 

a Christian gentleman, 

singularly upright, generous, and self denying, 

simple and sincere in word and deed, 

most thoughtful for others, 

and forgetful of himself, 

he lived beloved by all who knew him, 

and died deeply lamented by his family 

and many friends. 

Born at Ickworth, Nov. 3, 1851 : 

Died at Coombe, Surrey, Aug. 20, 1889. 

In memory of his endearing qualities this 

stone is placed by his mourning parents. 

The Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away ; 
Blessed be the name of the Lord. Job i. 21. 

(White marble slab, with an upright cross at the head, all on a red granite base. 

See p. 28.) 

PLUMPTEE. Edward Hayes Plumptre, D.D. 

Dean of Wells 

born August 6 th mdcccxxi, died Feb. 1 st mdcccxci 

With Thee is the well of life 

And in Thy light shall we see light. 

Harriet Theodosia 

the beloved wife of E. H. Plumptre, D.D. 

Dean of Wells 

born April 9 th mdcccxix, died April 3 rd mdccclxxxix. 

Jesu Mercy. 

(From a monumental slab of red granite. See under the Deanery for the arms 
and genealogical particulars.) 

BAENARD. Eleanor Barnard 

born September 3 rd 1800 

died January 31 st 1885 

widow of Henry Watson Barnard 

Canon of Wells 

& Vicar of S* Cuthbert. 

Thanks be to God which giveth us the victory 
through our Lord Jesus Christ. 

(Red granite.) 




Edith Gertrude Ayliffe 
born January 3, 1872 
fell asleep August 8, 1887. 
Is it well with the child ? It is well. 


In loving memory of 

Hector M c Lean 

of New College Oxford 

fourth son of John Donald M c Lean 

of Westbrook, Queensland, and Quibaing, Sydney. 

Born November 5, 1864 ■ died January 20, 1888. 

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God. 

(Red granite, tall cross with imitation runic carving.) 


In loving memory of 

Eaguel Selway 

who died May 13 th 1887, 

aged 67. 

Sacrist of this Cathedral 34 years. 

(Slightly raised tomb.) 


Hannah Brancker 

Born 20 June 1817 

Died 2 July 1889. 


In affectionate remembrance of 

Henry Oxley 

who died March 23 rd 1888 

aged 69 years. 

There are also seven graves without any memorial over them. 



Over the archway of the gatehouse, on the inside, is a shield carved in wood of 
the arms, a plain saltire for the See, impaling Oreyghton, as in the Cathedral. 

Over the entrance porch of the Palace itself is a modern shield of Bath Priory : 
Az., two keys addorsed the bows interlaced in bend sinister, with a sword in bend 
dexter ; imp. Az., a saltire per saltire and quarterly counter-changed or and arg. ; 
lines being given for the colours. The same arms are repeated on a shield of the 
same age over the fireplace in the hall. 

A large stone shield near the foot of the grand staircase has the arms of 
Bishop Beckington, the shield being contemporary with him, as are also two shields 
of the same size and shape in the crypt, one of which is charged with the rebus 
of that Bishop, the flaming beacon with a scroll across the post, the other shield 
bearing the ancient arms of the See, viz. : A saltire surmounting a pastoral staff in 
pale betw. the two keys on the dexter and the sword on the sinister. This has 
been painted, the field blue and the charges all gold. 

In the Crypt are also the following : — A shield, boldly cut in wood and now 
fixed over the fireplace, has, Az., a saltire surmounting a pastoral staff in pale betw. 
on the dexter tivo keys erect and addorsed the bows interlaced, and on the sinister a 
sword erect all or ; imp. Qu., a pelican in its piety or ; over the shield a mitre, at 
the sides the date 1663. The painting is modern. These are the arms of Bishop 
William Pierce, only the field should be az., not gu., according to Papworth's 
Ordinary, etc. 

In the windows of the Crypt are : Gu., on a bend arg. three trefoils vert, in chief 
a martlet arg., Hervey, with the difference of a fourth son ; imp. Arg., three chevs. 
gu. betw. as many martlets sa., Singleton. Crest : A leopard pass. sa. bezantee, 
gorged with a coronet and chained or, in the dexter paw a trefoil vert. Supporters : 
Two leopards sa. bezantee, gorged with coronets and chained or, for Lord and Lady 
Arthur C. Hervey. Gu., on a bend arg. three trefoils vert, Hervey. Another 
window has the crest of Hervey as above. The remaining three windows have 
respectively the modern and incorrect arms of the See, the initials A. C. H., and a 
bishop's mitre. 

In the east window of the Palace Chapel are three shields and some broken 
pieces of old glass fitted together ; the shields are modern, and are : 1, Az., a saltire 
or ; 2, The modern and incorrect arms of the See ; 3, The same as the last, imp. 
Erm., on a bend eng. betw. two cocks gu. three mullets or pierced of the second, Bishop 
Law. These same arms (No. 3) are repeated in a staircase window at the other 
side of the house. The arms of Bishop Law in the Chapel were once blown out 
across the terrace below, and fell uninjured on the grass. 
The following arms are on portraits in the gallery : — 

Cardinal Wolsey, Sa., on a cross eng. arg. a lion pass. gu. betw. four leopards' 
faces az., on a chief or a rose of the third betw. two Cornish choughs ppr. 

Bishop Montagu, Gu., a sword in bend sinister arg. hilt andpomel or betw. two 
keys in bend dexter addorsed the bows interlaced, the lower of the second, the upper 


of the third, the See of Winchester ; imp. Arg., three fusils conjoined in fess gu. 
within a lord, sa., Montagu. Bishop James Montagu was translated from Bath 
and Wells to Winchester. He was the fifth son of Sir Edward Montagu and 
brother of the first Earl of Manchester ; he died unmarried in 1618. His arms 
are on his tomb in Bath Abbey, and carved on the great west doors there. 

Bishop Walter Curie, the See of Winchester as above; imp. Vert, a chev. 
eng. or. The Bishop was advanced to the See of Winchester in 1632, and his 
son Sir Walter Curie was created a Baronet in 1678, but dying without issue that 
title became extinct. On the picture the arms look more like Sa., a chev. arg., 
being much discoloured; the above coat is from their monuments at Soberton, 

Bishop Thomas Godwin, the modern arms of the See ; imp. Or, two lions pass, 
sa., on a canton of the last three bezants, Godwin. The picture has the appearance 
of having been recently painted or restored, and as a consequence the wrong arms 
of the See are given. 

It is rather singular that on the portrait of Cardinal Wolsey his family arms only 
are painted, while those of Curie and Montagu have the arms of the Diocese of 
Winchester, shewing that they were painted after both Bishops had been translated 
to the higher See, the garter round the arms leaving no doubt as to this fact. 

It must be owned that, though so interesting from many points as an example of 
Early Domestic architecture, the Palace is disappointing from an heraldic point, 
largely due to the bad usage it has received in past times from the hands of the 

In the Library are the arms of Bishop Bagot, viz., Erm., two chevs. az. ; imp. 
Arg., on a cross gu. five escallop-shells or, Villiers. This is in the corners of the 
ceiling, and carved at the top of some of the bookcases. 

In the stonework of an oriel window is cut (Arg.), orCachev. (sa.) three escallop- 
shells (of the first), Bishop King. This coat, now nearly obliterated, is cut 
impaled by the coat of the See on the exterior stonework of the west window of the 
north aisle of Bath Abbey. 


This building exhibits less heraldry than might be expected from its size, age, 
and from its having been the residence of a long line of Deans, though no doubt 
much was swept away during the Puritan ascendancy, when the Deanery was 
occupied by Cornelius Burgess, nor was it spared the supposed improvements by 
which old houses were so often spoiled in the early part of this nineteenth century. 

The arms of the Deanery do not once occur. 

Taking the exterior first : on the battlements of the north wall of the yard and 
facing the main gateway is a shield bearing the arms of William Wykeham, Bishop 
of Winchester, viz., (Arg.), two chevronels (sa.) betiv. three roses (gu.) ; of the rose 
in base a trace only remains. 

On the right of the main entrance to the house is a large panel with three shields, 


two being charged with the badge of Dean Gunthorpe, a pistolet with the leather 
belt for carrying it, the centre shield being charged with the sun, on it a rose. 

On the north side of the house there are eight shields on which these badges 
are repeated. There is on this side in a piece of new stonework a shield with this 
coat, (Arg.), a chev. betw. in chief two mullets pierced and in base an annulet (sa.) ; 
Crest, From flames, a demi-phoznix (ppr.) ; the arms of Dean Plumptre's family. 

In the interior of the house, on the stone arch over what was the roof of an 
oriel window on the south side of the old dining hall, but now forms a doorway of a 
passage leading to the drawing room, are two shields, both charged with the 
quartered coat on the tomb of Dean Gunthorpe, namely : 1 and 4, A chev. beko. 
three hand grenades or guns, all within a lord. eng. ; 2 and 3, A chev. betw. three 
lions' heads erased. These two shields are very interesting, and valuable evidence 
of the arms of Dean Gunthorpe ; it confirms the remarks made regarding the arms 
on his tomb (p. 75), and leaves no doubt that the three guns were his own arms. 

In the hall are the following shields : — 

i. Quarterly of six : 1, Or, on a pile gu. betw. six fleurs-de-lys az. three lions pass, 
gard. in pale of the first, coat of augmentation granted by King Henry VIII. to 
Seymour ; 2, Gu., two wings in lure or, Seymour ; 3, Vaire, Beauchamp ; 4, Arg., 
three demi-lions ramp, gu., Fisher ; 5, Per bend arg. and gu., three roses in bend 
counterchanged, Mac Williams; 6, Arg., on a bend gu. three leopards' faces or ; on the 
centre of the quarterings a martlet sa. for difference — at least that is what it should 
be, being the arms of Lord Francis Seymour, Dean of Wells, whose monument has 
been mentioned (p. 190), but this has been reversed by the glazier, making the 
whole read backwards, besides which it was only painted on the glass, and the 
colours are mostly gone ; the fourth quarter is quite gone, and supplied by a piece 
of glass with a fancy pattern on it. 

ii. Arg., a chev. betw. in chief two mullets pierced, and in base an annulet, allsa., 
Plumptre ; imp. Gu., a lion ramp, regard, or, Maurice. Motto, Sufficit meruisse. 
Being the arms of the Very Rev. Edward Hayes Plumptre, M.A., D.D., the late Dean, 
impaling those of his wife's family. The Dean was the third son of Edward Hallows 
Plumptre, Esq., eldest surviving son of Charles, second son of Septimus, sixth son 
of John Plumptre of Nottingham, by his wife Annabella, eldest daughter of Sir 
Francis Molyneux, Bart. The Dean married in July 1848 Harriet Theodosia, 
youngest daughter of the Rev. Michael Maurice of Notting Hill, London. Mrs. 
Plumptre died 3 April 1889. Correctly speaking, there should be a fieur-de-lys 
charged with a crescent on the chevron for the proper difference of his father, and 
another crescent in chief for his own difference. There is a pedigree of the Dean's 
family in Burke's ' Landed Gentry.' 

in. Az., two keys in bend sinister and a pastoral staff in bend dexter, all or. 
Round it is the motto : Esto quod es. The Priory of Bath bore this coat, only 
with a sword in place of the pastoral staff. 

This completes the heraldry in the Deanery. 



In what is known as the Vicar's Close we shall find much that is most interest- 
ing heraldically. 

The Vicar's Close was built by the executors of Bishop Beckington in the 
fulfilment of that prelate's will, and consists of dwelling-houses for the priests, 
vicars, and vicars-choral ; a common hall over the entrance gateway ; a chapel, with 
a library over it ; these, with the exception of minor alterations and restorations, 
remain in their original state. 

We will first take the common hall, which is reached by a flight of stone stairs 
immediately to the left on entering. This hall has been divided, and the main part 
has been used as the Library of the Theological College. On the north side of the 
room are three windows, two small ones and a large one of four lights. In the 
first one is a graceful figure of St. Catherine holding her wheel, in the next window 
is the head of a bishop. In the upper part of the large window are two small 
figures, a bishop holding a book, and a priest vicar, from his mouth a label on 
which is the word " Misere." Below these are four shields : the first is, Vert, a 
cross botonne'e arg. ; in the first quarter a scrap of glass has replaced a demi-virgin 
and child ; the arms of Glastonbury Abbey, the virgin having been removed doubt- 
less as papistical. The next two shields are gone, and supplied by plain coloured 
glass. The fourth shield has, Or, a lion ramp. gu. within a lord eng. sa., Pomroy. 
The lion is so patched as to be hardly recognised. Round each shield is a circular 
ribbon or garter, on which is this legend : " Domino Ric'o Pomroy Ih'us merci p' 
me." It is very vexatious that the two central shields in this and the opposite 
window should have been broken, and not a trace left by which we can come to any 
satisfactory conclusion as to what was there ; if we might hazard a guess, we should 
say they were the See, the Deanery, the Corporation of Vicars, and the Priory of Bath. 

In stone over the window is a shield carved and painted, Az., a saltire per 
saltire and quarterly counter changed or and arg. Turning to the large window on 
the opposite side of the room, to the left, close to the window, is a stone shield 
charged with the coat just given, but with the addition of the name "Ric'us 
Pomeroy," thus : in chief, Ric'us ; on the dexter, Po ; on the sinister, me ; in base, 
roy. In this window are also two small figures, namely, St. Peter with the keys and 
St. Paul with the sword, and four shields, of which two are gone, and their place 
taken by coloured glass. Of the others, one is Pomeroy, as in the other window, 
the last of the four is Glastonbury as above, the whole of the first quarter being 
replaced by plain green glass to get rid of the virgin and child. These shields have 
the same inscription round them with slight variations, thus : " D'no Ric'o Pomroy 
mercy orseti p' me." In stone over the window is carved and painted the same 
shield as over the window on the north side already mentioned. The only other 
coloured glass is a female saint in the further window of this (south) side. 

On the stone fireplace are five shields, with a ribbon which passes behind them, 
and on which is this inscription ; the asterisks mark the points at which the shields 
come over it, or rather interrupt it, being cut in the same stone : "In * tete £CftJ8 

fje'at Cu * me Wm IXimW * pomrog (SMtem * &altof 3fy& &me * n;" 


which like the windows breathes a pious desire for the repose of the soul of Richard 
Pomroy, who was a considerable benefactor of the vicars and master of the 
Cathedral fabric. The shields are painted with these arms : — 

L Or, tivo bars az. surmounted by a horse's head erased erm., and in chief three 
escallop-shells gu., Clark. 

ii. Per f ess gu. and arg., on afess. az., betw. in chief three bucks' heads or, and in 
base as many pheons sa., a bishop's mitre of the third, Bishop Beckington. 

in. Quarterly : 1 and 4, France, modern ; 2 and 3, England. 

iv. Az., a saltireper saltire and quarterly countercharged or and arg., surmounting 
a pastoral staff in pah of the second, and betw. on the dexter two keys the boivs inter- 
laced, and on the sinister a sword erect, all of the last, for the See. 

v. Or, a lion ramp. gu. armed and langued az. within a bord. eng. sa., Pomeroy. 

These shields have never been carved ; the more pity, for we should then have 
at any rate the outline of what was originally put on them, for there can be little 
doubt that the arms now painted on the shields are of much later date. 

Now this being the case, it is most desirable, particularly on account of shields 
one and four, to ascertain as nearly as possible the date of the painting. In the first 
place, from the fact of the arms of Clark being there, we may safely conclude that 
the date cannot be earlier than A.D. 1523, in which year John Clark was consecrated 
Bishop, and as we shall see presently it was probably the arms of a later member of 
that family ; then again, they must have been painted before the close of the reign of 
Queen Elizabeth, as the royal arms of the Tudor sovereigns are displayed, the arms 
being altered after the accession of James I. Secondly, the character of the painting 
itself points to the close of the sixteenth century. 

Taking the shields in order : the first shield is usually assigned to Bishop Clark. 
Unfortunately, no example of his seal exists, or at any rate, after much inquiry, has 
been accessible, but his arms are in a window of the Cathedral already noticed, 
which there is no reason to question was put up in his lifetime, and there certainly 
is no horse's head in that shield. We know that bishops were fond of differencing 
their coat armour from that of their family, but generally with something allusive 
to their office, and a horse's head certainly bears no reference to episcopal rank. 

On the other hand, Bishop Clark had a relative, Sir Rowland Clark, who was 
knighted by Edward, Duke of Somerset, in the camp before Roxburgh in 1547, to 
whose knightly rank the horse's head would be a much more appropriate augmentation. 
Members of this family were connected with the neighbourhood quite late enough 
to account for the knight's arms being painted here in place of, or in mistake for, 
the arms of Bishop Clark. Sir Rowland Clark was living in 1565, as shewn by his 
being named in the will of his cousin Henry Clarke of Wells (p. 142), and who may 
in some way have been a benefactor to the Vicars. At any rate, without very good 
cause to the contrary, this seems the most reasonable explanation for this shield, 
especially as there appears no reason for the arms of Bishop Clark being put there 
when all the evidence points to the painting being executed at a later date. 

The next shield in order is that of Bishop Beckington. This shield is most 
interesting, as it varies from the examples that exist in coloured glass. Before we 
can accept it as setting at rest the question as to the colours of the arms, we must 
consider the point as to whether the painter was taking a liberty with the arms to 
make them conform to what had then become an acknowledged rule, that metal 


must not be placed on metal or colour on colour, or had he before him coloured 
examples we do not possess ? If the former, it appears more probable that he would 
have made the stags' heads red. On the other hand, we know that the old glass 
painters did use a thin coating of red glass where they wanted to place small figures 
on it, cutting them out and letting the main glass, either plain or stained yellow, 
show through, and which coating is also known to have sometimes cracked and 
slipped away ; unquestionable examples of which we can point to, as, for instance 
the royal arms in the north aisle. As this last may very well have been the case 
in the instances we have of Beckington's arms in glass, we may assume that he bore 
the field of his arms, Per f ess gules and argent. 

The third shield has the royal arms of Queen Elizabeth correctly painted. 

The fourth shield gives us the earliest example we have of the cross saltire formed 
of two metals, combined with the keys, sword, and pastoral staff. This shield, when 
taken in connection with the seal of the Vicars, helps materially to prove the date at 
which these shields were painted, and also that the coat is an unauthorized one. The 
seal of the Corporation of Vicars was cut soon after the reconstruction of the whole 
Cathedral body by Queen Elizabeth in the twenty-fourth year of her reign, and 
displays these arms : A saltire per saltire and quarterly, betw. on the dexter two keys 
erect and addorsed, the lows interlaced, and on the sinister a sword point in chief and 
surmounting a pastoral staff in pale. The legend round it leaves no doubt about its 
being the seal of the Vicars. Here undoubtedly we have the origin and cause of 
all subsequent confusion ; the Vicars assume the ensigns of the Bishop, only re- 
taining their bi-metal saltire ; then, to make it more simple and save trouble, the 
smaller charges are omitted, and we have the Bishops using the arms really be- 
longing to the Vicars. 

This shield on the chimney-piece of the Common Hall was not put there as the 
arms of the See at all, but really to represent those of the Vicars. 

The fifth shield bears the arms of Pomeroy. These are the undifferenced arms 
of the head of the family of Pomeroy of Berry Pomeroy in Devonshire. Richard 
Pomeroy was one of the Canons of the Cathedral, and Master of the fabric, but his 
place in the pedigree yet remains to be ascertained for certain. As there is no trace of 
any difference on the arms in the glass, he was probably a son of the head of the family. 

Taking everything into careful consideration, we may safely conclude that these 
shields were painted after the reconstruction in the reign of Elizabeth. 

Coming down the stairs and again into the open, the shields on the fronts of the 
houses next attract attention. 

On the house in the corner to the left are the arms of Henry Parker, the well- 
known archseologist of Oxford, who gave a great deal of assistance in the restoration 
of the close — viz., Or, three inescutcheons sa., each charged with a pheon of the field- 
This shield being coloured and gilt. 

Against the chimneys which run up the fronts of the houses are the arms of the 
See — viz., A saltire surmounting a pastoral staff, betw. on the dexter two keys addorsed 
and on the sinister a sword erect. In one instance, on a house on the west side, and 
not many doors up, this coat has been reversed in the course of restoration. 

In panels on the fronts of the houses occur successively repeated the following : 
Bishop Beckington ; Three sugar loaves and in chief a text % for Hugh Sugar ; 



A fess betw. three swans, wings raised, Richard Swan ; A chev. betw. in chief two 
roses and in base a talbot pass., John Pope. 

Eichard Symonds, in his ' Diary,' mentions as being in a window of an old honse 
at South Petherton these two shields : Arg., a chev. sa. betw. in chief two roses gu. 
and in base a talbot pass, of the last ; and Gu., a saltire vaire betiv. four mullets arg., 
Hill ; imp., Arg., a chev. sa. betw. two roses in chief gu. and in base a talbot pass, 
of the last. This is evidently the coat which appears in the Close, and supplies the 
colours which are there wanting. This coat has not been recorded for Pope, and 
its origin would be interesting to ascertain. Did it denote fidelity to the memory 
of benefit derived through the foundations of William of Wykeham, to which he 
may have been of founder's kin ? On the house in the north-west corner of the 
Close are four large fifteenth-century tilting shields ; they are charged thus : — 

i. Beckington. 

ii. The saltire alone, The Vicars. 

in. The saltire, pastoral staff, keys, and sword, The See. 

iv. Quarterly: 1 and 4, A chev. betw. three leopards' faces; 2 and 3, On a fess 
betw. three leopards' faces as many fieurs-de-lys. 

This shield is particularly useful as evidence, the first and fourth coat is the 
personal coat of Bishop Stillington, the second and third being that of his family, 
and with the help of the glass in the chapel proves that this prelate used a personal 
coat, placing a chevron between the leopards' faces instead of the fess and fleur-de- 
lys of his family, as mentioned under the account of the cloister roof on pp. 161, 162. 
Pugin, in his 'Examples,' vol. iii., calls the charges in the first and fourth 
quarters blackamoors' heads and omits the chevron. The chevron, it is true, is 
very doubtful, being very indistinct, while the fess is quite clear ; but there is not 
the slightest doubt about the leopards' heads. The family coat of Bishop Stilling- 
ton leaves no doubt that it is his arms. He seems to have wanted to adopt a 
personal coat without the hackneyed mitre being introduced ; he could not simply 
leave out the fleur-de-lys, as it would then be the coat of the elder line of his family ; 
so he may in the first place have taken the fess away, and subsequently added the 
chevron. It may be that this shield was originally put up without the chevron, 
an attempt being made to add it after, but the space between favours the idea that 
it was originally there. This and the two examples in coloured glass in the 
adjoining chapel are most interesting instances of indecision in altering a family 
coat. There being few coats, slight variations were more admissible. 

On the bell turret of the Chapel is a shield of Beckington imp. the See, the 
saltire and staff with the keys and sword, and over the shield a bishop's mitre. On 
the wall of the chapel facing the north Liberty is a shield with the arms of the 
See as just described, and another with St. Andrew holding his cross. 

On the outside of the old oak door of the Chapel are carved four shields, namely : 

i. (Sa.) two bars and in chief three ro undies (plates), Hungerford. 

II. A saltire surmounting a pastoral staff, betw. on the dexter two Tceys addorsed 
and erect, the bows interlaced, and on the sinister a sword erect, the See of Bath 
and Wells. 

in. (Or.) A chev. (gu.) charged with a mitre, Bishop Stafford. It is singular 
that here and in a contemporary window in the Almshouse Chapel in Chamberlain 
Street, the engrailed bordure used as their proper difference by the Bishop's line of 


the Staffords is omitted, although it appears with the mitre on the chevron on 
his seal. 

iv. A fess eng. betw. twelve holly leaves, 4, 4, 4, in quadrangles, Bishop 

In the windows on the south side of the Chapel are six shields : — 

i. Arg., on a fess sa. betw. twelve holly leaves vert, 4, 4, 4, in quadrangles, a mullet 
of third, Bubwith. In the glass the leaves are yellowish. 

ii. As the last, without the mullet. 

in. Or, a bend betw. six martlets sa., Luttrell of Dunster Castle. 

iv. Or, a fess az. surmounted by a bend gu., Elwes. This is modern. 

v. Gu., a chev. erm. betw. three leopards' 1 faces arg., probably Stillington. 

VI. Gu., a chev. arg. betw. three leopards' faces or., Bishop Stillington. 

Over the door is a window with these two shields : Az., a saltire per saltire and 
quarterly counterchanged or and arg., surmounting a pastoral staff betw. on the dexter 
two keys addorsed the bows interlaced, all of the second, and on the sinister a sword 
erect of the third, hilt and pomel gold. Intended for the See. The other shield 
has St. Andrew holding his cross. These last two are modern. 

In this Chapel are two memorial inscriptions on brass plates, one under the 
East window reads : 
John Hothershall Pinder, M.A., Principal of Theology in this College 1840-1865. 

The other, on the South wall : 

Arthur Nugent West, M.A., Student 1872, died at Zanzibar 1874. 

Passing upstairs to the Library, we find in stone over the fire-place the mono- 
gram, T. B., surmounted by a mitre, between two beacon fires, the basket being 
formed of a barrel or tun, thus forming a rebus for Bishop Beckington — beacon-tun, 
a mode of representation dear to the brains of ecclesiastics about the fourteenth and 
fifteenth centuries. This is a replica in plaster from the roof of the west cloister. 
At the tops of the jambs we have on one side the crest of Elwes, Five arrows, 
four in saltire and one in pale, entwined by a serpent; on the other side the initials, 
E. L. E., for the Eev. Edward Leighton Elwes, M.A., who took a great interest in 
the restoration of this building. 

The Rev. E. L. Elwes is the seventh son of John Meggot Elwes, Esq., of Bos- 
sington, Hants, by Emily Elizabeth, daughter of the Rev. Dr. Causton, Canon of 
Westminster, and of Turweston, Bucks ; which Mr. J. M. Eiwes was the second 
son of the second son of the well-known miser John Meggot, grandson of Sir George 
Meggot, who took the name of Elwes on inheriting the estates of his uncle Sir 
Hervey Elwes, Bart. The arms in the window of the Chapel below are really those 
of the head of the male line of the Elwes family, and should be duly differenced for 
this branch. See Burke's ' Extinct Baronetage.' 

In the East window we have in the centre the Royal arms as used from James I. 
to James II. inclusive, with supporters, helmet, crown, and crest, viz., 1 and 4, 
France and England quarterly ; 2, Scotland ; 3, Ireland ; and this motto, Beati 
Pacafici. To the north of this these arms : Az., a lion ramp, arg., over all on a bend 
ermines three dexter gauntlets of the second. Crest : A demi-lion ramp, or, holding a 
battle-axe arg. Motto : Fidelis ad urnam. For the Rev. Canon Church, M.A., 
Sub-Dean of Wells, formerly for a time Principal of this College. There should be 
a crescent in the arms for difference. 




Matthew Church of=pAnn Dearman, da. of John Dearman of Wakefield, co. York, 

Cork, Merchant. 

and Elizabeth, da. of William Thompson of Nottingham ; 
born 2 Sept. 1745 ; died at Darlington 17 Nov. 1812. 

William Church, 
3rd son, born 
1790 ; died at 
Darlington 9 
May 1819, aged 

Mary Anne Church, born 
1787 ; mar. at Darling- 
ton 31 Oct. 1816 to John, 
son of John Atkinson of 
Kendal ; died at Darling- 
ton 3 Aug. 1817, s.p. 

died un- 

Eliza Church, mar. 25 May 1809 
to John Backhouse, Esq., of 
Darlington. He died 17 Aug. 
1847 ; she died 2 Sept. 1812. 


Sir Richard Church, G.C.H., C.B., 2nd son, born 23 Feb. 1784 ; entered=Mary Anne, da. of 

the Army as Ensign of 13th Foot in 1800; present at the Battle of Sir Robert Wil- 

Aboukir and the taking of Alexandria ; successively Lieut. 37th Foot ; mot, 2nd Baronet, 

Captain Royal Corsican Rangers ; Major 1st Regt. ; Lieut.-Col. 2nd Regt. of Osmaston Hall 

(Duke of York's Greek Light Infantry) ; served in Italy, Germany, and and Catton Hall, 

France, and as Quartermaster-General with the Expedition which took co. Derby, by his 

most of the Ionian Islands ; sent on a mission to the allied armies in second wife Mari- 

Austria and Prussia ; British Military Resident with Austrian Army ; anne, da. and heir 

Major-General in the Neapolitan Service, and Commander of the Order of Charles Howard 

of St. Ferdinand of Naples, and Grand Cross of the Order of St. George of Pipe Grange, co. 

of the Two Sicilies. In 1826 Sir Richard was appointed Commander in Stafford. 
Chief of the Greek; Army, Member of the Senate, and Senior Grand 
Cross of the Order of the Saviour of Greece. Sir Richard was knighted 
in 1837, and died s.p. 20 March 1873, and was buried at Athens with 
a public funeral, and at the national expense. 

John Dearman Church, Merchant, of Cork, after of Lisbon, then of Ashwick^=Bromley Caroline 
Grove, Somerset. Resided many years at Florence ; died in 1828 ; eldest son. Metzner of Lis- 

The Very Rev. Richard William Church,: 
D.C.L., born at Lisbon 25 April 1815 ; 
B.A. Wadham Coll., Oxon, 1 Dec. 1836 ; 
M.A. of Oriel 18 April 1839 ; Fellow of 
Oriel ; and in 1853 Rector of Whatley, 
co. Somerset, and in 1871 made Dean 
of St Paul's, London ; died 9 Dec. 1890; 
bur. at Whatley, co. Somerset. 

Helen Frances, da. of the Rev. Henry Bromley 

Bennett, J.P., B.C.L., of Sparkford John 

Hall, Rector of Sparkford, by Emily Church, 

his wife, da. of Edward Moberley and born 28 

Sarah Cayley ; mar. at Sparkford, co. April 1817 ; 

Somerset, 5 July 1853. died un- 

Frederic John Church, 
born 24 May 1854; 
died 16 Jan. 1888. 

Helen=Rev. Francis Paget, Mary Caroline 
Beatrice D.D., Canon of Christ Church. 
Church. Church, Oxford. 

Edith Frances 

The Rev. Charles Marcus Church, born at Florence 2 Feb. 1823 ; B.A. of=f=Elizabeth Mary, da. of 

Oriel College, Oxon, 20 Nov. 1845 ; M.A. 1850 ; Prebendary of White- 
lackington in Wells Cathedral 1855 ; Vicar of Dulverton, co. Somerset, 
1870 ; Vice- Principal 1854—1866 ; Principal of Wells Theological College 
1866—1880 ; Sub- Dean of Wells 1861 ; Canon Resident 1879. 

the Rev. Henry Ben- 
nett, J.P., B.C.L., of 
Sparkford Hall, sister 
of the wife of the Dean 
of St. Paul's. 

I i I 
Arthur John Bromley Church, born 
5 April 1869. 

Maurice Richard Church, born 19 
Jan. 1872. 

Charles Francis Jo3celin, born 22 
Jan. 1881. 

Emily Ada Church, born 9 July 1862. 

Gertrude Elizabeth Mary Church, 
born 1 Aug. 1863. 

Isabel Edith Church, born 30 July 

Mary Margaret 
Church, born 
26 Aug. 1874. 

Alice Emily 
Church, born 4 
May 1876. 


On the South side of the Royal arms this coat : As., a stork's wings expanded 
arg., beaJc and legs or, on the breast an annulet sa. Crest : From a coronet or, a lion's 
paw holding a club ppr. Below the arms, Anno D'ni 1876 ; over them, B. G-. For 
the Rev. Prebendary Gibson, M.A., Principal of the Theological College. 

Prebendary Gibson being a fourth son, the mark on the heron is incorrect, it 
should be a martlet. Furthermore, though this coat has been considered by the 
family as their arms, yet there appears to be no such coat recorded for any family of 
Gibson, and the crest is that of the ancient family of Gibson of Lancashire, etc., 
traditionally said to be descended out of Scotland. Prebendary Gibson's family has 
also, in common with the Lancashire family, the tradition that one of the Popes 
had granted to the family the Papal arms for some special service ; this would be 
the coat : Gu., three keys or, fessways in pale, wards to the dexter ; used by the 
Scotch families of Gibson generally, which is a variation of the arms of the See of 
Rome : Gu., three keys or, two in saltire and one in pale. We may, therefore, fairly 
conclude that an accidental error has occurred in stating the arms to be one instead 
of three herons, as they correctly should be. 


. Gibson of Liverpool. 1 ^. ... da. of ... . Tomlinson. 


Rev. William Jxibson,=f=Louisanna, da. of the Right Rev, Charles Richard Sumner, D.D., Lord 
Bishop of Winchester, by his wife Jane, da. of J. P. Maunoir, Esq. 

Arms, from a hatchment of the Bishop's wife at Parnham : Ermine, 
two chevrons gules, StJMNEE ; impaling Sable, on a cross or, five guatre- 
foils vert, Matjnoir. 

Rector of Fawley 
Southampton, only son, 
born 1814; died in 1863. 

Edgar Charles Sumner Gibson, fourth=pMary Grace, da. of Rev. Richard Stamper Philpott, Pre- 

son, born 23 Jan. 1848 ; M.A., Principal 
of Wells Theological College. Living 

bendary of Wells, and formerly Vicar of Chewton Mendip, 
by the da. of Richard Tattersall, Esq. ; mar. at Chewton 
Mendip 6 April 1875. 

William Sumner Frank Sumner Gibson, Kenneth Sumner Ralf Sumner Theodore Sumner 
Gibson, born 21 born 12 Dec. 1877 ; Gibson, born 6 Gibson, born Gibson, born 21 
June 1876. died 13 Dec. 1877. July 1879. 20 Oct. 1882. Sept. 1885. 

In the windows on the South side of the room are four shields, of which three 
are modern, they are : — 

i. Or, three eagles displ. the ivings depressed purp., Rodney of Rodney Stoke, 
now represented in the male line by Lord Rodney. A shield identical in appearance 
is in a window on the South side of Cheddar Church. This is old glass. 

The burial of Henry Rodeney, son of Mr. "William Rodeney, on 4 Sept. 1666 is 
recorded in the Cathedral Register ; and of Mrs. Sarah Rodney, widow, on 31 Jan. 

ii. The incorrect or modern arms of the Diocese, that is the saltire of two metals 
alone, imp. Gu., on a bend arg. three trefoils slipped vert, intended for the present 
Bishop, Lord Arthur C. Hervey. It should have had, A martlet in chief arg., hisJ 



proper difference as the fourth son of the first Marquis of Bristol ; or it might have 
been made quarterly of his Lordship's four principal quarterings, thus : 1, Hervey, 
as in the window; 2, Felton of Playford, Gu., two lions pass, erm., crowned or; 
3, Howard, Earl of Suffolk, Gu., on a bend betw. six cross-crosslets arg. an inescutcheon 
or, charged with a demi-lion wounded in the mouth by an arrow of the first, within a 
double tressure fleury counter-fleury of the last, a crescent sa. for diff. ; 4, De Brother- 
ton, Gu., three lions pass. gard. or, in pale, a label of three points arg.; on the centre of 
the quarterings a martlet az., for difference of a fourth son. 

in. The same modern arms for the See, imp. Erm., on a bend eng. betw. two 
cocks gu. three mullets or, for Bishop Law ; see pp. 189, 190. 

IV. Quarterly, 1 and 4, Az., a chev. arg. betw. three lions'' heads erased erm., 
crowned or, Pinder ; 2 and 3, Az., a leopard ramp, or, the last probably for Hother- 
sall. Being the arms of the Rev. J. H. Pinder, a memorial brass for whom is in 
the Chapel below. 


Arms : Quarterly, 1 and 4, Az., a chev. arg. betw. three lions' heads erased erm., 
crowned or, Pinder ; 2 and 3, Az., a leopard ramp, ppr., Hothersall. 

William Pinder of ... . mar. in=pAnn Isabella, da. of John Hothersall, Esq., of Hothersall 
the Island of Barbados. I in the Island of Barbados. 

Mary=R. S. Wick- 
Jane ham, Esq., 
Pinder. of ... . 

Skeete Yard, Esq., 
Pinder. of ... . 

Annlsa-=W. M. Har- 
bella vey, Esq., 
Pinder. of ... . 

Mathew=Col. Fran- 
Pinder. cis Skelly 

John Hother-=Thomasine, da. 
sail Pinder, of ... . 
died at Bath. Haynes, Esq. 

William Lake=Harriet, da. of 
Pinder, in .... Wilson. 

Holy Orders. 

Amy North=G. W. Jordan, 
Pinder. Esq., of ... . 

Elizabeth Christian, da. of^pFrancis Ford Pinder, born 31 March=y=Elizabeth Senhouse, da. of 

Jonas Maynard, by his 
wife Christian Mercy, da. 
of ... . Clarke, Esq., born 
22 Not. 1769. 1st wife. 

1767 ; mar. first 12 April 1790 by the 
Rev. Tho. Allinson ; mar. secondly 2 1 
Nov. 1802 ; died at Bath 1843. 

William Senhouse, 
R.N., Surveyor General of 
the Leeward Islands. 2nd 

Francis Ford Pinder, Rector of Gos- 
forth, Cumberland, died unm. ; Trinity 
College, Cambridge. 

Humphrey Senhouse Pinder^Marianne, da. of 

Rector of Bratton Fleming, 
Fellow of Caius College. 

James Gould, Esq. 

Pinder, in 

James Gould= 
Pinder ; died 
31 May 1890; 
Chaplain to 
H.M.'s Forces. 

:Mabel, da. 
of Col. 


Marianne=. . . . 
Pinder. Dibdin, 

Elizabeth Pinder, 
died 27 May 1890, 

Fanny Pinder. 

George Pinder, Colonel 15th Regiment, 
died unmar. 

Elizabeth Wood Pinder, 
died unmar. 

Ann Isabella Pinder, 
died unmar. 




William Maynard: 
Pinder, bom 8 
July 1792; died at 
Brookfield, Bath, 
17 July 1869 ; of 

: Ann, da. of 






Joan Hothersall Pinder, born 27 April^Ann Bratbwaite, da. of 

1794, at 9 o'clock on Sunday morning ; 
bapt. 8 May ; Principal of Corirington 
College, Barbados ; Principal of Wells 
Theological College 1840—1865 ; of 
Caius, Cambridge ; died at West Mal- 
vern 16 April 1868. 

Scawen Kenrick Gib- 
bons, Esq., of . . . ; mar. 
at St. Andrew's Church, 
Barbados, by the Rev. 
W. Lake Pinder, 16 
August 1819. 

Francis Ford Pinder, born 28 July 1824 at Hothersall in the Island of Barbados ; 
privately bapt. by his father ; and died 14 Aug. 1824. 

Francis Ford Pinder, 
born 2 April 1822 ; 
died unmar. 7 Nov. 

Edward Pinder, born 
20 Aug. 1825; died 
unmar. 2 Oct. 1859 ; 
in Holy Orders. 

North Pinder, born 16=Frances Jane, da. of 
Dec. 1828 ; Fellow of the Rev. William 
Trinity College,Oxford; Hopkins, Rector of 
Rector of Rotherfield Nuffield, co. Oxford. 


Elizabeth=Rev. Edward Fran- Catherine=Rev. George Ann Mary Isabella Pinder, 

Maynard cis Witts of Upper Pinder. Thompson. Pinder. Hothersall died unmar. 29 
Pinder. Slaughter, co. Pinder. June 1863. 



The old Archdeaconry, lying on the North side of the Cathedral, once the 
residence of Polydore Virgil, and which has long been in the hands of laymen, 
having been purchased by the trustees of the Theological College of Wells, has 
been restored and altered for the purposes of the College very judiciously under 
the direction of Mr. Edmund Buckle of London, as architect. Over the entrance 
have been carved the ancient arms of the See, restoring to the proper place the 
ensigns of Bath, the keys and sword on each side of the saltire, with the pastoral 
staff, a shield already so often blazoned it need not be formally repeated. 

On the eight shields, held by angels forming the corbels of the ancient roof of 
the old hall, now the library, have been painted the following arms, representing 
persons mainly instrumental in the original founding of the College, the three 
Principals, with the Bishop and Dean at the time of the restoration. 

Commencing at the north-west corner they are : 

i. Erm., on a bend engrailed betw. two cocks gu. three mullets or pierced of the 
second, in chief on the bend an annulet arg., for the difference of a fifth son. For 
James Thomas Law, Esq., Chancellor of Lichfield and Coventry, and Master of St. 
John's Hospital, Lichfield, eldest son of Bishop Law. He was born 8 Dec. 1790, 
and died 22 Feb. 1876, having married 16 Dec. 1820 Lady Henrietta Charlotte 
Grey, eldest daughter of the sixth Earl of Stamford and Warrington, by whom, 
who died 25 Feb. 1866, he had, with others who died young, three sons and two 
daughters. See ' Peerage ' for pedigree. 

ii. Per bend gu. and erm., in chief a demi-Catherine-tvheel arg., Brymer. No 
pedigree has been supplied ; the name will be found in the Cathedral. 

HI. Quarterly : 1 and 4, Or, a bend eng. betw. two lions ramp, gu., Dickinson ; 


2 and 3, Arg., three bars and a canton gu., Fuller ; on an escutcheon of pretence, 
Arg., on a bend sa. three roses of the first, Cary. For Francis Henry Dickinson, Esq., 
of Kingweston, co. Somerset. For pedigree see Burke's ' Landed Gentry.' 

iv. Pinder. As in a window in the library over the Vicar's Close Chapel, ap- 
pended to the description of which a pedigree is added, except that the leopards are 
altered to lions ramp. arg. No authority was supplied by the family for either coat. 

v. The ancient arms of the See ; imp. Gu., on a bend arg. three trefoils vert, in 
chief a martlet for difference, Hervey. For the Right Hon. and Right Rev. Lord 
Arthur C. Hervey, now Bishop of Bath and Wells. 

vi. Az., a saltire or betw. on the dexter two keys addorsed, one arg., the other of 
the second, and on the sinister a sword erect arg., hilt and pomel gold, the Deanery ; 
imp. Arg., a chev. sa. betw. in chief two mullets and in base an annulet, all sa., on the 
chev. a Jleur-de-lis arg. charged ivith a crescent gu., and a mullet gu. in chief, all for 
diff., Dean Plumptre. See the Deanery. 

vn. Church. As in the library over the chapel in the Vicar's Close, adding, A 
crescent in chief arg., the difference of a second son. For Canon Church, Sub-Dean 
of Wells. A pedigree is given with the description of the shield. 

viii. Az., three herons arg., in chief a martlet for difference. For Prebendary 
Gibson, now President of the College. A further notice of the arms, with a pedigree, 
is given in the account of the shields in the library just referred to, where a pedi- 
gree appears. 

Over the entrance of an ancient house, close to the East end of the Lady Chapel, 
known as the Precincts, are three shields of the tilting form, the centre is blank ; on 
one of the others are two keys in saltire, the remaining bearing two swords in saltire ; 
if really heraldic, the former are the arms of the See of Gloucester, and the latter those 
of the Bishopric of London, but they very probably are only fanciful. 

On the gateway connecting the Vicar's Close and the Cathedral we have the 
arms of Beckyngton twice, once supported by angels. 

Over the archway, leading from the market-place to the Cathedral Green, were 
the Royal arms, the arms of Bishop Beckyngton, and his badge or rebus, which last 
is also on a panelled projection on the inner side. The arms are almost obliterated. 

In the roof of the gateway, leading from the market-place to the gatehouse of 
the Bishop's Palace, the arms of Beckyngton are cut in front of his rebus as if hung 
on the post. The shields on the front facing the market-place are quite obliterated. 

From the wall just inside this gateway a stag springs supporting, or being sup- 
ported by, a shield charged with the arms of Beckyngton, which projects almost 
horizontally below it. In the same wall is also a panel with the rebus of Bishop 

This exhausts the heraldry within the Cathedral Precincts, and brings our task 
to a close ; not without some good result we trust, by having brought to light some 
things that had been overlooked by previous writers, bringing evidence to bear for 
the elucidation of obscure or debated points ; while some facts have been preserved 
which, if not quite lost, would become increasingly difficult to obtain. 


The following extracts from the Parish Register of St. Cuthbert, Wells, though 
not connected with any existing monument, as they are examples of the way in 
which the Cathedral Register and that of St. Cuthbert have been mixed up, may 
deserve a place here, though they do not profess to be exhaustive, and other 
instances will be found among extracts of particular families : — 

St. Cuthbert Parish Register. 

1657 June 18 Elizabeth dau. of William Gough and Mary his w., of the Liberty 

of S. Andrew. 
1705 Easter (sic) dau. of M r James Nickolls, Yicar of the Cathedral, 

from Close Hall. 

1706 Sep. 12 Mary dau. of M r JameB Nicholls, of High Street, bap. at the 


1707 Nov. 11 Dorothy dau. of M r James Nichols, of Chamberlain Street ; born 

Nov. 3, bap. at the Cathedral. 
1723 June 11 James s. of John Little ; born 31 May, and bap. at y e Cathedral. 
This was omitted, supposing it to be registered at the Cathe- 


1644 June 11 M r Thomas Liides s. of Sir John Liides, of County Sussex, slayne 

at Evercreech, and buried in S. Andrew's Church, near Bishop 

Lake's grave in the South aisle of the Quire, upon Whit- 


1649 Sep. 15 Dorothy dau. of M r Arthur Alderley and Dorothy his w., bur. at 

S. Andrew's Church. 
1700 Mar. 20 David Trim, gent., of the Liberty of S. Andrew. 
1703 June 12 John Green, of this parish, bur. in the Cathedral Church of 

S. Andrew, Wells ; from High Street. 
1703 June 21 Martha w. of M r Philip Hodges, of this parish, gent., bur. in y e 
Cathedral Church of S. Andrew, Wells. 
Joan dau. of M r Thomas Fisher, of Close Hall. 
M 18 Catherine Rock, of East Wells, bur. at the Cathedral. 
Jacob Selway, of the Liberty. 
M r Thomas Fisher, bur. from y e Fountain in y e Liberty. 


Oct. 6 


Mar. 3 


June 14 


June 27 


( 283 ) 


John Paine of Wells=f=(?) Elizabeth Clinton. 
See p. 141. 

John Paine, gent.,=T=Frances, da. of the Rev. Richard Healy, LL.D. ; 
died 1741. died Aug. 1729, aged 47. 

Mary Paine, born Phillis Paine, born 1719. Francis Paine, born 1720. Frances Paine, 
1715. born 1723. 

Richard Paine, Elizabeth Frances, da. of William=pRev. John Paine, Sub-=Hester, da. of 
born 1705 ; died Paine, born Goldfinch of Wells, gent.; Dean of Wells; born ....; died 
1708. 1707. died 1763. 1st wife. 1717 ; died 1774. 1806. 2nd wife. 


Frances Paine, born Mary Paine,=pRobert Tudway. Frances Paine, Elizabeth Paine, 
and died 1743. born 1745. | See p. 286. born 1749. born 1751. 

Administration granted to John Paine of Wells, clerk, of the goods of John 
Paine the elder, late of Wells, his grandfather, left unadministered by John Paine, 
also deceased, son and administrator of the said John Paine the elder. Bondsmen, 
Thomas Hughes of Wells, gent., and Winchcombe Nooth, notary public of Wells. 
Bond sworn 27 March 1742. 

Administration of the effects of William Paine of Wells, deceased, granted 5 Oct. 
1736 to Edith Tucker, wife of Samuel Tucker of Evercreech, yeoman, and daughter 
of the deceased William Paine. 

(Pages 5, 6, 7, and 192.) 

There were two Canons, the Rev. John Paine, who died in 1774, and the Rev. 
Thomas Payne, who died in 1797, of entirely different families. Inquiries have not 
been very satisfactory in completing the pedigree to any extent, but the following 
helps to distinguish between them : — 

The Rev. Thomas Payne, Vicar of Holme Lacy, co. Hereford =f= 
Arms : Sable, a /esse between three leopards' faces or. 

Rev. Thomas Payne, M.A. ; " Pastor of St. Cadoc in Breconshire ;" Rector of^Judith, da. 
Llangattock, near Orickhowell, and Canon of Wells ; died 9 Jan. 1797, aged 81. of ... . 
See M.I. 



Eev. Henry Thomas Payne, M.A. ; Rector of=Mary, da. of .... ; Sarah Judith Payne, diedat 
Llanbedr, and Canon Residentiary of St. died 21 April 1828, Crickhowell 15 Feb. 1858, 
David's ; died 22 April 1832, aged 73. aged 58. aged 97. 

Catherine ^=The Very Rev. Right Hon. George Compton, 6th=Frances=Claudius Amyand, 

Payne, I Lord Francis Earl of Northamptonshire ; ob. s.p. Payne. Commissioner of 

died 21 Seymour, Dean Arms on family pedigree, Compton Customs; died 1 

Dec. 1801. | of Wells. impaling Payne as above. April 1774, aged 54. 
See M.I. 

John H 
See M.I 

John Hyde, Esq.^Mary Seymour.=John Payne of Droxford. Francis Seymour,^Leonora. 

See M.T. See M.I., p. 192. Lieut.-Col. 

I I 

John Hyde. George Hyde. 

The following, from an inscribed tablet on the wall of Llanbedr Church, 
except the line referring to himself, is from the pen of Canon Payne : — 

" Sacred to the memory of Mary the Beloved wife of Henry Thomas Payne, 
M.A., Rector of this parish and Canon Residentiary of S* David's. 

"In pious hope she departed from this world of trouble on the 21 st of April 

1828 aged 58. 

" Here sleeps my Mary in her narrow cell, 
How soon we all must follow, who can tell I 
Christian I Remember that by God's decree 
All nature sinks into eternity. 

Look round this Hallowed Fane ; the scene displayed ; 
Like Life's short landscape, mixed with light and shade, 
Like Life itself, uncertain in its day, 
For time rolls on and none can bid it stay. 
The Hill, the Vale, the Wood, the brawling stream, 
All lost in time shall vanish like a dream, 
Nay, time shall come when Heav'n and Earth, destroyed, 
Shall sink in chaos, and become a void. 
All things shall perish, and shall man presume 
To think himself exempted from the Doom ? 
Presumptuous Mortal ! Soon must come the day 
When Thou Thyself, the last great debt shall pay. 
How many lie within this Holy ground, 
Entranced in Death till the last trump shall sound 1 
How many daily pass to Death, 
To-day they breathe, to-morrow lose their breath ; 
The Rich, the Poor, the Great, the Gay, the Brave, 
All, all are hastening to the silent grave. 
Then Man, vain Man, prepare to kiss the rod, 
To hear thy Judgment and to meet thy God. 

H. T. P." 

" Also the above Henry Thomas Payne, died April 22 nd 1832, Aged 73." 

In the same churchyard is buried the sister of Canon Payne, with a tombstone 
bearing the following inscription : — 

»}• In memory of Sarah Judith Payne, who died at Crickhowel the 15 th Feb. 
1858, Aged 97. 

Lord, now letteat Thou Thy servant depart in peace, for mine eyes have seen Thy Salvation. ȣ. 



(Pages 9 and 184.) 

"We are indebted to the Rev. S. Baring-Grould, M.A., of Lew Trenchard, for the 
following pedigree of Gould : — 

Arms granted to Sir Henry Gould : Az., a lion ramp, or, betw. three scrolls arg. 
Crest : A demi-lion or, in the dexter paw a scroll arg. 

Henry Gould of Winsham, co. Somerset ; named in the will of his son=pMary, da. of ... . 
Stephen. Will proved 1646. (P.C.C. ; Turpin, 158.) 

William Gould, named in will=Anne, 
of his brother Stephen. Will da. of 
dated 7 Nov. 1656 ; proved .... 
1657. (P.C.C. ; Ruthen, 289.) 

I I 

Stephen Gould of Wins-=pGrace, John Gould, named 

ham. Will proved 
1642. (P.C.C. ; Camp- 
bell, 88.) 

da. of 

in will of his brother 


Henry Gould, named in the will of his uncles Stephen^ 
and Henry, and his grandfather Henry. 


Three sons, mentioned in the will of their 
great-uncle Stephen. 

Joan Gould, mentioned 
in will of her uncle 

Andrew Gould^=Maud, da. 
of Winsham, of .... 
son and heir ; Limbeare 
named in will of Crew- 
of his brother kerne; mar. 
Stephen. Liv- 12 July 
ing in 1676. 1642 at St. 

Mary Ma- 
jor, Exeter. 

Henry Gould, 
named in will 
of his brother 
Stephen, and 
in that of his 
father of Mar- 
ston Biggot, 
gent. Will 
proved 1676. 

Mary Gould, =. . . . 
named in Buffett. 
father's will, 
and in bro- 
ther Henry's 

James Gould. = 
tion 24 March 
1639, P.C.C, 
to widow. 


Sir Henry Gould, Puisne Judge of King's Bench 14 Jan. 1699 ; knighted 22=j=. ... da. of 

Feb. 1693-4; entered Middle Temple 24 May 1660; executor to will of his 
uncle Henry. Died 26 March 1710. Will proved 1710. (P.C.C. ; Smith, 138.) 

Davidge of 

Davidge Gould,=pHonora, da. and coheir Sarah^Edmund Fielding, Lieut.-Gen., 3rd son of 

Middle Temple. 
June 1743. 

of William Hockmore 
of Buckland, Baron in 
Combinteignhead, co. 
Devon (grandson of 
Gregory Hockmore and 
Mary, da. of Sir Richard 
Reynell) ; bapt. 14 July 


Rev. John Fielding, D.D., Canon of Salis- 
bury, 2nd son of George, Earl of Desmond. 
See ' Peerage.' 

=j=Henry Fielding, the=f= 
Novelist. See Fos 
ter's ' Peerage.' 

Edmund Fielding, 
died s.p. 

Sir Henry Gould, Knt., Chief Justice=f=Elizabeth, da. of the Rev Wal- 

Court of Common Pleas, of Sharpham 
Park, near Glastonbury ; died 1 March 
1794, aged 84 ; bur. at Stapleford 

ker, Archdeacon of Wells ; mar. 6 
Aug. 1750 ; died in 1797 at Egham 
Hill ; bur. at Stapleford Abbas 11 
March 1797. 

Elizabeth Gould, da.=Hon. Temple S. Lut- 
and coheir, mar. 26 terell, M.P., son of the 
April 1778 ; died s.p. Earl of Carhampton. 

Honora Margaretta Gould, 2nd : 
da. and coheir ; mar. 8 July 
1782 ; died 1 Oct. 1813. 

Honora Gould, 
died 11 July 

: Richard Gould, 
7th Earl of 

See ' Peerage.' 



William Gould,=. ... da. of Edward 
D.D., Rector of Gordon ; mar. 25 
Stapleford Ab- Aug. 1795, she aged 
bas, co. Essex ; 28, and he 82. (See 
died 16 March ' Gentleman's Maga- 
1799, aged 86. zine,' 1799, p. 345.) 

Thomas Gould, Barris- 
ter, Bencher of the Mid- 
dle Temple ; died 4 
April 1808 ; bur. in the 
Benchers' Vault, Temple 

Richard Gould=f=Susan, da. 

of Wells, co. 
Somerset. See 
M.I., p. 9. 



Rev. Henry Gould, 
M.A., Canon of 
Wells: died unmar. 
(See M.I., p. 194.) 

Gould, da. of Henry 
died s.p. Strangways 
of Shap- 
wick, Esq. 

Sir Davidge=Harriett, da. of the Ven. Sarah 

Gould, Admiral, William Willis, Arch- Gould, 

K.C.B. ; died 23 deacon of Wells ; died died 

April 1847, aged at Hawkhurst, Herts, 15 unmar. 
89, s.p. Nov. 1855, aged 87. 

Jane=pLucas Puls- 

died 24 

ford of 
Wells, Esq. ; 
died 5 July 

Susan^Right Rev. Christopher Butson, 
Gould. Bishop of Clonsert. 

Roberte=Mary, da. of Rev. 

Rev. J. S. Butson, Archdeacon of Clonsert. 


John Paine, Canon 
of Wells. (See that 
family, p. 283.) 

Charles^=Laetitia Sarah, Frances-r-John Paine Tud- 

Canon of 
Wells, ^k 

da. of Edward 
Berkeley Na- 
pier, Esq., of 
East Pennard. 

mar. in 

way of Wells, 
Esq., born 21 Aug. 
1775; M.P. for 
Wells 1815-30 ; 
died — July 1835. 

Mary=Rev. Edward 
Tudway. Foster, Pre- 
bendary of 


Robert Charles Tudway, Esq., of=pMaria Catherine, 
The Cedars, Wells ; J.P. ; M.P. ; eldest da. of Sir 
High Sheriff of Somerset 1842-3 ; William Miles, 
born 6 July 1808; died 20 Oct. Bart. 

Jane Tudway.=Rev. Thomas Boucher 
Coney, Rector of 
Chedzoy, and Vicar 
of Pucklechurch, co. 

Lady Edith Nelson, da. of Horatio, : 
3rd Earl Nelson ; mar. 5 July 1870 ; 
died 24 Aug. 1877. 1st wife. 

: Charles Clement Tudway : 
of Milton Lodge, and The 
Cedars, Wells; born 23 
Nov. 1846. 

: Alice Constance, da. of Sir 
Frederick H. Hervey- 
Bathurst, Bart. 2nd wife. 

Madeline Constance Tudway. 

Frances=p Arthur Constan- Henry Gould : 


tinePhipps,Esq., Tudway, died 
of Shepton Mai- in 1826. 

: Mary, da. of EmmaLaeti-=George Filling- 
John Phipps tia Tudway, ham, Esq., of 
of Leighton mar. in 1837. Syerscotte House, 
House, Wells. co. Notts. 


Mary Tudway. Henrietta Tudway. Augusta Tudway=Rev. Frederick Fleming Beadon, M.A., 

Vicar of Pilton. 


(Page 11.) 
Will op Rev. Robert Kingston. 

Robert Kingston of Wells, clerk, will dated 12 March. 1745. Debts and funeral 
expenses to be paid out of rents of estates at Burcot and Wooky Hole, after which 
the said estates to his wife. Son Robert Kingston, after his mother's death to have 
estates at "West Pennard, and the house in Chamberlain Street, settled as the 
jointure of his said mother, but he not to have it until twenty-five. Daughter 
Barbara Kingston £200 at twenty-five. Daughter Mary Kingston. Mill and 
20 acres at Wookey rented by Mr. Band. If children die without heirs, estates 
after wife's death to go to cousin Elizabeth Gale, of Minehead, for life, then to 
the Archdeacons of Bath, Wells, and Taunton, and the Treasurer of the Cathedral 
as Trustees, to augment poor livings. Seal. Arms, A cross letw. four lions' faces. 
Crest, A lion's face. 

Will op Elizabeth St. Albon. 

Elizabeth S l Albon, wife of John S* Albon, gent. Nephews William and 
John Hill, sons of Sir Ralph Hill, deceased. Sister Grace Foweracre (?). Sister 
Ann Lock, her children, and husband Robert Lock. Kinswoman Mary Kingston, 
dau. of John Kingston of Kilve. Godson John S' Albon, son of Lancelot 
S* Albon, gent. Godson Thomas Sweeting, son of Hugh Sweeting. M 1 ' Abiah 
Evens of Bristol. Cousin Kingston, younger, executor. Dated 2 Sept. 1736. 
Witnesses, Robert Kingston, senior, John Poole, Margaret Sellicke. Seal, Kingston, 
as on the will of Robert Kingston above. Proved 11 Sept. 1738. 

(Page 25.) 

1728. May 4 William Westley of Shepton Mallet, clothier, and Elizabeth 
Cheeseman of Exeter, spinster. (Vide Mar. Lie, Bishop of 
Exeter's Act Book.) 

(Pages 38, 85.) 

The following pedigree, compiled from the Cathedral MSS., adds some points to 
Mr. Ellacombe's pedigree in the ' Herald and Genealogist,' vol. iv., p. 195, esta- 
blishing the place in the pedigree of the two Bishops of Bath and Wells of this 

Arms of this family of Bytton or Button : Erm., afess gu. 



Robert de Button, son of Kobert de Button. 
Vide Ped. Fin., 1237. 

John de Button, Senior Prebendary of Comb, 1268. Had a Grant, as brother of the Bishop, of 
two parts of the Prebend of St. Decuman in 1249. By his will leaves money for the good of 
his soul, and the soul of his brother William, Bishop of Bath and Wells. Died before the 
Vigil of St. Nicholas, 1273. 

I I I 

Sir Adam de^ William de Richard de Button, Vicar of St. Cuthbert, Wells ; witness to a 

Button. Wit- Button, first Confirmation by the Dean and Chapter of a Grant by Bishop 

ness to a of the name William, dated Stephen's Day, 1248. On Tuesday after the 

Grant of Wil- Bishop of Feast of St. Thomas, 1242, he was one of a deputation to the 

liam. Bishop Bath and monks of Bath to act with the Chapter of Wells to elect a 

of Bath and Wells; con- Bishop. William, Prior of the Hospital of St. John, Wells, 

Wells 1273. secrated promised Richard de Button, Precentor, in return for certain 

1248 ; died benefits, a full service yearly for the souls of the said Richard 

1264. de Button, of Bishop William de Button, and their ancestors. 

Sir John de=^ Philip de Button. Inspeximus by the Dean and Chapter of a Grant by 
Button. Bishop William de Button to Philip de Button of a burgage in Wells, etc., 

in 1251. Tn Jan. 1260 leave was granted by the Dean and Chapter for the 
celebration of divine service in his Chapel at Melsbury ; John, Vicar of St. 
Cuthbert, consents provided all offerings of the said Philip and his family 
at the four great feasts, and those he is bound to pay as a parishioner to 
the mother Church, saving a penny a day for a chaplain, be paid to said 
John. For this he pays two shillings a year. 

William de Button, elected Bishop of Bath and Wells 10 Feb. 
1267. By deed dated St. Matthew's Day, 1273, grants all the 
service due to him from his brother Thomas de Button, Arch- 
deacon of Wells, to which Sir Adam de Button and Philip de 
Button are witnesses. 

Thomas de Button, Archdeacon 
of Wells ; elected Dean of 
Wells 1284 ; became Bishop of 
Exeter, and died in 1307. 

(Page 39.) 

The exact connection of Bishop John Harewell with the Worcestershire family 
is not shewn by the Wells MSS.; he was probably brother of Eoger, who is 
mentioned as father of Canon Eoger Harewell, who in 1380 obtained from the 
Chapter a confirmation of a lease he had made of part of his canonical buildings. 
This Eoger became Archdeacon of Bath, and was admitted to residence by the 
Chapter in 1392. Canon Eoger Harewell presented to Compton Dundon in 1409, 
and to Mudford 1424. Eichard Harewell was installed a Canon and Prebendary of 
Litton 1 Oct. 1361. He makes formal declaration that he desires to become a 
Eesidentiary 24 Sept. 1388. Canon Thomas Harewell in 1380 was acting for the 
Dean. Another Eichard Harewell was instituted to the living of Trent in 1410, 
and to that of St. Cuthbert, Wells, in 1424. John Harewell, Eector of Berkeley, 
died in 1459. 

William Harewell, who in the Worcestershire Visitation is recorded as having 
married Agnes, daughter of Sir Henry Owgan, presented to the living of 
Beercrocombe in 1454, 1457, and again in 1489, and to Capland in 1467, but died 
in 1504, when Agnes, the relict of William Harewell, presented to Beercrocombe 
and to Capland. Nor did this long connection of the family end then, for John, 


son and heir of the above William and Agnes Harewell, left five daughters his co- 
heirs, one of whom, Elizabeth, married Anthony Rowley of Devonshire, and she 
with her husband presented to Oapland in 1519 and again in 1531. 

(Page 43.) 

Richard Symonds in his ' Diary ' mentions the following coat as being in coloured 
glass at the church of Hinton St. George when he visited the place in 1644 : Arg., 
on a/ess az., betw. in chief three stags' heads caboshed or, and in base as many fleurs- 
de-lis sa., a bishop's mitre. The fleurs-de-lis are no doubt a mistake of Symonds 
for pheons. 

(Page 46.) 

1689 Richard Bull of Midsomer Norton and Joane Tooker of the same 

place. (Mar. Lie. Allegations, Bishop's Registry, Wells.) 

1703 Oct. 26 Robert Bull of S l Outhbert parish, yeoman, and Mary Burge of 
Chewton, spinster, aged 24, her father consenting. To marry 
at Chewton Mendip, Midsomer Norton, or S* Cuthbert. 
(Mar. Lie. Allegations, Bishop's Registry, Wells.) 

(Page 47.) 

1701 Mar. 22 Henry Bull of Frome Selwood, gent., and Margaret Whitchurch 
of the same place, spinster. To marry at Frome Selwood or 
Orchard. (Mar. Lie. Allegations, Bishop's Registry, Wells.) 

(Page 49.) 

We are indebted to James Parker, Esq., M.A., of Oxford, for the following 
additions : — 

Samuel Parker, Bishop of Oxford, President of=f=Rebecca, da. of ... . Phesant 

Magdalen College ; ob. 1687. 

of London. 

Gilbert Parker, ob. July 1731. Samuel Parker, the Author ; ob.^. ... da. of Henry A da. 

1730; set. 49. Clements. 

Gilbert Parker ; matric. Sackville Parker,=. . . . Samuel Parker, born 1703 ; Clerk of 
at Trinity College 5 June bookseller; ob. Dunn. Magdalen College 1730 — 1767; Yeo- 
1739, set. 17. s.p. 10 Dec. 1796, man Bedell ; bur. at St. Peter's 9 

set. 89, s.p. Sept. 1767. A 

P P 



John : 

Catherine, da. and coheir of Richard Parker, Scholar of Lincoln Thomas Parker. 
Charles Perrott, Esq., of College ; bur. at St. Peter's 28 =j= 

Northleigh. March 1742. 

Kichard Parker, died 1778. Descended from=pSarah Chapman, Catherine=James Arnold of 

Samuel, son of Samuel Parker, Bishop of Oxford, 
who died 1687. 

died Jan. 1821. Parker. 


Samuel Perrott Charles Lewis=f=Anne. da. of Arch (?) Anna Maria=Dr Richards of 

Parker. Parker. I Lawrence. Parker. St. Martin's in the 
I Fields, London. 

Edward^ Anne=T. Joley, Caroline Par- Jane Par- Sophia Par-=Charles Parker, 


Parker. Esq., of ker, died un- ker, died ker, died 
Windsor, mar. unmar. s.p. 

her cousin. 

Charles Lewis Parker, living in America in 1886. Sophia Parker. 

Joseph Parker, died in 1851.=FSarah, da. of Thomas Hayes, Precentor of Durham. 

I | I I 

Edward=f=Susannah, da. of Charles=f=Jane Sarah = J .... Gol- Eliza-=Frederick 

Rector of 

Charles Barnwell, Lewis 

Esq., of London ; Parker, 

Fellow Caius Col- Surgeon 
lege, Cambridge. 

Lowry. Par- den of Tain- beth Monck, 

ker. by Hall, co. Maria Esq., of 
Lincoln. Parker. Oxford. 

Edward Barnwell Parker. Joseph Perrott Parker. Lewis Barnwell Parker. 

John Parker=pCaroline Ryder. 


Charles Parker, died at Bin-=Sophia Parker, cousin 
field 7 May 1862, aged 59, s.p. to her husband. 

John Henry Parker,: 
born 1806; died Jan. 

^Frances Mary, da. of the Rev. 
J. Hockyns, D.D., Rector of 

James Parker, born 1833;=pSarah Caroline, da. of 

living 1892, of Oxford, 
Publisher ; M.A., Oxon. 

J. G-. Beyman, Esq., of 
Formosa, afterwards of 

I I I 

Charles Frances James 

John Mary Henry 

Parker. Parker. Parker. 

I I 

Frank Irene 

Sackville Parker. 












(Page 52.) 

1708 Nov. 24 Robert Strangways of Shepton Mallet, and Mary Creech of 

Charlton Mackerell, spinster, aged 27. Father consents. To 
marry at Kingweston or Burton David. (Mar. Lie. Allega- 
tions, Bishop's Registry, Wells.) 

1709 Nov. 29 Thomas Strangways of Charlton Adam, gent., and Mary Sampson 

of Charlton Mackerell, spinster, aged 18, whose father con- 
sents. To marry at Charlton Mackerell. (Mar. Lie. Allega- 
tions, Bishop's Registry, Wells.) 

(Pages 55, 58.) 

Will of Charles Baron. 

Charles Baron the elder, of Wells. Dated 20 May 1722. Real and personal 

estate to son Charles Baron, and to his heirs, and he to be executor. Daughter 

Mary Baron £20 annually out of land at Burnham for life and that of her son 

James. Witnesses : Thomas Westley, P. Davis, Mary Lambert. 

Seal, Three mullets within a lord, eng., imp. An eagle displ. ivith two heads. 
Proved 29 June 1730. 

Will of Dorothy Barron. 
Dorothy Barron of Wells, widow. To poor 30s. Her four sons, William, John, 
Charles, and Matthew Barron, 20s. each for rings. Residue to daughter Ann 
Barron, who is to be executor. Dated 19 July 1683. Proved at Wells 23 Sept. 
1692 by Ann Barron, spinster. Seal, A fess betw. in chief three lions' 1 gambs erect 
and erased, and in base an eagle displ., imp. Three mullets within a bord. eng. ; crest, 
A lion's gamb erect and erased. 

Will of James Baron. 
James Baron of Wells, innholder. Lands of inheritance in the parish of St. 
Cuthbert to son James Baron and his heirs, and half an acre at Torr Hill. To 
son Joseph Baron a messuage in East Wells and lands held of the Dean and 
Chapter. To son John Baron a messuage, tenements, malthouse, and garden in 
Torr lane. To daughter Sarah Baron house in East Wells and £200. Wife 
Susanna, walled garden, etc., in Torr lane. To Elizabeth and Sarah daughters of 
son James Baron, £5. To Henrietta daughter of Joseph Baron, £5. Dated 17 
April 1735. Proved at Wells June 1735. 

(Page 55.) 

1690 July 11 Thomas Baron of Wells, mercer, and Jane Davidge of Wraxall, 
spinster, aged 49, and having no parents. To marry at 
Wraxall. (Mar. Lie. Allegations, Bishop's Registry, Wells.) 


(Pages 65, 66.) 

Administration of the effects of Ann Palmer, deceased, granted to Frances 
Palmer of Wells, spinster, sister and administratrix of deceased ; bondsmen, Peter 
Davis, Esq., of Wells, and John Beckham, gent., of Wells, 21 Dec. 1750. 

Administration of the effects of Elizabeth Palmer of Wells, granted to Frances 
Palmer of Fairfield, spinster, sister of the deceased, left unadministered by 
M rs Catherine Palmer, also deceased ; bondsmen, Peregrine Palmer of Fairfield, and 
Sarah Knight of Bridgewater, spinster, on 28 Nov. 1752. 

Cathedral Register. 
1717 May 29 Ann dau. of Francis Franklyn and Joan his w. ; born 8 May. 

171| Mary da. of Francis Franklyn and Joan his w. ; born on Xmas 

day, and bapt. on New Year's day by M r William Hill. 
1720 Aug. 30 John s. of Francis Franklyn and Joan his w. ; born the same day. 
173£ Jan. 9 Samuel s. of Francis Franklyn and Joan his w. ; born Monday 
4 Jan., privately bapt. and publicly admitted to the Church 
Thursday 23 Feb. 

1745 Sept. 24 Alexander Barker, Esq., of Bristol, bachelor, and Sarah Franklyn 
of Bath, spinster. By licence. 

Francis s. of the Rev. Francis Franklyn and Joan his w. 
John s. of Francis Franklyn and Joan his w. 
Mary Ann da. of the Rev. Francis Franklyn and Joan his w. 
Samuel s. of Francis Franklyn and Joan his w. 
Francis Franklyn, clerk. 


Mar. 27 


Sept. 15 


Feb. 23 


April 21 


April 24 

(Page 79.) 

Mrs. Sarah Thring died 26 Sept. 1891 ; her son, Theodore Thring, Esq., died 
28 Sept. 1891. They were both buried at the same time in plain graves, side by 
side, to the east of the chancel of Alford Church. 

(Page 86.) 

The following pedigree does little more than suggest additions to Mr. Greenfield's, 
already quoted, and is wholly compiled from the Cathedral MSS. ; at the same time 
it corrects the errors in the Harl. MS., which was partly Mr. Greenfield's authority. 

The Cathedral MSS. shew no evidence that Mary de Drokensford brought the 
Manor of Shipham to the Clyvedon family, but rather that Clyvedon had it from 
Malherb, which is supported by the Hastings quarterings at North Cadbury, among 
which are, Or, a lion ramp. az. crowned yu., Clyvedon, and Arg., three nettle-leaves 
gu. f Malherb. But no coat of Drokensford. 




Philip de=f=. . . . (?), da. and heiress 
Drokens- of de Harptre or Pop- 
ford, ham. 

John de Drokensford, from whom his 
nephew, Philip de Drokensford, held 
lands in Wivelscombe. 

Henry de 

whose son 

Bichard de Drokens- 
ford, brother of the 
Bishop, made Chan- 
cellor 8 Jan. 1310. 
In 1316 the Bishop 
collates his brother 
Bichard de Drokens- 
ford to a Prebeudal 

I . 
Philip de Drokensford,: 
brother of the late Bis- 
hop John de Drokens- 
ford ; confirmed the 
Grant by Johanna 
Perceval, relict of Sir 
Boger Perceval, of land 
in, and the church of, 
Exford ; dated at Dro- 
kensford 6 Edw. III. 

John de 
of Bath 
1329 ; ob. 
9 May 

Michael : 
of Bishop 

Bobert Malherb 
quit-claims to 
Peter the Dean 
half a virgate of 
land in Wed- 
more. He ap- 
pears as a wit- 
ness to deeds in 
1246 and 1256. 


Michael de Drokensford. Instituted 
to the Bectory of Chedzoy in 1317. 
Nephew of Bishop Drokensford. Col- 
lated to the Stall of Dulcote in 1316, 
and to a house held by Bichard his 
brother in 1328. 

Bichard de Drokensford. On 14 Nov. 1326 the 
Bishop collates his nephew Bichard de Drokens- 
ford to the Stall of Vatton. In 1327 he is made a 
Canon and Precentor. He grants power of attorney 
to Philip de Drokensford to seek arrears due from 
the Priory of Hexham. 

William Malherb, to whom Edw. I., by deed dated 5 June An. Beg. 2 (1274), grants a weekly 
market in his manor of Shipham, and a fair for three days at the Feast of St. Leonard. 

i I 

Adam Malherb. Exchanged with Bobert Malherb lands in Hugh Malherb. Witness 

Loxton, which he had as a grant from Hawice de Sperkford, for to a Charter of Robert 

lands in Shipham. Malherb. 

John de Clyvedon, miles. Will 1 
dated the Vigil of St. Lawrence 
1336 ; names his wife and two 
sons ; proved 4 Sept. 1336, 
before John de Myddleton, Vicar 
of Shepton Beauchamp, Com- 
missary of Ralph, Bishop of 
Bath and Wells. (Beg. Bad. de 
Salopia, fol. 144.) 

: Lady Em- 
with her 
two sons 
proved the 
will of her 
late hus- 

Bobert Malherb,: 
granted to his 
da. Sara half a 
virgate of land, 
etc. Lord of 
Shipham. Wit- 
ness Gervase de 

^Margarie de Malherb, widow, 
grants to Matthew de Clyve- 
don, Knt., the curia of 
" Schepham," which had been 
her dowry ; given at Schip- 
hara on Sunday next after 
St. Thomas, 15 Edw. II. 

Edmund de Matthew de Clyvedon, Knt. ; granted to John de Clyvedon his son, : 
Clyvedon. and to Maria de Drokensford, wife of the said John, possession of 
lands in Shipham, 12 Edw. II. (1318-19). 

: Sara 

Andrew, son of Philip de Drokensford, collated to the Stall of Yatton 
12 April 1321, a Canon in 1323, and held St. Mawgan in Kynier in 
Cornwall. Andrew de Drokensford, Prebendary of Yatton, pays to 
the Chapter money raised on the goods of the late Prebendary. 
Named as kinsman by Bishop Drokensford 7 Aug. 1322, being then 
at the University. 

Thomas de Drokens- 
ford, nephew of the 
Bishop, collated to 
the Stall of Ilton in 
1327, and to Dundon 
on 5 Nov. 1327. 


U B| 

I i i | 

. . . .-T- Nicholas de Drokensford, Prebend. Mary de Drokensford=f=John de Clyvedon. 

of Dulcote ; died in 1361. 

T -' 


Margaret de Clyvedon^=John St. Loe, senior, held lands in Shipham 
I 39 Edw. III. 


Philip de Drokensford, conveys^ William. Lord Botreaux, grants to John=f=Elizabeth, da 

Okehampton to his son Philip 
between 1462-67. 

Broun the manor of Shipham, with 
certain exceptions, 6 Hen. V. (1405-6). 

and heir ; died 
24 Sept. 1391. 

Philip de Drokensford. William, Lord Botreaux=T=Elizabeth, da. of John de Everingham. 

Bobert, 2nd Lord^Margaret, da. and heir. As widow of Lord Hungerford, she granted lands 
Hungerford. in Shipham to Bishop Beckington 3 Edw. III. (1463-4), 

(Page 94.) 
1687 Oct. 6. Edmund Bourne of Wembdon and Ann Gore of Bristol, married. 
( Vide Cathedral Register.) 

(Page 116, No. 5.) 
"Walter Ireland, Rector of Christemaleford and Prepositus of the Cathedral 
before 1390. 

(Pages 124—126.) 
1707 July 23 Joseph Musgrave of Stoke S* Mary, sergemaker, and Ann Sellick 
of West Monkton, spinster, aged 24. Her father and mother 
consenting. At S* Cuthbert. (Mar. Alleg. at Wells.) 
There is a monument at Buckland Newton for Ann, first wife of the Rev. 
Nathaniel Sellick, who died in 1680. He was buried at Clifton Campville, 
co. Stafford. 

Penelope, relict of John Sellick, and daughter of Sir John Newton, of Barr's 
Court, was buried at Stanton Drew, having died 28 May 1722. 

(Page 144.) 
Among the Cathedral MSS. are two grants from Bishop Clarke to his brother, 
Thomas Clarke of Wooky, and his daughter Alice Clarke. 

(Page 145.) 
The coat used for the See in the Ken memorial window is not quite correctly 
described ; it is quite a new variation — namely, the keys are in saltire, and the 
sword has the point in base. 


Beneath the above Ken window, since that part of this Work was printed, a 
brass plate has been fixed in memory of the late Dean Plumptre, with the following 
inscription : — 

In memoriam 

Edwardi Hayes Plumptre, M.A., S.T.P. 

Decani Wellensis 

qui hanc fenestram in honorem 

insignis episcopi Thomse Ken 

decorandam curavit 

obdormivit in Christo 

Ksel. Feb. mdcccxci. 

hanc tabulam posuere 

mcerentes college. 

(Page 208.) 
1720 July 27 Alexander Chreyghton of Glastonbury, mercer, and Hannah Lush 
of Witham Friary, spinster, aged 28. Mother consenting. 
To marry at Witham Friary or Cloford. (Mar. Alleg. at Wells. ) 

(Page 215.) 

It may be as well to mention that Archdeacon Hill used on his official seal the 
same arms as are placed on his monument. 

The association of Kilmington with Hampshire was an oversight for Kilmiston 
in that county. 

(Page 253.) 
Elizabeth, daughter of Charles and Mary Tudway, married the Rev. Francis 
Drake, vicar of Seaton, Devon, etc., and mother (with others who died young or un- 
married) of Francis Drake, buried, with a monument, in St. Cuthbert's Church, 
leaving several children ; Clement Drake, married, left issue ; and Ann Drake 
married the Rev. Edward Foster of Wells. 

(Page 271.) 
In the account of the heraldry in the Vicars' Common Hall, the following was 
omitted : On the frame of the painting representing the Vicars receiving their 
statutes from Bishop Beckington are four modern shields — viz., Beckington as in 
the Cathedral, arms of Queen Elizabeth, the coat for the Vicars as on chimney- 
piece, and Arg., a lion ramp. sa. crowned or, on a canton az. a chev. oetw. three acorns 
of the third, Ducane ; for the Rev. Arthur Ducane (see page 248). 



1. For Bulworth read Bubwith. 

9. Gould. After the second line insert — 

sub . . . 

Susanna Gould .... 
25. Broderip. For fsetu grairda' noveing read foetu gravida noveniq'. 
43. Sixth Shield. On the first and sixth quarters and on the supporters of Cecil add, a crescent 

for difference, as in the Plate. 
62. The will of the Rev. Edmund Archer does not appear to be at Wells or Somerset House, 
but in the latter Registry is the will of Anne Archer of Burnham, co. Bucks, widow 
(Price, 304), dated 8 Dec. 1732. She directs to be buried in Hitcham churchyard. 
Names dear brother Dr. Evans ; dear sister Mrs. Mary Houstret ; to Nathaniel Ingilo 
" once " (sic) my dear son ; my brother Montegu ; my sister Segory ; my sister Borlew ; 
my cousin Anne Palmer, and Mrs. Pigott ; sons Benjamin, Gilbert, and Thomas Archer. 
Proved 12 Dec. 1733 by Rev. Thomas Archer the son and one of the residuary legatees 
of the said Anne Archer. 
71. For Sheaf t read Sheaf e. 

85. In the fourth line of the note to the Bayly inscription read Margaret for Philippa. 
99. Arms of Morris : A fess betw. three lions couch, gard. Crest: A stag's head erased pierced 

by an arrow. 
100. For blazon of Arms see p. 185. Crest : A stag's head erased pierced by an arrow. 
102. Arms of Burland : Erm., on a chief (gu.) three roses (arg.) ; on an escutcheon of pretence, 
Morris as on p. 185. Crest : A griffin's head erased. 

109. Arms of Brydges : (Arg.), on a cross (sa.) a leopard's face (or), in the first quarter a 

martlet for diff. ; imp. Creyghton. 

110. Arms of Bishop Berkeley : A saltire, imp. (Ght.), on a chev. betw. ten crosses patee arg. 

a rose. 
140. Clinton. Among the Bubwith Almshouse deeds is a seal of Guido Clinton, viz., Paly of 

six (or. and az.), a fess erm. 
167. Arms : Barry of six nebulee or and sa., Lovell ; imp. Per fess arg. and gu., six escallop- 
shells counter 'changed, Westley. 
190. Seymour : fourth line, for Potentissema read Potentissimi. Eighth line, for Odam read 

JEdam ; and for the last line but two of the same inscription read Tanti vevere ut 

deset morituum. 
192. Third line, for MDCCXVII read MDCCXCVII. 

194. The scroll in the crest of Gould has by oversight been omitted from the plate. 
217. For Hooker read Hooper. 
234. Gaisford : in note, for Baa read Banister. 
253. The William Harris on this page was a solicitor's clerk, and after Sacristan of the 



0S3 5 





— •« 

fl.JJ- dol. 





















Abraham, Adam (Rev. - ), 147. 

Acland, Arthur, 66 ; Cecily, 66 ; Hugh (Sir), 

Acton, John (Sir). 117 ; Richard (Sir), 98. 
Acre, Joand', 118, 119. 
Adams, Mistress, 94 ; Philippa, 94 ; Richard 

(Rev.), 94 ; Robert, 94 ; — , 96. 
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Alabaster, Ann, 147 ; Arms, 147 ; John, 147 ; 

Thomas, 147. 
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Baa) ; Jane, 78, 234 (by error Baa). 

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Q Q 

98 ; Henry C, 

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Reginald I., 97 

Thomas, 97, 98 




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Billingsley, — , 27. 
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(Sir), 153 ; Richard (Col.), 153. 
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Bishop, Elizabeth, 95 ; Francis, 95 ; Thomas. 95. 
Bisse, Arms, 177 : George, 64, 241 ; Robert, 69, 

177, 181 ; Susanna, 69, 177, 181. 
Blackhall, Bishop, 99 ; Theophilus, 99. 
Blakeman, Edmund, 3. 
Blandy, Sarah, 243. 
Blount, Mary, 150 ; Richard, 150. 
Bluett, Elizabeth, 120 ; John (Sir), 120. 
Boddam, Ellen, 199 ; Gen., 199. 
Bohun, Eleanor, 121 ; Humphery de, Earl of 

Hereford, 121. 
Bolton, Alice, 143; Arms, 143; Isabell, 143; 

Johan, 143 ; John, 143 ; Mowatt, 143. 
Bond, Charles, 153 ; Charlotte, 153 ; Charlotte 

M., 153. 
Bonham, Ann, 52 ; John H, 52. 
Botreaux, Ann, 121 ; Elizabeth, 294 ; Margaret, 

294 ; William (Lord), 121, 294. 
Bouchier, Cecily, Countess of Bath, 38 ; John, 

Earl of Bath, 38. 
Boulting, Christiana, 143 ; William, 143. 
Bourne, Ann, 46. 149, 294 ; Arms, 94 ; Bridgett, 

96 ; Canon, 149 ; Edmund, 94, 294 ; Eleanor, 

35, 94 ; Elizabeth, 95 ; Frances, 96 ; Francis 

D, 95 ; George, 95 ; Gilbert, 35, 94, 95, 96 ; 

Henry, 96 ; Jane, 35, 96 ; Jasper, 95, 96 ; Joan, 

95 ; John, 3, 35, 94, 95, 96, 149; John (Rev.), 

94, 95 ; Jonas. 95 ; Mary, 96 ; Philip, 94 ; 

Philippa, 96 ; Richard, 95 ; Roger, 94, 95, 96 ; 

Sarah. 95 ; Silvester, 96 ; Susan, 95 ; Susanna, 

94, 95 ; Thomas, 95, 96 ; William, 95, 96. 
Bouverie, see Pleydell-Bouverie. 
Bowett, Arms, 161 ; Bishop, 161. 
Bowles, Phineas, 134. 
Bown, John, 3, 35 ; Mary, 50 ; Robert, 50. 
Bradley, Francis, 69 ; Jane, 69 ; Katherine, 69 ; 

William, 3. 
Bragge, Arms, 100, 184, 185 ; Mary, 100, 185 ; 

William, 100, 185. 



Braham, John (Canon), 237. 

Brailsford, Matthew, 107. 

Brancker, Ann, 82 ; Hannah, 267. 

Braunche, Arms, 117 ; Nicholas (Sir), 117. 

Brent, Ann, 12 ; Thomas (Rev.), 12. 

Brewih, James, 245. 

Brian, Dianna, 14 ; Thomas, 14. 

Briant, Elizabeth, 33. 

Brick, Mrs., 164. 

Brickenden, Ann, 26 ; Edmund (Rev.), 25, 26 ; 
Elizabeth, 26 ; Frediswade, 25, 26. 

Britbaine, Margaret, 180. 

Broad, Helen, 251 ; John, 251 ; Ruth, 249 ; 
Sarah, 251 ; Sophia, 251 ; Sophia L., 251 ; 
William, 249. 

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Eleanor, 169 ; Elizabeth, 169 ; Frances, 168 ; 
Frediswade, 168, 169; Jane, 169; John, 168, 
169 ; Maria, 169 ; Martha, 168, 169 ; Mary, 
169 ; Robert, 168 ; Sarah, 168, 169 ; William, 
25, 168, 169. 

Brokehampton, Elizabeth, 88 ; John, 88. 

Brookes, Frederick, 262 ; George, 262 ; Henry, 
261 ; Mary, 261 ; Sarah, 261. 

Browne, Brown, Ann, 186; Charles, 186; 
Deborah, 76, 186 ; Eleanor, 23 ; Elizabeth, 
57, 185, 186, 187 ; Frances, 186 ; Frederick 
(Rev.), 43, 134 ; Grace, 186 ; Hugh, 186, 
187 ; James, 186 ; Joan, 186 ; John, 186, 
187 ; Jonas, 186 ; Joseph, 186, 187 ; Martha, 
185, 186; Mary, 33, 186; Nathaniel, 186; 
Phillis, 186 ; Robert, 186 ; . Sarah, 186 ; 
William, 186. 

Bruce, Annabella, 199 ; Constance, 199 ; Frances 
L., 154 ; Henry, 199 ; Henry, Lord Aberdare, 
199 ; Henry L., 199 ; Jessie, 199 ; Margaret C, 
199 ; Rachael, 199 ; —,154. 

Brun, Alice Le, 116 ; Guy Le, 117 ; Hugh Le, 
116, 117 ; Isabel Le, 117. 

Bryant, Elizabeth, 77 ; John, 77. 

Brydges, Ann, 204, 205 ; Arms, 109, 204, 205, 296 ; 
Catherine, 205 ; Edmund, 204, 205 ; Eleanor, 
204, 205 ; Elizabeth, 204, 205 ; Frances, 110, 
112, 114, 204, 205, 208 ; Francis, 205 ; Francis 
W. T., 205 ; Frideswade, 205 ; Hester, 205 ; 
John, Lord Chandos, 149; Kemp, 204 ; Mar- 
garet, 124 ; Marshall, 109, 112, 114, 204, 205, 
208 ; Marshall (Rev.), 204, 205 ; Mary, 204, 
205 ; Philippa, 149 ; Rachael, 203 ; Richard, 
205 ; Robert, 112, 204, 205 ; Robert (Rev.), 
114, 124, 204, 205 ; Thomas, 205 ; Thomas 
(Sir), 149 ; William, 204, 205. 
Brymer, Arms, 279 ; William T. P. (Rev.), 

Bubwith, Arms, 1, 9, 275 ; Nicholas, Bishop, 1,9, 

275, 296. 
Buffett, Mary, 285 ; — , 285. 
Bull, Ann, 46, 47, 48, 49 ; Arms, 43, 44. 46, 47, 48, 

49 ; Arthur, 50 ; Betty, 47 ; Bridget, 48 
Charles, 46, 47 ; Dorothea, 48 ; Dorothy, 47 
Edward, 46, 47, 48 ; Eleanor, 46, 47, 48, 49 

50 ; Elizabeth, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50, 52, 181 
Frances, 47 ; Francis, 47 ; George, 46, 47, 48 
50 ; Grace, 48 ; Henry, 43, 46, 47, 49, 50, 52 
149, 181, 289 ; Honor, 46 ; James, 45, 46, 47 ; 
Jane, 43, 44, 45, 47, 49 ; Joane, 289 ; Joanna 
50 ; John, 45, 46, 47, 149 ; Judith, 45, 46 
Lawrence, 46 ; Lucy, 45 ; Margaret, 43, 45 
47, 49, 289 ; Mary, 46, 47, 48, 50, 280 
Rachael, 48 ; Richard, 45, 46, 47, 48, 289 
Robert, 48, 50, 285 ; Samuel, 47 ; Sarah, 46, 

48 ; Southworth, 49 ; Susan, 46 ; Thomas, 45, 
47 ; Walter, 45 ; William, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 
49, 50, 131. 

Buller, Alexander, 38 ; Amy, 38. 

Bunbury, Abraham, 181 ; Isabella, 181. 

Burge, Jane, 18 ; William, 18. 

Burland, Ann, 102, 214, 230, 231 ; Arms, 102, 
230, 296 ; Claver M., 231 ; Elizabeth, 101, 102, 
185, 214, 231 ; John, 101, 102, 185, 214, 231 ; 
John (Sir), 230 ; John B., 230, 231 ; Letitia, 
230, 231 ; Margaret, 101, 231 ; Mary, 101, 
231 ; Miss, 231 ; Morris, 231 ; Robert, 231 ; 
William, 231. 

Burnaby, Arms, 209 ; Elizabeth M., 209 ; Wil- 
liam (Adm. Sir), 209. 

Burns, Thomas, 2. 

Burrell, Arms, 174 ; Margaret I., 174, 181 ; 
Peter, 174, 181. 

Burton, Mary, 52 ; — , 52. 

Burye, Mary, 285 ; William, 240. 

Bussell, Bushell, Arms, 178 ; James, 178 ; Mary, 

Butler, Ann, 180 ; Jane, 180, 181 ; John, 180 ; 
Mary, 148 ; Thomas, 180, 181 ; — , 148. 

Butson, Christopher (Bishop), 286 ; J. S. 
(Archd.), 286 ; Sarah, 286. 

Button, Bitton, de Bytton, Adam (Sir), 288 ; 
Arms, 287 ; John (Preb.), 288 ; John (Sir), 
287 ; Philip, 288 ; Richard (Precentor), 288 ; 
Robert, 288 j Thomas (Bishop), 288 ; William 
de (Bishop), 38, 85, 288. 

Bygod, Anselme, 117; Isabel, 117; William, 

Byng, Arms, 237 ; Elizabeth, Viscountess Tor- 
rington, 237 ; George, Viscount Torrington, 
237 ; Lucy E. (Hon.), 237. 

Byrd, William (Prior), 116. 


Cahill, Margaret, 97. 

Cairnes, Arms, 128. 

Camden, William, 53. 

Camvell, Maud, 121; William, 121. 

Cantilupe, Millicent de, 118 ; William de, 118. 

Capel, Edward, 178 ; Mary, 178. 

Card well, Elizabeth, 80 ; Viscount, 80. 

Carente, William (Sir), 45. 

Carew, Arms, 67, 68 ; Elizabeth, 67, 68 ; George, 

68 ; John, 68 ; Margery, 68 ; Martha, 44 ; 

Mary, 68, 99 ; Thomas, 67, 68, 99 ; Thomas 

(Sir), 44. 
Carleile, Christopher J., 95 ; Eleanor, 36, 95 ; 

Francis, 95. 
Carpinter, George, 247 ; Grace, 247. 
Carricke, Arms, 72, 73 ; Henry, 74 ; Martha, 73 ; 

Martin, 74 ; Patience, 73 ; Robert, 73. 
Carslake, Abraham, 163. 
Carver, Francis, 126. 
Cary, Arms, 280 ; James, 12 ; Jane, 12 ; Joane, 

167 ; Lucius, Viscount Faulkland, 155 ; Mary 

(Hon.), 155 ; William, 167. 
Castell, Castle, Ann, 219 ; Grace, 56 ; Henry, 

130 ; John, 56 ; Sarah, 131. 
Castile, Eleanor of, 117, 118, 119 ; Ferdinand 

III. of, 118, 119. 
Cavan, Richard G., Earl of, 285. 
Cawood, John, 142. 
Cayley, Sarah, 276. 



Cecil, Arms, 43, 296 ; Marquis of Salisbury, 43 ; 
Robert, Earl of Salisbury, 43 ; Thomas, Earl 
of Exeter, 61 ; William, Lord Roos, 61. 

Ceely, — , 52. 

Chalmer, Ann, 78 ; George, 78. 

Chamberlain, Frederick, 264 ; Jane, 259, 264 ; 
M.. 259 ; Mary, 264 ; R. T., 259 ; Robert, 264. 

Champernoune, Bridget, 152 ; Gawen, 152 ; 
Gabrielle R., 152. 

Champion, Ann, 249 ; George, 249 ; Mary, 

Chaperdine, Alice, 187. 

Chapman, Betty, 48 ; Elizabeth, 48 ; James, 48 ; 
Jane, 48 ; Joanna B., 48 ; John, 48 ; Joseph, 48, 
49 ; Joseph J., 48 ; Joyce, 48 ; Katherine. 48 ; 
Mary, 49 ; Mary E., 49 ; Richard, 48 ; Sarah, 
49, 290 ; Sarah A., 49 ; Thomas, 48 ; Walter, 
48, 177 ; William, 48. 

Chariole, Harriet, 199 ; Pierre, 199 ; Richard, 

Charlton, Alice. 120 ; Edward, Lord Powis. 120 ; 
Eleanor. 120 ; Joan, 120 ; John, 3 ; John, 
Lord Powis, 120 ; Joyce, 120 ; Maud, 120. 

Cheddar, Joanna, 36, 120 ; Thomas, 36 ; Tho- 
mas (Sir), 120. 

Cheeseman, Elizabeth, 287. 

Cheney. Alice, 121 ; Ann, 121 ; Edmund (Sir), 
121 ; Elizabeth. 121. 

Chester, Col., 71. 

Chichester, Elizabeth, 49 ; John, 49. 

Child, Alfred (Rev), 158 ; Louisa C, 158. 

Chittenden, Jane, 238 ; Margaret, 238 ; Sarah, 
238 ; Thomas, 238. 

Chomeley, Charlotte, 155 ; Montague (Sir), 155. 

Christian, John, 190 ; Mary, 190. 

Christie, Archibald. 188 ; Isabella, 188 ; Sarah, 

Church. Alice E., 276 ; Ann, 276 ; Arms, 275, 
280 ; Arthur J. B., 276 ; Bromley C, 276 ; 
Bromley J., 276 ; Charles F. I., 276 ; Charles 
M. (Rev. Canon). 275, 276, 280 ; Edith F., 276 ; 
Eliza, 276 ; Elizabeth M., 276 ; Emily A.. 276 ; 
Frederic J., 276 ; Gertrude E. M., 276 ; Helen 
B., 276 ; Helen F., 276 ; Isabel E., 276 ; Jane, 
276; John D., 276; Mary A., 276; Mary C, 276 ; 
MaryM., 276 ; Matthew, 276 ; Maurice, 276 ; 
Richard (Sir), 276 ; Richard W. (Very Rev. 
Dean), 276 ; William. 276. 

Churchill, Arms, 127. 

Clare, Arms, 108, 115, 118; Eleanor, 118, 120 ; 
Gilbert de. Earl of Gloucester, 116, 118, 119, 
120; H. de (Canon), 115; Isabel de, 116; 
Joan de, 118, 119; Margaret, 116, 118, 119: 
Richard de, Earl of Gloucester. 116, 119 ; 
Roger de (Canon), 115 ; William de, 118. 

Clarke, Clark, Clerk, Agnes, 143 ; Alice, 142, 294 ; 
Ann, 142 ; Anthony, 142 ; Arms, 143, 144 ; 
Betty, 144 ; Christian M., 278 ; Dorothea 
{alias Woodchurch), 152 ; Eleanor, 97 ; Edith, 
143 ; Edward. 144 ; Elizabeth, 142 ; Harry, 
142; Henry, 142, 272; Humphrey (alias 
Woodchurch), 152; Joan, 142, 143; John 
(Bishop), 144, 272, 294; John, 143, 178; 
Margaret, 143, 178 ; Mary, 142, 143 ; Mr., 
143 ; Mrs., 143 ; Richard, 143, 144 ; Rowland 
(Sir), 142, 272, 273; Stroud, 17; Susanna, 
143 ; Thomas, 142, 143, 144, 294 ; Thomas 
(Major), 97 ; William, 3, 142, 143. 

Claxton, Ann, 142. 

Clement, Col., 155 ; Florence E., 155 ; William, 
128 ; William (Archd.), 128. 

Clements, Henry, 289. 

Clevedon, Clivedon, de Clyvedon, Arms, 292 ; 
Edmund, 293 ; Emmeline, 293 ; John, 86, 
294 ; John (Sir), 118, 293 ; Katherine. 118 ; 
Margaret, 294 ; Mary, 86, 294 ; Matthew, 
293 ; Sara, 293. 

Clinton, Ann, 140, 141 ; Arms, 296 ; Elizabeth, 
140, 283 ; Guy, 141 ; Guydo, 140, 141 ; John, 
141 ; Martha, 140 ; Sara, 285 ; Sarah, 140 ; 
Thomas, 140. 

Close, Ada Maria, 258 ; J. Douglas, 258 ; 
Katherine, 258. 

Clothier, Robert, 135. 

Clutterbuck, Eleanor, 46 ; John, 46. 

Cockburn, James P., 198; Jessie M. W., 198; 
Julia S., 198 ; William A. P., 198. 

Cockerell, Arms, 107 ; Frances, 107 ; Samuel P., 

Cockling, Michael, 2 ; Patrick, 2. 

Codrington, Ann, 148; Arms, 148; Elizabeth, 
148 ; Jane, 148 ; John, 148 ; Samuel, 148. 

Coker, Jane, 52 ; Robert, 52. 

Cole, Mary W., 29 ; William W., 29. 

Coleridge, J. D., 73. 

Coles, Agnes, 258 ; Charles, 3 ; Frances, 4 ; 
Lieut.-Col., 4 ; James, 18 ; Mary, 18. 

Coleshill, Elizabeth, 121 : John (Sir), 121. 

Collier, Charles (Capt.), 134. 

Collings, Marguerite W., 258 ; W. T., 258. 

Collins, John, 3, 

Colville, Arms, 211. 212 ; Catherine, 211, 212 ; 
John (Lord), 211,212. 

Comes, Elizabeth, 56 ; R., 64. 

Compton, Frances, Countess of Northampton, 
282 ; George, Earl of Northampton, 282. 

Coney, Jane, 286 ; Thomas B. (Rev.), 286. 

Conway, John, 187 ; Martha, 187 ; Sarah, 

Cook, Mary, 254. 

Cooper, Angelica, 34 ; Sarah, 14, 34. 

Corham, Sarah, 24. 

Cornish, Arms, 160 ; Thomas (Dean), 160. 

Cornwall, Edmund. Earl of, 116, 119 ; Margaret, 
Countess of, 119; Richard. Earl of, 116, 

Corston, Dr., 275 ; Emily E., 275. 

Cosens, Coussens, Cozens, Christian, 136 ; Eliza- 
beth, 136 ; Francis, 136; John, 136 ; Mary, 
136 ; Maurice, Morris, 136 ; Nicholas, 136 ; 
Richard, 136. 

Cottesham, Mrs., 95. 

Cottle, Arms, 150 ; Moses, 150 ; Sylvestra, 

Court, a Court, Annabella, 198 ; Edward, 49 ; 
Eleanor, 49 ; Elizabeth, 49 ; Isabella S., 198 ; 
John, 49 ; Sarah, 49 ; William, Lord Haytes- 
bury, 198 ; William P. A. (Sir), 198 ; Wil- 
liam F., 198 ; W. Holmes (Hon.), 198. 

Courtenay, Edward, 120 ; Edward, Earl of 
Devon, 120; Eleanor, 49, 120; Grace, 49 
Hugh de, 119; Hugh, Earl of Devon. 119 
John. 49 ; Maud, 119 ; Richard (Dean), 119 
Sarah 49. 

Coward,' Agnes, 136 ; Alice, 136, 137, 294 ; Amy, 
134, 135 ; Andrew, 136 ; Ann, 132, 135 ; 
Arms, 132, 134 ; Arthur, 137 ; Bess, 136 ; 
Bridget, 133 ; Catherine, 132, 133, 134, 135, 
136 ; Christopher, 132, 135 ; Edith, 135 ; 
Edward, 132, 133, 135, 136; Elizabeth, 133, 
134, 135, 136, 137 ; Frances, 135, 136 ; Francis, 
132, 133, 134, 135 ; George, 133 ; Grace, 134, 



135 ; Hannah, 135 ; Henry, 135, 136; Hum- 
phrey, 136 ; James, 137 ; Jane, 132, 133, 134; 
Jillan, 137 ; Joane, 135, 136 ; John, 132, 133, 

135, 136, 137, 142 ; Julian, 136 ; Katherine, 
133 ; Madam, 133 ; Margaret, 136 ; Martha, 
137; Mary, 132, 133, 134, 135, 136; Peter, 

136 ; Philippa (Lady), 134 ; Priscilla, 133 ; 
Rebecca, 137 ; Richard, 136 ; Robert, 133, 

136, 137 ; Samuel, 132, 133 ; Sarah, 132 ; 
Susan, 137 ; Thomas, 131, 132, 133, 134, 135 ; 
Tristram, 136, 137 ; Walter, 137 ; William, 
132, 133, 134, 135, 136. 

Cox, — , 58. 

Crabtree, — , 204. 

Crauford, Annabella, 107 ; Henry W., 107. 

Credonia, Isabel, 117, 118 ; Maurice, 117, 118. 

Creech, Mary, 291. 

Creswick, Sarah, 152 ; — (Rev.), 152. 

Creyghton, Creighton, Abigail, 207 ; Alexander, 
208, 295 ; Ann, 208 ; Arms, 8. 28, 111 ; Cathe- 
rine, 112, 114, 206 ; Elizabeth, 208 ; Frances, 
111, 112, 114, 204, 206, 207, 208 ; Francis, 111, 
205; Fredeswade,207,208; Frisel, 114; George, 
206, 207, 208 ; Hannah, 208, 295 ; Henry, 
208 ; Jane, 207 ; John, 207, 208 ; Katherine, 
206, 207, 208 ; Margaret, 111, 206, 207, 208, 
222 ; Mary, 207, 208 ; Matthew, 208 ; Robert, 
207,208 ; Robert (Bishop), 28, 88, 111, 112, 205, 
206, 208 ; Robert (Dr.), 8, 110, 112, 113, 114, 
124, 205, 206, 207, 208, 222 ; Stuart, 208 ; 
Susanna, 207; Thomas, 111, 205, 206, 208; 
William, 207. 

Crook, Joane, 86 ; Joanna, 86 ; Philip, 86 ; 
Thomas (Rev.), 137. 

Cross, Crosse, Andrew, 57 ; Ann, 140 ; Eliza- 
beth, 15 ; Francis, 95 ; Philippa, 95 ; Richard, 
95, 140. 

Cruckshank, Harriet, 98 ; Robert, 98. 

Cuff, Alice, 136. 

Cupper, Catherine, 36 ; Eleanor, 36 ; Grace, 
35 ; Mary, 36 ; Richard, 35, 36, 140, 257 ; 
Sarah, 36 ; Thomas, 36 ; William, 36. 

Curie, Arms, 269 ; Walter (Bishop), 269 ; Walter 
(Sir), 269. 

Curtice, Elizabeth, 188 ; James, 188. 

Curtis, Arms, 139 ; Charles, 139 ; Elizabeth, 139. 

Dacres, Arms, 156 ; Emma, 156 ; Harold S., 
156 ; Helen F., 156 ; Irene E., 156 ; Mary O., 
156 ; Ranulph H, 156 ; Richard (Gen. Sir), 
156 ; Richard (Vice-Adm. Sir), 156 ; Sydney 
C. (Adm. Sir), 156 ; Sydney L., 156. 

Dale, Grace, 73 ; William, 73. 

Daniell, Ursula, 18. 

Darbyshire, Mr., 94. 

D'Arcy, Philip (Sir), 75. 

Dash wood, Alexander, 157 ; Alexander T., 157 ; 
Alice, 158 ; Arms, 157 ; Arthur, 157 ; Charles 
K., 157 ; Charlotte L., 157 ; Charlotte S., 
158 ; Emma B., 157 ; Emma M., 158 ; 
Frederick J., 157 ; George L., 158 ; Herbert, 
157; James (Sir), 157; Louisa C, 158; 
Marian, 157 ; Marion, 158 ; Selina G., 158 ; 
Thomas, 157. 

Daubeny, Alice, 38 ; Amy, 38 ; Arms, 38, 162 ; 
Cecily, 38 ; Elizabeth, 38 ; Giles, Lord, 38, 162 ; 
Henry, Earl of Bridgewater, 38 ; William, 38. 

Davidge. Adrian, 24 ; Alice, 24 ; Ann, 23, 24 ; 

Arms, 24 ; Catherine, 24 ; Charles, 24 
Edmund, 24 ; Jane, 291 ; John, 23, 24 
Katherine, 23, 24 ; Mary, 24 ; Master, 24 
Richard, 24 ; Sarah, 23, 24 ; Susan, 24 
Susanna, 177 ; Thomas, 24 ; Tristram, 23 
— , 285. 

Davie, John, 238 ; Mary, 238. 

Davies, Edmund, 130 ; Lucy, 45 ; Randel, 

Davis, Ann, 244 ; Arms, 57, 177, 178 ; Daniel, 
244; Dodington, 181; Francis, 20; Grace, 
47; Jane, 181, 244; Jemima, 250; Job, 3 ; 
John, 69, 90, 177, 178, 181, 237, 250 ; Margaret, 
90, 177. 181 ; Mary, 20, 181, 244 ; Peter, 69, 
90, 177, 178, 179, 181. 292 ; P., 57 : Rachael, 
254 ; Rees, 178 ; Richard, 90, 181 ; Robert, 
181; Kuth, 214; Samuel, 48; Sarah, 250; 
Susanna, 69, 181 ; Thomas, 244 ; William, 
47, 254. 

Dawe, Arms, 185; Edmund, 185; Elizabeth, 
185 ; Hill. 173 ; Marianne, 173. 

Dawes, John, 125 ; Robert, 125. 

Dawson, Eleanor, 205. 

Day, Ann, 16, 17; Arthur, 16; Bridget, 18; 
Catherine, 16 ; Charles, 16 ; Edward, 16, 17 ; 
Elizabeth, 16 ; Francis, 15, 16 ; Jane, 16 ; 
Joane, 16, 18 ; John, 15, 16, 17, 164 ; Joseph, 
16 ; Margaret. 16 ; Mary, 15, 16, 17 ; Mrs., 
16 ; Rachael, 16 ; Susanna, 15, lis, 17 ; 
William, 16. 

Dayes, Arms, 43 ; Elizabeth, 43 ; Nicholas, 

Dearman, Ann, 276; Elizabeth, 276; John, 

Dennis, Arms, 148 ; Cecily, 149 ; Dorothea, 
148; Henry, 148; Jane, 148; John, 148, 
149 ; Mary, 148 ; Sarah, 57 ; William, 

Despencer, Eleanor, 120 ; Elizabeth, 120 ; 
Hugh, Lord Lee, 120. 

Dethick, William (Sir), 147. 

Devenish, Elizabeth, 88 ; William, 88. 

Dibden, Marianne, 278 ; — , 278. 

Dickenson, Arms, 279 ; Francis H., 280. 

Dighton, Henry, 149 ; Martha, 149. 

Dingley, Mary, 6. 

Dixon, Col., 200 ; Florence, 200. 

Dodd, Juliana, 181 ; — , 181. 

Dodington, Arms, 70, 178 ; Catherine, 70 ; 
Christopher, 70, 177, 178, 181 ; Eleanor, 50; 
Florence, 103, 105 ; George, 50, 70 ; John, 
103, 181 ; Margaret, 103, 177, 178, 181 ; Mary, 
70 ; Thomas M., 170 ; William, 70. 

Dory, Mary, 138. 

Douglas, Margaret, 29 ; Percy, 29. 

Dover, William, 135. 

Dowden, Jane, 207. 

Drake, Ann, 287 ; Clement, 295 ; Francis, 295 ; 
Francis (Rev.), 295. 

Drayton, Ellen F., 244. 

Drewe, Edward, 99 ; Edward (Rev.), 98 ; Eliza- 
beth, 98, 99 ; Francis, 98, 99 ; Herman (Rev.), 
99 ; Joan, 98 ; Juliana, 99 ; Mary, 99, 286 ; 
Mary D., 99 ; Sarah E., 99. 

Drokensford, Andrew, 293 ; Arms, 85, 86 ; 
Joanna, 86 ; John (Bishop), 86, 89, 293 ; John 
de. 85, 86, 293 ; Mary, 86, 292, 294 ; Michael, 
293 ; Nicholas, 294 ; Philip de, 86, 293, 294. 

Dubber, Betty, 48. 

Ducane, Arms, 295 ; Arthur (Rev.), 248, 295 ; 
Richard (Major), 248. 



Ducarel, Adrian C, 155 ; Mary, 155. 

Duck, Arms, 44 ; Arthur, 13, 44 ; Margaret, 43, 

44 ; Martha, 44 ; Mary, 44 ; Nicholas, 44 : 

Richard, 44 ; William, 44. 
Dudoc, Bishop, 87. 
Dun, John, 126. 
Dunbar, Arms, 51 ; Hamilton, 51 ; Jacobina, 

51 ; James (Sir), 51. 
Duncan, James, 2, 3. 
Dunn, — , 289. 
Dunt, Jane, 248. 
Durant, Arms, 158 ; Charlotte S., 158 ; Richard, 

Dursen, Mary, 17. 
Dutton, Arms, 43 ; Isabel, 43 ; Thomas (Sir), 

Dyer, John, 80 ; Lydia, 80. 


Ede, Christian, 136 ; Elizabeth, 136 ; Frances, 
136; John, 136; Richard, 136; Robert, 

Eden, Mary, Baroness Auckland, 255 ; Robert J. 
(Lord Auckland, Bp.), 255. 

Edghill, Charity, 138 ; Richard, 138 ; Sarah, 

Edwards, Arms, 149 ; Charles, 200 ; Edith, 
200 ; Elizabeth, 149. 

Ellis, Elizabeth, 259 ; James, 259 ; Joan, 149 ; 
John, 52, 149 ; Mary, 52 ; Richard, 137, 

Elton, Abraham, 108, 232 ; Abraham (Sir), 232 ; 
Ann, 232 ; Arms, 232 ; Isaac, 232 ; Jacob, 

Elwes, Arms, 275 ; Edward L. (Rev.), 275 ; 
Emily E., 275 ; John M., 275 ; George M. (Sir), 
275 ; Hervey (Sir), 275 ; Sarah, 232. 

Ely, Emily, 29 ; Thomas, 29. 

England, Stephen, 2. 

Erghum, Bishop, 25. 

Erie, Elizabeth, 167; John, 208 ; Thomas, 167. 

Ernley, Edward, 105. 

Eustace, Clotilda, 170 ; Maurice (Sir), 170, 

Evans, Abiah, 287 ; Catherine, 33 ; Elizabeth, 
33 ; Hester, 33 ; James, 33 ; John, 33 
Joseph, 33 ; Katherine, 33 ; Margaret, 34 
Mary, 33 ; Orange, 33 ; Susannah, 33 
Thomas, 33 ; Tristram, 33 ; William, 33, 34. 

Everett, Elizabeth, 81 ; William, 81. 

Everingham, Elizabeth, 294 ; John de, 294. 

Eyre, Ann, 201 ; Arabella, 201 ; Arms, 149, 201 ; 
Frances, 201 ; George (Sir), 125 ; Gervase 
(Sir), 127 ; Henrietta, 201 ; James (Sir), 201 ; 
Margaret, 201 ; Margaret A., 201 ; Richard, 
149, 201 ; Robert, 149 ; Thomas, 149 ; Tho- 
mas (Rev.), 201. 

Fagan, George H. U. (Rev.), 256. 

Farquharson, James. 89 ; Mary, 89. 

Farr, Farra, Arms, 230 ; Joanna, 10 ; John, 10, 

Farrand, Thomas, 2. 

Faussaille, Ann La, 56, 58 ; John Le (Major- 
Gen.), 56, 58. 

Fawknor, Margaret, 105 ; William, 105. 

Fayremay, Arms, 116 ; Robert, 116. 

Fell, James, 208. 

Fellgate, Brother, 43. 

Fendles, Margaret, 119 ; William, 119. 

Ferrers, Joane, 118 ; Margaret, 118 ; William 

de, 118. 
Fielding, Edmund, 285 ; Edmund (Lieut.-Gen.), 

285 ; George, Earl of Desmond, 285 ; Henry, 

285 ; John (Rev.), 285 ; Sarah, 285. 
Fillingham, Emma L., 283 ; George, 283. 
Filmer, Ann, 152 ; Edmund (Sir), 150 ; Robert, 

Fisher, Joan, 281 ; Thomas, 281. 
FitzAlan, Alice, 37, 117, 118, 119, 120; Arms, 

36, 37 ; Edmund, 118 ; Eleanor, 118 ; Hugh, 

Earl of Arundel, 117 ; Isabel, 116,117 ; John, 

119 ; Richard, Earl of Arundel, 37, 118, 120 ; 

Maud, 116. 
FitzGerald, Alice C. F., 80 ; Augustus O., 79 ; 

Gerald A. R., 80 ; James R., 80 ; Mabel, 80 ; 

Maurice H., 80 ; Maurice O., 80 ; Robert G., 

FitzWarine, Barony of, 78. 
Fleming, Mrs., 96. 
Fletcher, Betty, 245 ; Silas, 245. 
Flood, Mary F., 29 ; William H., 29. 
Flower, Arthur, 205 ; Henry, 45 ; Judith, 45. 
Floyer, Anna M., 188 ; — , 180. 
Foote, Henry, 149. 
Ford, Ann, 193 ; Edward, 193 ; Elizabeth, 106, 

193 : Gilbert, 219 ; Henry, 193 ; James 

(Dr.), 106, 193 ; John, 193 ; Mary, 219 ; 

Sarah. 193 ; Thomas (Rev.), 193 ; William, 

Fordway, Elizabeth, 174 ; Robert, 174. 
Forest, John (Dean), 115. 
Forrest, Richard H., 188. 
Forward, Anne, 47 ; William, 47. 
Foster, Aaron (Rev.), 224, 225, 226 ; Andrew, 

222, 225 ; Ann, 224, 225, 226, 295 ; Ann D., 
239 ; Arabella F., 222 ; Arms, 222, 223 ; 
Caroline M., 227, 239 ; Charles E., 224, 225 ; 
Charles S., 243 ; Charles W., 226 ; Edward 
(Rev.), 225, 226, 239, 286, 295; Elizabeth, 
225, 226, 239 ; Frances, 225, 226 ; Francis D, 
(Rev.), 226, 227, 239 ; Henry, 226 ; Joanna S. 

223, 224 ; John (Eev.), 225 ; Katherine, 226 
Margaret A., 225 ; Mary, 56, 226, 239, 283 
Robert (Rev.), 222, 223, 224, 232, 239 ; Tho- 
mas, 225, 226 ; William, 225, 226 ; William 
J. S., 224. 

Foweracre, Grace, 282. 

Fowler, Lavinia, 51 ; — , 51. 

France, Margaret of, 119; Philip III. of, 

Francis, Georgina A, 212 ; John T. (Col.), 

Frankland, Ann, 212 ; Arms, 211, 212 ; Arthur, 

212 ; Augustus C, 212 ; Catherine, 211, 212 ; 

Catherine H., 212 ; Charles C, 212 ; Clara, 

212 ; Edward A., 212 ; Emma, 212 ; Frederick 

W., 212 ; George, 212 ; Georgina A., 212 ; 

Matilda, 212 ; Octavia, 212 ; Roger (Rev.), 

99, 211, 212 ; Sophia, 212 ; Sophia C, 212 ; 

Thomas (Adm. Sir), 211. 
Franklyn, Ann, 292 ; Francis, 292 ; Francis 

(Rev.), 65, 292 ; Joanna, 65, 292 ; John, 292 ; 

Mary, 292 ; Mary A., 292 ; Samuel, 292 ; 

Sarah, 292. 
Freeman, Philippa, 32 ; Robert, 32 ; ThomaB, 

Fuller, Arms, 280 ; — , 296. 




Gaisford, Jane C. 79, 234, 258 ; Thomas (Dean), 
79, 234, 258, 294. 

Gale. Arms, 150 ; Elizabeth, 287 ; John, 150 ; 
Mary, 150. 

Gapper, Abraham, 52 ; Christian, 52 ; Henry 
(Rev.), 30 ; Mary, 30. 

Garnire, Maria, 79 ; Thomas (Dean), 79. 

Garrett, Emma B., 157 ; John (Capt.), 157. 

Gastrell, Jane, 48. 

Gatcombe, William, 95. 

Gay, Anne, 64 ; Anthony, 64 ; Arms, 63 ; John, 
64 ; Martha, 64 ; Thomas, 64. 

Gendrault, Ann, 123 ; Arms, 122 ; Charles, 122 ; 
James, 122, 123 ; Jane, 122, 123. 

Genevill. Joane. 119 ; Peter, 119, 121 ; — , 121. 

George, Arms, 77 ; Elizabeth, 4. 

Germany, Henry IV. of, 117. 

Gibbon, Ann B., 279 ; Scawen K., 279. 

Gibson, Arms, 277, 280; Edgar C. S., 277; 
Frank S., 277 ; Kenneth S.. 277 ; Louisanna, 
277; Mary G., 277; Ralf S., 277 ; Theodore 
S., 277; William (Rev.), 277; William S., 

Giffard, Henry, 262 ; Iset, 262. 

Giles, Mary, 57. 

Giso, Bishop, 124. 

Godeley, John de, 85, 86. 

GOdsall, Anne, 64 ; John, 64 ; Thomas, 64. 

Godwin, Anthony, 35, 94 ; Dr., 35, 95, 96 ; Isa- 
bella, 35 ; James, 57 ; Thomas, 94 ; Thomas 
(Bishop), 269. 

Golden, John (Rev.), 235 ; J., 290 ; Sarah, 

Goldfinch, Frances, 6, 282 ; William, 282. 

Gooch, Arms, 196 ; Harriet, 196 ; John (Rev.), 
93, 196, 198 ; Mary, 196 ; Rachael, 196, 198 ; 
Thomas (Sir, Bishop of Ely), 196, 198. 

Good, Jane, 180 ; William, 180. 

Goodenough, Annabella, 107 ; Arms, 107 ; 
Edmund (Rev.), 106 ; Edmund V., 107 ; 
Elizabeth, 106 ; Frances, 107 ; Frederick A., 
107; James G., 107; Lucy, 107; Samuel, 
Bishop of Carlisle, 106; Sophia, 106, 107; 
William (Rev.), 106. 

Goodfellow, Fanny, 240 ; George, 240. 

Goodford, Arms, 155 ; Arthur J., 156 ; Charles 
O. (Rev.), 155 ; Charlotte, 155; Charlotte C, 
156 ; Emily S., 156 ; Georgiana P., 156 ; 
Gertrude H., 156 ; Harriett, 156 ; Henry, 
155 ; Henry F., 156 ; Katherine L., 155 ; 
Katherine M., 156 ; John, 155 ; John W., 
156 ; Mary C, 156 ; Montague C, 156. 

Goodchild, Joseph, 152 ; Sarah, 152. 

Gordon, Edward, 286. 

Gore, Ann, 294. 

Gorges, Elizabeth, 149 ; Thomas, 149. 

Gouge, Mary, 70 ; William (Rev.), 70. 

Gough, Elizabeth, 281 ; Mary, 281 ; William, 

Gould, Andrew, 285 ; Anne, 285 ; Arms, 194, 
195, 296 ; Davidge, 285 ; Davidge (Sir), 286 ; 
Edith, 285 ; Elizabeth, 50, 285, 286 ; Grace, 
285 ; Harriett, 283 : Henry, 9, 285 ; Henry 
(Rev.), 194, 286 ; Henry (Sir), 285 ; Honora, 

285 ; Honora M.. 285 ; James, 278, 285 ; Jane, 

286 ; Joan, 285 ; John, 285 ; Marianne, 278 ; 
Maud, 285 ; Martha, 141 ; Mary, 10, 285 ; 
Mrs., 9 ; Richard, 9, 10, 286 : Sarah, 286 ; 
Susan, 286 ; Susanna, 9, 10, 296 ; Stephen, 

285 ; S. Baring- (Rev.), 285 ; Thomas, 286 ; 

William, 50, 285 ; William (Rev.), 286. 
Graham, Anna M., 51 ; Arms, 51, 53 ; Thomas, 

Granville, Frances, 203 ; George, 203 ; George 

B., 203. 
Gravill, Abigail, 10 ; Ann, 10 ; Frances, 10 ; 

Thomas, 10. 
Gray, Deborah, 15. 
Greene, John, 281 ; Thomas, 262. 
Gregory, Alexander (Rev.), 48 ; Bridget, 48. 
Grene, John, 37. 
Grey, Anne, 120 ; Arms, 1 ; Earl of Stamford and 

Warrington, 279 ; Edward (Sir), 120 ; Edward 

(Lord), 120 ; Elizabeth, 120 ; Henrietta C. 

(Lady). 270 ; Jane (Lady), 76 ; John (Sir), 

120 ; Thomas. Earl of Stamford, 76 ; Thomas 

(Sir), 120 ; Thomas (Lord), 76. 
Grindall, Arms, 127. 
Grinsteed, Humphrey, 136. 
Grosvenor, William, 2. 
Grove, Arms, 75, 76 ; Dorothy, 76 ; Grey J., 76, 

78 ; James, 76 ; Troth, 76, 78. 
Guilford, Abigail, 60, 216 ; Arms, 60, 216, 217 ; 

Charles, 60, 217 ; Mr., 218 ; Richard, 60, 216. 
Guise, Anna, 149 ; Arms, 149 ; Cecily, 149 ; 

Christopher (Sir), 149 ; Henry, 149 ; John W. 

(Gen. Sir), 149; Philippa, 149; William, 

149 ; William (Sir), 149. 
Gundry, Eliza M., 157 ; Joseph, 157. 
Gunter. Arms, 45 : Blanche, 45, 131 ; Elizabeth, 

44 ; Francis, 44, 45, 131 ; Jane, 44, 131. 
Gunthorpe, Arms, 75, 270 ; John (Dean), 74,75, 

Gutch, Ann, 22 ; Arms, 144 ; Barbara, 22, 23 

Charles, 22, 23 ; Eleanor, 23 ; Elizabeth. 22 

Frances, 22 ; Flora, 22, 23 ; Hannah, 22, 23 

Henry, 23 ; Jane, 21 ; John, 22. 23, 144 

Joseph, 22, 23 ; Mary, 22, 23 ; Mary A., 22 

Robert, 21, 22, 23 ; Samuel, 23 ; Thomas 

G., 22. 

Hagatt, Susan, 97. 

Hale, Mary, 48 ; Matthew (Sir), 48. 

Hall, Arms, 134 ; Bridget, 133 ; Thomas, 133. 

Halliday, Arms, 155 ; Dr., 155 ; Emma, 155 ; 

Frederick J. (Sir), 155 ; John (Gen.), 155 ; 

Maria M., 155 ; Thomas, 155. 
Hamilton, Ann, Duchess of, 157 ; Arms, 51 ; 

Jacobina, 51 ; John, 51. 
Hanbury, Alice, 98 ; Arms, 98. 
Hannam, Ann, 18. 
Harbord, Mary, 44 ; William, 44. 
Harcourt, A. V., 199 ; Bernard, 199 ; Mabel, 

199 ; Mildred, 199 ; Rachael, 199. 
Harebottle, Frank, 2. 
Harewell, Agnes, 288, 289 ; Arms, 39 ; Elizabeth, 

289; John (Bishop), 39, 288; Richard 

(Canon), 39, 288; Roger, 288; Thomas 

(Canon), 288 ; William, 39, 288, 289. 
Harkness, Jane W., 92 ; Robert (Rev.), 92, 

Harman, Thomas. 134. 
Harold, Henry, 250. 
Harptre, Arms, 85, 296. 
Harris, Ann, 215 ; George, 215 ; John (Bishop), 

215 ; Katurah, 253 ; William, 253, 296. 
Hartnoll, Mr., 69. 



Harvey, Ann I., 278 ; W. M., 278. 

Haselriggre, Dorothy, 71 ; Frances, 71 ; Rebecca, 

71 ; Thomas, 71. 
Haselshaw. Bishop. 21. 
Hatch, Catherine. 248 ; Martha, 248 ; William, 

Hawkins, Frank. 2 : John, 76 ; Mary, 76. 
Hawley, Arms, 74 ; Henry, 74 ; Margaret, 74 ; 

William, 74. 
Hawtry, Dr., 155. 

Hayes, John, 2 ; Sarah, 290 ; Thomas, 290. 
Haynes, Thomasine, 278. 
Haylesbury. William, Lord, 198. 
Hayward, Bridget, 153 ; Mary, 49 ; Robert, 153 ; 

William, 49. 
Healy, Arms. 164 ; Frances, 4, 5, 6, 165, 282; 

Mary, 4. 165. 166 ; Ralph, 4, 165 ; Richard, 

4, 5, 165 ; Richard (Rev.), 4, 5, 164, 165, 166, 

282; Susanna, 165 ; Thomas, 165; William, 

Heard, Elizabeth, 148 ; Isaac (Sir), 82, 83, 148, 

179; John, 148. 
Heath, Alice, 137 ; Ann, 137 ; Arms, 135 ; 

Charles, 137 ; Edmund, 137 ; Edward, 137 ; 

Elizabeth, 137 ; Frances, 137 ; George, 137 ; 

Margaret, 137 ; Martin, 137 ; Samuel. 134, 

137 ; Sarah, 137 ; Thomas, 134, 137 ; Virtue, 

137; WiUiam, 137. 
Heather, Arms, 151 ; Martha, 151 ; William, 

Heatley, Mary, 68 ; Thomas, 68. 
Hebden, Arms. 31, 233 ; John (Sir), 34, 233 ; 

John, 34, 233 ; Richard, 34, 233 ; Thomas, 

Heeling, Jessie M., 81. 
Hellier, Mary, 133. 

Hemens, Giles, 165, 166 ; Hannah, 165. 
Hennah, Capt., 51 ; Margaret, 51. 
Henning, Arms, 202 ; Charles M., 202 ; Susannah 

L., 202. 
Henton. Elizabeth, 109. 
Henwood, Elizabeth, 170, 187 ; Peter, 170, 171, 

Heme, Jane C, 256 ; Robert, 256 ; T., 62. 
Hervey, Alice L. P., 29 ; Arms, 268, 280 ; Arthur 

C. (Lord, Bishop), 28, 265 ; Arthur C. C, 29, 

268, 277, 280 ; Arthur H. W., 28, 29, 265 ; 

Caroline A., 29 ; Constantine R.W., 29 ; Douglas 

G.. 29 ; Elizabeth C, Marchioness of Bristol, 

28 ; Emily, 29 ; Emma, 29 ; Frederick W., 
Marquis of Bristol, 28 ; George (Lord), 28 ; 
George H. W., 29 ; Gerald A, 29 ; Geraldine, 

29 ; Gwendolin, 29 ; James A., 29 ; John F. A., 
29 ; Katherine P. G.. 29 ; Margaret, 29 ; Mar- 
garet C, 29 ; Mary F., 29 ; Mary W., 29 ; 
Patience (Lady Arthur), 28, 265 ; Patience 
M., 29; Sarah E. H., 29 ; Sydenham H. A., 
29 ; Thomas P. A.,29 ; Victoria, 29 ; William, 
Marquis of Bristol, 28, 278 ; William (Lord), 

Hervey- Bathurst, Alice C, 286 ; Frederick H. 

(Sir), 286. 
Hicks, Arms. 149 ; Mrs., 134 ; Martha, 149 ; 

Thomas, 149. 
Highatt, Arms, 150 ; Frances, 150 ; Richard. 

Hill, Arms, 274 ; Catherine, 65 ; Edward, 65 ; 

Elizabeth, 142; Frances, 65; John, 287; 

Katherine, 65 ; Ralph (Sir), 287 ; Samuel, 

215 ; Samuel (Rev. Archdeacon), 65, 295 ; 

Sarah, 65 ; William, 65, 287, 292. 

Hinchcliffe, Frances, 205 ; — , 205. 

Hine, Charles, 2. 

Hoare, Charles, 29 ; Henry, 29 ; Katherine P. G., 

Hobday, Arms, 151 ; Elizabeth D., 151 ; Marie 

H. E., 151 ; WiUiam A., 151. 
Hobhouse, Arms, 77 ; Arthur (Sir), 77 ; 

Catherine, 77 ; Edmund (Bishop), 77 ; 

Eleanor, 77 ; Eliza, 77 ; Harriet, 77, 78 ; 

Henry, 77, 78 ; John, 77 ; Reginald (Rev.), 

77 ; Sarah, 77. 
Hockmore, Gregory, 285 ; Honora, 285 ; Mary, 

285 ; William, 285. 
Hockeyns, Frances M., 290 ; J. (Rev.), 290. 
Hodges, Eleanor, 46 ; John, 46 ; Martha, 281 ; 

Philip, 141,281. 
Hodgkinson, Eleanora M., 254 ; Mable K., 254. 
Holland, Alice, Countess cf Kent, 37, 119 ; Ann, 

Countess of Kent, 121 ; Arms, 36, 37, 119 ; 

Eleanor, 120 ; Joan, 119, 120, 121 ; John. Earl 

of Kent, 121; Maud, 119; Philippa, 85; 

Thomas, Earl of Kent, 36, 117, 119, 120, 121 ; 

— , 85. 
Hollis, Ann. 48 ; DanzilL 148 ; Francis (Lord), 

148 ; Jane, 148 ; Lady, 149. 
Hollowav, Margaret Julia, 258. 
Holt, Thomas (Rev.), 22. 
Holmes, Jane, 97 ; Mary, 152 ; — , 152. 
Hopkins, Frances J., 279 ; William, 279. 
Hopton, Catherine, 167 ; Ralph, Lord, 167 ; 

Robert. 167. 
Hooper, Abigail, 59, 60, 216, 217 ; Arms, 216, 

217, 296 ; George (Bishop), 59, 60, 216, 217 ; 

Rebecca. 60, 217. 
Hordaker, Sister, 126. 
Horman, William, 142. 
Home, — , 58 ; Bishop, 154. 
Horner, Arms, 147 ; Bridget, 152 ; Jane, 147, 

152 ; John (Sir), i47 ; Margaret, 45 ; Thomas, 

45, 152. 
Horsey, Lucy, 52 ; Thomas, 52. 
Hoskins, Margery, 56. 
Hothersall, Ann I., 278 ; Arms, 278, 280 ; John, 

Howard, Charles, 276 ; Marianne, 276. 
Howe, Arms, 152 ; Dorothea, 152 ; George (Sir), 

152 ; George G. (Sir), 152 ; Mabel, 153 ; Mary, 

152 ; William. 153. 
Huddleston, — {nee Purland), 231 ; Rev. Mr., 

Hughes, Ann, 157 ; Arms, 63, 151 ; Cecilia, 64 ; 

Charles, 64 ; Dorothea, 151 ; Edward, 64 ; 

Frances, 31 ; Henry, 157 ; John, 151 ; Mary, 

64 ; Talbot de B., 151 ; Thomas, 64, 283 ; 

William. 63, 64, 151. 
Huish, Bridget, 54 ; Edward, 55 ; Frances, 55 ; 

James, 54, 55 ; Maud, 54 ; Robert, 49 ; Sarah, 

54, 55. 
Hulet, Eleanor, 109. 
Hull, Jane, 169 ; William, 169. 
Hulle, Walter de, 108. 
Humphries, Guido, 140 ; Sarah, 140. 
Humphreys, Roger (Rev.), 62. 
Hungerford, Arms, 274 ; Anthony, 167 ; Fran- 
ces, 167 ; Margaret (Lady), 294 ; Robert 

(Lord), 294. 
Hunt, Archdeacon, 130 ; Arms, 49 ; Elizabeth, 

49 ; Robert, 49 ; Sarah, 130. 
Huntley, Clara J., 80 ; George, 35 ; Richard 

(Rev.), 80; Silvester, 35. 
Hur, Mary, 50. 



Hurdaker, Sister, 126. 

Hussee, Hussey, Arms, 37 ; Elizabeth, 47 ; 
Henry (Dean), 37, 116, 121; Margery, 37; 
Rebecca, 47 ; Robert (Sir), 47 ; William, 37, 119. 

Hyde, Alexander, 103 ; Ann, 149 ; Elizabeth, 
103, 104, 105 ; George, 192, 282 ; John, 192, 
284 ; Lawrence (Sir). 103, 149 ; Lawrence, 
103, 104 ; Mary, 192, 284 ; Robert (Sir), 103. 

Ilderton, Rosa, 79 ; Thomas (Rev.), 79. 

Ingram, Anne, 81, 82 ; John, 81, 82. 

Inman, Mary. 255. 

Ireland, Arms, 116 ; Walter (Rev.), 294. 

Irish, Edmund, 126; Elizabeth, 126; Grizell, 

126 ; Joane, 126 ; John, 126 ; Theophila, 126. 
Irving, Elizabeth, 221 ; James, 261 ; Mary H., 

51 ; William, 221. 
Ivory, Elizabeth, 151 ; William, 151. 
Ivyleaf, Mary, 47. 

Jacob, Ellen, 233 ; John (Sir), 233. 

James, Arms, 45 ; Blanche, 44,45, 131 ; Francis, 
45, 131, 132; J. Fencot, 2; Katherine, 18; 
Mary, 132 ; Mary A., 229 ; Philippa, 131 ; 
William, 134 ; William (Rev.), 229. 

Jane, Constance, 140. 

Jebo, Mary, 17. 

Jeboult, Anne, 203. 

Jefferys, Augustin, 109 ; Eleanor, 109 ; Widow, 50. 

Jenkyns, Jenkins, Anna, 78 ; Anna E., 77 ; 
Anna M., 77 ; Anne, 76, 77. 79 ; Arms, 75, 76, 
77, 78, 145 ; Arthur, 79 ; Bertram H., 79 ; 
Catherine, 79 ; Dean, 120 ; Deborah, 76 ; 
Dora S., 79 ; Dorothea E., 79 : Edith, 79 ; Eliza- 
beth, 76, 77, 78 ; Elizabeth A., 79 ; Emmeline 
M. S., 79 ; George, 78 ; Gerald T. I., 79 
Gwendoline, 79 ; Harriet, 77, 78 ; Helen S. 
79 ; Henry, 78 ; Henry J., 79 ; Hugh H., 79 
James B., 79 ; Jane, 78, 79, 234 ; Jane C, 79 
234, 258 ; Joane. 18 ; John. 77, 78, 79, 234 
Madeline S.. 78 ; Mary, 76, 77 ; Reginald R. 
79 ; Richard, 75, 76, 77, 78, 79, 145 ; Robert 
76, 77 ; Rosa, 79 ; Sarah, 76, 77, 79, 81 
Stephen S., 79 ; Thomas, 76 ; Troth, 76, 78 

Jennings, Francis, 135. 

Joanes, John, 137. 

Johnson, Barbara, 32 ; Charles, 33 ; Edward 
(Rev.), 32 ; Elizabeth, 33 ; George H. S. 
(Dean), 265 ; Lelia, 80 ; Thomas, 33 ; Wil- 
liam, 80. 

Joley, Anne, 290 ; T., 290 

Jones, Ann, 242 ; Caroline, 199 ; Jessie, 199 ; 
John, 104 ; Margaret, 199 ; Mary, 149 ; 
Seston, 149 ; Thomas, 242 ; William, 104, 
149 ; W. Wynne (Rev.), 199. 

Jordan, Amy N., 278 ; G. W., 278. 

Kearney, William, 2. 

Keate, Anne, 102, 214, 215 ; Elizabeth, 214, 215 ; 
John, 214, 215; Thomas. 215; Thomas M., 
214 ; William, 215 ; William (Rev.), 214, 215. 

Keen, Arthur, 19, 296; Christopher, 122, 123; 
Elizabeth, 19; Francis. 19, 183; Irene, 122; 
Jane, 123 ; Joseph, 19 ; Katherine, 19 ; Sarah, 

Kelly, Arthur, 99 ; Juliana, 99. 

Kempe, Francis, 204 ; Mary, 204. 

Ken, Arms, 145 ; Christopher, 112 ; Elizabeth, 
112 ; Thomas (Bishop), 145. 

Kennedy, John, 2. 

Kidder, Aim, 159 ; Arms, 158, 159 ; Richard 
(Bishop), 158, 159. 

King, Ann, 214, 260 ; Arms, 213, 214 ; Frances, 
214 ; James (Dean), 214 ; Maria (Hon.), 
214; Walker (Bishop), 213, 214; Walker, 

Kingsbury, Mary, 15 ; Patience, 73. 

Kingston, Ann, 12 ; Arms, 11, 287 ; Barbara, 11, 
287 ; Elizabeth, 11, 12 ; Francis, 12 ; James, 
12; Jane, 12; Joanna, 11, 12; John, 11, 12, 
287; Margaret.ll; Mary.ll, 12, 36. 287; Robert, 
11, 12, 287 ; Robert (Rev.), 11, 12, 287 ; Sarah, 
11, 12 ; Thomas, 12 ; William, 12. 

Kirby, Catherine, 51 ; — , 51. 

Kitson, Margaret, 85 ; Thomas (Sir), 85 ; Tho- 
mas, 85. 

Knapp, Margaret, 237 ; Thomas (Rev.), 238. 

Knight, Arms, 8, 144 ; Sarah, 292 ; William 
(Bishop), 8. 144. 

Knollis, Miss, 252, 253. 

Koch, Caroline M. L., 80 ; Herr, 80. 

Lackett, Elizabeth, 153 ; Richard, 153. 

Lake, Almeric, 61 ; Arms, 61 ; Arthur (Bishop), 

44, 61, 281 ; Thomas (Sir), 61. 
Lambart, Honora M., Countess of Caven, 283 ; 

Richard, Earl of. 283. 
Lambert, Edmund, 92 ; Elizabeth, 92 ; John, 

156 ; Mary, 57, 291 ; Sarah, 252. 
Lamont, Arms, 183 ; Hannah, 183 ; John, 183 ; 

Norman, 183. 
Langmead, Elizabeth, 237 ; Philip, 237. 
Lansley, Robert, 241 ; Sarah, 242. 
Lavington, Arthur E., 250 ; Charles W., 250 ; 

Jane. 250. 
Law, Alfred S., 155 ; Ann, 88, 190 ; Arms, 155, 

189,190; Bishop. 88; Charlotte, 155 ; Edith 

S., 156 ; Edmund (Bishop), 190, 279 ; Edward, 

Lord Ellenborough, 190 ; Emma, 155 ; 

Florence E., 155; George, 155; George H. 

(Bishop), 189 ; George S., 155 ; Gertrude M., 

155 ; Harry D., 155 ; Helen F., 156 ; Henrietta 

C. (Lady), 279 ; Horace F., 155 ; Howard F., 

155 ; James T.. 279 ; Jane, 190 ; John (Rev.), 

155 ; Katherine L., 155 ; Margaret, 88, 190 ; 

Mary, 155, 190 ; Stephen, 155. 
Lawrence, Anne, 290 ; Arch., 290 ; Edward, 51 ; 

Harriet A., 51. 
Laws, Widow, 126. 
Lax, Charles, 229; Elizabeth, 229; Frances, 

240; George, 10, 240; John, 229; Sophia, 

229 ; Robert G., 229. 
Layng, Catherine, 114, 124, 206, 208 ; Creighton, 

114, 203 ; George, 114, 202, 203, 220 ; Henry. 

114, 202, 206, 208, 220 ; Mary, 114, 202, 221 ; 

Peter, 114 ; Robert, 203. 
Lee, Hugh, 98 ; Mary, 98. 
Legge, Ann, 26 ; Thomas, 26. 
Leigh, Catherine, 60 ; Henry, 60. 

B It 



Lessey, Thomas (Rev.), 127. 

Lewis, Arms. 231 ; Edward, 136 ; Margaret, 136 ; 
Richard, 136. 

Leyton, Admiral, 98 ; Charlotte E., 98. 

Liides, John (Sir). 281 ; Thomas, 281. 

Limbeare, Maud, 285. 

Linley, Arms, 170 ; Elizabeth A., 169, 170 
Mary, 169, 170 ; Thomas, 169, 170 ; William, 170 

Lisle, de, Joanna, Viscountess, 36, 78, 117, 120 
John, Viscount, 36, 120 ; Margaret, 120 
Warine, Lord, 120. 

Lite, Catherine, 135. 

Little, James, 281 ; John, 281. 

Lloyd, Arms, 44, 151 ; Dorothea, 151 ; Edward, 
44, 45, 131 ; Jane, 44, 45, 131 ; John, 10 ; 
Mary, 10 ; Peter G., 10 ; Richard H., 151. 

Lock, Ann, 287 ; Sarah, 172 ; Robert, 287 ; Tho- 
mas, 82, 83 ; Thomas (Clarencieux), 179. 

Lockett, Ann, 77 ; Henry (Rev.), 77. 

Loder, Elizabeth, 15. 

Long, John, 15. 

Longman, Miss, 66. 

Loscombe, Catherine, 156 ; Katherine B., 156 ; 
Winteringham (Major), 156. 

Lovell, Arabella, 9 ; Arms, 167, 296 ; Catherine, 
9; Edward, 171, 189; Edmund, 171, 189; 
Edmund (Rev.), 167, 168 ; Esther, 9 ; Frances, 
259 ; George, 9, 168 ; Hester, 9, 245 ; John, 9, 
259; Joseph, 9; Joseph L., 171. 189; Mar- 
garet, 179, 181 ; Martha, 167, 168 ; Mary, 
167, 168 ; Robert, 188 ; Thomas, 171 ; 
Thomas F., 245 ; William, 245. 

Loveridge, Jane, 16. 

Lowry, Jane, 290. 

Lucas, Arms, 151 ; Christopher, 106 ; Clement, 
151 ; Elizabeth, 151 ; John, 151 ; Mrs., 106 ; 
Thomas, 151. 

Ludlow, Henry, 52 ; Margaret, 52. 

Luff, Ann, 49 ; Joanna, 50. 

Lukin, Arms, 237 ; Emma E., 237 ; George W., 
237 ; John, 237 ; John M., 237 ; Lucy E. 
(Hon.), 237. 

Lush, Hannah, 295. 

Lutterell, Arms, 275 ; Earl of Carhampton, 285 ; 
Elizabeth (Hon), 285 ; Temple S. (Hon.), 285. 

Lynch, Mary F., 3 ; William W. (Major- 
Gen.), 3. 

Lyne, John, 55 ; Mary, 55. 


Maby, John, 135. 

MacCarthy, Catherine, 70. 

Mackintosh, Louisa, 29. 

Macreth, Arms, 216. 

Maddock, William, 208. 

Magee, Catherine L., 157. 

Malet, Margaret, 83 ; William, 83. 

Malherb, Adam, 293 ; Arms, 292 ; Hugh, 293 ; 

Margery, 293 ; Robert, 293 ; Roger, 293 ; 

Sara, 293 ; William, 293. 
Mallock, Charlotte, 153 ; Rawlin, 153. 
Maltravers, Arms, 119; Elizabeth, 121 ; John 

(Sir), 119, 121. 
Man, John, 137. 

Mansell, Edward, 44 ; Margaret, 44. 
Mapson, Nicholas, 136. 
Marcel, John, 89. 
Marchant, Mary, 144 ; Priscilla, 187 ; Rose, 

144; William, 187. 

Marchia, Arms, 36, 116 ; William de (Bishop), 

36, 116. 
Markham, Elizabeth, 47 ; Rebecca. 47 ; Robert 

(Sir), 47. 
Marks, Anna, 7. 
Marshall, Ann, 205 : Edmund, 205 ; Isabel, 

116; Mary, 48; Maud, 116, 117; William; 

Earl of Pembroke, 116, 117, 118. 
Martin, George, 252 ; Mary, 252. 
Masey, George, 2. 
Maskell, Elizabeth, 95 ; Jane, 95 ; John, 95 ; 

Richard, 95. 
Mason, Ann, 212 ; Charles, 46, 47 ; Elizabeth, 

46, 47 ; Mary, 135 ; Thomas, 212. 
Matthew, — , 152 ; — , 152. 
Matthews, Elizabeth, 6, 257, 258 ; Hannah, 

258 ; Sarah, 258 ; Thomas, 257, 258. 
Mattock, Ann, 138, 139; Arms, 132, 139; 

Arthur, 138, 139, 140; Catherine. 138; 

Charles, 132, 138, 139 ; Charity, 138 ; Eliza- 
beth, 138, 139 ; George, 138, 139, 140 ; James, 

138 ; Jane, 132, 138 ; Jasper, 138 ; John, 138, 
139; Joseph, 138, 139; Katherine. 132, 138. 

139 ; Margaret, 138, 139 ; Martha. 138, 139 ; 
Mary, 132, 138, 139 ; Matthew, 138 ; Richard, 
139 ; Robert, 138 ; Sophia, 140 ; Thomas, 132, 
138, 139, 140 ; William, 139. 

Maundrell, Susan, 283 ; Thomas, 150 ; Tho- 

masine, 150. 
Maunoir, Arms, 277 ; Jane, 277 ; J. P., 277. 
Maurice, Arms, 270 ; Harriet T., 270 ; Michael 

(Rev.), 270. 
Maxwell, Hamilton (Major), 181 ; Innes E., 

181 ; Isabella, 181. 
May, Mary, 21. 
Mayger, Elizabeth, 18. 

Maynard, — , 147 ; Elizabeth C.,278 ; Jonas, 278. 
Mayne, Ellen O., 97. 
McLean, Hector, 3, 267 ; John D., 267. 
Meade, Richard J., 255. 
Melhuish, Mary, 263. 
Merchant, John, 77 ; Sarah, 77. 
Meredith, Lydia, 80 ; Lydia E. D., 80 ; Samuel 

(Capt.). 80. 
Merricke, Hester, 205 ; William, 205. 
Merrifield, Arms, 141 ; Christable, 141 ; Wil- 
liam, 141. 
Metzner. Bromley C, 276. 
Michell, Benjamin, 148; Elizabeth, 148. 
Middleton, Adela, 156 ; Arms, 156 ; Arthur P., 

156; Charlotte L., 156; Edith M., 156; 

Ernest, 156 ; Frank, 156 ; Georgina, 

156; Harriett, 156; Hastings B., 156; 

Hastings C, 156 ; Hastings N., 156 ; John 

de, 111; Mabel K., 156; Mary A., 156; 

Walter, 156 ; William, 156. 
Mildmay, Carew. 265 ; Henry P. St. J. (Sir), 

265 ; Jane, 265 ; Kitty A., 265 ; Walter St. 

J. (Rev.), 265. 
Miles, Maria C, 286 ; William (Sir), 286. 
Millard, Ambrose, 147 ; Ann, 16 ; Arohibald, 

17; Arms, 17; Catherine, 17; John, 17; 

Joseph, 15 ; Martha, 17 ; Mary, 17 ; Mary A., 

17 ; Rebecca, 17 ; Samuel, 17 ; Susannah, 15, 

17 ; Thomas, 17. 
Miller, Catherine, 221 ; Harriet, 196 ; Thomas 

(Sir), 196, 
Mills, Clara J., 80 ; Elizabeth, 297 ; Flora, 257 ; 

Julia J., 80 ; Robert, 257 ; Robert W., 257 ; 

Susanna C, 80 ; Thomasine, 73. 
Milton, George B., 241 ; John de, 111. 



Moberley, Edward, 276 ; Emily, 276. 
Mohun, Charles, 134 ; Philippa, 134. 
Molyneux, Annabella, 270 ; Francis (Sir), 270. 
Monck, Elizabeth M., 290 ; Frederick, 290. 
Montagu, Arms, 269 ; Edward (Sir), 269 ; 

James (Bishop), 269. 
Moutall, Millicent, 118 ; William, 118. 
Montgomery, Gabrielle R. (Lady), 152 ; 

Samuel, 2. 
Mooney, Patrick, 3. 
Moore, Arms, 134 ; Grace. 134, 135 ; James, 28 ; 

John, 164 ; Sarah, 28 ; Thomas, 134, 135. 
Morgan, Arms, 149 ; Sarah, 149 ; William, 

Morley, Arms, 95 ; John, 95. 
Morrell, Baker, 49 ; Mary E., 49. 
Morrice, James (Rev.), 155 ; Maria M., 155 ; 

Mary, 155. 
Morris. Arms, 99, 100, 184, 296 ; Claver, 96, 100, 

101, 102. 184, 185, 231 ; Elizabeth, 102, 231 ; 

Mary, 100, 185 ; William. 99, 100, 185 ; Wil- 
liam (Rev.), 184. 
Mortimer, Ann, 120 ; Arms, 161 ; Earl of 

March, 38, 161 ; Edmund, 38, 119, 120, 121 ; 

Eleanor, 120; Elizabeth, 119; Joane, 119; 

Margaret, 118, 119 ; Maud, 37, 119 ; Philippa, 

119; Roger, 118, 119, 120. 
Morton, Sarah, 28 ; Thomas, 98 ; — , 98. 
Moss, Ann, 31 ; Arms. 200 ; Bishop, 93 ; Caro- 
line, 93 ; Charles (Rev.). 31,32, 200; Frances, 

31 ; Joane, 31, 57; John, 30, 31, 57. 200; 

John B., 31 ; Mary, 31, 200 ; Sarah, 31, 200. 
Mount, Agnes F., 157 ; C. M. (Rev.), 157. 
Mountstevens, Robert, 137. 
Mudesley, Henry de, 293. 
Musgrave, Ann, 294 ; Joseph, 294 ; Rachael, 

167; Robert, 167. 
Muttlebury, Ann, 242 ; Frances W., 242 ; 

George, 242 ; James E., 242 ; Margaret, 244 ; 

Mary, 242 ; Thomas, 244 ; Thomas B., 242. 
Mowbray, Ann, 120 ; John (Lord), 120. 
Mynne, Jane, 44 ; Nicholas, 44. 


Napier, Edward B., 283 ; Letitia S., 283. 
Nares, Arms, 202 ; George (Sir), 202 ; Susanna 

L., 202. 
Nash, Anna, 257. 
Nelson, Arms, 174 ; Edith (Lady), 286 ; Horatio 

(Earl), 286 ; —,181. 
Nevill, Elizabeth. 120; George, Lord Latimer, 

Newton, Dorothy, 150; John (Sir), 125, 127, 

150, 237, 296 ; Mary, 125, 127; Penelope, 125, 

127, 296 ; Sarah, 115 ; Thomas, 115. 
Nichol, Arms, 161 ; William, 161. 
Nicholls, Dorothy, 281 ; Easter, 281 ; Elizabeth, 

245 ; Fanny, 246 ; James, 281 ; J. F., 246 ; 

Mr., 246; Mary, 281. 
Nooth, Winchcomb, 283. 
Norton, Elizabeth, 141 ; William, 141. 
Nulty, William, 2. 


Ogilvy, Arms, 182 ; Charles S., 182. 
Oglethorpe, Ann, 21, 22 ; James, 21, 22 ; Sarah, 
21, 22. 

Old, Margaret, 15. 

Oldham, Ann, 30 ; James, 29, 30 ; Joseph, 29, 

Orange, Edward, 46 ; Elizabeth, 46 ; Mary, 46 ; 

William, 46. 
Orchard, Arms, 135. 
Owgan, Agnes, 288 ; Henry (Sir), 288. 
Oxley, Henry, 267. 
Ozzard, Col., 278 ; Mabel, 278. 

Paget, Anna A. E., 89 ; Francis (Rev. Canon), 
276 ; Helen B., 276 ; John (Rev.), 89. 

Paine. Ann, 7 ; Edith, 283 ; Elizabeth, 6, 7, 141 
283; Elizabeth F., 6, 174; Frances, 5,6,7 
282 ; Francis, 6, 7, 283 ; Hester, 5, 7, 283 
John, 5, 6, 7, 91, 141, 283 ; John (Rev.), 5, 6 
7, 174, 283, 286 ; Mary, 6, 7, 283, 286 ; Phillis 
7, 283; Richard, 4, 6, 7, 283; Samuel, 7 
William, 7, 283. 

Palmer, Ann, 65, 66, 292 ; Arms, 65, 66, 67 
Catherine, 66, 292 ; Elizabeth, 65, 66, 292 
Frances, 65, 66, 166, 167, 292; John, 65 
Nathaniel, 65, 66, 67, 166, 167 ; Peregrine, 65 
66, 292 ; Rachael, 66, 67 ; Thomas, 65 ; Tho 
mas (Sir), 65. 

Palmer-Morewood, Clara, 29 ; Charles R., 29 
Patience M., 29 ; Roland, 29. 

Pardoe. George A. (Lieut.), 2. 

Parfitt, Alice, 15 ; Anne, 13, 14, 210 ; Catherine, 
2, 14, 15. 241 ; Deborah, 15 ; Dianna, 14 ; 
Edward, 13, 14, 15, 210, 241 ; Eliza, 210 ; 
Elizabeth, 2, 14, 15 ; Elizabeth G., 14, 241 ; 
Frances, 2, 14, 15 ; Francis, 14, 15 ; George, 
14 ; Hannah, 15 ; James, 13, 15 ; Joane, 15 ; 
John, 13, 14, 15 ; Jonathan, 14, 15 ; Joseph, 
14 ; Leonard, 15 ; Margaret, 13 ; Margaret 
C, 13 ; Mary, 13, 15 ; Mary S., 13 ; Nathaniel, 

14 ; Owen, 14 ; Owen G., 14 ; Peter, 12, 13, 14, 

15 ; Peter L., 210 ; Richard, 14 ; Roger, 15 ; 
Samuel, 14, 15 ; Sarah, 14, 219 ; Susannah, 13 ; 
Thomas, 13, 14, 15, 219 ; William, 13, 14, 15, 

Parker, Agape, 290 ; Anna M., 49, 290 ; Anne, 
290 ; Arms, 155, 273 ; Caroline, 290 ; Cathe- 
rine, 290; Charles, 290; Charles J.. 290; 
Charles L., 49, 290 ; Eadward G.. 290 ; Ed- 
ward, 290 ; Edward (Rev.), 291 ; Edward B., 
290 ; Elizabeth, 155 ; Elizabeth M., 290 ; 
Ellen, 98 ; Frances M., 290 ; Frank S., 290 ; 
Gilbert, 289 ; Henry, 273 ; Hubert, 290 ; 
Irene, 290; James, 110, 290; James H., 
290 ; Jane, 290 ; John, 49, 290 ; John H., 
290 ; Joseph, 290 ; Joseph P., 290 ; Lewis B., 
290 ; Rebecca, 289 ; Richard, 49, 290 : Sack- 
ville, 289; Samuel, 289; Samuel (Bishop), 
289 ; Samuel P., 49, 290 ; Sarah, 49, 290 ; 
Sarah C, 290 ; Sophia, 290 ; Susannah, 290 ; 
Thomas, 290; William F., 290; William G. 
(Sir), 155. 

Parsons, Eliza, 264 ; William, 264. 

Pascall, Hannah, 152 ; Thomas. 152. 

Pasley, Jane, 78 ; Madeline S., 78 ; Thomas 
(Sir), 78. 

Pavy, Rebecca, 137 ; William, 137. 

Payne, Anna, 7 ; Arms, 190, 191, 192, 283 ; 
Catherine, 284 ; Frances, 282 ; Henry T. 
(Canon), 282 ; John, 192, 284 ; Judith, 108, 192, 
284 ; Mary, 192, 284 r Samuel (Clerk), 7 ; 



Sarah J.. 284 ; Thomas (Rev.), 6, 108, 191, 284 ; 
— , 296. 

Peach. Sarah, 232 ; Samuel, 232. 

Peake, Arms, 243 ; George (Rev.), 51 ; Maria S., 51. 

Pearsall, Ann, 152 ; Arms, 150 ; Edward. 151 ; 
Elizabeth, 151 ; Frances, 150 ; Frank, 152 ; 
George, 151 ; Hannah, 152 ; Henry, 150, 
152 ; Henry R., 152 ; Henry S., 152 ; Henry 
W., 150 ; Herbert, 152 ; Humphrey, 150 ; 
John, 150, 151, 152 ; John (Sir), 150 ; John 
S., 151 ; Judith, 150 ; Marie H. E., 151 ; 
Martha, 151, 152 ; Mary, 150, 152 ; Philippa, 
151 ; Philippa S., 151 ; Richard, 150, 151 ; 
Richard S., 151; Robert, 150, 151, 152; 
Robert L., 151 ; Samuel, 152 ; Sarah, 152 ; 
Still, 150 ; Thomas, 150 ; Thomasine, 150 ; 
William, 150, 151, 152. 

Pearse, Sarah, 12. 

Pedder, Alice, 78 ; Annie, 78 ; Catherine, 78 ; 
Edward, 78 ; Elizabeth, 78 ; Harriet, 78 ; 
John, 78 ; Margaret, 78. 

Pegg, John. 2. 

Peirse, Piers, Pearce, Arms, 268 ; Bishop, 236 ; 
Dorcas, 236 ; Elias, 236 ; John, 236 ; Joseph, 
236 ; Judith, 236 ; Katherine, 236 ; Martha, 
236 ; Mary, 236 ; Rebecca, 236 ; Sarah, 12 ; 
Thomas, 132, 236 ; William (Archdeacon), 132, 
134, 236 ; William (Bishop), 268 ; William, 
132, 236. 

Pelsent, Pellsent, Arms, 43, 44 ; Elizabeth, 43, 
44, 49 ; John, 43, 44, 49. 

Pemberton. Amy, 98 ; James (Sir), 98. 

Penny, Ann, 17, 18, 19, 104, 105 ; Bridget, 18 ; 
Charles, 17, 18, 19 ; Christopher, 18 ; Edith, 
18 ; Edward, 18 ; Elizabeth, 17, 18 ; Ger- 
trude, 18 ; Hannah, 17 ; Henry, 18 ; Hugh, 
18 ; James, 18, 19 ; Jane, 18 ; Joane, 16, 18 ; 
John, 16, 18, 19, 104, 105 ; Katherine, 18 ; 
Martha, 18, 19, 138 ; Mary, 18, 19 ; Richard, 
18 ; Robert, 18 ; Sarah, 18 ; Susannah, 18 ; 
Thomas, 18 ; Ursula, 18 ; William, 18. 

Perceval. Joanna, 293 ; Roger (Sir), 293. 

Perkins, Ann, 245, 246 ; Hod, 245, 246 ; Eliza- 
beth, 246 ; George, 246 ; John, 47 : Margaret, 
246 ; Margaret C, 246 ; William, 246, 252. 

Perrott, Catherine, 290 ; Charles, 290. 

Pheasant, Rebecca, 289. 

Phelips, Anna A. E., 89 ; Arms, 89 ; Charles 
(Rev.), 89; John, 89; Mary, 89; Mary A., 
89 ; William. 89 ; William (Rev.), 89. 

Phelps, Christian, 235, 236 ; John W., 235 ; 
Julia. 235, 236; Mary P.. 236; William 
(Rev.), 235, 236. 

Phillipps, Anne, 204 ; Arthur, 204 ; Mary, 132 ; 
Richard, 132. 

Philpott, Mary G., 277 ; Richard S. (Prebendary), 

277 ; Thomas, 204. 

Phipps, Arthur C, 286 ; Frances H., 286 ; John. 

286 ; Mary, 286. 
Pilkington, Anne, 79 : Archibald C, 79 ; Arms, 

79 ; Charles (Rev.), 79 ; Charles H. (Rev.), 

79 ; Dorothea M., 79 ; Grace B., 79 ; Leonard, 

G., 79 ; Maria, 79 ; Mary C. 79. 
Pinder, Amy X., 278 ; Ann, 279 ; Ann B., 279 ; 

Ann I., 278 ; Arms, 278 ; Catherine, 279 ; 

Edward, 279 ; Elizabeth, 278 ; Elizabeth C, 

278 ; Elizabeth M., 279 ; Elizabeth S., 278 ; 
Elizabeth W., 278 ; Fanny, 278 ; Frances I., 

279 ; Francis F., 278, 279 ; George (Col.), 
278 ; Harriet, 278 ; Humphrey F., 278 ; 
Humphrey S., 278 ; Isabella, 279 ; James G., 

278 ; John H., 278 ; John H. (Rev.), 275, 
278, 279 ; Marianne, 278 ; Mary, 46 ; Mary 
H., 279 ; Mary J., 278 ; Martin, 46 ; Matthew, 

279 ; North, 279 ; Thomasine, 278 ; William, 
278 ; William L., 278 ; William M.. 279. 

Pinney, Arms, 155 ; Charles, 80 ; Frances M., 
80, 155 ; Frederick W., 155 ; John, 155 ; Mary 
J., 80, 155. 

Pipard, Margaret, 120 ; William (Sir), 120. 

Pitcher, Edward, 27 ; Helen, 27 ; Jane, 27 ; 
John, 27 ; Sarah, 27 ; Susan, 27 ; Thomas, 27. 

Pitman, Jane, 153 ; T., 153. 

Pitt, Arms, 50 ; Samuel, 50 ; Sarah, 50. 

Plantagenet, Alice, 116, 117 ; Ann, 121 ; 
Edward I., 117, 119, 151 ; Edward III., 121 ; 
Edward, Black Prince, 121 ; Edward, Duke 
of York, 120 ; Eleanor. 113 ; Eleanor (Queen), 

118 ; Edmund, of Woodstock, 119 ; Elizabeth, 
273; Geoffery, 116, 117; Hamelin, 116, 117; 
Henry I., 117 ; Henry II., 1 16, 117 ; Henry III., 
118; Henry, Earl of Lancaster, 118; Isabel, 
116, 117; Joan, 118; Joan, of Kent, 119; 
John, 116, 117, 118; Lionel, 119; Margaret, 

119 ; Maud, 116, 117 : Philippa, 119 ; Richard 
II., 37, 45, 117 ; Richard III., 119 ; Richard, 
118; Richard, Earl of Cambridge, 120; 
Richard, Duke of York, 120 : Thomas, Duke 
of Gloucester, 121 ; William, 116, 117, 118. 

Pleydell-Bouverie, Caroline, 199 ; P. (Hon.), 199. 

Plowden, Col., 199 ; Eleanor, 199 ; Helen, 199 
Henry M. (Sir), 199. 

Plumptre, Annabella, 270 ; Arms, 270, 230 
Charles, 270; Edwari H. (Dean), 266,270 
280, 295 ; Edward H, 270 ; Harriet T., 266 
270 ; John, 270 ; Septimus, 270. 

Pomeroy, Arms, 271 ; Richard, 271, 272, 273. 

Ponsonby, Frances, 199 ; Georgina, 181 ; Wil- 
liam (Lord), 181 ; William (Lieut.-Gen.), 

Poole, Mary, 16 ; John, 287. 

Pope, Arms, 274 ; Frances, 123 ; Fredeswade, 
123; John, 3, 57, 113, 123, 124, 274; John 
(Rev.), 206,208 ; Margaret, 113, 123, 124, 206, 
208, 221 ; Martha, 260 ; William, 123, 124 ; 
William (Archdeacon), 130. 

Popham, Alexander, 49, 73 ; Dulcibella, 73 ; 
Edward, 73 : Eleanor, 73 ; Elizabeth, 49 ; 
Grace, 73 ; Martha, 73 ; Thomas, 73. 

Porch, Helen E., 21 ; Henry, 20 ; John, 20, 21 ; 
John de C, 21 ; John E., 21, 234 ; Martha, 
20 ; Mary, 20, 21 ; Mary A., 21 ; Richard, 20 ; 
Thomas, 20, 

Porter, Robert, 240. 

Portman, Ann, 230 ; Lastitia B., 230, 231 ; Wil- 
liam B., 230, 231. 

Post, Alice, 158 ; Thomas, 158. 

Poulett, Arms, 113 ; Catherine, 112, 113 ; Eliza- 
beth. 112; Francis, 112, 113; John (Lord), 
112, 113 : Katherine, 112, 207 ; Michael, 113. 

Powell, Frances. 130 ; Joan, 103 ; John, 130 ; 
Mary, 131 ; Philip, 130 ; Robert. 130 ; Sarah, 
130 ; Valentine, 130, 131. 

Powles, George, 2. 

Pratt, Charles C. (Major-Gen.), 254 ; Maria, 254 ; 
Mary, 125 ; William, 125. 

Praetor, Arms, 155 ; John, 155. 

Price, Arms, 154 ; Charles (Sir), 154 ; Laura F., 
154 ; Ralph, 154. 

Prickman, Abraham, 54 ; Ann, 21, 54, 55 ; 
Barbara, 54 ; Benjamin, 21 ; Charles, 21, 55 ; 
Christian, 54 ; Henry, 55 ; Jane, 21, 22, 51, 55, 



141; John, 21, 22, 54, 55; Katherine, 54; 
Mary, 21, 22, 54. 55 ; Samuel, 21 ; Sarah, 21, 
22, 54, 55 ; Thomas, 22, 54. 

Provence, Eleanor of, 118 ; Raymond, Comte de, 

Prowse, Abigail, 217, 218; Arms, 68, 69; 
Charles, 68 ; Elizabeth, 68 ; George (Rev.), 
68 ; John (Rev.), 68 ; Maria, 68 ; Mary, 68. 

Pryn, Mary, 178 ; Thomas, 178. 

Pulsford, Benjamin, 220 ; Charles H. (Rev.), 10 
Charles H., 195, 286 ; Frances, 219 ; Frances 
G., 286 ; James, 220 ; Jane, 219, 220, 286 
John N., 219,220 ; Lsetitia S.,286 ; Lucas, 219 
220, 286 ; Martha, 220 ; Susanna, 219, 220 
Susanna F., 219, 220 ; William, 219, 220. 

Pyle, Ann, 148; Arms, 148; Elizabeth, 148 
James (Sir), 148 ; Jane, 148. 


Quincy, Roger de, 118 ; Margaret, 118. 


Rackham, Elizabeth, 154 ; John R., 154. 
Radcliffe, Elizabeth, 51 ; Mary, 196 ; William 

(Rev.), 51 ; — , 196. 
Ralph, Bishop, 127. 
Ramsey, Alexander. 212 ; Christian, 251 ; 

Christian A. K., 251 ; Elizabeth, 250 ; Fran- 
ces, 251 ; John, 251 ; Mary, 242. 
Rawlings, George, 219. 

Read, Edmund, 136 ; Frances, 136 ; Henry, 136. 
Redman, Elizabeth, 50 ; Timothy (Rev.), 50. 
Redpath, Samuel, 3. 
Reldon, Sister, 135. 
Revett, Arthur, 131 ; Katherine, 131 ; Michael, 

131; Timothy (Archdeacon), 131, 132,134; 

Timothy, 131, 132, 134. 
Reynell, Mary, 283 ; Richard (Sir), 283. 
Reynolds, Reynell, Maria T., 30. 
Rich, Ann, 3, 4 ; Elizabeth, 4, Frances, 4 ; 

George, 3, 4 ; Mary, 3, 4 ; William, 4. 
Richards, Anna M., 49, 290 ; Dr., 290 ; George, 

49 ; Mary, 210 ; Thomas, 240. 
Richmond, Bruce L., 199 ; Douglas C, 199 ; 

Margaret C, 199. 
Rickards, — , 148 ; — , 148. 
Ridout, Elizabeth, 153 ; John, 153. 
Rintoul, Agnes V., 154 ; Peter, 154 ; Janet, 

Roberts, Jane, 132, 134 ; Mrs., 139 ; Nathaniel 

(Rev.), 134 ; Thomas, 132, 134, 139. 
Robins, Ann, 248 ; Christopher, 136 ; Robert, 

136 ; Thomas, 136. 
Robinson, John, 254 ; Mrs., 254 ; Thomas, 3. 
Rock, Catherine, 281. 
Rodney, Anna, 205 ; Arms, 277 ; George, 61 ; 

Henry, 277 ; Maurice, 178 ; Sarah, 277 ; Wil- 
liam, 277. 
Rogers, Margaret, 256 ; Richard, 76. 
Roland, — , 141. 

Roos, Eleanor, 120 ; Thomas, Lord, 120. 
Rose, Mary, 99 ; Thomas, 99. 
Rosewell, or Rousewell, Thomas, 127. 
Routledge, John, 208 ; Mary, 208. 
Rowley, Anthony, 289 ; Elizabeth, 289. 
Royal, see Plantagenet and Stuart. 
Rowe, Edmund, 148 ; Elizabeth, 148. 

Rundle, Elizabeth, 180. 

Russell, Catherine, 156 ; Robert, 156. 

Ruthen, Lords of, 111. 

Ryder, Caroline, 290. 


Sage, Arms, 172, 173; Elizabeth, 172, 173; 
Emily, 172, 173 ; Isaac, 172, 173. 

St. Aubyn, St. Albon, Arms, 11 ; Elizabeth, 
287 ; John, 287 ; Lancelot, 287. 

St. Barbe, Arms, 116; John, 116. 

St. Loe, Anne, 103, 104, 105; Arms, 105; 
Dorothy, 105; Edmund, 104; Edward, 104, 
105; Elizabeth, 103, 104, 105, 293; Ferdi- 
nand, 103 ; Florence, 103, 104 ; Frances, 

104 ; George, 101 ; Gertrude, 103 ; Jane, 
101 ; Joan, 103 ; John, 103, 101, 105, 293 ; 
John (Sir), 104 ; Lawrence, 103, 104 ; 
Lawrence (Rev.), 103 : Margaret, 103. 104, 
105, 293 ; Martha, 103, 101, 105 ; Mary, 104. 

St. Paul, Maud, Countess, 119; Valeran, Earl 
of, 119. 

Salisbury, Philippa, 119; William, Earl of, 

Salmon, Arms, 26 ; William, 26. 

Samborne, Mary, 46 ; Thomas, 46. 

Sampson, Mary, 291. 

Sandford, Ellen, 29 ; Sarah E. H., 28, 29 ; Wil- 
liam A., 23, 29. 

Sands, Mary, 134 ; William, 134. 

Sanford, Elizabeth, 68 ; John, 68 ; Nicholas, 

Savage, — , 98 ; Susan, 98. 

Say, Maria, 243. 

Seaman, Jane, 74 ; Lionel, 74. 

Segar, William (Sir), 53, 54. 

Selfe, Anne, 76 ; Thomas 'Rev.), 76. 

Sellick, Anne, 125. 126/ 294 ; Deborah, 76 ; 
Elizabeth, 125, 126 ; Henry, 127, 294 ; Honor, 
126; Joane, 125, 126, 127; John, 125, 126, 
127, 294; John (Rev.), 124, 125, 126, 127; 
Margaret, 126, 127, 287 ; Mary, 126, 127, 294 ; 
Nathaniel, 125. 126, 127 ; Nathaniel (Rev.), 
126, 294 ; Penelope, 125, 127, 294 ; Robert, 
125, 126 ; Susanna, 125, 126 ; Theophila, 125, 
127; Raguel, 267. ■ 

Selway, Jacob, 281. 

Senhouse, Elizabeth, 278 ; William, 278. 

Seymour, Ann, 230 ; Arms, 190, 191, 270 ; Cathe- 
rine, 133, 191, 192, 284 ; Edward, Duke of 
Somerset, 190, 191 ; Edward (Sir), 133, 
230; Edward, 191, 192; Eleanora, 109; 
Ellen (Lady), 29 ; Frances, 79 ; Francis 
(Lady), 108, 109, 192 ; Francis (Lord), 108, 
109, 190, 191, 192, 245, 284 ; Francis, 108, 
109, 192, 284 ; Francis C, 191, 193, 245 ; 
Henry, 29 ; Henry J. H., 109, 245 ; John, 

105 ; Leonora, 10'8, 191, 193, 245, 284 ; Mary, 
Duchess of Somerset, 191 ; Mary, 192, 284 ; 
Michael (Sir), 79 ; Robert (Sir), 105 ; — , 296. 

Sheaff, Anne, 71, 105, 106 ; Arms, 71 ; Grindall, 
71, 106 ; Rebecca, 71 ; Samuel, 71 ; Thomas, 71. 

Sheathstone, Isabella, 180. 

Sheep, Agnes, 147. 

Shelton, Bridget, 152 ; Francis, 152. 

Sheppard, William, 3. 

Sheridan, Arms, 170; Elizabeth A., 169, 170; 
Mary, 169, 170 ; Richard B., 169, 170 ; Tho- 
mas. 170. 



Sherlocke, Mary, 196 ; Thomas (Bishop), 196 ; 
William (Dean), 196. 

Sherman, Gabriel, 64 ; Martha, 64. 

Sherston, Agnes, 180 ; Alice M., 182 ; Ann, 180 ; 
Arms, 174, 175, 176, 177, 178, 179 ; Arthur, 
180 ; Beryl M., 181 ; Bridget, 91, 176, 181 ; 
Charles D., 181 ; Charles I. T., 181 ; Doding- 
ton. 91, 176, 178, 181; Edith, 181; Eleanor, 

180 ; Elizabeth, 180 ; Ethel J., 182 ; Florence 
M., 181 ; Francis, 180 ; George P., 181 ; 
Georgina I., 181 ; Innes E., 181 ; Isabel, 180 ; 
Jane, 90, 178, 181 ; John, 180, 182 ; John D. 
(Capt.), 80, 181 ; John R., 182 ; Julianna F. 
A., 181; Mabel, 80, 182; Margaret, 50, 91, 
178, 180, 181 ; Margaret I., 90, 181; Mary, 
178, 181 ; Maxwell, 181 ; Nora I., 182 ; Peter, 
50, 91, 174, 175, 177. 178, 179. 180, 181 ; Peter 
D., 90, 175. 181 ; Sarah, 180 ; Somerset A., 

181 ; Sophia, 181 ; Thomas, 180 ; Thomas D., 
181 ; T. Peter D., 182 ; Weyman, 180 ; Wey- 
mouth, 180 ; William, 90, 91, 178, 180, 181 ; 
William D., 182 ; William M., 182 ; William 
T, 176, 181. 

Shirley, Mabel, 153 ; Thomas, 154. 
Shrewsbury, John, Earl of, 36 ; Margaret, 

Countess of, 36. 
Sidney, Philip C. (Sir), 78. 
Sinclair, Arms, 182. 

Singleton, John, 28 ; Patience, 28 ; Sarah, 28. 
Skrine, Alice C. F.. 80; Arms, 153 ; Elizabeth 

153 ; Henry D., 80 ; Richard D., 153 ; Sarah 

153 ; Susanna C, 80. 
Slade. Anne, 225 ; Helen, 27 ; Martha, 236 

Richard, 236. 
Smith, Brother, 43 ; Dora S., 79 ; Eleanor, 35, 94 

Elizabeth, 81 ; Frances, 79 ; George (Rev.), 

81 ; Spencer, 79 ; Thomas, 35, 94. 
Sneyd, Harriet, 199 ; Major, 199. 
Somerset, Edmund, Duke of Beaufort, 120 ; 

Eleanor, Duchess of, 120 ; Regiment, 2, 3. 
Somner, Edward, 191. 
Southey, Alice, 24. 
Southworth, Arms, 43 ; Christopher (Sir), 43 

Edward, 44, 45, 131 ; Elizabeth, 43, 49 

Gilbert (Sir), 43 ; Henry, 43, 44, 45, 49 

Isabel, 43 ; Jane, 43, 44, 45, 49, 131 ; Mar 

garet, 43, 44 ; Thomas, 44, 45. 
Sparke, Hellen, 57 ; Sarah, 58 ; William, 57. 
Sparrow, Anthony (Bishop), 99 ; Joan, 98. 
Speckington, John (Canon), 237. 
Speke, George (Sir), 167 ; Rachel, 167. 
Spencer, Ann, 157 ; Charlotte L., 157 ; Edward, 

157, 233 ; Mary, 132, 234 ; Mary K., 234. 
Squire, Francis, 173, 174, 198 ; F. (Rev. Dr.), 

197; Mary, 173, 174, 197, 198; Samuel 

(Bishop), 197. 
Stables, Alfred W.. 156; Arms, 156; Daniel 

W., 156 ; Enid G., 156 ; Katherine B., 156 ; 

LoscombeL., 156 ; Robert S., 156 ; Wintering- 
ham N., 156. 
Stacy, Stasey, Ann, 140, 141 ; Constance, 140 ; 

Richard, 140, 141. 
Stafford, Alice, 121 ; Ann, 120. 121 ; Arms, 1, 121 ; 

Catherine. 121 ; Edmund, Earl of, 121 ; 

Edmund (Lord), 121 ; Edmund (Bishop), 

121 ; Edward, Earl of, 120 ; Elizabeth, 121 ; 

Hugh, Earl of, 120, 121 ; Humphrey, Duke 

of Buckingham, 121 ; Humphrey (Sir), 121 ; 

Joane, 120, 121 ; John (Bishop), 1, 121, 274 ; 

John (Sir), 121 ; Margaret, 121 ; Philippa, 121 ; 

Ralph, Earl of, 121 ; Richard (Lord), 121 ; 

Richard (Sir), 121 ; Richard, 120 ; Roger 
(Lord), 121 ; Thomas (Sir), 121 ; Thomas, 
121 ; William (Sir), 121. 

Standfast, Mr., 69. 

Stanesby, Ann, 241 ; John. 241 ; Richard, 241 ; 
Sarah, 241 ; William R., 241. 

Stanhope, Charles W., Earl of Harrington, 151 ; 
Elizabeth S., Countess of Harrington, 151 ; 
Mr., 96. 

Stanley, Maud, 121 ; Thomas, 121. 

Stent, John, 154 ; Susanna, 154. 

Sterndale, Agnes, 199 ; Eleanor, 199 ; W., 

Stephens, Anne, 48 ; Edward, 48 ; Elizabeth, 
48 ; Joseph, 48 ; Katherine, 48 ; Margaret, 
104 ; Mary, 48 ; Rachael, 48 ; Richard, 104 ; 
— , 48 ; — , 48 ; — , 95. 

Stephenson, John, 3. 

Stevens, William. 219. 

Still, Agnes F., 157 ; Agnes V., 154 ; Albert P., 
154 ; Alice, 147 ; Ann, 147, 148, 149. 150, 152, 
154, 157 ; Arms. 46, 146, 147 ; Arthur, 154 ; 
Arthur D., 157 ; Bridget, 152, 153 ; Caroline 
C, 154 ; Catherine L.. 157 ; Charles, 154 ; 
Charles J. G., 157 ; Charlotte, 154, 155 ; Char- 
lotte L., 154 ; Charlotte M., 153 ; Constance 
J., 154 ; Constance R., 154 ; Edith M., 154 ; 
Edward, 147; Eleanor, 153; Eliza, 154; 
Eliza M., 157 ; Elizabeth, 147, 148, 149, 150, 

152, 153, 154, 155 ; Ellen L., 154 ; Emma, 153 ; 
Ernest R., 154 ; Florence C, 154 ; Frances, 

147, 150, 152, 154 ; Frances M., 80, 155 ; 
George. 147, 153 ; George P., 153 ; Henrietta, 

153 ; Henry, 95, 147, 149, 153 ; Henry (Rev.), 
150; Henry B., 153; Henry H. (Rev.), 157 ; 
Henry T., 153 ; Henry W., 154 ; Honor, 153 ; 
James, 154, 157 ; James C, 154, 155, 157 ; 
James T., 153 ; Jane, 147, 148, 152, 153 ; 
Joane, 147 ; John (Bishop), 46, 80, 146, 147, 

148, 152 ; John, 46. 80, 147, 148, 149, 150, 152, 

153, 154 ; John (Rev.), 154 ; John N., 154 ; 
John T., 153 ; Judith, 147, 150 ; Laura C, 157 ; 
Laura F., 154 ; Laura M. M., 157 ; Lelina F., 

154 ; Mabel, 153 ; Mabel M., 154 ; Margaret 
G., 152 ; Marian, 157 ; Mary, 46, 147, 148, 
149, 150, 152, 153, 154, 157 ; Martha, 149, 150 ; 
Mary A., 154 ; Nathaniel, 146, 148, 149, 153 ; 
Nathaniel T., 153 ; Peter, 154 ; Peter (Rev.), 

155 ; Philippa, 149. 150, 151 ; Richard, 153 ; 
Robert, 153, 154 ; Sarah, 149, 153, 154 ; Selina, 
157 ; Selina A., 157 ; Selina E., 157 ; Stafford 
F., 154 ; Susanna, 154, 155 ; Sylvestra, 150 ; 
Thomas, 147, 149, 152, 153 ; Thomas P., 154 ; 
Thomas W., 157 ; Ursula, 152 ; William, 147, 
153, 157 ; William S., 154 ; Willoughby E., 

Stillington, Arms, 161, 162, 274 ; Bishop, 161, 
162, 274 ; John, 162. 

Stokes, Arms, 135. 

Storthwait, John, 37. 

Stott, John, 144 ; Thomas, 144. 

Stourton, Alice, 38 ; John, 38. 

Strangways, Alexander A., 51 ; Ann, 52 ; Arms, 
50, 53, 174; Bonham, 52; Bridget, 52; 
Catherine, 51 ; Christian, 52 ; Cordelia E., 51 ; 
Cordelia E. M., 51 ; Dorothy, 52 ; Edmund, 
52 ; Edmund L., 51 ; Eleanor, 121 ; Elishaba, 
50 ; Elishaba L., 51 ; Elizabeth, 50, 51, 52, 
181, 286 ; George, 51, 52 ; Giles, 50, 51, 52 ; 
Grace, 52 ; Hamilton D., 51 ; Harriet A., 51 ; 
Helen M., 51 ; Henry, 50, 52, 286 ; Henry B., 



50 ; Henry B. T., 51, 53 ; Henry F. H., 51 ; 
Henry L., 52 ; Jane, 52 ; John, 50, 52 ; 
Lavinia, 51 ; Lucy, 52 ; Mabel, 52 ; Margaret, 
50,51.52,175,181; Maria C, 51 : Maria S., 

51 ; Mary, 50, 51, 52, 291 ; Rebecca, 52 ; 
Robert, 291 ; Rose C, 51 ; Sarah, 50 ; Selina, 

52 ; Sophia G., 51 ; Sophia I., 51 ; Thomas, 50, 
52, 121, 175, 181, 291 ; Thomas B., 51 ; Ursula, 
52 ; William, 50, 51, 52, 53 ; William S., 52. 

Strickland, Elizabeth, 148 ; Thomas (Sir), 

Strode, Strowde, Edward, 132; Henry, 132; 

John, 16, 186, 208 ; Mary, 16 ; Mercy, 132. 
Strong, Mary, 154 ; William, 154. 
Stuart, James II. of Scotland, 205 ; John, 

Earl of Athol, 205; John, 205; Margaret, 

Sugar, Arms, 8, 161, 273 ; Hugh, 8, 161, 273. 
Sully, Betty, 232. 
Sumner, Arms, 277 ; Charles H. (Bishop), 277 ; 

Jane, 277 ; Louisanna, 277. 
Swanne, Arms, 1, 161, 274 ; Richard, 161, 274. 
Swayne, Arms, 77 ; Deborah, 76. 
Sweeting, Hugh, 287 ; Thomas, 287. 
Swinnerton, Margery, 257. 
Sydenham, Col., 47. 

Talbot, C. (Adm. Sir), 181 ; Edith, 181 ; Eliza- 
beth, 120 ; Georgina, 181 ; Joane, 120 ; 
John, Earl of Shrewsbury, 120 ; John, Vis- 
count de L'Isle, 120 ; Margaret, 120 ; 
Thomas (Viscount de L'Isle), 120. 

Talboys, Alice, 121 ; Eleanor, 121 ; Walter, 

Tatam, Sarah, 153 ; Thomas (Dr.), 153. 

Tattersall, Richard, 277. 

Taylor, Alice, 228 ; Arms, 227, 228 ; Catherine, 
228 ; Charles, 228 ; C. W., 227 ; Elizabeth, 
16, 228, 229 ; Frances, 228, 229 ; Frediswade, 

228 ; Jacob, 228 ; Jane, 228, 235 ; Joanna, 

229 ; John, 208, 228, 229, 244 ; Jonathan, 228 ; 
Joseph, 228, 229 ; Laatitia, 228 ; Mary A., 154 ; 
Peter. 227, 228; Robert, 228, 229; Samuel, 
154 ; Sarah, 228 ; Stephen, 228 ; Susan, 208 ; 
Susanna, 244 ; William, 227, 228, 229. 

Teasdale, Elizabeth, 171 ; Marmaduke, 171. 

Teek, John L., 253 ; Margaret L., 253. 

Templer, AnnaM., 51 ; Arms, 51, 53 ; George H. 
(Rev.), 51 ; Sophia J., 51. 

Thirlby, Charles, 139. 

Thompson, Arms, 55, 59 ; Catherine, 59, 279 ; 
Elizabeth, 276 ; George (Rev.), 279 ; Kathe- 
rine, 59 ; Martha, 58 ; William, 276 ; William 
(Capt.), 58, 59. 

Thorpe, Ann. 152 ; Robert, 152. 

Thring, Alice A., 81 ; Amy G. M., 81 ; Anne, 
81, 82 ; Arms, 82 ; Arthur T., 80 ; Brancker, 
81 ; Caroline M. L., 80 ; Catherine, 81 
Charles H. M.. 81 ; Christopher B., 81 
Cyril T., 80 ; Dora J., 80 ; Douglas T., 80 
Edward (Rev.), 80 ; Elizabeth, 81 ; Eliza- 
beth (Lady), 80 ; Elizabeth M., 79 ; Ernest 
W. C, 81 ; George H., 80 ; Gertrude E. L., 

81 ; Godfrey (Prebendary), 80, 155 ; Henry, 
79; Henry (Lord), 80 ; Joel, 81 ; John, 81, 

82 ; John C. (Rev.), 80 ; John G., 80 ; John 
G. D., 79, 81 ; John H., 81, 182 ; Julia J., 
80 ; Katherine, 81 ; Katherine A. (Hon.), 80 ; 

Lawrence T., 80 ; Lelia, 80 ; Leonard G. P., 

80 ; Lionel C. R., 81 ; Llewellyn C. W., 81 ; 

Lydia E., 80 ; Lydia M., 81 ; Mabel, 80, 182 ; 

Margaret S., 80 ; Martha, 81 ; Mary, 81 ; 

Mary A., 80, 155 4 Mary G., 80 ; Mary J., 80 ; 

Nona A. L., 81 ; Samuel, 81 ; Sarah, 79, 81, 

292 ; Sarah E., 80 ; Theodore, 80, 292 ; 

Theresa, 79 ; Theresa A. L., 81 ; Walter 

H. C. S., 81 ; William, 81 ; Wrench, 81, 82. 
Tickell, Arms, 170 ; Clotilda, 170 ; John, 170 ; 

Mary, 169, 170; Richard, 169, 176; Thomas, 

Tidy, Francis S. (Col.), 278 ; Mathew, 278. 
Tierney, Ann, 232 ; Arms, 232 ; James, 232. 
Tilley, Sarah, 88. 
Tippetts, Ann, 154; T., 154. 
Tiptoft, John (Lord), 120 ; Joyce, 120. 
Tomlinson, — , 277 ; — , 277. 
Tonkin, Peter, 50 ; Sarah, 50. 
Tooker, see Tucker. 

Tothill, Jane, 96 ; Richard, 96 ; William, 96. 
Tovey, Alexander, 51 ; Arms, 51 ; Hamilton, 

51 ; John, 51 ; Mary H, 51. 
Towse, Tristram, 58, 131. 
Trebble, Bartholomew, 52 ; Elizabeth, 52. 
Trent, Ann, 261 ; Christiana, 263 ; Edward, 

260, 261 ; Elizabeth, 260, 261 ; Frances, 260 ; 

Mrs., 261. 
Try me, Trime, Anna, 46 ; David, 281 ; Eleanor, 

46 : George, 46 ; Margaret, 46 ; Valentine, 46. 
Tryon, Arms, 153 : Elizabeth, 153 ; John, 

Tucker, Tooker, Anne, 46 ; Arms, 46, 176, 177 ; 

Bridget, 181 ; Caroline, 252 ; Edith, 283 ; 

Edward, 252 ; Edward T., 252 ; Honor, 46 ; 

Joane, 289 ; John, 46 ; Mary, 20 ; Richmond, 

20 ; Samuel, 283. 
Tudway, Alice C, 286 ; Augusta, 286 ; Charles, 

253, 254, 295 ; Charles C, 286 ; Edith (Lady), 

286 ; Elizabeth, 253, 295 ; Emma L., 286 ; 

Frances G., 286 ; Frances H., 286 ; Harriet 

H., 253 ; Henrietta, 286 ; Henry G., 286 ; 

Jane, 286 ; John, 254 ; John P., 286 ; Madeline 

C, 286 ; Maria C, 286; Mary, 253, 254, 283, 

286, 295 ; Rachael, 253 ; Richard C, 253, 254 ; 

Robert, 254, 283, 286 ; Robert C, 286 ; Robin- 
son, 254 ; Thomas, 253, 254. 
Turberville, Amy, 57 ; Elizabeth, 57 ; George, 

57 ; Mrs., 56. 
Turner, Arms, 209 ; Elizabeth M., 209 ; Harriot 

A., 210 ; Isabel, 180 ; John (Sir), 142 ; John 

(Rev.), 209, 210 ; Marianne, 210 ; William H., 

Turton, Harriet, 77, 78 ; John, 77. 
Tymbury, Margaret, 74 ; Thomas, 74. 
Tyrrell, — , 50. 


Unges, Emily, 97. 

Upton, Elizabeth C. (Hon.), 28. 

Vannen, Andrew, 154 ; Janet, 154. 
Vaughan, Eleanor, 46 ; William, 46. 
Venning, John, 3. 

Verdon, Arms, 37 ; Margery, 37 ; Maud, 37, 
119 ; Mary, 119 ; Theobald (Lord), 37, 119. 



Vere. George (Sir), 120 ; Joane, 118 ; Margaret, 
120 ; Robert de, Earl of Oxford, 118. 

Vernai, Elizabeth, 65 ; Hugh, 65. 

Vialls, Caroline C , 51 ; Charles E., 51 ; Harry 
G., 51 ; Helen M., 51 ; Heien S.. 51 ; Henrietta 
M., 51 ; Henry T., 51 ; Kathlene, 51 ; May, 51. 

Vicary, Ellen F., 244 ; John. 213 ; Maria, 243 ; 
Martha, 243. 

Vigors, Hester, 33. 

Villiers, Arms, 269 ; George B., Earl of Jersey, 
96 ; Harriet, Countess of Jersey, 96. 

Vincent. John, 137. 

Vinen, James, 260 ; Mary, 260. 

Violet, — , 243. 

Vowles, Betty, 68 ; Joane, 15 ; Thomas, 68. 


Wake, Arms, 154 ; Charles (Rev.), 154 ; Edmund 
(Rev.), 154; John (Lord), 119; Margaret, 
119; Mary, 154. 

Walker. Archd., 285 ; Edward (Sir), 233 ; Eliza- 
beth, 95, 285 ; John, 95. 

Wallace, Geraldina E., 34, 172 ; John, 34, 172. 

Waller, Elizabeth, 104 ; Walter, 104. 

Wallis, Peter, 74 ; William, 3. 

Walrond, Amos, 88, 91, 92, 139; Arms, 87, 139, 
206. 207 ; Elizabeth, 88, 92 ; Frances, 111, 206 ; 
George, 92 ; Henry, 88 ; Humphrey, 88 ; 
Lawrence, 88 ; Sarah, 88 ; Susan, 88 ; Wil- 
liam, 87, 88, 91, 111, 206. 

Walter, Mary, 23 ; Thomas, 136. 

Ward, Anne, 265 ; Charles, 265 ; Henry (Lieut. - 
Gen. Sir), 265; Jane, 132; Kitty Anne, 265. 

Ware, Eleanor, 49 ; Thomas, 49. 

Warner, Ann, 204 ; Henry L. (Rev.), 204. 

Warren, Arms, 116; Catherine, 221; George, 
221 ; Isabel, 116; Maud, 116; William, Earl 
of Warren and Surrey, 116, 117. 

Warrington, George H., 68 ; Mary, 68. 

Warwick, Elizabeth, Countess of, 36 ; Richard, 
Earl of, 36. 

Wason, John, 18 ; Mary, 18. 

Watson, Ann, 32 ; Arms, 135, 197 ; George (Rev.), 
158 ; Mary, 97, 198 ; Robert, 208 ; Robert 
(Rev.), 32 ; Selina G., 158 ; William (Sir), 
97, 198 ; William, 142. 

Watts, Amicia, 26 ; Arms, 135 ; Elizabeth, 126 ; 
James, 26 ; Martha, 20 ; Sarah, 18 ; Widow, 
126 ; William, 18. 

Way, Lewis (Rev.), 99 ; Mary, 99. 

Waygood, Alfred, 3. 

Weaver, F. W. (Rev.), 62. 

Webb, Daniel, 191 ; Eleanor, 30 ; Elizabeth, 30 
George, 30 ; Henry V. S., 30 ; Jane M. A, 30 
Mary, 30, 191 ; Samuel, 38 ; Thomas (Sir), 15 
Thomas, 30. 

Webber, Mary, 221. 

Weightman, Daniel, 3. 

Welles, Barony of, 88. 

Welsh, Betty, 254 ; Eliza C. L., 255 ; Elizabeth 
S., 255 ; James, 255 ; Jane, 265 ; John, 254 ; 
Joseph, 255 ; Mary, 255 ; Richard, 255 ; 
Robert, 255 ; William I., 255. 

West, Arthur N., 275. 

Westley, Amicia, 26 ; Ann, 25, 26 ; Arms, 26, 
296 ; Dorothy, 26, 27 ; Eleanor, 168 ; Elizabeth, 
26, 167, 168, 287 ; Frediswade, 26 ; Margaret, 
26, 221 ; Martha, 167 ; Mary, 26 ; Pierce, 26 ; 
R., 221 ; Rev. Mr., 26 ; Sarah, 19, 25, 26, 183 ; 

Thomas. 26. 27. 167, 168, 291 ; William, 19, 
25, 26, 27, 139, 287. 
Weston, Catherine, 256 ; John, 256. 
Whalley, Arms, 172. 173. 174; Elizabeth, 173, 
174; Elizabeth F., 173, 174; Frances, 87, 
173 ; Francis. 173; John. 174 ; John (Rev.), 
173, 174; Martha F., 87; Mary, 173, 174; 
Richard, 174 ; Richard (Rev.), 174 ; Richard 
C. (Rev.), 173, 174 ; Richard C, 87 ; Sarah, 
Wharton, Joshua, 48. 
Whateley, Grace, 126. 
Wheble, Richard, 3. 

Wheeler, Catherine, 247 ; Jane, 248 ; John, 247 ; 

Mrs., 248 ; Robert (Rev.). 248 ; Robert, 248 ; 

Sarah. 247. 

Whitaker, Arms, 153 ; Henry, 153 ; Honor, 153. 

Whitchurch, Margaret, 47, 289 ; Mary, 47 ; 

William, 47. 
White, Clementina E., 259 ; Elizabeth, 259 ; 
Gertrude, 18 ; Isabella, 19S ; Jane, 49 ; James, 
259 ; Rev. — , 198 ; Thomas, 49, 141, 259. 
Whiting, Eleanor, 109; Elizabeth, 109; 

Hercules, 109. 
Whitmarsh, John, 104. 
Whitmore, Arms, 148 ; Jane, 148 ; Richard, 

148 ; William (Sir), 148 ; William, 148. 
Whittaker, Joyce, 48. 
Whittington, John, 133. 

Wickham, Francis D., 173 ; Hill D. (Rev.), 
172, 173 ; James, 173 ; James A., 173 ; James 
W. D. T., 173 ; Marianne, 173 ; Mary, 173 ; 
Mary J., 278 ; R. S., 278. 
Wicksted, John (Rev.), 128, 129. 
Wiggins, Henry, 251 ; Susan, 251. 
Wigley, Maria C, 51 ; H. R., 51. 
Wilcox, John, 208. 

Wilder, Henry (Rev.), 198 ; Mary A., 198. 
Wilkins, Frances, 244. 

Williams, Clara, 212 ; H., 212 ; John (Rev.), 48. 

Willis, Ann, 74 ; Arms, 73 ; Harriett, 286 ; 

Humphrey, 72, 73 ; Jane, 74 ; Henry, 74 ; 

Martha, 73 ; Mary, 74 ; Thomas, 74 ; Walter, 

73 ; William (Archd.), 286. 

Willison, John (Lieut.), 183 ; Mary R., 183. 

Willmott, Elizabeth, 6 ; James, 27, 28 ; Sarah, 

28 ; William, 6. 
Willoughby, Ann, 121, 153 ; Arms, 135 ; Eliza- 
beth, 153 ; John, 121 ; William, 153. 
Wills, Ann, 74 ; Mary, 73 ; Thomas, 73, 74. 
Wilmot, Marianne, 276 ; Mary A., 276 ; Robert 

(Sir). 276. 
Wilson, Harriet, 278 ; — , 278. 
Wincle, Ann, 152; Mary, 152; Sarah, 152; 

Thomas, 152. 
Winter, Susan, 198. 
Winthorpe, Adam, 147 ; Alice, 147 ; Agnes, 147 ; 

John, 147. 
Wist, Thomas, 178. 

Wdtham, Arms, 161 ; William (Dean), 161, 237. 

Watherell, Biggs, 24 ; Eleanor, 24 ; John, 24 ; 

Mary, 23, 24, 262 ; Samuel, 23 ; Simon, 24 ; 

Simon D., 24. 

Witts, Edward F. (Rev.), 279 ; Elizabeth M., 

279 ; Simon, 23, 24 ; Simon D., 24. 
Woleman, Arms, 144 ; Richard, 145. 
Wolsey, Arms, 268 ; Cardinal, 268. 
Wood, Mary, 73 ; Rebecca, 228. 
Woodchurch, see Clarke. 
Woodersen, Ann, 152 ; Charles, 152. 
Woods, C. M., 227. 



Woodward, Dorothy, 150 ; Frances, 150 ; Fran- 
cis, 150 ; Newton, 150. 
Woodyates, Sarah, 133. 
Wookey, Alice, 136. 
Worm, Elizabeth, 137. 
Worsley, Edward (Sir), 155 ; Henry (Rev.), 155 ; 

Susannah, 155. 
Worthington, Ann, 98 ; William (Sir), 98. 
Wright, Joane, 149 ; Richard, 149. 
Wroth, Cecily, 66 ; Elizabeth, 66 ; John (Sir), 

66 ; Thomas (Sir), 66. 
Wyclyffe, Arms, 75 ; Robert, 75. 
Wykeham, Arms, 269 ; William (Bishop), 269. 
Wykes, Alice, 35 ; Arms, 35 ; Edward, 35, 94, 96 ; 

Elizabeth, 35 ; Isabella, 35 ; Jane, 35, 94 ; 

Nicholas, 35 ; Philippa, 35 ; Sarah, 35 ; 

Silvester, 35 ; Thomas, 94 ; William, 35, 94, 

96 ; — , 95. 
Wyndham, Catherine, 167 ; Edward (Sir), 167 ; 

Elizabeth, 167 ; Frances, 65, 167 ; Joane, 167 ; 

John, 167 ; Margaret, 68 ; Rachael. 167 ; 

Thomas (Sir), 68 ; William (Sir), 65, 167. 

Wyne, John, 126, 127 ; Susanna, 125 ; Theophilus, 

125, 126 ; Thomas, 126. 
Wynniatt, Catherine, 204 ; Reginald (Rev.), 

Wynyard, Jane, '78 ; Montagu J. (Rev.), 78. 

Yard, Elizabeth S., 278 ; Thomas, 278. 

Yea, William (Sir), 68. 

York, Col., 181 ; James, 57 ; Julianna, 181 ; 

Julianna F. A., 181. 
Young, Edward, 3 ; Robert (Rev.), 247. 
Younge, Arms, 147 ; Frances, 147 ; John, 


Zouche, Arms, 108 ; Eva, 118 ; Millicent, 118 
William (Lord), 118. 

Note. — Many armorial bearings will be found in the List of Arms which are not in this 
Index, such generally being either incidentally mentioned, or quarterings ; the reference to Arms 
is also fuller in that list. 


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